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  1. Do you ever read what you write? Not everything's black or white. I'm color blind and I know that.
  2. How inconsiderate.
  3. Well, he'll consider considering them. Not all will be considered after close consideration.
  4. Lenny Moore begs to differ. Heck, so does Tom Matte, but he wasn't as good.
  5. Could I put out an honorable mention to Lydell Mitchell?
  6. Lenny Moore, then Edge
  7. Now, if we could pick up Todd Marinovich, THEN we're talking.....
  8. His words, I just repeated them. I know it's the off-season, and we need things to talk about, I just think this is a pretty odd thing to worry about. We will need to bring someone for competition, but I thought someone mentioned that our new punter was a kick off guy also. I could be miss-remembering, though. And, regardless of how talented Aguayo may be, he's done nothing extraordinary in the NFL. Not many kickers do. So, giving him a chance, or not, I'm not drooling over the possibility. That's all.
  9. Actually, I thought it was just a bit silly. NOW, I'm starting to think it's actually stupid. Well, if we'll always need a kicker, and Aguayo is the last one, yes, I'm concerned now.
  10. Great draft. Or, it could be the worst draft in the history of drafts. A lot of questionable characters, and one major injury.
  11. I never thought of it before, and likely never will again. So, you're alone, so far.
  12. Jacked Monster, Bro. Epic, Dude.
  13. No. See Steelers.
  14. Huh, thanks.

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