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  1. I was thinking a bad snap and a 55yd FG each week. Along with 8 sacks and 4 forced turnovers by our defense and our running game takes 12 minute drives and drains the clock only to go for it on first down and falling short
  2. We go 16-0 winning every game 3-2
  3. Yep, when that first came out a few months ago I thought that would be a huge day or players changing teams and a LOT of talent will be released making a huge day or two right before the season
  4. He has always been a decent run stopper just not a great one but given the system we can see.
  5. I see a huge upgrade in the running game, Hankins is a troublemaker in the middle and Bostic and Jackson are great against the run. If Langford and Anderson and play at a high level this could really make our defense at top 15 or better
  6. They need some tackling fuel
  7. Interesting on Sokoli, thought he would last longer.
  8. the best teams practice very hard and do not fool around with players feelings. Belichick, Tomlin, Carroll and many others run grueling practices and it pays off By the way if you type Belichek the spell checker tries to change it to "bellyache" lol or even funnier or to the point "bellicose" (look it up)
  9. we have dish and its a package with our internet which is only 1mb since we live by the lake and far from town. That makes streaming very iffy
  10. Sad
  11. He already has a jersey number... 45
  12. I sure hope not, that would be a shame, he has real potential.
  13. I get Lexington's stations but I can drive 40 miles to my dad house and he gets Louisville stations and they cover the colts I just dont know if they will cover the preseason games
  14. Has anyone found a way to stream Fox59, I live in Kentucky now and I cannot see the preseason games here if they are only a local channel
  15. you are right, he is 6'5 220 Not very bulky for a TE though

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