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  1. Josh Allen would make a good, maybe even a great QB with a great QB coach who now is the HC. I say Draft Allen.
  2. My sentiments exactly. Pull the trigger Ballard.
  3. No brainer. I would pull this trade in a heartbeat. This opportunity only comes once in my lifetime.
  4. Sounds and look like a game changer. I'm onboard with this mega deal...
  5. Should Colts tag Vinitari

    Too old, need someone that will help on special team especially tackling.
  6. Adam Schefter's lastest Tweet

    McDick pulled a boner
  7. Tony Dungy's response

    McDaniel is the definition of an immature *.
  8. I like the Chubb, Edmunds and Penny on this mock. I think we're back in the playoffs.
  9. Chubb and Lawrence on the front line, awesome combo. Match the tag offer Ballard, let's have an awesome defense for years to come.
  10. Worth a try to get a feel out there with Browns mgmt., they might bite. ! and 4 in the draft aint bad at all......or 1, 3 and 4 if we get to keep our own draft pick....We're set for the next ten years. Can we say Super Bowl bound!!!
  11. Put Minkah to rest, we need Pass Rushers big time, we're at the bottom in getting to the QBs. The interceptions will pick up once there is disruption on the QB.
  12. Sacks - we're bad at both ends

    Get both, Chubb and Barkley. Trade somebody to move up.
  13. I like the possibility of getting extra picks from Cleveland. Get their 4th and give our 3rd to pick up two extra picks. We'll still get Chubb and other position players needed for this team which could use quality players in key positions.
  14. Mistake to pass on Darnold or Rosen if one of them is there when pick #3 comes up. Don't know the condition of Luck.
  15. I tend to agree with you, he wasn't that impressive in that last bowl game. Besides the 92 yard run, he struggled pretty much the rest of way. I think they should draft Chubb for the 3rd pick and trade up if needed to get a quality RB.