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  1. He was, but he was listed with a shoulder injury. It's impossible to tell in these situations if the player is hiding anything from his team. These guys want to create reputations for being tough and disclosure of any injuries is incumbent upon the player. If the team knows and still doesn't list it, as the Colts may or may not have with Luck's ribs, it's more of an effort to protect the player rather than concealing it.
  2. Luck's taken a beating since he entered the league. But I think your new GM is doing a much better job of bringing in the pieces to protect him than Grigson did, or even Polian with Manning.
  3. I'd say it's more probable than not that Roger was at least generally aware that he was using this poor girl's dress as a Kleenex.
  4. Sort of like Andrew Luck's ribs in 2015? Point is, yes. Whether it's to protect their players, or whether the player himself doesn't completely disclose his physical condition and tries to hide something, this probably happens LITERALLY every week in the NFL. (If the link above doesn't work:
  5. Holy crap right? I imagine you would have learned some Portuguese curse words.
  6. Brady's had a 17-year career in the NFL. Of course he's been concussed at least a few times. Don't forget it wasn't until a few years ago that the new protocols were put in place. That said, totally irresponsible on Gisele's part to be talking about this. I can't recall a single instance where Brady was checked out by the independent doctors on the sidelines. You know if that happened, the cameras would have panned over and shown every moment of it. I don't think it's ever happened. And if he's never been evaluated in-game, then it sort of blows her statement up. He took a shot to the head in the most recent Super Bowl, and looked a bit dazed for a sec, but obviously he didn't seem off at the end of that game or in any of the post-game interviews I saw. The OP's assertion (and assumption) that this automatically equates to "cheating" is unjust IMO. Regardless of whether or not it's even true, making the immediate jump to "well the Patriots had to know about it" is bias in its purest form. I'm not really sure what big advantage you'd have in sneaking a concussed QB into a game anyway. Plus aren't more than half of you always saying how soft Brady is?
  7. I think anytime a Super Bowl winner more or less keeps its offense intact while adding someone like Cooks (and getting Gronk back) there will be a lot of media rumbling. I also disagree that Edelman is not a guy who would be successful elsewhere. Yes they brought him up through the system, but he's got physical traits that can't be taught. He's extremely quick and excels at getting open fast and in tight spaces. He may not be quite the guy he is in NE elsewhere, but I don't think he'd be a total bust in the NFL without the Patriots.
  8. They didn't really lose anyone of consequence and have (on paper, anyway) improved in a couple of areas. But I'm never one to get ahead of things... it's a long season and a lot of things can go wrong!
  9. It's not about getting Blount back, it's about getting credit toward compensatory picks if he signs anywhere else. If he had done that after May 9, it would not have counted toward the formula. Belichick loves his comp picks. (So they can be traded down, or for veteran players I guess!)
  10. Trying to stop in more often but life keeps interfering. Always good to see ya SW.
  11. Cooks is only 23... the downside is they only get him for 2 years before he's due for a new deal, but the upside is that no one they could have picked at #32 would have been as NFL-ready as him. I bet every GM in the league would have made this deal. Last pick in the first round for a 23-year-old up-and-comer?
  12. I don't think it's terribly complicated... really just two factors: Belichick obviously didn't like this draft quite as much as most of the analysts. Like any team, the Patriots evaluate players based on how they would fit within their system. This creates some divergence between what we hear from Mel Kiper and his colleagues and what individual teams may think of prospects. There is also a possibility that he's seen the team's average age trend younger... last year they were somewhere around 10th or 12th in that category I think, even with a 39-year-old quarterback. He may want to even that out a bit and keep the team more in the middle of the pack in that area. Experience is important. There is a fairly obvious "win now" mentality going on that is inevitably tied to the twilight of Brady's career and, perhaps, Belichick's. No one except Bob Kraft knows for sure about BB, but it certainly seems like they're loading up with proven players more than they have in the past.
  13. It's all a little convoluted right now because Butler never signed his 1st round tender offer. If he's able to work out a long-term extension (in theory, nothing signed yet) with New Orleans, then this will probably happen: 1. Signs his tender with New England... 2. Patriots trade him for the same first round pick (#32) that they gave up for Cooks... 3. New Orleans, who now own Butler's rights, signs him to a long-term contract... Prevailing thought is that the Saints wouldn't do this if they had to give up the 11th pick. I would guess that the teams have already worked out the terms of the trade. The 32nd pick may have just been a "place holder" and an insurance policy for the Saints after they dealt Cooks away. Originally the reports said Cooks-for-Butler, straight up. But without having signed his tender, Butler could not be traded. I'm actually still holding out hope that they can keep Butler for at least one more season. He and Gilmore make a very solid starting duo.
  14. Beyond stupid. And reprehensible to boot.
  15. Mike Reiss (ESPN) had a blog post over the weekend saying that Hightower may not be a great fit for a lot of defenses out there. He's a very big linebacker and a lot of schemes require guys who are a bit smaller but faster in small spaces. I also have to wonder if injury history is a big deal. He's only played a full season once. Lastly, I think teams are aware that whatever they offer, he will go back to Belichick with it, and no one's interested in being used to "set the market" for a player.

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