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  1. Who would you take at 15
  2. No its him, it lists his team's on the upper right It must be a hack with that comment the Tennessee is trash
  3. I just noticed on Wikipedia that he is playing for Tennessee this season. Has anyone heard this?
  4. Here is CBS sports list of the top 10. It looks like we can get one in the second round Lattimore and Humphrey are locks for the first round but there is a lot of quality cb's in the second or third. Do you see us taking one in the first round or drafting a lb or delete and taking a cb in the second
  5. Dickerson was the most successful RB to play for us but If Edge didn't get hurt in that KC game I really think he would have played many more years with the Colts. Faulk was another one but he complained alot too Dickerson didn't want to be here and complained a lot about the O Line, Edge just played hard every down. He could run, catch and block I pick E James
  6. didnt see that, sorry
  7. So 35 million left?? Me thinks Ballard has a replacement for Art. Could it be Hankins or Brandon Williams. I know that Jones was an end but I still think there is one more big name left before the draft. CB or DL
  8. Moncrief has physical talents that cannot be replaced easily. He has the ability to be a #1 receiver and plays hard too. I like him on our WR group and I would be disappointed should he leave
  9. I know he would miss part or all of the season but he is an elite CB. Hopefully he slips to the 4th round
  10. Great Interview. Ted inherited a very poor LB corps and I am sure he had a hand in the signing recently. He is one year better in his knowledge and understanding of team philosophy
  11. Simon has a high motor and plays hard to the whistle. I think he will have a breakout year. Sheard, Spence and Mingo are intriguing with lots of upside. so we will see but I am pretty sure our linebacking core is on the team right now. I dont see us taking a LB with 15 unless a superior one falls to us. I really think CB and DL are priorities in the the first two rounds but this draft is defensively deep so lots of players in our first four rounds have starting qualities, Lets hope Ballard and sniff them out
  12. It is conjecture dude. Just an open question? No need to keep telling us what everyone knows including me and i have said no to him at #15
  13. Haters, be haters
  14. I just noticed one big issue I mean to say Do you think with his his recent achilles injury would he be a good candidate for Pick 15?
  15. I am not mad at the replies just asking a question brother. Some mock drafts still have Jones in the top 15. as i said, I would not do it.

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