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  1. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Well.. this was a true blistering lmao... today is a sad day to be a colts fan.. and I'm a die hard fan, but i was NOT expecting this!!!
  2. Colts Training Camp 8/8/17

    Just watched Coach Chuck P live conference.. he mentioned that A. Morrison and La'Raven got into a fight!! He pulled Morrison to the side and let him have it! Apparently there was a punch thrown
  3. Malik Hooker placed on PUP

    He must've tweaked his hamstring after that Ballard press conference!! Because at the time of the press conference Ballard named people on the PuP list and Hooker was not one of them.. hopefully he's only out for 2 weeks at the most! He really needs to practice with the team and get all the reps he can, missed too much time already!! But like others said, why place him on the Pup list?!! Kinda worries me a little. And what's the benefits of the Pup list anyways? Does it free up a roster spot momentarily? Financial?
  4. 2 or 3 players locked in?

    LUCK, Hilton, J.Doyle, Gore (at least at the beginning of the season he'll start) Kelly, Mewhort, A.C , Davis, J.Hankins. AV, Hennessy, and Locke. That's 12 starters off the bat right there with potentially more depending on injury situations. Langford, Anderson could start IF healthy...Green will start for Geathers if he's not back from his injury (yes i thought about hooker but the coach's might have him on the field in sub packages/passing downs AT FIRST, and ease him into the speed/ mental part of the nfl) and last but not least Q. Wilson should start unless he highly disappoints in TC and Preseason
  5. Dorsett looking Bigger and Built Up

    You're right about that. But there's been more times than not that he'll really be wide open and didn't even get looked at. That's on Luck to see the open guy tho, not on Dorsett. And i agree on Chester Rogers, i actually like the way he plays a lot..seems like he catches mostly all passes that come his way, and he's a good return guy..I really hope he makes the roster and continues to make a good impact
  6. Dorsett looking Bigger and Built Up

    Thank you!! Someone that gets it!! I've seen MULTIPLE games that he would be WIDE OPEN (underneath routes mostly)..but Luck would pass elsewhere, and sometimes he would either force something towards Hilton or just plain not see Dorsett! I'm telling you now, Dorsett could go to another team where they'd utilize his talents more than the Colts, and he would turn into a solid #2WR and make game changing plays every game! Colts don't use him right! Smh..what a waste so far!!
  7. Early Look at the Colts 53-man roster

    I think it'll be only 7 d lineman, and 4 ILB. With that being said that could open up spots for a 4th running back, and possibly (if they want) a 6th receiver, which could be Bray (him and Rogers could handle return duties). But those are big IF'S..i can see them keeping 4 running backs but im not sure about the 6 receivers! Could be used for a extra QB as well (due to Lucks health)
  8. 9 DLs on roster now...who will be cut?

    If we keep 7 d lineman IMO they will be K. Langford J. Hankins H. Anderson H. Ridgeway A. Woods or D. Parry (whoever coaches like the most for backup NT) T.Y Mcgill (Hunt may push for his spot but i hope T.Y gets the spot) Grover Stewart (as a fourth round pick i would think he makes the roster so he wouldn't seem like a waste pick, he would NOT make it to our practice squad) Again this is IF we keep 7 players! If we keep 6 then i see T.Y Mcgill as the odd man out. But i really hope we keep 7..how much we have last season?
  9. Colts 2017 Draft Class

    Grover Stewart could possibly make the team. With so many teams high on him, he wouldn't be safe on practice squad..if we go with 7 DL on the roster (which i hope we do) then it could be the following players K. Langford J. Hankins H. Anderson H. Ridgeway A. Woods or D. Parry (whoever the coaches like more at the NT position) T.Y Mcgill (i like his upside, good young player) Grover Stewart I REALLY hope we keep 7 d lineman! We finally have good talent, and should be a very good competition between them in training camp. If any one of these guys are cut then we will not be able to get any of the younger guys back on our practice squad!! Especially Stewart and McGill. Plus Ballard has stated that we need to get younger (these guys fit that description).. IMO Hunt can go, after all this time he has yet to make any impact!! I wouldn't keep him over any of the people i mentioned.
  10. Predict Round 2 Pick

    Quick question, who are the remaining corners in the draft that you guys think would be a great addition to the roster? As you all know we need a starting corner opposite of Davis, maybe Colts should draft 2 corners!!
  11. Whos going to the season opener?!

    About how much are tickets for seats at least somewhere in the mid sections? Or does someone car to inbox me a website i could look at? Please help
  12. Colts Schedule

    Yay!! I might finally be able to go to my second Colts game!! Last time i went was when they played the chargers, but now they play the Rams! And i live in LA!! Let's Gooooooooo
  13. My world just ended...

    OMG im sorry for your loss. I just recently got engaged to my beautiful lady back in February, but we been together for 8yrs already! I can't imagine how I'd feel if that happened to me!! I rather go first! Prayers for you my man and try to stay positive as hard as that is for you right now. Make her proud of you and your success going forward!
  14. Tim Williams, Tyus Bowser, Joe Mixon
  15. On another note, do you guys think Joe Mixon will be there when we pick in the 2nd? If he is do you guys think there's any chance Colts take him? I know what he did was just plain horrible and wrong in every sense of the word, but on the football side of things he is very talented and is said among the draft experts that's he's the best overall back in this year's draft. He would instantly improve our backfield and could be a franchise rb! What all us fans haven't seen in yrs from the Colts!