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  1. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    I know but the big deal is that people like la canfora and other people online are saying we're looking for a center and that is the reason for my post in the first place
  2. Why does it seem the Colts are anxious to sign a Center

    He's just a kid I would expect him to fully recover
  3. Lets reflect

    We finally get our first response and they're talking about a scheme change. It is very interesting they cut him the day before he was about to get over 4 million dollar bonus. All I'm saying it's very very interesting
  4. People wouldn't stop about Ryan Nelson and now you hear about Pouncey. Did Ryan Kelly move to the moon or something or is he hurt?
  5. Hankins and Jets Trade

    There be no compensation for him because we cut him
  6. Lets reflect

    I agree there's something bubbling in the water here there's another reason why Hankins was cut and I think we'll find that out pretty soon. It could well be because he gets paid 4 and 1/2 million dollars tomorrow if he still on the roster. It could also be that he does not want to go back to a 4-3 which is strange because he played that in New York . Number 3 three it could be that we have somebody in the works that we're going to sign and announce that the next few days. number 4 we like we have so far and we can add somebody in the draft
  7. Here is my crazy..bold prediction:

    Mercy and I thought I'd find something interesting to read in here, my mistake
  8. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    Anderson has been injured in the past and lost a lot of games, Rotational D lineman with a busy motor, not bad
  9. Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    If they do not go QB then Barkley is the pick for the Browns
  10. But it seems to me that Luck, Ballard and Reich have said all we needed to hear about Luck's progression and as a fan base member I want wins and superbowl championships over hurt feelings. All Ballard has to say is that we are talking to all the top players which we should every year anyway, What is Luck takes a downturn? It would have been nice to interview these QB's anyway.Its a win-win for everyone in end
  11. do you mean Front Office, if so they would be in on the subterfuge, I do not understand your meaning brother
  12. doesnt matter, its subterfuge
  13. Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    This post is about three wide receivers and it was mentioned that HILTON has games where he disappears so that will HELP HILTON. This is not just about Harrison, its about HILTON!
  14. Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    Dude, this is about the three WR's Hilton disappears a lot. I cant believe you had a hard time figuring out what I meant