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  1. Time to look to next season

    I'm not sure what Pagano is saying during half time? Maybe just telling them a bedtime story... who knows? Not really sure what adjustments they are making either? Maybe next week once they come up with the halftime adjustments, they should just throw them in the trash and do the exact opposite....
  2. This is Marlon Macks world

    Another one of Ballards draft pick showing why he was chosen....
  3. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    I kinda agree with you. But I do believe that Chris Ballard and all the other GM'S has had much more of a role in the football world than most, maybe Chris has had than most in his field? I'm pretty sure that the "arm chair gm's" don't come from a forum like ours. So exactly what are you getting at? You think your opinion is better than mine? Don't get me wrong, I read a lot of your opinions on this forum and have even agreed and givin a lot of likes. But that's all they are just opinions like mine. not sure if your goal is to work in the NFL in some way or not, if so I wish you luck. If you get a job as a gm on any team in the NFL let me know. Until then our opinions are just that and your just another one being blinded right along with me. All I was saying is that I'm glad most on this forum isn't leading the colts. So what was the point you were trying to make again??
  4. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    I'm not sure some of these guys even watch football?? but i'm sure we still have a chance.. I do watch football lol
  5. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    this has got to be one of the most ridiculous threads... all I can say is WOW! lets just put our practice squad out there on the field. why should all our other starters risk injury or their time? maybe we should just send all the starters to Hawaii on vacation... The colts play to win!!!! Always!!! GO COLTS!!
  6. Imagine...

    I would imagine, if grass hoppers had machine guns, birds wouldn't mess with them.....
  7. Luck perhaps a LONG way off....

    I'm just glad that all these arm chair coaches and gm's aren't leading this team, not sure I could get behind a team holding back and not playing healthy players to aquire draft picks and playing for the next year instead of the one we are in. so what happens next year when we go 0-2 like we do every year?? is it we are doomed, tank mode till the next year? after all, all the guys would be healthier...
  8. 2 Blowout losses and one thing remains true

    coming from the one who wants to sit a healthy luck lol
  9. Chuck - Where is the line?

    you want Brissett to play behind that line and win but not luck?? Really? Whats the difference? Luck has experience and can win behind this line, he' s won behind worse lol
  10. I think i have an amazing idea...

    I thought for sure this was a joke.
  11. Sunday night PRIMETIME

    I hope Vegas is wrong lol
  12. I miss?

    I miss Kevin Bowen and the mail bag. I also miss having Freeney on one side and Mathis on the other meeting at the quarterback... what about you all?
  13. Coaches we should retain...

    I agree... I'm glad we have Ballard making the hard decision's. I haven't agreed with all of them (Tolzien over Morris) but what if he would have chosen to roll with Morris? Would there be a Jacoby on the team right now? Would we have the faith we have in Morris that we have in Jacoby? Luckily Ballard has to make all of the important decisions. That includes keeping Pagano and the rest of the coaching staff, I really hope he's working on this year though, and they are all preparing on the Seachicken's next week!
  14. Dreaming? Or ....

    Does anyone look at our roster? If so maybe you can see pretty much the same thing... Ballard has done a great job! We have a great 53 man roster right? Real play makers. Young and learning everyday and looking better every week. Now take a look at our daily list of guys that can't practice or play the next game. Man... what a list! We have had 5, 7 or maybe 8 guys on there all season. Some of the best play makers from our roster. No matter if they was on the roster last year or who picked them, it was Ballard that didn't trade, waiver or cut them. This is Ballard's team as far as I'm concerned. Now with that being said, I read a lot of this forum, and no matter what the topic, There is always a Pagano debate and there is alway a sit luck even if healthy debate. As far as Chuck Pagano... well it would be nice if he could use the whole 53 man roster and show off what Ballard has given him. There will always be some head-scathing calls from the sidelines, we all know that... is there better coaches out there? yes there is, there is also worse... he is what we have this year plain and simple. It's his job on the line not mine. I hope he does a good enough job to keep it to be honest. Because I'm still hoping for a good season, yes even after going 1-2. Our guys are healing and getting better every week, I think if Pagano had the whole roster to work with, there might be less debate?? Sit a healthy Andrew Luck... No way, never, no how!! Everyone that wants to sit a healthy Luck might be crazy or jus not thinking right. You want all 52 of our other players to go out there and do the best job, busting their *'s while there fearless leader sits on the bench so he won't get hurt?? You want Andrew healthy for next year? So do I!! What about this year?? I want him on the field with the other 52 guys (some of these guys won't be here next year) and do what he does best, play football! I'm more of a let's see what we can get done this year and worry about next year, next year.. I have great hopes for Ballards decision making, if he wants to keep Pagano or let him go.. I'm excited to see how he does next free agency and how he drafts. Ballard is the one I'm behind... I'm not giving up on this year! I think we'll be even better next year. Go Colts!