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  1. Say bye to PG. I have a few thoughts on the season, but the big one is that Larry canned Frank a year too soon. Nate was unable to get this squad to take a functional and consistent identity and on critical possessions his designs either weren't there or never materialized. Not even an okay season. Kinda of a C- effort.
  2. There's an 11-5 season in there. I like those better than 8-8.. (deep, right?)
  3. One of the more memorable posters here for sure. RIP Gavin. Bummer. Hug a loved one, pet a cat ect.
  4. I just wish my phone wasn't making racket at 1 am to tell me the friggin' punter is done.. I like Pat, but I like sleep a lot more.
  5. To the point about how "the toughness exited" and that it was lamentable... That's flawed on several levels, not the least of which is it's obvious that it wasn't rubbing off on the players.. And Grigson got fired for constructing a really poor roster outside of a few blue chips. That lead to the record.
  6. Chuck is middle of the road. He's not a great X's and O's guy (but shouldn't his other guys be?) but the team plays hard for him. He seems like he's got the motivating people thing down. I'm of the opinion that most of this stinky stretch was born of Grigson moves.
  7. Gosh, I'm so bummed Grigson got fired. lol. Whatever. Yes, we got rid of a bottom 3 GM who literally drove people nuts (a shrink came in? lol) . We're better for it. It's pretty obvious.
  8. I wonder what the shrink thinks about Grigson. Waiting for that to leak. lol.
  9. In so far as I'm concerned with him, I'm "thankful" for very little and highly annoyed with far more. I guess "thanks" that not every single move he made was a grease fire? There were a few that worked. A few, less than 10.
  10. I'm not going to take your posts serious until you change your avatar to the actual Majin Vegetable
  11. Around the league he's the deflategate guy. In Philly he doesn't have a bunch of supporters on record. I'm pretty sure he's not popular. Could be wrong, it doesn't matter. He's anyone else's problem now.. I hope the Pats pick him up.
  12. I kind of wonder if all of this is going to make it back around to Grigson? Not that it matters and it's probably schadenfreude on my part, but I hope it does.
  13. Another "wow" tweet. If the players felt this way, I don't feel bad in the least for being critical of Grigson. He really did suck at the job.
  14. And that says it all and then some. That's actually kind of a 'wow' tweet coming from him
  15. Where's the incorrect buzzer noise?

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