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  1. It's all a little convoluted right now because Butler never signed his 1st round tender offer. If he's able to work out a long-term extension (in theory, nothing signed yet) with New Orleans, then this will probably happen: 1. Signs his tender with New England... 2. Patriots trade him for the same first round pick (#32) that they gave up for Cooks... 3. New Orleans, who now own Butler's rights, signs him to a long-term contract... Prevailing thought is that the Saints wouldn't do this if they had to give up the 11th pick. I would guess that the teams have already worked out the terms of the trade. The 32nd pick may have just been a "place holder" and an insurance policy for the Saints after they dealt Cooks away. Originally the reports said Cooks-for-Butler, straight up. But without having signed his tender, Butler could not be traded. I'm actually still holding out hope that they can keep Butler for at least one more season. He and Gilmore make a very solid starting duo.
  2. Beyond stupid. And reprehensible to boot.
  3. Mike Reiss (ESPN) had a blog post over the weekend saying that Hightower may not be a great fit for a lot of defenses out there. He's a very big linebacker and a lot of schemes require guys who are a bit smaller but faster in small spaces. I also have to wonder if injury history is a big deal. He's only played a full season once. Lastly, I think teams are aware that whatever they offer, he will go back to Belichick with it, and no one's interested in being used to "set the market" for a player.
  4. Seattle seems like the PERFECT fit for him. I can completely picture him playing for the 'Hawks.
  5. All sorts of things could derail the Patriots in 2017 so don't get me wrong, but I don't think Brady's drop-off is going to be anything like Manning's. Peyton had that neck thing, quite a big difference there.
  6. I don't see the fit. AP would have to take less money and accept that there may be games where he gets a half dozen carries even if he's healthy. The next week he might get 30. I'm not sure he can deal with that type of role or not. Maybe, I don't know. Stranger things have happened. But I like Blount and would rather see them bring him back on a one-year deal again.
  7. Good to see you're still Football Eeyore buddy.
  8. This plow is hanging from the ceiling at the Hall at Patriots place.
  9. Nobody I've ever known who actually lived in Boston (and this doesn't include Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, etc, I'm talking about the high-rent districts) is actually FROM Boston. It's funny. Even my wife, when I met her, was living on Beacon Hill, but is from Queens (but went to Emerson for college and stayed here, like many do). I grew up in MA, lived in NH for a long time, and am back in MA, and I hate going into the city. Hate it. I will avoid it like the plague. I'm less than an hour away and I'm there maybe twice a year. More like once.
  10. Someone's going to throw more money at Logan Ryan than the Patriots. Possibly Detroit (GM is a former Belichick guy). I think he's the least likely of their free agents to be returning. Eric Rowe can do a lot of the same things on bigger receivers, and they won't pay Ryan a ton to be a slot corner.
  11. I wouldn't fall for the "Patriots intend to keep Garoppolo" hype stories from yesterday. They're just driving up the price...
  12. Well let me ask this as a comparison... In the '06 AFC Championship game, the Patriots lead the Colts 21-3 at one point and 21-6 at the half. But of course Indy came back and won it. Was that a choke job by the Patriots? Or a great comeback? It's kind of a fine line you know? And I think in just about every case, it's a little of both. One team usually steps up their execution while the other team starts making mistakes.
  13. Right, exactly what I was saying... and this is usually what we see from NE opponents. They sort of turtle and just "play not to lose." If the defense knows they're just burning clock, getting three-and-outs becomes easier. So I give credit to Atlanta for not playing it too close, and for being aggressive when a lot of teams wouldn't have the cahones to do that. Like I said, they were just a play or two short.
  14. The Falcons, IMO, didn't "choke" in the traditional sense. The only thing that I think was really foolish on their part was not running the clock down as much as they could on each play in the 4th quarter. But I don't think the aggressive play-calling was completely dumb. Easy to say it was, now that we know how it worked out, but at the time, I was begging for them to be TOO conservative, which is often how these things go. They stayed aggressive because that's who they are and that's what got them there. They didn't execute when it mattered most. The Atlanta defense, put simply, got gassed. Endurance is not a skill or talent, it's the result of hard work and conditioning, and the Patriots out-lasted the Falcons. Nothing really changed in terms of scheme or strategy. The Patriots just started winning the one-on-one battles they had lost for the better part of three quarters.
  15. Me too. But I don't know that I would want to pay Taylor upwards of the $17M or whatever it is that he's owed. The Bills are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place there... over-pay to keep Taylor? Or take your chances on the FA market or the draft?

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