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  1. Irsay says he is doing great.....
  2. Color Rush unis

    Watching the game, when the Broncos were on offense, I couldn't stop calling them 'Colour No Rush' uniforms.....
  3. I was joshing earlier about Andrew having a beard transplant, but ai know for a fact from a friend in Hamburg that he has had a tattoo done on his shoulder. "Ouch". True.
  4. I heard from a very reliable source that he was undergoing a very delicate and lengthy 'beard transplant' process. I think that is why he has gone into hiding......kinda makes sense......
  5. Failure to Close

    Yep, it's a bit like Bob Sanders. Made of glass.
  6. Doyel the front runner

    Well, if I ever get more than 5 likes for a post, I do a Chandler dance. What's wrong with a lil' celebration once in a while? Geez, I once got home from the pub early, and my lovely wife ran around the lounge with her blouse over her head and her arms out by her side. Doyel is just a click head. And if anyone can't see the progression of our defense this year, they are not watching, irrespective of the stats.
  7. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Well said. Anyway, it appears that Luck is the new Trent Richardson. Where are all those great people I met in town a few years ago? Very few on here for sure.
  8. This is Ballard's team

    I seriously contemplated giving up on the team altogether. Fortunately time is a great healer....
  9. What type of coach would you prefer?

    With wheels, toilet and air conditioning.
  10. This is Ballard's team

    Exactly. Give him some time. Now, it's all too much for me. Remember Grigson's start???
  11. This is Ballard's team

    Give us a B, B. Give us an A, A........we are 3 - 6. Just sayin'....
  12. Polian states he will not ever become NFL commssioner

    That's a relief.
  13. Conspiracy of the day

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Ballard.
  14. Ballard to be on JMV today

    Ok, fair enough. I was kidding, mind you....
  15. Ballard to be on JMV today

    You squeezed out of that one my friend. Probably better if you just called 'fair cop' though.....