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  1. Desir and Hairston

    Good Read, but I am being hopeful a 4th rounder SHOULD contribute as a starter if your scouting is good.
  2. Desir and Hairston

    ofcourse no guarantee, but one would hope that after months of accumulating data and watching endless film on a player a fourth rounder SHOULD be starting on your team over time
  3. Desir and Hairston

    I know but someone in the fourth round should become a starter eventually unless your GM's last name begins with Grig....
  4. Desir and Hairston

    I understand they are playing fine but we should still consider we need depth as well Desir was a high draft pick of the Browns but got lost there, he looks to be getting his confidence back
  5. Luck Seeking Treatment for Shoulder in Europe

    Well the FDA is so difficult here on new procedures and medications so going to Europe is an option to have more procedures available to him including stem cell therapy which is been used to help repair shoulder injuries
  6. WFAN NY Francesca "IF I Was Luck Force a Trade"

    Have mercy, who listens to this hack anymore. Think one too many cannolis gone to his head in his brain
  7. This is Ballard's team

    To be honest is playing with house money right now. Davis was getting old anyway and most likely on his last big contract. The injuries have riddled this team this year so he really has a free pass to do what he wants. No question it's his team
  8. Henry Anderson suffered a fractured larynx Sunday

    Based on their stats, Allen and Dorsett have plenty of time to put pins in Touchdown Monkey
  9. Quan Bray to IR

    He is a fumbler but his upside is strong
  10. Tony Donahue: It's very possible that Luck never plays again

    WOW, one guy says this and everyone loses their mind. Luck is young and had a terrible injury to his shoulder. Until I hear the official news of this and I NOT buying it
  11. How many more wins will we get?

    Yes but those are rare examples. If we are picking the top 10 we will get a stud player
  12. Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    Brissett seems to have terrible vision to his sides. He throws behind the line of scrimmage too much when fefenders are around the receiver
  13. Colts @ Bengals Game Day Thread

    But why waste a challenge on a first-down play in the first quarter. Here comes the implosion more stupid penalties
  14. Geathers to come back soon

    Just heard on the Colts update he is ready to return, that will help!