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  1. I'm not privy to his work ethic, but Donte finds himself on the sidelines often, as well. I kinda worry about him.
  2. I know some like footballguys.com
  3. Heck, I miss Tom Matte.
  4. Sanjay will figure it out. Lal.
  5. If he's still available when Vinny retires.....I suppose we could consider it.
  6. Defense for me, but gotta say against each other is the best. I loved the Colts playoff victory over the Ravens. That was a great game to watch. I suppose it helped that the Colts won it, but still.....
  7. I'm O.K. with the present draft date / time, but if I had my drouthers, it'd be a couple of hours later. I don't know if that'd make any difference to anyone. Just sayin'.
  8. I never use my phone for FF. My tablet is a bit clunky for NFL.com, but I almost always use my laptop for it anyway. I just don't like how NFL.com FF operates, but I'm fine.
  9. I'm surprised. I thought this was old news. Not the Pats, but team planes in general. Maybe it was a different sport(?).
  10. That 'like' was an 'o.k. by me'.
  11. Too bad. I liked Kevin's work. Good luck to you, Kevin. Didn't he do a weekly Q&A with the fans during training camps?
  12. Of course. What kinda question is that?
  13. I just gave the commish a heads up. There's a thread on it right around this one.
  14. Sorry, that was supposed to be 'juanjo is looking for you '
  15. Juanito is looking for you

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