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  1. It'll be considered. There's war plans for all kinds of stuff people don't think about when that kind of money is involved. Doesn't mean it will happen. To several of your other points.. The AFCS just dropped QB's in? Like Mariota being the second pick or Watson being traded up for in the middle of the first round or even Bortles at three? Those are all cornerstone moves. That those teams have been in perpetual rebuild or not built enough mode for 15 years is it's own fascinating slice of sports history, but I think you mistake the Jags, Titans and Texans as Super Bowl contenders. They're not. The Colts with a healthy Luck and a reinforced Defense and some help on the O line are (which is what we're hoping is going on-I do think we see things trending towards that). Luck is in fact a very unique talent. I don't think Rosen or Darnold are. In fact I'd bet the house this QB class is getting way too much hype. As I said elsewhere I don't think there's more than Rodgers who's a more talented guy at the position than Luck, so you'll have to forgive me if I simply don't think there's equal value out there. To the point of "why can't you trade him when injured". Well you (the team) can/could, but again- what's equal value? Is equal value dumping the contract (that doesn't really work in the NFL) or is it a Pick (not having any idea if said player can actually play) or is it Aarron Rodgers and his dissimilar yet similar status.. Can't play. And to this idea that the franchise (GRIGSON!) "botched his career". Nothing personal, I know this is how we as sports fans state things, but that's a crap take in many ways. Injuries are not something that's determined by anything other than simply playing the game. Grigson did a excrement job of designing the team to win, but that's not why Luck got hurt. It's simply not apples to apples. Go look at the plays he got wrecked. Running around outside of the pocket (which aren't sack's that the o line gave up). I hate this Colin Cowherd-esq logic. Can't stand it. Oh and failed miserably. When was the last time another AFCS team made it to the deflategate.. err AFCCG? Thing's haven't been perfect, but it's not "fail miserably" territory. It's underachieving and mismanagement- which sucks too..
  2. There's an order to how this all would happen in anyt hypothetical, and most of it would be set into motion because Luck came back looking like Chad Pennington. The Colts aren't fleecing anyone- and that's what's kind of in a round about way being asked.
  3. I really think our OP needs to really make a compelling argument that there's anything resembling equal value that could be traded for. Or that any team would take a guy who can't play at the moment on at that price. His health situation is what it is- it's Irsay's checkbook that's taking that beating. When he can play, his value will be determined or reestablished (he'll be fine, in the future, hopefully the near) and at that point as I said before, you'd have to be dumb to trade him- if he's playing well. I expect he will. If he doesn't get totally healthy, then the team is up the creek without a paddle.
  4. The sports media has produced some of the most over the top and annoying takes on what's going on with Luck this year. This is no exception.
  5. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Too many unknowns, but this squad is lacking for blue chip talent. I'd use the pick if the LB or O line guy that's a fix is available.
  6. If it makes anyone feel better, I declared Luck the second most individually talented QB behind Rodgers. Incidentally, both aren't doing anything so maybe totally off. And I would agree that Eli is generally very overrated- not that it matters, because he's a dam hero beating the Pats twice.
  7. As an individual talent, Luck is in fact on a very short list. Ideally, when healthy Luck is probably the second most individually talented guy at the position, behind only Rodgers. To the idea that he should be traded. The simple answer to that beyond it being logistically highly unlikely, is that it'd be a really, really dumb thing to do. I don't think Grigson would make that move.
  8. Regression of Mack and Hooker?

    Regressing from what? They're 6 games in. Hooker got beat once bad. It happens. Mack needs the ball to, uhh.. participate?
  9. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    I simply don't think Gruden has any real interest. BSPN $ for one night a a week for 1/3 of the year? Who'd leave? And I'm not convinced we should really want him. And Cowherd still sucks. What a lame take. Not Jason Smith bad though.. "Colts should sit Luck all season. Tank. Trade him off-season to a team who still thinks he's elite. You'll get high 1st & more for him.."
  10. How many yards will fournette have.

    That's how good the secondary is.. Ugh..
  11. How many yards will fournette have.

    He'll get 100 and a TD. It's the damage after that, that the D will need to contain. Bortles is doing nothing by himself. Keep it that way.
  12. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    If Harbaugh doesn't beat Penn St. on Saturday there's a chance he's available. I didn't think that would be the case. Now you have to figure out if you want him and all of his *charm*. If Ballard want's Taub, that's fine. I have no idea if he's any good, but I'll accept that he'd have an idea where I wouldn't.
  13. Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    Looks to me like the Coaching staff is loading up 7 with everything they can to get the game started, then after the D get's a look at what they've rehearsed, they clamp down on it. It's combo of the coaching not being great/flexible and having a QB who's learning on the fly.
  14. Time to look to next season

    Bad news everyone. There's 10 more games. The division still isn't good and we're getting Luck back at some point. There's a very real chance that this season isn't going to technically be over for at least another month.
  15. If i see doyle play one more game like that

    This guy is turning into Roy Hibbert in real time. OR.. I think he might have came back too soon from that Concussion. It looked like he took a hit in week one that caused it (there was a big hit and a drop- was that week one? I recall thinking that he looked dazed on a certain play), then played through it some, but not well. Clearly we're better when he's not a liability, but by the end of the game I was thankful that he was even holding on to the ball- then he proceeded to fumble it again.. Roy Hibbert..