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  1. A reflection on Pagano's coaching....
  2. Me too, rock that blue! lol
  3. Let him(Pagano)switch with Josh McDaniel. McDaniel be the Indy HC, while Pagano be the assistant to Bellicheck. This way he'll be on the job training to learn from the best and take some pointers in being a good quality head coach...
  4. What do you expect, we haven't won anything in the last two seasons. Blame it on Pagano & previous GM.
  5. If McShay has the Colts picking in the top ten in 2018, bid adios to Pagano. Colts will work with a new HC in 2018.
  6. Bring in Johnny instead
  7. Let's see how Pagano coaches this team, if it's a resemblance of what he did in 2016, w/all the bonehead calls, etc...Expect to draft in 2018 at 14 or 15 again in the first round. And with a new coach....
  8. Most of the players signed on defense are one year contracts to prove their worth. Depends how well they do in 2017 hinges on who to draft at what positions. Probably defense more than offense.
  9. Any quality RBs left b/c we trade back? What's the logic? Maybe there's a zillion RBs left?
  10. J Allen was available, could have paired with Hankins.....There are reasons why the other teams didn't resign their own players, and we end up with them....Another mediocre year.
  11. This year will be a rebuilding year. This gives the free agents to assimilate and create chemistry within the team. The rate this draft is going, it doesn't look like they'll try for D Cook.....Once they said, he was better than Fournette. What happened?
  12. The mindset of Ballard, i'm guessing another cornerback to complement Vontae...I guess no edge until the 4th maybe, they're confident with their free agents.
  13. No edge, huh? I guess the free agents are going to make the difference this year.....and still no running backs.
  14. Realistic picks would be: D Cook, R Foster or C Harris in Rd 1.
  15. You'd be giving up too much. Stay put and get Cook or an elite edge rusher.

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