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  1. Moncrief is due to break out. He is productive when he is on the field he is averaging 6 TD a season and bunch of first down catches. I agree he needs to advance his game to get a new contract with us but I think he will have a great year assuming he can stay healthy
  2. Yes, just go back and order more. Should that fail use a different name and email address
  3. I get the same feeling that Davis will not resigned. I worry he will want more than the Colts want to pay for a 30 year old CB. I hope he stays though
  4. Pats flamboyance was his claim to fame. Outspoken, Arrogant, Vocal and Energetic. He was a very solid punter that had unique skills, A master of the onside kick and a booming leg. If he had played another 4-5 years he could have been mentioned with the best but not with his short tenure. Gotta love the guy and he wont be forgotten but not GOAT or HOF
  5. Jonathan Hankins with 10 interceptions as opposing qb's just throw him the ball so he wont powerdrive them
  6. Crappy day at the office fighting with the people of the affordable care act, thanks for a smile brother
  7. Neck injuries are serious and I hope he can come back healthy and stay healthy, it sad to see players like him that play so hard suffer injuries like this. Reminds me a bit of Bob Sanders
  8. Proverbs 27:17
  9. BB has very physical practices as do many of the best teams in the league, I am all for this change
  10. 30?
  11. too funny, Florio is a jerk
  12. Interesting article with Tarik Glenn as a source that we cheated during Mannings rookie year. Not sure what to make of this
  13. It's hard to blame him, being asked all the time must be tiresome when you don't have a solid answer
  14. I was thinking a bad snap and a 55yd FG each week. Along with 8 sacks and 4 forced turnovers by our defense and our running game takes 12 minute drives and drains the clock only to go for it on first down and falling short
  15. We go 16-0 winning every game 3-2

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