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  1. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Well, here's an unexpected response.
  2. What a bunch of rubbish. 1. You're kinda pre-mature with this, aren't you? They still have one more loss to accomplish, don't they? In last year's WS they came back from 3-1 didn't they? Well, you know your team much better than I care to, so maybe you're right. Maybe they're just not good enough. 2. How do you figure that they're losing this year, because they're exhausted from being in the playoffs the past couple of years. Boy, they must be beat. Maybe they're just not good enough this year. Maybe the Dodgers are just that much better this year. They had a great second half. You often said they peeked at the right time, and laughed at the Dodgers fall off late. Maybe it wasn't peeking at the right time for the Cubbies, and they're crashing now. Maybe it's the Dodgers who peeked at the right time. Win or lose, they're still having a good season. Enjoy it. It's the first time in 108 years Cubs fans can REALLY be proud of their team. You don't have to make excuses for it.
  3. Update on Luck

    So, you're saying Ted knows 'silly' when he sees it? A silly savant, as you will?
  4. I don't think we are too far off

    And does that really mean anything, knowing the game is largely about match ups, game plans, and availability? Can we win the next 3? Yes, it seems a possibility based on the progression the team seems to be making. Will we win the next 3? Who knows. Tune in. If life was so predictable, there'd be nothing to talk about. I suppose if we're all to act solely based on what's taken place, so far, Patriots fans must be in a panic. Yet, most still think they'll be there in the end. Who are the dominant teams in the AFC right now?
  5. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    Because you need luck behind this line........?
  6. Cam Newton - Sexist

    I really don't want to get involved in the original topic, as I see, agree, and disagree, with most all sides expressed. However, let me play devil's advocate here: So, 20 years from now it's discovered that continuous hits to the abdomen can cause infertility, or miscarriages, and there's a lawsuit because ..... 'who woulda thunk it'. I know, I know, this probably makes me a sexist. But it's really just a joke about absurdity.
  7. Should the Colts be in new division???

    How deflating. You should reconsider your diet. Assuming you find it bothersome, of course. Or, maybe you consider your neighbors.
  8. I think i have an amazing idea...

    I'm amazed.
  9. Colts @ Seahawks Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    The RB made a great spin move.I can't fault Sheard for that.
  10. NFL Rules on Targeting

    There don't seem to be any. I hope Trevathian gets suspended, though.
  11. Player Limit Question...

    That player must wear clothes, or there'll be big trouble. Beyond that, I got nothin'.
  12. We have to....:

    That's fine, but your coulda, shoulda, woulda, dream scenarios are based on going after all the best guys, and getting them all, and no one else has a say so. They'll come because we want them to....(?). It's based on a lot of hind sight, and not realistic. And yes, maybe you're just putting it out there as fantasy, but some don't recognize fiction, and blame the FO for not 'doing all they can'. JMO
  13. We have to....:

    I used to play make believe when I was a kid. I don't miss it much.