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  1. Bad news. And in the long term, bad news. Andrew is a smart guy, he's not going to let his brain get turned into mush. The O line has to get better. It has to.
  2. This whole season is turning into a season where I'll just root for who ever can beat The Pats
  3. Irsay made a mistake giving the extensions, but he's not going anywhere and honestly, his thinking while it's ended up looking like a disaster now, wasn't totally wrong headed. Consistency isn't bad, it's just that were close to being consistently bad because these guys are kicking it into total reverse. And even if Saban came I'm not sure he's the answer. The truth is this. We need some new blood. They don't need to be BB, but they need to be middle of the road to pretty good. With that kind of improvement, Luck will make up the difference. We just need to get rid of the people who designed this basement dweller.
  4. The teams play. In so far as either "concern" me, the play is for more relevant than the chatter.
  5. Those early 90's Colts teams fielded some really uniquely bad defenses. Since the Manning era, this season's squad is at least in the conversation for worst. There's just no difference makers in the front 7.
  6. I don't have a lot of optimism for this season so why panic? Frankly if they go 4-12 maybe that get's Grigson and Pagano out and we get a good draft slot. This squad desperately needs a difference maker or two in the front 7 on D and the best place to get those guys is in the draft. There's really not much to say about this years squad except that they're generally a disappointment and they're stress inducing to watch.
  7. Aside from a few breaks going against the Colts that in those years past didn't and a leaner supporting cast, the biggest thing is that Luck doesn't seem to have as strong of a killer instinct. Not to say this is all on him, but some of it is. And it's fair to say this squad wouldn't be in many if any games without him.
  8. I think it's safe to say his time here has been a disappointment, not due to him though.
  9. I mean this non controversially, but it's a very upper middle class, middle age, white crowd generally. It's not the rowdiest crowd at all. It's actually kind of uninspiring at times. Like being told to sit down, that is lame.
  10. Bears were here first. Fort Wayne might have one of the more dynamic mix of football fans anywhere. I know Packers, Steelers, Cowboys, Bears, Bengals, Lions fans. And a few Colts fans too.
  11. Look at the end of the Schedule. I don't see any sure fire wins up coming and I see some really tough games at the end. If .500 wins the division, we're still in it, I suppose.
  12. Andrew Luck has to be the best player on the field for the Colts to win this one (as with every week, now that I think about it). Deep analysis, I know. The Texans aren't a bad team, but they're not overwhelming, though the D could make Brock Oswiler look like a 72 million dollar QB.
  13. I didn't have to hand pick anything. And my only agenda is to see the team not suck. Everyone noticed it and said "wait, what"? Except you. But thanks. I'll be applying at the AP based on your observation. Nothing I've said was out of context. It was directly quoted and I called B.S. Your arguments on this will be ignored from me now. It's just not important what you think.
  14. I heard the whole damn thing. Most of it was him tell us this team isn't what our eyes are telling us it is. Was I supposed to ignore his "mistakes"? Stating that Luck's current contract was an impediment going forward doesn't inspire confidence. This isn't a true or lie situation. It's a Grigson sucks at his job situation and the odds that now that Lucks contract is going to make things that much tighter, why do we think he's the guy to figure this out? And here's the whole relevant passage so that I don't have to deal with the secret decoder ring arguments. “We have missed on picks. That’s for sure, we have, and I have to do better in that respect. But when you compile all four drafts I think we’ve done a good job, I think we really have. The offensive side of the ball is definitely going the right direction. I think a lot of teams throughout the league, objectively, from scouting departments would say we’re pretty strong on the offensive side of the ball. I mean obviously our quarterback [Andrew Luck], the tight end position. We have a young offensive line, we’ve got to get some cohesion up front, but again we used four draft picks this year on the offensive line [and] all four of them are contributing, at times three are starting. So it’s a good start, there’s going to be bumps whenever you deal with rookies. “The defensive side of the ball, you know we’ve never come out and said it’s Super Bowl or bust this year. We have a defense that is a work in progress, and when you have to tighten up once you pay Andrew what we did, it’s going to take some time to build on the other side of the ball. So we’ve got young players like Clayton Geathers, T.J. Green, Henry Anderson has played some really good football for us as well, David Parry is a starter. We’ve got a lot of players on that side of the ball that are on the come, but nothing’s ever perfect. There are no utopias on an NFL team and we’ve just got to keep every year trying to do better and we’ve won a lot of football games here, our coach has won, I don’t know, 44 games out of 70 I believe, and it’s a pretty darn good winning percentage. So we have a lot of things to be proud of, but at the same time we’re 1-3 and the expectations around Indianapolis are always going to be high because of the great success this franchise has had.”
  15. First off. I wouldn't lie, especially about something like this. Second, no I didn't, I'll get the quote. “When you have to tighten up, once you pay Andrew what we did, it’s going to take some time to build on the other side of the ball". Third, what's your point? The media didn't make Grigson blame Luck's current contract on his first four years on the job while he failed to build a roster that's better than the one he inherited. I'm dead nuts on. You? I don't know, your just talking about the media. Neat.

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