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  1. Hey, at least Irsay is a Zappa fan? Brownie points with me. This football team however..
  2. As much as I'd like to find a scapegoat for the lame play, I don't think you can blame Pagano (yet). Between not having the difference makers available and running vanilla scheme's, what you're seeing is a team that has no depth- that's not a coaching issue, exclusively. I'm all for bringing Grigson back on a one day contract, so that we can fire him again. I know I'm kicking a dead horse here, but this team is going to lose at least 3 seasons to his genius.
  3. Why is this even asked out loud? How serious of a reply should be given? What planet am I on? In case Skip Bayless is the OP. The answer is he can either retire or be a Colt for the next 4 years.
  4. Barring major injuries, I don't see how Pittsburgh, New England, Seattle and the Packers don't win their divisions. I think the Bucs prediction is kind of bold-ish, if for no other reason than Jamis is still kind of an unknown- he can play, but he's shaky against good D's., oh and Atlanta is better and so is Carolina if Cam is right and I don't think the Saints are ever really out of it. I think the Saints would be the bold bet in the South, and Brees is the best QB in the division, so it's not that bold, is it? I want the Colts to win the South (derp), but I wouldn't bet money on that today. IF Luck get's going by week 2 or so, anything can happen, but expecting much of anything right now is unrealistic, given that Houston and Tennessee both seem like they're going to be solid- though I think they're both getting way too much hype. The Raiders should probably win the West, but you can make a case that the other 3 teams could win it, the boldest case would be for the Chargers and honestly, it's only *that* bold because of injuries. I kind of don't care about the NFC East, but The Redskins aren't winning the division, so that's the bold pick. It's the Giants turn if I was to guess who wins the East, but the Cowboys should be fine, despite their goon's suspension. I'm horrible at following rules
  5. The worst part? "I'm not looking for a debate".. Should have written this out on a napkin and fed it to the Dog.. If two of those hit, I'd be surprised.
  6. When they fall from grace, I'll be the first to post "KARMA" on every single post regarding them I see. They cheat and their fans are beyond entitled and obnoxious. By far and away the easiest franchise in sports to dislike currently. More so than The Cowboys, Raiders, Yankees or Lakers. Was that too much?
  7. SAMSON SATLE! oh wait..
  8. Well that's bad. This season really couldn't have more clouds around it
  9. Did my phone just say Kelly is missing time? The perception of this team being underwhelming is pretty right on. I blame Grigson. Can we hire him back for a day to fire him again?
  10. Random thought.. I have old games on youtube running in the background from time to time. I look over and there's Jim McMahon's injury history (eagles v steelers in 92').. It looks like Luck's.. Shoulder, Lacerated Kidney, Concussions. Ribs. That bummed me out.
  11. It would have been a little sunnier out today, the birds would have sang louder, the trees would have been greener.. ect..
  12. I think I'm closer to the "it's dumb to think T.Y isn't #1" than not, but I can at least appreciate that his game isn't the same as Julio Jones or Dez Bryant or whoever, but the end results are often just as good. Lots of yards and TDs.. I'm more confused by people who are getting their kicks by calling Luck a Bust. I get it, some people are trolls, some people are jealous and some people are dumb- but if you really honestly believe he's not a good QB, I can't really take that person's football knowledge seriously. His game does need some refinement, but he's as individually talented as any QB you can toss at me that's name isn't Arron Rodgers.
  13. I dig this guy's name.
  14. "I probably sound insane." +1. Sure do. "But this season will be the second iteration of "suck for luck"." There was no first iteration.
  15. That's what we knew 2 weeks ago.

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