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  1. In case anyone was wondering (you weren't), I hadn't heard of Ryan Grant either.
  2. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    No. I'm here trying to figure out why this thread is six pages
  3. I don't understand all the doom and gloom

    It's probably better to be humble, but I wouldn't be shocked if there was some kind of alternate universe where I did a better job assembling those teams than Grigson.. (Andre Johnson, Todd Herramanns, Trent Cole, we really won that FA..) RIP Stephen Hawking..
  4. I don't understand all the doom and gloom

    Can't give out bad contracts on the first day of FA if you don't play. The flip side is that this team has obvious holes that aren't getting dealt with right now. We'll see. I understand the fan freak out, but free agency isn't the place to try to win a Super Bowl when you're coming off a 4-12 season. Spending some of that cash makes sense to me, but if the fit isn't right, then standing pat is better than over paying.
  5. Yeah, Rubio not being mediocre didn't help
  6. That 1/17 from 3 stat was.... not good? Maybe they should stop doing that.
  7. I think Vic hurt his hand early in this game to the point where he can't really do his stuff. Hope he shakes it quick.
  8. Lame effort tonight. Up and down, down and up. This team is hard to get a read on.
  9. Should Luck Be Involved In Team Decisions?

    It depends on what those discussions/decisions are? I've gotta dollar that says Peyton was far more a right hand man to Polian on some issues than they out right say, though it get's alluded to.
  10. Ballard on the Herd

    That wasn't the point. Rings, got it. I'm not saying he's a failure either (though there's a case there, if he's actually being held accountable for his time in Denver and the Indy debacle). I am saying he's a footnote in the history of the NFL (not a failure, but certainly not rememberable in grand scheme) as it stands and if he's never going to be a HC (which he shouldn't be, but if the Pats want to do that, it'd be fun to watch him preside over the deconstruction of the cheaters fiefdom), I wouldn't go giving him anything similar to the same credit the BB and Brady get- he can't hack it (see Denver and Indy). There's literally no shortage of great teams that won a Super Bowl that I couldn't tell you who the coordinators were. That's him if he wasn't a terrible HC in Denver and a back stabber to Ballard. The verbiage might be a little off, but I get what the poster you were responding to was getting at. I would have gone with scum or garbage, failure isn't precise enough, but I'm not massaging any element of his football existence at this point. There's not a good reason to.
  11. Ballard on the Herd

    He's never going to be a success as a HC and who remembers OC's?
  12. The ungood Pacers are back in full force. I had no clue Darren Collison was the difference between them being good at shooting and bad at shooting.. Weird team
  13. Ballard and Reich Press Conference Thread

    I'm sorry, but this "he's going to be ready" doesn't square with "he's not throwing" easily for me at this point. Nervous really doesn't describe this (because I'm not actually nervous, but let's just say I'm skeptical).
  14. Steven A Smith on Luck and the Colts

    I don't watch him, but I find his use of the sports hot takes more amusing than I do others (this wasn't a particularly hot take imo). His personality is just so over the top and passionate, I just have to respect the energy he puts into it. It's ridiculous and he's wrong constantly, though. To his point- he simply doesn't know anymore than anyone else right now. He'd hardly look the fool by not being bullish on the squad.
  15. Yeah, count me in with the skeptics. It's not that I'm doom and gloom either, but we're now at the "fool me twice" phase of this.