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  1. RIP Terry Glenn

    I didn’t see this posted, sad news, only 43.
  2. Pat McAfee

    Not as annoying as certain posters.
  3. Doyle took the blame, sort of

    Agreed, or in honor of jskinns a Dear God icon.
  4. Doyle took the blame, sort of

    I believe azcolt and Pacergeek are tied for facepalms.
  5. What’s predictable is who starts threads like these.
  6. IMO, after the interception by Boston, instead of running upfield, he decided to showboat, stretched his arms out wide and ran out of bounds around the 11 yard line. The Chargers ran it 3 times, punted and gave the Jags decent field position. Not that one play makes or breaks a game, Boston had plenty of room to run, but decided to make it about him.
  7. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    Omg, he wasn’t being hit by anyone when the ball went right through his hands. Even Doyle would tell you it was his fault.
  8. Florio, like most lawyers, had his common sense removed while attending law school.
  9. If you take the poster at their word, a physician and someone that has had this surgery, then I would say that their post is more insightful than 98% of the posts on this subject. I could have done without the nobody interested post though.
  10. Daily? More like hourly lately.
  11. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Irsay thought that Luck would be back early in the season. That was backed up by what Ballard said and what JMV had said earlier in the season. It didn't go according to plan, it happens. It certainly doesn't mean they were lying, like some have suggested, or that their track record is poor on this matter.
  12. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Yeah, not a surprise, but I would say that Ballard didn't seem like he was going to keep Pagano.
  13. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Did you listen to the interview? What Ballard said made perfect sense.
  14. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Check 1070thefan they usually put these interviews up on their website.