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  1. my bad, I saw his name and then "anymore" so I thought someone was refuting you. GOT IT
  2. Bostic is more than a camp body but will most likely be a depth player that could shine if he can stay healthy
  3. He signed with LA last week
  4. He is pretty sure now to fall to #15 what a dilemma. Did he cheat? it looks like it but this could stink of a character issue so take him or not???
  5. its all smoke. What do we expect him to say. We want Lattimore or Reddick? I cant see anyway he takes and offensive line or specialist with #15 but that's my opinion
  6. I got a beep on my phone about 5am saying this. What a tragedy from top to bottom. God gives him superior talent to be a professional athlete but he threw it away. it goes back to his youth and the lack of positive role models. Don't get me wrong, its all on him but it just seems some players cannot give up the "thug" life Just plain sad
  7. if he gets convicted of a felony its over
  8. He should be a slight upgrade over Parry lol
  9. I wonder why Aiken has not chosen a number yet, he remains the only FA left without a number
  10. I am so sorry to hear that brother, Prayers are on the way for peace in this terrible time. God be with you
  11. someone will sign him but I agree with this
  12. Edge or DE! Unless Lattimore or Conley fall to 15
  13. at best riding the pine, at worst looking for a job

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