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  1. This, plus top 5 Offense. (Points, not yards).
  2. Some teams suck for sure, some suck for Luck, some schedules suck, some threads suck, but having the suckiest schedule doesn't suck unless we suck.
  3. I hope we take a WR in the first. This place would be funnier than a Monty Python / Benny Hill baby.....
  4. Everything you post is the definition of non-elite......
  5. The trenches. Full stop.
  6. Now that is a much better assessment. I agree things 'look' good. Hope you are right about the magnificent bit!
  7. Utter tosh. Paper teams prove nothing. Let's discuss in December.
  8. Look unbeatable every year? They were all but beaten in their last two SB appearancies, and hadn't won a SB since 2004. All this Patriot sycophantic bull is making me queasy......
  9. Change the end zone font as well. Maybe Calibri.....
  10. Time to get out the Ugly Betty DVD's.....
  11. If Mixon can be wound up like that, there are some pretty nasty defenses just waiting to pounce......
  12. Personally, I would not touch him with a barge pole. Anyone who punches a woman in the face is a coward and a thug. No thanks, 18 or not. He may well have learned but we are not that desperate, or at least, we shouldn't be.
  13. What a disgusting, bigoted pathetic post. But why am I not surprised....
  14. In cap space, no one can hear you scream.
  15. Size doesn't matter.

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