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  1. There's an interesting recent article on special teams coaches moving on to be head coaches afterwards which has some rather impressive names on the list - Marv Levy, Dick Vermeil, Mike Ditka, Bill Cowher and Bill Belichick. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/nfl-head-coaching-openings-special-teams-dick-vermeil-john-harbaugh-bill-cowher-mike-ditka-121615 There's a quote from Marv Levy which highlights the benefits of hiring a special teams coach - "You got to work in every aspect coaching and evaluating offensive and defensive players, I got to work with just about every position." I know there appears to be a call to get in someone with head coaching experience, but I expect Gruden, Dungy & Cowher aren't interested in leaving their TV gig and the idea of getting in an experienced head coach who would be available (think Jeff Fisher or Marvin Lewis, maybe John Fox) really doesn't appeal to me. If Toub is the choice I'm OK with it. There was another interesting comment in the article about hiring offensive or defensive coordinators: "Excluding Harbaugh, there were 67 head coaches hired over the past decade who were offensive or defensive assistants. Sixty-four of them had play-calling responsibilities as a coordinator. The overwhelming majority of those with four years or less handling those duties failed as head coaches. The success rate of more experienced assistants was significantly higher."
  2. IkeAramba

    Totally Impressed with....

    Surely the chances of him being traded depends on how he performs in his starting opportunities. There was plenty of talk before the draft of teams looking to trade a first round pick to New England for Jimmy Garoppolo, were Brissett to develop here to attract that level of interest in the future it may well be decided that the team decides to cash in and look for another backup (albeit one better than Tolzien)
  3. IkeAramba

    Odds On Which Coach Gets Axed First in 2017

    From that list I can see it being O'Brien, they've mortgaged their future to win now (Browns have their 1st & 2nd draft picks next year) and have looked terrible in both their games so far.
  4. IkeAramba

    Texan - bengal game

    Didn't see the whole game but what I saw last night and the extracts I saw on Red Zone on Sunday make me think that both teams will be picking in the top 6 in the next draft. Cleveland's GM must be grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he has the Texans 1 & 2 picks next year because of their desperation to find a functional QB and get Osweiler off the roster.
  5. We may end up with a draft that is pretty much the opposite of this draft and see picks on offense skill position players or LT. If Castonzo is seen as average or worse, Ballard may choose to replace him, you have similar concerns to me about the WR position, Gore isn't getting any younger and if Marlon Mack is only part of the answer we may need to address RB again plus we don't have a great deal of depth or competition at TE. That said, it's way too early to tell what the most pressing need will be.
  6. bananabucket, I'm curious why you think the Seahawks should have been looking to draft Russell Wilson's replacement. He's only a year older than Andrew Luck and at age 28 has potentially another 10 years left in the NFL if he can stay healthy & productive.