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  1. Can't have enough pass rushers!! And currently, according to some fans on here, we may have 1 possible decent pass rusher in Simon (i say that cuz i don't know much about him)..mingo is a depth signing that the team probably HOPES can breakout..but he's shown no great signs in his yrs in the league..SHEARD COULD help, he's been solid and was in a limited/benched role in NE last year..i say sign him (cuz we need bodies at that position anyways) and still draft a OLB that's more known for their pass rush! Let him develop and possibly start by seasons end. Even if he doesn't start Colts rotate their OLB's quite often anyways! Everyone should get enough PT to show what they got!
  2. Yea you're right. You never know if a player is gonna pan out. But you can say the same thing about players you get from the draft!! It's really a big game of chance (FA's or players via draft)
  3. That's why i didn't list a FA lineman. Maybe we can bring in one offensive lineman to better the competition, but Haeg and Clarke showed great promise. Especially Haeg! He can only get better after starting at MULTIPLE positions and doing fairly well!
  4. I hope we spend some money as you say. But they have to be smart about it. Don't want to be in salary cap hell like the Cowboys and those other teams that struggle year after year with salary cap
  5. Oh yea, i forgot about nick parry. He could be a huge upgrade as well. Cut Arthur Jones and sign parry. That with at least a couple of the ones i mentioned could turn this defense around
  6. I agree, it's about time colts take a shot on at least 1 or 2 high priced DEFENSIVE FA's instead of signing average players and hoping they play to or above their recent seasons..have to take a chance at some point. Doing the same things will have the same results!
  7. Just want to know what everyone is thinking in this boring/build up time before free agency...list away Stephon Gilmore or Dre Kirkpatrick - either can start next to Davis. Both young and shows good potential. Better than any other corner we had last year besides Davis. With this Colts can move Robinson to the slot to replace Butler. Dont'a Hightower- instant upgrade, starter, good all around linebacker. Dontari Poe or Brandon Williams- either will start over parry, huge upgrade. Jabaal Sheard- can replace Walden, starter capability. Micah Hyde- versatile player, can play safety or corner when needed. Good all around player. I know we need pass rushers, i say fix that in the draft along with other needs such as running backs, one more young player on Dline, another inside linebacker to battle for spot next to whoever starts, safety, cornerback, and a TE to replace Doyle (who wants to test FA and might leave for a better contract)
  8. I really hope you're right..like you said McNary is good for blitzing and rotation if needed..but i really think he should NOT start!! He's hit his ceiling, I'd rather see Morrison start!! Or even the other Jackson..please not McNary!
  9. Rogers and Smith both need to make this team..if the coaching staff doesn't see this then idk what's wrong with them..both showed more promise and potential than Bray THIS preseason
  10. CHESTER RODGERS AND T. SMITH needs to make this team
  11. How did Maggit do against the Ravens?
  12. As of now Turbin...but I'm thinking the coaching staff has open thoughts about the #2 back..if someone was too have a better training camp and preseason, i think the staff wouldn't hesitate to drop Turbin down the depth chart..although i think turbin will make the roster and get carries still.
  13. I think what he's getting at is this: in this so called "weak division", people say we've only been succeeding because of the teams in our division aren't as good as teams outside our division, so we get 5 or 6 wins from our division alone...which would explain the struggle the Colts have with teams outside the division EVERY YEAR...so by the teams in our division getting better (at least on paper) it forces the Colts to really work hard for a win against great competition, and not just ease through the division..which will make the Colts as a team more aggressive, and play at a higher level when they go against teams outside the division..if you haven't noticed, we get blown out, out coached, and severely out played multiple times EVERY YEAR. So like he basically said, this could have a great impact on the team and really show the coaches and GM how talented the team is, or how much work we still need.
  14. After listening to the post draft interview, I'm really excited about Antonio Morrison and Hassan Ridgeway..something tells me that those two players will become a key part of the defense..especially Morrison!! Just go listen to the way pags and grigson talk about the guy, not to mention they talked about him longer than any other player, which gave us more of their view on him and his potential..also excited about TJ Green.
  15. I agree...listening to pags and grigs press, they're very excited about his potential at safety..i admit that i was confused about the pick myself, but seeing how confident they are in his potential and his skill set, i believe he can become a solid safety in this league..

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