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  1. I'm hoping the intent is that he wouldn't get past out 2nd round pick.
  2. Well, officially, it's alleged.
  3. Never mind. Now I see a 'corrected'(?) post.
  4. Based on your last two posts, I'm guessing today was payday for you.
  5. I agree, he'd bring great value to the offense, and I like RBs with diverse talents, as opposed to pound the rock guys. My concern is will Chud use him properly, or will we get stuck int he 'pound the rock' mentality?
  6. It'll never happen. It must be played in Houston. Can't have Thursday night games in Indy. Don't know why.
  7. Does he fit what we try to do, or can we fit what he's able to do? THAT is my quandary.
  8. It was that, or talk about you. Sorry.
  9. Happy Easter everyone..... Side note 1: Every Pirates series so far this season has been a sweep. Side note 2: Everything will be O.K.
  10. In what round do the Colts take a QB?
  11. The Pirates have too many really young guys on the roster to be predictable.
  12. Why? Are the Cubs too good? ;)
  13. Good call.

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