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  1. Gosh, I'm so bummed Grigson got fired. lol. Whatever. Yes, we got rid of a bottom 3 GM who literally drove people nuts (a shrink came in? lol) . We're better for it. It's pretty obvious.
  2. I wonder what the shrink thinks about Grigson. Waiting for that to leak. lol.
  3. In so far as I'm concerned with him, I'm "thankful" for very little and highly annoyed with far more. I guess "thanks" that not every single move he made was a grease fire? There were a few that worked. A few, less than 10.
  4. I'm not going to take your posts serious until you change your avatar to the actual Majin Vegetable
  5. Around the league he's the deflategate guy. In Philly he doesn't have a bunch of supporters on record. I'm pretty sure he's not popular. Could be wrong, it doesn't matter. He's anyone else's problem now.. I hope the Pats pick him up.
  6. I kind of wonder if all of this is going to make it back around to Grigson? Not that it matters and it's probably schadenfreude on my part, but I hope it does.
  7. Another "wow" tweet. If the players felt this way, I don't feel bad in the least for being critical of Grigson. He really did suck at the job.
  8. And that says it all and then some. That's actually kind of a 'wow' tweet coming from him
  9. Where's the incorrect buzzer noise?
  10. I just scared the dog yelling "yes" when the B/R app dinged
  11. At some point the rubber has to meet the road in so far as constructing an opinion on the GM is concerned. His track record is his own and politely put it leaves a lot to be desired. I don't blame anyone who thinks he's not going to *get it* because there's evidence aplenty that he doesn't *get it*. He just chases past mistakes. A lot of the defense's of Grigson using the hindsight argument were fine a few years ago, but he has a real record now (and one of the way's that's analyzed is using the supposedly flawed argument-where did you miss and who was taken right after the miss, it's one of many ways of looking at this and it does have merit, heck the whole franchises in Indy's history revolves around getting Manning and not Leaf). Do you think it's passable and how much of the weight is being carried specifically by 12 without the support of better draft picks (guys who will stay on the friggin' roster)? I'd say far more than is ideal. Honestly, I'm done entertaining the notion that he'll get better or do better or whatever. It would be dumb luck at this point if he didn't bungle FA and the Draft.
  12. To me, the truth is that I'm mortified that this comparison even has to be debated.
  13. That's the point to me. Yeah, obviously every team misses, but when they start adding up in such profoundly bad ways as Grigsons has, it's hard to resist tossing this type of info on the metaphorical Fire Grigson fire.
  14. Irsay thinks the criticism of Grigson "is so unfair". He's wrong. That's what's going on here. Barf.
  15. This writer is making the case that our GM has no vision for how to construct a roster and managed to get a guy in the 1st round who's being roundly out played by guys who were drafted as late as the 5th in the case of Dorsett. I tend to agree, but I don't think Dorsett is a bust (his game is okay-ish, he's just not needed here, unless someone gets hurt), it was just a bad pick. I know this isn't the Grigson can go any day now thread, but the truth is if he sticks around he's just going to be chasing his mistakes with the same football acumen that set the chain of events off in the first place. Picture a dog chasing it's tail- forever..

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