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  1. Yeah, that's the same game, and I don't recall the exact penalty, but AV still missed a chip shot.
  2. Well, with that logic, let's consider Peyton's 6 INTs against the Chargers, and never vote him into the HF.
  3. I think that's what attracts them to the Colts.
  4. I'd guess: 1. Many teams will increment the cuts anyway. 2. No more early Fantasy Football drafts.
  5. Here, especially when TKnight24 and others post during OTAs, and TC.
  6. How about the 2011 Saints game?
  7. I'm guessing she slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so, all's good.
  8. Or, start a Pats section. All things Pats.
  9. He's well on his way.
  10. Legion of Blue Sacktown Blue Collar Ballers
  11. Agreed. Just so it's a divisional rival, and not the Colts.
  12. Yeah, a long time friend of mine (since kindergarten) is the nephew of Chuck Noll. He had the opportunity to visit the Steelers locker room after a game back in the 70's. He said he was surprised that they weren't nearly as big in real life as they seemed on TV.
  13. I suppose I'll have to start watching pro wrestling. Nah......
  14. You should ban youself just for mentioning that.
  15. What are the Bears thinking? "Boy, wasn't 1985 great?"

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