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  1. Hey there! Thank you, but I'm all over the place work-wise these next few weeks. Have fun with it!
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo is Highest paid player in NFL

    I wouldn't say Brady is untouchable, but he did just win the MVP and was one of the league's top QBs wire-to-wire. I don't think BB was in any hurry to get rid of him. If anything, he may have wanted to keep Jimmy G. around for another 2-3 years, but that wasn't feasible of course. It would shock me if Brady is given the same treatment as Milloy, Mankins, etc. Don't forget, not all of the "old" Patriots went out that way. Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk... those guys all retired under amicable, mutually agreeable terms. It's not like BB sends EVERY single vet packing at some point. I'll predict, boldly or otherwise, that Brady falls into the later category when it's time for him to hang 'em up.
  3. NFL give Pats additional draft pick....

    I didn’t click the link but I assume this is about a compensatory pick? That’s just a formula based on free agent losses and gains, there’s nothing subjective about it. There was never ever any chance that the Patriots would lose picks because of the McDaniels situation.
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo is Highest paid player in NFL

    This is all true and I think my earlier post came off wrong... I didn’t intend to make it sound like I thought JG would be a bust or anything. He looks like the real deal for sure. Durability may be a concern but time will tell.
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo is Highest paid player in NFL

    Yeah I didn’t really mean to bash Jimmy G there, he’s been fantastic and it looks like he’s got a very bright future. Regarding the bolded part though, I wouldn’t necessarily believe everything you’ve read about BB’s intentions with his QBs. Belichick is insanely private and secretive and the notion that anyone butbhim knew what he had planned for 2018 is hard to swallow.
  6. Josh Mcdaniels avoiding combine

    Honestly, I don’t think this is unusual for the Patriots. I don’t think they always send their coordinators to the combine. Belichick doesn’t have a lot of regard for the whole process and seems to get more out of going to pro days at various schools. Not trying to defend McDaniels here but I think this is only a story because of what happened with the Colts.
  7. Jimmy Garoppolo is Highest paid player in NFL

    I like Garoppolo and always have, but... There is less film on him than there was on RG3 when the later was the "omg look at this kid he's the future of the league!" popular. I don't think Garoppolo will hit a brick wall next year but I also don't think the 49ers are going to go 16-0. It's still a small sample size, no matter how you look at it.
  8. That last statement is perfect. Just perfect. So, just because an allegation is unfounded and unproven, it doesn't mean the Patriots didn't do it? lmao. Do you have any idea how messed up that statement is? I hope you're never on jury duty if I have to go to trial...
  9. Do you understand what it takes to have a major newspaper print a retraction? Just asking you an honest question here.
  10. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    Sure, I've been to Gillette and had to SMH at times... like I said, I think in every fan base, there are good sorts and bad sorts. It's just that the bad sorts get more attention because they tend to be louder, lol... I grew up splitting my time between the Boston suburbs and the White Mountains. Even within New England, the cultural/regional differences are prominent. As a Mainer I'm sure you don't share all the same traits as a person your age and at your stage of life living in Cambridge or Somerville or something. I guess I just have big issues with generalizations.
  11. One of the problems with the media is that even false stories, retracted stories, etc... get legs sometimes. The Patriots never taped another team's walk-through as part of "Spygate."
  12. The Patriot dynasty is finally over.

    Well, seeing as how there are only two players in the history of the league who've won 5 Super Bowls, I think Lane Johnson is kind of speaking out of turn here. How would he know? LOL... Most players who've come through New England would tell you that it was pretty fun playing meaningful football games every season.
  13. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    I'm sorry to hear all of that, and your experiences in the NE are, I hope, atypical and not the norm. Through my company I work with people all over the country and in Canada, and have always actually enjoyed the subtle cultural differences. It's sad that people would be so ignorant and rude... I've always found that anywhere you go, you have your share of good people, and your share of not-so-good people, lol...
  14. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    I like you and your posts, but I hate seeing anyone subscribe to these types of generalizations. What if we judged all Indy fans by the incident where a 12-year-old girl was booed while competing in a "pass, punt and kick" thing at the old RCA Dome? Was that "classy?" It happened in 2008, YEARS before DFG... is that the type of character and integrity you guys are talking about? To boo a child for wearing a particular team's jersey? I have two young children, ages 8 and 5, and I don't use NFL football as a means to teach them lessons between right and wrong. I don't encourage them to hold sports stars up to some kind of heroes ideal and I think it's a mistake when families actually DO take professional sports that seriously. We don't really know any of these guys. We really don't. We don't know what kind of people they are, so whenever someone talks about class and integrity, my immediate thought is that you should look elsewhere (to teachers, firefighters, police officers, our military, etc) for your heroes.
  15. The Character of Kraft and Belichick

    I can’t believe I’m doing this, but... I’m pretty convinced that DFG all goes back to the Pats-Jets game the season before, where the refs added air to NE’s game balls during inspection, and post-game they were over 16 PSI. If you followed the whole story, you’ll remember... that was actually outside of the “legal” limit. The refs did that. This was all well documented during the investigation. Brady was PO’d and let the equipment guys know it. So, speculating here... it would be crazy to deflate balls to a point where an NFL ref, who handles the ball between every play and has trained to do his job, would notice. But, if a QB prefers a softer ball, and knows that refs sort of nonchalantly go by a “feel” test (evidenced by the Pats’ balls from that Jets game), without much regard for the actual guidelines, well... maybe your equipment guys know it too. So if the refs add air arbitrarily, take the top off. Not necessarily and deliberately outside the guidelines, but not necessarily within them, either. That line of thinking is sacrelige to a lot of Pats fans but to me, it’s the most logical explaination. The whole thing was made worse by Brady’s apparent lack of full cooperation, but from the get-go it was totally overblown. An equipment violation subject to a team fine of $25k. Not something that would result in suspending a player for a quarter of a season and dragging his legacy through the mud. It’s almost as crazy as the idea that you can get some kind of added advantage based on where your camera is located while filming a guy giving signals in front of 80,000 people huh? Last point and I’ll shut up. Since these 2 “scandals” the Patriots have won their division every year except ‘08 when Brady was injured. They’ve appeared in 5 Super Bowls and won two. Brady has won 3 MVPs. There’s been no drop off, no difference in them really at all since these alleged advantages were exposed to an NFL public that hated them well before 2007, lol... Does that make them angels, or innocent of the accusations? No, but it should be pretty clear that they don’t amount to very much either way.