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  1. I agree with the bolded, but at the same time, that's exactly how Dallas built their o-line. 2011, 2013, and 2014 they used their 1st round picks on OL, and of course lucked out and got La'ell Collins, who was a first round talent, but went undrafted because of off-field issues. They essentially have 4 first rounders protecting Dak and opening up massive run lanes for Zeke. It's not the sexiest approach, but it's hard to imagine anyone stopping our offense if we had that type of OL.
  2. Zach Brown, Jonathan Hankins, & a handful of other decent players are still available, so who knows?
  3. The timeline makes me a little nervous. From the day of surgery (early January), he's not supposed to throw for I think 3 months, and full recovery could take as long as 6. Basically if he has even the slightest setback, it could easily cut into training camp reps.
  4. It still bums me out that we won our Super Bowl the year after we released Edge. He was such an integral part of that offense becoming the juggernaut that it was, he deserved to be up on that podium as much as anyone.
  5. I was thinking poor man's Edelman, McCaffrey might be more accurate though.
  6. It's common, and typically not that big of a deal... until it's my QB. Then it's code red emergency.
  7. That's not what I said at all. What I'm saying is that WR isn't that big of a need as it stands right now, so I'm not all that concerned about his ability to bring in WR talent, we have way bigger fish to fry. Combine that with the fact that Luck makes most WRs look pretty good, and I'm even less concerned about it.
  8. Their WR depth chart right now is Jeremy Maclin, Tyreek Hill, and De'Anthony Thomas, so a free agent from Reid's days in Philly, a 4th rounder, and a 5th rounder. It's not that they can't "find WR talent," they simply don't prioritize it. A big part of that is Alex Smith, they know his limitations and aren't going to bother surrounding him with a bunch of shiny new WRs when they're not even really an aerial offense.
  9. I tend to believe Grigson was fired because he was an absolutely insufferable person to work with. Not because of the poor roster, not because of OL issues, but simply because he treated everyone around him terribly.
  10. Yes to the bolded part, but you also have to remember he wasn't the GM in KC.
  11. Cam Newton just had a rotator cuff procedure 2 days ago, well behind Luck's timeline, and he's expected to be ready for training camp. Between a torn labrum or damaged rotator cuff, I'm not really sure which one is more serious, but if Cam's ready by camp, I feel like Luck should be too, or am I just being an eternal optimist?
  12. It's all good. Although some may not like this thread, I think that this is a healthy discussion to have. I haven't heard anyone say that Moncrief's a bad player, there just seems to be a bit of a divide as to how good everyone thinks he is. I think that most people get that his best football is ahead of him, and that circumstances haven't exactly worked in his favor the past 2 seasons, but regardless of that, I'm just not ready to put him in the "elite NFL WR" conversation yet.
  13. Having an elite combine doesn't always translate to being an elite WR, and as of right now, he's simply not there yet. That doesn't mean that I don't think he can be, I actually expect him to ball out this season since it's a contract year.
  14. I wouldn't go so far to say he "can't" stay healthy, he played all 16 games his first 2 seasons. Last year was the first in his career that he's missed any time.
  15. Dorsett, Aiken, Moncrief will all be 2nd fiddle to TY, that much is a given. But 700 yards & 10TDs would qualify as a breakout season for me, I just hope he's able to stay healthy.

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