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  1. I know that it's just a popularity contest, but I still think it's disrespectful. He's the season leader in receiving yards. I can't believe Dez is going to be ranked higher than him smh...
  2. So sorry for your loss. My condolences.
  3. I remember that game. Hasselbeck gave Luck a pat on the chest and Luck winced like he was in serious pain. Makes sense now.
  4. The Jags don't need a DT...
  5. The rich get richer. You would think teams wouldn't want to make them even better.
  6. Dang I really didn't want Romo in this division. Oh well.
  7. How come? I guess I see the argument that he was being selfish and abandoning his teammates, but when you take the hip injuries into account, sitting out made sense to me?
  8. Christian skipping out on the Sun Bowl never bothered me NCF. I'm sure a lot of people at Stanford felt the same way. I thought that the criticism was a little unfair to be honest. He had been dealing with a number of injuries all season.
  9. He was wearing Nike shoes though
  10. 6.57 3-Cone. 2nd fastest by a RB since 2003.
  11. 4.48 official time. 37.5" vertical, dominated in the on-field drills like I knew he would. Some team is really going to luck out with this kid.
  12. I didn't find it exciting But I'm too mad right now.
  13. What a tortuous game. I almost wish they had been leading from the start. Wish we hadn't been set up for disappointment.
  14. Definitely added to my list. They handled NE in a manner we rarely see in the first half and then just collapsed.

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