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  1. GoPats

    Tom Brady feels unappreciated

    I don't know where people are getting the idea that Belichick wanted to trade Brady, but was told to trade Garopollo instead. If anything I think he wanted to hang on to both of them, but he's probably not buying in to the idea of Brady playing until his mid-40s. At least not at a high enough level to keep him entrenched as the starter. I'm not sure if I even believe the notion that Kraft mandated the trade to Belichick. That would certainly be inconsistent with everything Kraft has ever said publicly about how he runs his team. If you've followed this team closely, you're probably inclined to agree. Kraft doesn't meddle, he learned his lesson with that when Parcells was here. Either way, the Patriots are a team that has no equal when it comes to playing through distractions. No matter whether it was one of the "gates," the Aaron Hernandez arrest/trial/etc, or whatever... we've heard this narrative before. Eventually it will be accurate, and the Patriots will be "just another team." But until it happens, I wouldn't bet against them.
  2. GoPats

    New Tom Brady Scandal! (Stormy weather ahead!)

    You can't trust a guy who looks like this.
  3. I honestly wasn't aware of it before and had to look it up. I would think, in this day and age, they'd be less likely to pull it off. I mean in 1963 most NFL players had second jobs they worked in the offseason.
  4. The "college all-stars" have gone a long time without a win...
  5. GoPats

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Don't get me wrong here. I didn't say Cooks is not a good receiver. I just said that he's not in the same category as the league's dominant guys (OBJ, Julio Jones, AJ Green, etc).
  6. GoPats

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Hogan's been in the picture since 2015... he's more of an outside guy but he's not exactly a consistent deep threat. But with Cooks, this is one of those cases where stats can be a little deceiving. I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying he's not in the top tier group league-wide, IMO. I'd maybe put him in my top 15.
  7. GoPats

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

    Cooks was productive but he's not the type of WR who can take over a game. He disappears for long stretches and doesn't handle contact very well. He's obviously a burner, but even with his top-end speed, he doesn't track the ball well on long throws the way a typical deep threat would. He was deadly on those WR sweeps inside the 10-yard line, and a nice piece to have in your offense. But he wasn't a dominant, bonafide #1 receiver, and will probably get paid like one after this year is up. This isn't a case of my mind changing about a player that my team traded. I would have given the same assessment of Cook at this time last year. I happened to own him for two seasons in a FF league with keepers, so I followed his production pretty closely with New Orleans. A lot of times he was a feast or famine guy. That continued last year in NE. I read that he'll probably get around $14M/season when his deal is up. Maybe LA tries to extend him, I don't know. But there's no way the Patriots would pay top dollar in this case. So, they dealt him when they were able to sell high. Their 1st rounders, by formula, could get them as high as pick #9. They have two seconds as well (SF's and their own) so there's a chance BB moves up. But I doubt they'd go all in and trade three (or even 4) picks in the first two rounds to get just one guy. They need some youth. And they only drafted 4 (IIRC) players last year, not all of whom are still around.
  8. GoPats

    What If

    Oh yeah I agree, any playoff record that's >.500 is pretty dang good. Those wins don't come easy. I was more just saying that "those dastardly cheating Patriots" have really only knocked your team out those four times, twice in the Manning era (avenged in '06 and during PM's time in Denver) and twice in the Luck era. Those last two were not really even close. Haven't the Chargers eliminated the Colts just as many times? Or the Steelers? I honestly can't remember and don't want to look it up at the moment lol... Hope you're enjoying the offseason. Only a little more than five months to go until 2018! Haha...
  9. GoPats

    What If

    The Colts are 14-13 in the playoffs since the 1999 season. Only four of those 13 losses came to the Patriots. You can say what you want about 2013 and 2014, but the combined score of those two games was 88-29. I don't think any objective football observer would have a hard time telling you in either case who the far superior team was. Not sure you can really blame New England for Indy's postseason woes.
  10. GoPats

    Belechik and Chubb

    Exactly, sir! At the very least he gets a chance to scout (in person) a player who could be a top-10 defensive guy in the league... it's not always just about who you're drafting.
  11. 1) It’s not all that uncommon for or teams to meet with players they have no shot at drafting. You’re scouting them for future reference and for the possibility of playing against them. 2) The Patriots don’t have the ammo to go from 31 to top 5 without trading Brady or Gronk. 3) As others have pointed out, maybe this guy is a free agent in 4 years or doesn’t work out for the team that drafts him. 4) All due respect for the past, but do you really think Belichick spends much time thinking about the Colts right now? I mean no offense, but c’mon. Things are trending up for you guys but there were two playoff teams in your division last year that currently stand as more of a conference threat right now. 5) Even 1st round holdouts are rare these days with slotted salaries in place.
  12. GoPats

    Manning Dominates!

    Making a list like this without considering post-season accomplishments is beyond stupid. How can you judge someone like Michael Jordan without considering his playoff resume? Or Wayne Gretzsky? Or basically any top player from any sport? The reason guys play the game is to win championships. That is the goal of every player, on every team. Tell me any QB in history wouldn't swap careers with Brady...
  13. GoPats

    Patriots trade for Danny Shelton

    The Patriots need some help in the front seven. Shelton won't make a difference all by himself, but he'll provide depth and is a good piece to have moving forward. As they usually do, the Patriots won't go out and sign or draft one player who is a difference-maker by himself. They get role players, and Shelton will have a role. He's basically their replacement for Branch.
  14. GoPats

    Belechik and Chubb

    This happens a lot. I think the last time the Patriots had a top-12 pick it was Jerod Mayo, which was a pick they picked up in a trade with SF. But Bill often meets with (and works out) players who are top 20 picks who have no chance of falling to the Patriots, who are usually picking in the last four spots. Whether it's just a matter of getting scouting info on players (as opponents) or research for possible future acquisitions, I don't know and can't say. But it's not at all uncommon.