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  1. Apparently, several do not belong in bars.
  2. Hard to say without knowing all of the information. If the Colts have done their due diligence and they are okay with drafting him, then fine. If it is perceived as an significant issue, Foster will probably drop out of the first round.
  3. A large percentage the people on this site could benefit from that.
  4. That's not going to happen. The league does that for a reason, to make the last game of the year more meaningful.
  5. I can imagine. Hopefully, it will be a good game, with the Colts winning of course.
  6. Your prayers have been answered.
  7. Those arm measurements don't seem to jive with with the wingspan. He is 6'4.5" with a 7'2"+ wingspan?
  8. It would be surprising if he found it awkward, he may not want to work for the Colts, for other reasons. However, I doubt finding it awkward or worrying about what if it doesn't work out are among the reasons.
  9. It was reported that Brady wanted to spend the off day with his mother who is battling cancer.
  10. He is such a meathead, but I found this funny.
  11. I believe that 99% know that Brad Wells is full of it. However, I would be very surprised if Manning would find it awkward working for the Colts and stunned if he ever went into a job thinking what if it doesn't work out.
  12. Quit Feeding the Troll, maybe.
  13. Yes he did.
  14. Wow, that's a heck of an injury.
  15. He's not the only one that identified that weakness.

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