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  1. Hes' certainly no Reggie Miller. Not by a long shot.
  2. I won't pretend to be a good judge of the top 15 in the league, but let's say he is. Being a top 15 player says nothing towards being a good leader. Heck, he may have the talent to be better than top 15, but he hasn't shown it consistently. As a leader, he forces it, he's a fake, and comes off as disingenuous. He's good, he's just not THE GUY.
  3. And I'm sure that's how PG, and his agent, look at it, but he's a really weak #1. He's more of a piece that is built around someone else.
  4. Not to worry. I'm still expecting to make it through the day.
  5. I'm not concerned, either way, on how we work the waivers. It won't change my stance on how to handle them, it would only increase, or decrease my chances of getting the guy I'm interested in anyway, dependent on how I'm doing, and who I want. I often find that I'm not looking at the same guys others are anyways. And, I've been in situations where I've lost out on a guy I really wanted, just to learn that it was a huge blessing in disguise anyway. It's a carp shoot anyways. Just like the draft. There is skill involved, but there's plenty of luck in it, also.
  6. Understood. The NBA should cut down to about 10 teams an make it competative.
  7. In the spirit of Van Jones: What are we going to tell our children?
  8. Fine, but this won't cut it when TC starts.
  9. Toss the ball to the ref, and jog along to your bench. That's all I got.
  10. Hi Juan, My recollection of how the two leagues started was that there was a good amount of interest in a Colts Forum league. Some didn't want to play with a lot of guys who weren't dedicated to it. I understand as I've played in a couple of leagues where say a team starts out 0-2 they stop managing their team. So, they identified 12 guys who had extensive time in FF leagues (at least the talked a good game). But there were enough more who were interested, but with less, or no experience. The first group was the Elite, the secondary group was the Average Joe's. To make things interesting, they set up the situation where the bottom two of the Elite dropped down each year, and the top two from Joe's moves up, but it doesn't work out exactly like that each year. There have been years where people drop out of the Elite league altogether, and create room for additional Joe's to move up. There have also been situations like you described where the top one or two Joe's didn't want to leave their 'friends', stayed in Joe's, and the offer to move up went to the next in line. Moving up isn't a law, it's your privilege to take advantage of it.
  11. Agreed
  12. Never underestimate the power of drugs.
  13. I'll be back, and I'm in favor of Yahoo, also.
  14. Godzilla vs Bambie
  15. Yeah, and we're not even going to talk about branding, and gauging. Just, none for me, thanks.

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