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  1. And there was much rejoicing...
  2. They've become something that no one would ever really wear around... not that most people would be donning that thing daily, like a wedding ring. From the first one to the most recent...
  3. LMAO... you're the ultimate hater, I have to hand it to you. Pretty "clean" era of baseball except for those cheatin' no-good Sox. I would bet that half the rosters of both teams were juicing on something back then.
  4. This is how MOST of Boston responded to what happened with ONE FAN yelling racist comments at Adam Jones... So yeah... don't do that. We may not always agree, but you're better than that. You don't paint an entire region of people with the same brush because one racist donkey did something ridiculously inappropriate and offensive.
  5. That '08 schedule was a CAKE WALK too... I mean, they went 11-5 with Cassel.
  6. Ha, I think I remember that... it was something about the Patriots stealing playbooks. Can't steal it if it doesn't exist right? Haha...
  7. I don't know how it CAN'T be the Jets. I honestly can't name half their roster right now with the 11 vets who've been cut this season. They're obviously tanking. With Cleveland's bevy of picks it's the only way they're guaranteed to get the top QB, whoever that ends up being.
  8. I don't know a single Pats fan who didn't cringe when they put that banner up. It was eventually taken down, and fan reaction had something to do with it.
  9. Well I think you certainly WOULD have seen Lynch carry the ball on 3rd and 4th down, if the pass had just been incomplete or if Wilson had the presence of mind to chuck it through the back of the end zone. It was second down, and Carroll seemed to really over-think the situation. They had one timeout left, and with the Patriots in their goal line D, Pete over-coached the situation, trying to make sure the clock didn't become an issue. It's funny but it makes you realize... the make or break moment isn't necessarily always the call, it's the execution of the call. I also hold firm that the ending was just the football gods' way of making up for the Kearse catch, lol...
  10. Not a chance, no way. Even with good coaching.
  11. They marched down the field via the pass. There was a swing pass to Lynch that he turned into a 30-yard gain to start the drive. They picked up zero yards on the ground until that second-to-last play. I'm just saying, it's easy to sit here and say "terrible call!" knowing how it all ended. At the time, calling a pass play on that down was not that ridiculous.
  12. Unanimous? No, not a chance. For every Brady or Manning fan out there, there's a hater or two. Widely accepted? Possibly. Does it matter? Nope.
  13. The slant was not the right call, I agree with that part. Too much traffic and too risky to throw it inside. But I don't think it was outlandishly bad for them to throw there. It was second down, and the Seahawks had one timeout left. The clock was running. If they get stuffed on 2nd down, they're forced to call their final timeout, and then they almost HAVE to throw on 3rd down, with no timeouts left. Just to reiterate, Lynch ran for a loss or no gain on four of his five attempts from the 1-yard line in the 2014 season. Only punched it in once.
  14. Ha, thanks buddy... same here.
  15. Hey dgambill! Always appreciate your takes. You're a good objective poster. I do slightly disagree though. When I think of the first Giants SB, I immediately think of the Tyree catch. For me it's the signature play of the game. But I realize that's just my perspective. Edelman's catch was crazy but I don't think it came on a critical conversion down?

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