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  1. We may end up with a draft that is pretty much the opposite of this draft and see picks on offense skill position players or LT. If Castonzo is seen as average or worse, Ballard may choose to replace him, you have similar concerns to me about the WR position, Gore isn't getting any younger and if Marlon Mack is only part of the answer we may need to address RB again plus we don't have a great deal of depth or competition at TE. That said, it's way too early to tell what the most pressing need will be.
  2. bananabucket, I'm curious why you think the Seahawks should have been looking to draft Russell Wilson's replacement. He's only a year older than Andrew Luck and at age 28 has potentially another 10 years left in the NFL if he can stay healthy & productive.
  3. Can I suggest The Globe opposite Baker St station as a venue. Just popped in to see what its like, seems OK with lots of space, bar opens at 10:00am on Sunday according to the bar staff and the underground to the stadium would be 2 stops or around 15 minutes. It's often a popular watering hole for those heading to matches at Wembley.
  4. I was planning to get the train in on the morning of the game but happy to seek out a cheap hotel if people are looking to meet on the Saturday evening. If you are looking for good locations for a pre match meet, I believe some of the bars near Baker St underground station are popular for Wembley matchdays and they would have an easy connection to get to the stadium. Where is everybody sitting? I'm in block 240 on the club level.

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