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  1. I tend to agree with you, he wasn't that impressive in that last bowl game. Besides the 92 yard run, he struggled pretty much the rest of way. I think they should draft Chubb for the 3rd pick and trade up if needed to get a quality RB.
  2. Bills looking at Rob Chudzinski, Mike McCoy

    No great loss. Thank you Buffalo.
  3. Barkley for sure. Move up again by trading possible 2019 first round to nab an edge like Chubb or Key.
  4. You can't go wrong with Barkley to complement Luck. He won't get hit as much, cuz you'll be handing the ball to Barkley and Mack
  5. Colts Draft A QB In The First Round?

    Make sense to draft a QB. Luck doesn't look like he's a 100%. Besides if Luck is 100%, then the rookie QB can learn the system from Luck, grow and prosper into a quality QB.
  6. Frank Gore Made our Offense One dimensional

    I'll take Mack over Gore any day. They didn't give him(Mack) too many touches, otherwise he would have been a 1K yd runner in 2017.
  7. Marvin Lewis Gets 2 Year Extension on 01-02-18

    Failure is an option!!
  8. Why Saquon Barkley should be our 2nd or third pick

    I would say, with the old saying, "Better be safe than sorry." Draft a QB if the elite is available. No one can predict if Luck will be 110% better and ready for the 2018 season until around draft day. So if the uncertainty still exist, then pull the trigger and draft a QB until Luck is clear and you see him perform flawlessly in the preseason. In the meantime, you have a blue chip QB you can plug in if Luck is still on the shelf. If the opposite occurs, then trade the QB you just drafted for a bundle of picks for some needy team. Makes sense to me.
  9. Why not Barkeley and Chubb with trades, like Brisset or draft picks.
  10. Pagano was 63-53 in 6 years

    I agree with "lester" his coordinators we'rent being held accountable. You need a coach that'll get in your face and correct your mistakes, that's why the Patriots are going to win another SB.
  11. Pagano Let Go

    Good luck to you and your Family, Chuck. Nothing personal, just business.
  12. Joshua Jackson

    Why don't we take a QB? Luck is not a guarantee to return in full physical health. Use Luck as a trade bait see what you get.
  13. Well, Gore wants to come back.

    Maybe as an RB coach. Too much tread in the tires...
  14. Name your Dark Horse HC for Colts in 2018

    Matt Patricia John Pagano
  15. Draft a RB and/or Edge. Barkeley and/or Chubb. The O line will improve in 2018 with the right OC or O line coach....Need a difference maker now at the RB position as well as the Edge..