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  1. The Fish

    Josina Anderson Tweet

    Or she could have just said what she meant. But since we're thinking, I'm inclined to agree with the others that it was a way to create a little competition. I keep hearing that word. To be fair though, this is not important in any way. Where do I go to freak out some more about Luck's shoulder. That's always a good time..
  2. The Fish

    Ranked #32 -- I love it

    I don't care how the Colts look in Harrison's mind in May.
  3. Since no one else has made the hacky joke, we could actually use him right now.. cool to see though
  4. Well, being the 4th best team in the East is a few fairly large steps away from being a legit contender..
  5. The Fish

    2018 Draft nets Zero CB's

    Ballard did a nice job of pulling together a secondary last year. Here's hoping he can again. I have my concerns about this whole D this year. Blowing out what little talent was there, adjusting to a new scheme and building with nothing but unproven players is a recipe that could result in being dreadful.
  6. We're not getting a top tier free agent. This team has to draft or get wildly lucky like they did with Oladipo to have top talent on the team. There's other way's to get deeper, but they're not going to get more top heavy with star power than they are now. So even though the glass is half full take is that they're headed in the right direction, the flip is that this is the type of season we can expect for a few more years, filling in the gaps here an there with guys, staying relevant, maybe winning a series next year as long as we don't have to deal with LeBron (my LeBron fatigue is fatigued. I can't wait for him to get bounced-barf city).They'll be a bit better next year, but it might not even show up in the record. I'd love to see someone's battle plan to make this team a legit contender, not just a team that can be entertaining for stretches.
  7. I hope he's that good, I assume he is, I keep getting told that he's the guy. I've explained what I think in subsequent posts. Fine pick, just not a position that hardly ever justifies a 6th pick, probably for a good reason. Guards who can play shouldn't be impossible to find elsewhere in the draft is a part of my hang up here. I think the Titans beat writers tweet about the Titans wanting the Colts to take Nelson, because he couldn't hurt their QB kind of speaks volumes.
  8. Damn. Here's the upshot (check me out..). I'm pretty confident we dogged picking up a high potential, low out put kind of guy that more than a few first round guys turn into. We got a guy who's going to play. That does count. Beyond that, I do agree. At 6, a Guard just doesn't turn things around as much as you and I would like.
  9. Crazy talk. The Titans beat writer wrote a tweet about what he thought the Titans hoped the Colts did and he said "they hope it's Nelson, he can't hurt our QB".. Not that I want guys hurt, but that's where my head was at with that high end pick.
  10. I suppose since I'm playing lightning rod, let me just say, I don't hate the pick at all, I'm just not sold that this was the most bang for the buck (or the area of greatest need, have you checked out those LB's?), but what do I know?
  11. Ryan Kelly and Costanzo were both 1's. Mewhort is a 2. Now Nelson. I wouldn't be shocked if we're rolling with the most high end picks for an o-line this season with this addition..
  12. You can shake your head. Kelly and Mewhort were hurt large chunks of the year and there were other injuries.
  13. Meh, you're supposed to take a difference maker at 6, not a Guard. The amount of draft capital in the o-line is now absurd and people are still saying "at least now they're going to protect Luck".. Yawn. We've thrown high picks at this problem before. I would have been happier with some D.
  14. I keep seeing people say this. When did Kyle Korver and Kevin Love become "weak"? Rodney Hood might be a max player on some teams.. It's a team learning how to be a team at my good time's expense. Boo LeBron! I highly doubt it. Hope you're right.