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  1. Hankins Released

    Chuck asked for him? Ballard gave it a shot with a front loaded colts friendly contact?
  2. Hankins Released

  3. What's the Penalty?

    Good question Thanks for the well defined answer!
  4. Hankins Released

    He doesn’t save us any money tomorrow, it had to be today. I guess if he would have released Hankins before the trade, everyone would still love him right now... maybe Now that he got the trade done, Hankins isn’t part of the plan anymore? Lets see see what he does before we freak...
  5. Hankins Released

    We might look worse in March, I’ll judge a little closer in August and September. Its still so early when your in the beginning of a big build, it’s like building anything. Like a house, you have to have a footing (foundation) before you build the frame, most are already worried about the roof. lol he just got a new wife (Reich) he changed some of the floor plan. CB said no big deal, I’ll fix it! Its still so early, I’m just intrigued to see his next move...
  6. http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/Unofficial-Start-To-Free-Agency-For-Colts-Starts-Now/8e0681fd-4bf8-4889-954d-01700bcf0aab
  7. Teams still asking wrong questions at the Combine....

    This is JMO and I'm sure i'll get bashed for saying this. I hope we don't draft him now, he has already shown he'll throw someone under a bus and can't handle an interview without causing a circus. he has shown he doesn't think before he speaks. He didn't think or realize what the media would do with what he was telling them? who knows what he' d say about our locker room or maybe our coaches will be to hard on him. To me, I think he may have shown why they asked the questions they did... like I said it's JMO
  8. Great Attitude and Inspiration

    I think we could have won 4-5 more games last year , if we'd have just had FR, I don't think he'd have took his foot of the gas in every 2nd half. JMO
  9. Adam Schefter's lastest Tweet

    Hopefully after this, they won’t be able to lure any good coaches. I think they will be stuck with “bottom of the barrel coaches” as everyone calls them. Only coaches that can’t get on with the other 31 teams. It won’t be long, they will be the worst team in football again. I do remember the patriots before Bill & Tom.
  10. So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Agree with you completely! I think most of these negative post are from patriots posing as fans, looking at a few in this forum you have got to see this. You would have to be blind to think they are serious some times
  11. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    Then my statement answered your question.
  12. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    I for one would like to hear their testimony. Your just assuming they will say they know nothing to incriminate the patriots. Nobody knows what they will say. Maybe if they did do something asked of them, they might fell guilty and want to free their selves from carrying around the guilt? Know body know for sure what will be said.
  13. In a few years Tom and Bill will be watching football on sundays. They will be seeing every team owning the Pats with any luck
  14. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    There are thousands of coaches out there! How many colleges are their? How many highschools? There are coaches that none of know about, but I can assure you Ballard has a longer list than we know. He had been around quite awhile. Football is his life. He said in his presser “it’s just football” he can find a coach. He just needs time... I don’t care if he doesn’t have a coach till after the combine. I know when he does it will be the right one. I believe him. It’s going to take a few years to get me to budge on my belief in this man.. he asked me to be patient I will do that. I know he is there working on it right now. My football team is in good hands.
  15. Chris Ballard - The "GM"

    never said anything about being an authority?