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  1. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Sign with the Colts!
  2. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    I'm not a big Stones fan either, but you gotta drop 'Beast of Burden', and insert 'Monkey Man', and I'm right there with ya. I also like their really old stuff like 'Heart of Stone' stuff. Basically, I like a lot of their stuff through the very early '70s, then I'm done with them.
  3. There aren't too many good OLs in the NFL these days. Shuffle the deck, and hope for a better hand.
  4. Funny. The reason I brought that up, at all, was because your post was like the 3rd to use that phrase in the past couple of days, and in all three cases, the use of it was kinda odd.
  5. I'm beginning to think the phrase 'all in' has changed meanings since I was a kid.
  6. While I suppose it's POSSIBLE, I'm more inclined to think it said a lot more about that other guy, than it did about the Colts. Have the Pats signed anyone yet?
  7. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Yep, he's in our possession now.
  8. I suppose if I'd just 'retired' from the NFL when I got out of High School, I may have built up quite a pension by now. Eh, next life.
  9. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Fulton? As was the case with Hitchens, a 3rd party told us we were LINKED. You know, they'd been introduced to someone in our FO. We take that is a bird in the hand, just waiting to happen. They become a big deal, because they're basically OURS. Then...........................they sign elsewhere. There's no other explanation 'cept someone (Ballard) blew it, when, in fact, we may not have been interested.....because we knew them(?). So, the next shinny penny comes along, and we start to wonder what in the heck were we ever thinking regarding the old penny that just passed us by. Good riddance. You know, kinda like how we got out new HC.
  10. Sorry, I guess I figured if you never entered the profession, there's no retiring from it. You just didn't/couldn't pursue it.
  11. Colts hosting a visit with DL Benson Mayowa

    You can only entertain what's available.
  12. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Your worlds must be colliding because you know we need OL help.
  13. I suppose one man's ceiling.........
  14. He's a WR3 also, but we may need that too.