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  1. What If We See A Different Colts Team vs. The Cards?

    Playing home will help. If the defense can stop the run and manage the passing game and if we can score 21-25 points and if elves came down from the ceiling and pooped first downs for us and unicorns make their DB's fall down, We got a chance baby
  2. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    No coach tips his hand at midweek if there are two quarterbacks that might play. Its best to let Arizona wonder who it playing not tell them now who is playing. This lets them gameplan for 1 QB, its best for them to gameplan for both
  3. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    This is like a long movie with the top starts being killed off one by one. The good news is the Good will be fine for next year. Spence is a solid player but I am with some of you wondering why he was still available??? This team is just snake bitten, we cannot stay healthy at all, its time for an exorcism to cast out the demons that plagues this team
  4. The "PAINFUL" truth....

    Seems to me that Pagano was retained because Irsay could not find the coach he wanted but mark my words Irsay is looking right now to see which which former solid head coach wants to come here (Cohwer, Saban, Meyer or for heavens sake Parcell at age 76)
  5. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    Dead on once again
  6. Luck officially out week 2.

    What? 8th and 1st? For the same category?
  7. ballards new defense

    You can take 16 points off the defense. Two pick for TD and a Safety after a fumble by Mack I get your point though the defensive backfield was horrible and the team had a lot of mistakes and blown coverages. I hope though this is due to 11 new starters not just a talent issue
  8. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Pagano is an * you should have challenged that play, it cost us a touchdown
  9. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Ouch, I wish you hadn't brought that up
  10. Colts @ Los Angeles Rams Game Day Thread

    Ballard is to be blamed for this. they should have brought other quarterback in several weeks ago knowing Luck wasn't probably going to play week 1 anyway
  11. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    First Quarter: Zuerlein kicks a 24 field go after driving the field on the first drive but a sack by Simon stalls the drive 0-3 Second Quarter: The Colts defense bends but does not break but our offense cannot move the ball Half time Score 0-3 Third Quarter: No Scoring Fourth Quarter: With 6 minutes left, Sheard sacks Goff and causes a fumble but it is recovered the offense on the Rams 2 yard line. Next play Basham bull rushes and sacks Goff in the end Zone 2-3 The next Rams drive Goff leads them to a 70 yard drive but an interception by Melvin is run back to the Colts 8 yard line. The next play a bad snap to Tolzien is fumbled and the Rams recover on the Colts 4 with 1:42 seconds left The Rams hand off to Gurley but Hooker is blitzing and knocks the ball loose to be recovered by the Hairston in the end zone 4-3 with 44 seconds left. The Rams cannot get a drive going an interception by Mingo seals the victory Colts win 4-3
  12. Week 1 2017 NFL Power Rankings:Colts

    We need to give Ballard time to see if his plan of action for 2017 works out. Like I said we should be good at linebacker and D line. The running game could be improved with Gore, Turpin and Mack (Assuming, and I mean a BIG assumption is that our line will improve this year) But who knows. O Line and the secondary are two scariest parts of our team now (of course not counting Luck is out)
  13. Week 1 2017 NFL Power Rankings:Colts

    With Tolzien at QB we will struggle to score 14 points a game. We need the defense to score. We have so many new linebackers that have been solid playmakers and or DL should be really good as well the defensive backfield is the scariest part of this team.
  14. I need help from you locals

    It a high crime district at night. Prostitutes, drug sales and more. Its not a place to walk around at night. Be safe buddy
  15. Who is our 6th receiver??

    We cut every other wr. It must be number six will be coming off the waiver wire to us