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  1. So much talent on the board for tomorrow!
  2. That video posted earlier said he had 40 picks (in practice) vs the OSU starters when he was still on their scout team, AND he has the most pick 6s in OSU history. This dude's no joke.
  3. In other stupid Texans news, they now have no 1st or 2nd round pick in 2018 LOL!
  4. I cannot wait for Hooker to pick off Watson for the first time, I'm going to enjoy that.
  5. Great breakdown, I can't help but feel like the Colts got away with one here.
  6. He started 1 year in college & managed to set the OSU record for career pick 6s.
  7. Ecstatic, especially considering what'll be left on the board tomorrow.
  8. We may have just gotten our Landon Collins, just 2 years later.
  9. We got a stud, & there are still 6 more Colts picks, I'm good.
  10. Stud pick. Lions even passed on Foster, so he could potentially be there in the 2nd. I'm good with this.
  11. For sure. And as much as we all want that elite EDGE, I think with the Hankins signing, and the overhaul of our LB corps, that the pass rush will be improved regardless of whether we add an EDGE in the draft or not. It won't be tops in the league by any means, but at least we'll be able to hit home when we send guys on blitzes now, which will be a huge improvement.
  12. Yep, and for anyone that would be upset with the pick, just remember that there are 6 more draft picks to work with, all in rounds 2-5.
  13. If they were to find a trade partner, move back a few spots, gain a 2nd, and grab Quincy Wilson in the first, I'd be happy as can be.
  14. What's funny is that if I were trying to sell to Colts fans that they've drafted 6th best in 5 years, I'd definitely be using the '12 draft and the Luck pick to strengthen my argument, as opposed to whatever it is they're doing in this article.
  15. Tickets are available for the games on StubHub already. I was looking at the Colts @ Bengals & Broncos @ Colts games, they can be had for pretty cheap right now.

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