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  1. I enjoy watching Tom Brady get hit and seeing the Pats lose. As good of times that can be had if you've got to watch the Pats.
  2. The strength of this squad is the depth of the skill player positions. In fact at this point of the season, is there 5 other teams that are in better shape with RB's, TE's, WR's? Other than that it's a team that's playing over it's shoulders for it's coach. GRIT! lol
  3. I'd be totally blown away if Ben doesn't go.
  4. You must have not seen my other posts regarding this. I can promise you, it means something, plenty more than "not much".
  5. This thread.. What's important is that Jim Irsay clearly loves the Colts, spends the $ and gives a damn about it. As a fan, I can't ask any more. Everything else is gossip.
  6. What about Lou Holtz?
  7. Can't say that a game where the Colts and Broncos play and Luck and 18 come out hurt was really a good thing..
  8. Well, we know one wasn't. I'm hoping the best for Dorsett, but we're not going to know this season.
  9. Right, dude could snap his leg getting out of the tub. I don't want to get to far down the rabbit hole with "fault" in respect to Luck being injured. He plays the way he plays. But it can't be overlooked that he plays the way he plays knowing that his line hasn't kept him up right- he get's hit more than any other QB. Grigson's business's success hinges on him getting the line right.
  10. Believe it or not, I saw the play. I also know that Luck get's hit more than any other QB and that this wasn't his first injury this year. Again, this isn't a positive for Grigson.
  11. Disagree. It could be an abstraction if all 4 guys were hurt, but one isn't on the roster and another is 50/50 to dress and your franchise has a lacerated kidney. That's no shine for Grigs.
  12. Interesting to ponder. Can't say, because if I say no, that does refute my initial "maybe" assessment, so I'll say maybe again.. How's that for going out on a limb?
  13. Let's continue to let this play out. There's a few things going in Pagano's direction- namely the team wants to play for him. That's a quality that's hard to let out the front door. I think with the right staff around him, he's the guy. Grigson isn't looking better through any of this though. In fact, he's looking really crumby. Way to many swings and misses to go unnoticed at this point. I saw some tweet in passing "none of his first round picks played a snap last sunday".
  14. If he had won in 05', then maybe. Without that, nope.
  15. I found his answer about the possibility that it's his fault that Luck is taking a beating to be unsatisfactory. He never considered it, until a radio host asked him? On one hand, why lie and on the other why act so oblivious?

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