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  1. CamMo

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    It’ll be REALLY difficult for him to surpass some Colts fans’ expectations, because they are already pretty lofty Cain Train sounds cool tho. All aboard.
  2. CamMo

    True or False: Week 1 Edition

    Chester Rogers has impressed me the more he’s played. I think the #2 spot is his. Honestly, have no idea about Ryan Grant.
  3. Bleacher Report is saying that today, 5/17, marks 500 days since Andrew Luck threw a football in any meaningful way. FIVE. HUNDRED. DAYS. ?! If I were an objective football fan looking at that, I’d be really surprised the Colts didn’t take a chance at a QB this draft.
  4. CamMo

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    If he comes into that 1st game, plays, AND has that full neard going on? It’s over for the Bengals
  5. CamMo

    Doesn't It Feel Wonderful?

    Good point, OP. I haven’t appreciated this enough. Reich and Ballard mesh so well it’s hard to imagine what could have been with McDaniels. Let alone to look back at Pags and Grigson and all that disfunction. Everyone on this board knows how many 4th qtr losses we had last year. Even being on the safe side, I don’t think we’ll do any worse than 4 wins.... Surely....Hopefully....
  6. CamMo

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    Pumped for this season. It’s going to be interesting, no matter what. Just bought tickets to the home opener. I’m on my phone or I’d add a couple pics of Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard. Both are ripped and extremely fit. Yes, even Nelson. If you are an Instagram person, check them out.
  7. CamMo

    IND has traded back with OAK from 140

    Don't we have undrafted free agents starting on our team right now? I know it's unlikely, but any of these guys could make an impact on our team. I am happy w/ more picks.
  8. Yes, I'm happy Seattle drafted him. It should be a great situation for him. Definitely rooting for this guy.
  9. CamMo

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    “I’m still amped up and excited.” - he said in the most mellow, monotone voice ever
  10. Saints just gave up A LOT for this pick. Wow.
  11. CamMo

    It's Draft Day!! (f/k/a Draft Day Eve)

    I love watching the players and families go crazy once they get the phone call. <3 Just so much joy. Dreams coming true. :’) Can’t wait. Go Colts!
  12. Andrew Luck stays in tact all season. If Luck can come back healthy and look good throwing TDS, it’s a win in my book.
  13. CamMo

    Andrew Luck will speak with media tomorrow

    I wish I had Eric Ebron’s confidence regarding this shoulder. Andrew will most definitely be back...sometime...My guess is by training camp he’ll be throwing real footballs. I’m getting 2-4 emails about buying season tickets PER DAY. They never did that in the past to my knowledge. Just for the conspiracy theorists out there.
  14. CamMo

    Colts Updates, New Uniforms, & More 4/9/18

    ‘35 years’ patch does seem very silly. I realize they are trying to get people excited, but just seems desperate. Maybe there is some significance I’m missing.