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  1. Oh noes. Meat head Heath has a magic 8 ball that hates the Colts!!111!
  2. I think Colts fans have every reason to read between the lines, given that this type of thing has turned up to be bad news in the past with both Luck and the Peyton parting drama.
  3. I could be wrong but this issue was sprug out of the blue? No one was talking about Luck being anything other than a full go in camp, right? If I had to guess he's probably re-aggravated the prior injury in his shoulder. The Colts don't need to say anything. Just look at what they do. If he's out there Sunday he's good enough to go. Why it's a question of if is odd.
  4. You've got a planet too? Mine's better.
  5. I think that was Reggie trying to save face with the fans to some extent. He was done. Wasn't making that squad. Addai quit because he was done too, I'd guess. I can't imagine BB is a fun guy but I think this is a bit of a coincidence and it's got nothing to do with this squad and their health. I guess if our coaches beat the players more (or whatever it is the Pats do) they'd stay healthier?
  6. Did I miss FA acquisitions and the drafts? I know Grigson has a hard time drafting guys who actually stick on the 53 man roster. The team isn't pretty much the same, the moves just haven't worked out well enough to put them over.
  7. You don't have to look far to find people who don't like the Colts or don't like Luck and literally try to bury the guy's ability to play. So in terms of Luck being overrated, seems kind of unlikely based on how many people don't rate him highly in the first place. Maybe overpaid, I suppose.
  8. You could argue that the Colts should have been rebuilding for 4 years now. I'm not entirely sure what that means though when they're playing in the AFCCG two years ago and 5 other playoff games since Luck showed up.
  9. Well, beating the Chargers with no secondary isn't a gimmie. I'm not sure this thing get's turned around this season. Go look at the schedule and tell me who the Colts even beat on paper right now.
  10. The whole D is hurt after 2 games. This is going to be a long year on that side of the ball.
  11. Defense sucks? Fire the OC. Very Rex
  12. Bummer for him. Can't see a clear path to him getting a starting gig again. Is it the short term IR or the whole season?
  13. This squad does not match up well in the trenches with the Broncos. If Luck goes bonkers again, they might win, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe that new Denver QB plays poorly. That would help too.
  14. I enjoy watching Tom Brady get hit and seeing the Pats lose. As good of times that can be had if you've got to watch the Pats.
  15. The strength of this squad is the depth of the skill player positions. In fact at this point of the season, is there 5 other teams that are in better shape with RB's, TE's, WR's? Other than that it's a team that's playing over it's shoulders for it's coach. GRIT! lol

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