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  1. If it wasn't for Pagano, just think how much better this Forum would be.........
  2. Why should it be 10 places higher? Just curious.
  3. Another interesting stat about Mack is that he has played zero snaps in the NFL. Happy people are optimistic though.
  4. Pot and kettle there Blood. But nicely said all the same....
  5. That made me laugh out loud.
  6. Think you are getting your Grandma mixed up with Trent Richardson, Mr Skinner.
  7. Yes. Many teams don't make the playoffs the following year after they did. Example: Indianapolis.
  8. None of those teams you mention are in the playoffs, so your point is dripping with cowering conjecture...
  9. Jamarcus Russell would have won a SB with the Pats.....
  10. Thoughts? From top to bottom, perhaps the worst post ever posted on here. The not bragging comment after bragging for 500 words or so just cracked me up. Your view on this subject stinks.
  11. I think you missed the point.
  12. Oh how I dream. Dream to read a thread about players where we don't flagellate Grigson. How about we move on?
  13. How do you know this? To save you time, I'll answer it: you don't. You are just making stuff up. I suggest a professional GM would cut / keep a player based on the value he has to the team, not based on who 'picked' him.
  14. And Ballard will soon be cleaning up his own mess. There is no magic formula in this game. Even BB gets it wrong quite a bit....
  15. The FridgeFreezers....

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