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  1. This is interesting, I just heard him say that what he has been told Luck was on schedule and that is the story he, JMV, has been saying for the past couple of months. He said that he was just addressing rumors that he had heard yesterday. Sounds like there was some miscommunicating going on, although I did not hear yesterday's broadcast.
  2. Talk about kool aid drinking. Keep telling yourself that and you may convince yourself and a few others. I would not hang a banner unless the team won a championship, but if Irsay or anyone else wants to hang a banner for something other than that, fine.
  3. Sounds like a you issue.
  4. Good for you jvan, i couldn't do it. I have been asked to coach teams, but honestly I don't want to deal with some of the parents. Some can be way over the top.
  5. Well, honestly it's just a matter of personal taste/opinion. I did play other sports growing up, lacrosse & volleyball. Neither was as "violent" as football and I enjoyed them for the same reasons as I did football. It really has nothing to do with the violence of football.
  6. Well, mostly because I played the sport. I enjoy the competition between two teams, the matchups, strategies, and the overall skills demonstrated by the players.
  7. That's not true, unless you keep them in a bubble and don't let the do anything involving strenuous physical activity.
  8. Not for me, not even close.
  9. 1) My son wasn't an adult when he started playing football, neither was my daughter when she started climbing up rock faces. 2) You are fine with supporting a sport that puts other kids welfare at risk?
  10. To those that wouldn't let your child play football, then why do you support the game by watching it? As far as the OP's question, yes I do let a son play. He actually has had more injuries when he played baseball than football. I also have a son that doesn't play any sports and a daughter that likes to bungee jump and go rock climbing. All three of their decisions are fine with me and realistically they are old enough now that they don't have to ask my permission.
  11. A spoof of several posters on this board.
  12. So, what was the good news?
  13. It makes me wonder why Whaley was even there, if he wasn't involved in the draft picks.
  14. Guess they didn't like the draft.
  15. Watching him play, imo, he was more talented than most of the QBs in this draft. He probably would have been picked by the early second round if he had just made better decisions.

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