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  1. Tough call, but get someone who can play immediately without medical and off the field issues. Safe bet.
  2. I, too would like to see D Cook, but if not work on getting Foster. We a need a beast in the middle and a tone setter.
  3. Who cares! Romo was mediocre at best, never won anything, why the red carpet?
  4. If not Foster, get Cook or both
  5. In Ballard we trust! Building the monster, that's great fellow Colt fans.
  6. Yea CR91, I like it especially the likes of C Harris, edge rusher
  7. I would trade the 15th pick for 20th. You'll miss the chance of getting the likes of a Reuben Foster or a Dalvin Cook.
  8. The only way Pagano is going to stay if he wins the SB. He had five years to make the difference and couldn't do it....
  9. I like Charles Harris, but he'll be gone before the 2nd round starts. I would prefer Rueben Foster over Riddick and Charles Harris in latter before Dalls gets him at 28th....BRoland it was thinking outside the box which is ok.
  10. D Cook, cant lose with him. R Foster, sure bet. Make it happen Ballard even if you have to trade up on the first round
  11. Get a quality RB, D Cook could be the candidate you may never get an opportunity like this again again..., If Cook is not available, R Foster.
  12. Not the consistent dominating type you'd like to see in a team....Sure it was a one year wonder he won the GM of the year award, based on what?.....Needed consistency by evaluating talents, drafting the right pieces, identifying key free agents and signing undrafted free agents. These things were not followed by Grigson, took it for granted that he could duplicate the success. Well, unfortunately the feud started with the Coach, disagreements, etc...Something that could have been resolved with the two people GM and Coach. communicating as their first priority...Non existent, result non-playoff appearances...
  13. It's not something that can't be taught. No problems with him in a colt uniform.....
  14. Well, if you still keep the same coach for the next few years that make these bone head decisions, it's all but assured Luck will never go to the big Dance.

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