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  1. Yay!! I might finally be able to go to my second Colts game!! Last time i went was when they played the chargers, but now they play the Rams! And i live in LA!! Let's Gooooooooo
  2. OMG im sorry for your loss. I just recently got engaged to my beautiful lady back in February, but we been together for 8yrs already! I can't imagine how I'd feel if that happened to me!! I rather go first! Prayers for you my man and try to stay positive as hard as that is for you right now. Make her proud of you and your success going forward!
  3. Tim Williams, Tyus Bowser, Joe Mixon
  4. On another note, do you guys think Joe Mixon will be there when we pick in the 2nd? If he is do you guys think there's any chance Colts take him? I know what he did was just plain horrible and wrong in every sense of the word, but on the football side of things he is very talented and is said among the draft experts that's he's the best overall back in this year's draft. He would instantly improve our backfield and could be a franchise rb! What all us fans haven't seen in yrs from the Colts!
  5. Would love either Takkarist McKinley or haason reddick for pass rush help.. or a CB (marlon humphrey or possibly Kevin White)
  6. Key word is he "VISITED"....think that means he left without a deal!! Dam!!
  7. Would love to get Joe Mixon if he falls to the 3rd! I know what many people think about him and i don't stand for what he did either, BUT like they say, everyone deserves a second chance. He is VERY talented and it's said he could go somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round! Depends on what team is willing to take on his past character issue! But with the right plan for him i believe he is a steal in the 3rd!! On another note Chris Ballard was asked about him and he himself basically said he hasn't looked into him much! So i guess that's pretty much saying Colts not drafting him! Lol
  8. That got me pumped for this upcoming season..sadly i know we got a long way before the defense is good, like top 10 good..but you never know! Lol
  9. Wonder if Adoree jackson will be available when we pick in the 2nd rd
  10. Dalvin Cook first round!!! Let's gooooooooo lol (ps. I know irsay said a "LATER" round rb)
  11. Can't have enough pass rushers!! And currently, according to some fans on here, we may have 1 possible decent pass rusher in Simon (i say that cuz i don't know much about him)..mingo is a depth signing that the team probably HOPES can breakout..but he's shown no great signs in his yrs in the league..SHEARD COULD help, he's been solid and was in a limited/benched role in NE last year..i say sign him (cuz we need bodies at that position anyways) and still draft a OLB that's more known for their pass rush! Let him develop and possibly start by seasons end. Even if he doesn't start Colts rotate their OLB's quite often anyways! Everyone should get enough PT to show what they got!
  12. Yea you're right. You never know if a player is gonna pan out. But you can say the same thing about players you get from the draft!! It's really a big game of chance (FA's or players via draft)
  13. That's why i didn't list a FA lineman. Maybe we can bring in one offensive lineman to better the competition, but Haeg and Clarke showed great promise. Especially Haeg! He can only get better after starting at MULTIPLE positions and doing fairly well!
  14. I hope we spend some money as you say. But they have to be smart about it. Don't want to be in salary cap hell like the Cowboys and those other teams that struggle year after year with salary cap
  15. Oh yea, i forgot about nick parry. He could be a huge upgrade as well. Cut Arthur Jones and sign parry. That with at least a couple of the ones i mentioned could turn this defense around

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