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  1. Size doesn't matter.
  2. You are quite wrong about my posts. I did not like the vitriol aimed at Grigson, nor the ridiculous fanfare for an unknown GM, but I have faith in my team and express it when the time is right. Your opinion is fine though, I am not easily offended.
  3. Some of these big comebacks could be due to playing against a prevent D, which gets our momentum and confidence up....then by the time our opponents sort themselves out, Andrew is rolling......
  4. I think most of the Ballard whoopie-do is more a reaction to Grigsons departure than anything significant he has done himself, so far. Perhaps that is fair.
  5. The David Parry profile of laying low?
  6. After an underwhelming bout of free agency, we get this little ditty. I'm not buying any of it yet. But I do remain hopeful.
  7. Josh McNary was under 30.....
  8. No offense Mr Pelt, but when you reach so far that you look like Stretch Armstrong, you gonna get a little flak. It was said without malice...... Actually, the big names are not signing because the ghost of Bill Polian floats around the corridors of the LOS.
  9. It is not speculation, it is pure crap.
  10. "bring back Grigson, bring back Grigson, bring back Grigson....." Now, everybody join in. "bring back.................
  11. I found what he (Campbell) said very strange, I thought he would have said something like: "the Jags have sucked for years and I expected them to suck when I'm there too". But he never said that, and it really proves that we have wasted Lucks career thus far.
  12. We have a winner! All we know now is that he has an eye for poor talent......and a mediocre (on paper) FA strategy. Proof. Pudding. Time.
  13. I must be blind.....
  14. Ah, Manning to Collie. That's where you went. What happened to the Username history in the Profile section?
  15. What kept you.....

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