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  1. Not the consistent dominating type you'd like to see in a team....Sure it was a one year wonder he won the GM of the year award, based on what?.....Needed consistency by evaluating talents, drafting the right pieces, identifying key free agents and signing undrafted free agents. These things were not followed by Grigson, took it for granted that he could duplicate the success. Well, unfortunately the feud started with the Coach, disagreements, etc...Something that could have been resolved with the two people GM and Coach. communicating as their first priority...Non existent, result non-playoff appearances...
  2. It's not something that can't be taught. No problems with him in a colt uniform.....
  3. Well, if you still keep the same coach for the next few years that make these bone head decisions, it's all but assured Luck will never go to the big Dance.
  4. I wouldn't trade a 2nd this year for M Butler. Maybe next year's third round pick. We need for offensive power(RB) and Defense this year.
  5. After you've drafted D Cook and Foster. Moving up to nab Semaje Perine.
  6. Get Harris, C (Edge)and Samaje Perine(RB) 1 and 1 respectively.
  7. It's all about the money, not enough zeros!!
  8. Nope, too much hype placed on this guy. I think he's overrated anyway.
  9. I agree with "jshipp23", I call him "the clapper" though. He's had enough chances, second chance to make a difference on the team...He's failing to make a team accountable for their mistakes is costing him the chance to get to the next level and that's the championship. You need a firm coach but fair and this clapping don't cut it.
  10. H Ridgeway, H Anderson and McGill should fit in nicely in the middle....
  11. D Cook(1st), R Foster(2nd),C Harris(3rd). We have a Superbowl participant.
  12. Serious as heart attack!!
  13. When you draft D Cook, that is instant contention. We've got the defense almost in place with ILB and Edge, just one or two more LBs in the draft and that's singing the playoff tune folks. Remember this can only happen if D Cook is in the roster for 2017. Go Colts.
  14. Simon or a Draft pick, preferably Foster
  15. I'd say pick Cook first, then trade up and nab R Foster. Ideal draft pick.

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