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  1. SteelDragon

    Colts working out QB Cody Keith

    Luck's gig is in jeopardy
  2. SteelDragon

    Guards drafted

    I love the Nelson pick at #6. I was on the Chubb train, but I've warmed up to Earl Grey. Thank, God, the Browns took Ward at #4, because Denver likely would have snagged QN at #5. Imagine how different the draft would have been for us then. I'm not certain, but I suspect the Colts were looking at Will Hernandez in R2/3 pick, but the Giants cashed in instead. I would rather of had Will, but I'm happy with Smith Edit: we're going to need a nickname for this OL
  3. SteelDragon

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    I predict 8-8. This roster still has a lot of holes. Some of the draft picks will not pan out. The injury bugs will eat away at what little depth we do have. Another draft+ spending some FA money next year will make us the surprise team of 2019. And oh yeah, Nelson is a probowler in his rookie season
  4. SteelDragon

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    I think our draft was better than the Cowboy's. I do agree with NYG at the top though.
  5. SteelDragon

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    I'm buying into Ballard's philosophy of quality guys in the trenches with frigging Andrew Luck directing traffic. This roster did have more potholes than the streets here in Indy, so I'm okay with a 2-3 year plan of building through the draft. We're already close to being better than any of the Grigson teams
  6. SteelDragon

    The big Nelson gamble

    Obviously, Colt's brass feels very strongly that he will return to elite status. In fact, looking at the results of the draft, I would say, they're all in 100%
  7. SteelDragon

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Maybe we should have stuck with the 3-4 for another year just to have time to adjust to all of the monumental changes? We just allocated a great deal of draft resources for the offense whilst cutting serviceable parts on defense. That cupboard will be pretty bare on defense, in particular when we start losing bodies to the war of attrition that is the NFL regular season.
  8. SteelDragon

    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    Castonzo-Nelson-Kelly-Slauson-Smith Versus Glenn-Lilia- Saturday- Scott- Diem Are we close yet?
  9. Smith has played some on the outside. Maybe he's projected at RT
  10. Kind of a reach on both picks. Could have been had later?
  11. Nelson is the kind of Big Ugly we need to shed our 'Soft-team' label. Not a sexy, head-line grabbing pick, but a necessary one
  12. SteelDragon

    Grigson’s Interview...

    People in the know and around the league were flabbergasted when Irsay hired Grigson. Then they couldn't believe the "Luck" he backed into having a quarterback like #12 for Andrew's whole career. We're talking about what should have been a decade's worth of job security. Grigson is plain and simply not good at all. If he was even an average GM, he would still be employed as GM by the Colts.
  13. I wonder how much mental prep and film study he's been doing during all of this down time. You can always work on some aspect of your game even while incapicitated.
  14. I wouldn't pass on Barkley, if he's available, he could be a generational player. I'm not that ecstatic about Nelson because there's a few first round quality guards that could be available with our early second round picks. Hoping for Chubb at 6 (rather than Smith, Edmunds, Fitzpatrick and Ward if we traded down for a first and second) but a king's randsome could change my mind. Also, privately pondering if CB pulled the trigger too soon on trading down from 3. Finally, do not deal with New England! Could you imagine if the Patriots snag Chubb from us and he becomes the next Reggie White?!? *shudder* Also, do not want to help them land Tom Brady's heir apparent. Make them grovel like the dogs they are!
  15. SteelDragon

    Coach Robert Mathis

    Let's grab Chubb at 6. You don't pass us pass rushers, our Achilles hill since Mathis hung up the pads. RBs and Gs can be had in later rounds. Let Mathis groom Chubb to be the anchor and leader on that defense