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  1. Fire them all, team has no leadership.
  2. I've said it all along, it falls on the coaches lap the scheme, the calls and coaching. This coaching staff is the pits, overhaul it and bring Ballard's people. This staff from the old regime(Grigson), need to drain from the left over.
  3. Why not start Mack? Gore and company won't get you one or two yards per carry and Luck would be force to throw and end up getting sacked again and again and ultimately result in an injury. You saw how Mack can make a difference on a team, it keeps the defense honest and will extend the life of Luck.....So I say start him, like Dallas started Zeke...
  4. My assessment appears similar to what you are saying. The team doesn't have that fire in them and that's the reflection on the coaching staff and it starts with the Head Coach. I believe Pagano aside from being an incompetent, he does not hold his players accountable, does not hold his coaching staff accountable, and the end result is what we just saw tonight at Dallas. Had this been a regular season game, it's a definite loss and would be a rout. So, Pagano needs to go and Ballard needs to hire his own HC and his coaching staff so they can get the most out of their players......Note: a new coach in the LA Rams are 2 and 0, whereas Pagano has been coaching for years, always start out in the preseason, let alone regular season on loosing streak.....
  5. Luck won't be back until midseason, when he returns he'll be rusty, that's another two losses. Team will end up maybe 6-10 at best.....Time to trade for a good back up, Garapolo or McClaren from the Bengals.....Make it happen Ballard...
  6. Need an Offensive Line Coach to show these Olinemen how to block for the future of the team. Go Mack Attack.
  7. Another 50+ yards rushing by the Colts and their opponents 160 yds.. Where is the DC chewing out the defense on the sideline, another pathetic showing on the run defense.....
  8. Yes, this is gut wrenching have to deal with another mediocre season with Pagano at the helm....
  9. Get a new HC first and a DC, and an OC then we'll see.
  10. Color Pagano gone after the 2nd regular season game, b/c they'll be 0-2. HC just not a good coach, Ballard gave him a chance, just didn't panned out....
  11. He's got some flashy moves, I like his quickness too. Go Mack Attack!!
  12. stockpile draft picks. We'll get some more high draft picks in 2018 for for a 6-10 team.
  13. Trade for a QB and get a new HC. This teams is awful.
  14. Too early in the preseason folks don't hit the panic button just yet, if we get another loss next week i believe Ballard need to start looking for a replacement starting with Pagano.....No way they're going to beat the Cowboys in Dallas. Can we say another 0-4 preseason.....Groundhog day....
  15. So what if it's pre-season, Lions showed up in our house and they embarrassed this team. Fire them coaches, starting with Pagano if this is any indication what's to come.

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