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  1. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    Same question here. At what point does the receiver become the runner? Because if a RB does what he did... it's a TD.
  2. After Pittsburgh getting hosed, I'm done with NFL

    For the sake of argument, let's dismiss the notion that a football game can even really truly be "fixed" unless you've involved people from both teams, the league, etc... it's staggeringly impossible, when you start to actually think about it, to pull something like that off without someone blabbing about it. But let's just ignore that and assume that your theory holds any water at all. How do you explain the league taking away multiple first-round picks from them, suspending Brady for a ridiculous four games for Deflategate, etc? They have not exactly been the league's sweethearts for quite some time now. Since Spygate really.
  3. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    You are football's answer to this guy: It's really difficult to say, 100%, either way... every example of this type of play has its own nuances. Personally, I thought James lost control of the ball. I saw his left hand off it while it was moving. But, he caught it shy of the goal line, went down on one knee (untouched), and lunged over the goal line with the ball. So to me, it's not as much a question of catch or no catch, it's almost more of a question of "when does the receiver become a runner?" James caught it, turned, and lunged all sort of in the same motion, but if he had just caught it and gone to the ground at the two yard line, I doubt he would have lost control of it. Players are being told to NOT lunge the ball at the goal line anymore, for this reason and others.
  4. New England (-3) at Pittsburgh (12-17-17)

    Whoa, I’ll say that’s a well kept secret! Lol... like 13 years? Trying to remember when that first board was around. You’re like a Colts sleeper cell right here in the homeland! ;-) Anyway... That was a pretty crazy ending, and when the refs were taking forever to review it, I personally thought one angle showed his left hand coming off the ball as he hit the ground. The ball moved. I agree it’s a sucky rule but I think this would’ve gone the same way if it had been a Pats TD. Kind of crazy how with a runner the TD happens the moment the ball crosses he plane, but that doesn’t apply for a receiver coming down with it.
  5. New England-Miami

    Well that's the silver lining, I guess... despite the loss, they're still in control of their own destiny seeding-wise. They have the Steelers next week, then finish up with the Bills and Jets at home. Win all three and they're the #1 seed. I like their chances against Pittsburgh, especially coming off a loss.
  6. I'm gonna use this the next time I want to get out of jury duty.
  7. New England-Miami

    I'd love to see a breakdown (and am sure I can find it later) of the amount of time Miami was in man, vs. zone. Seemed like they played a lot of man coverage and the Patriots receivers weren't getting a lot of separation. Some bad throws on top of that. They also had a lot of success blitzing Brady, which is usually not a good idea.
  8. New England-Miami

    That was crazy. I think they ended up 0-for-11 on 3rd downs. First game without a converted third down since 1991. A lot of his early throws were poor or off target, for sure. I guess in some way it's good to get a "total stinker" like this one out of the way before the playoffs start! (Or hopefully, lol...)
  9. New England-Miami

    Well they sure looked horrible last night, on both sides of the ball. Not having Edelman hurts if Gronk is also out. They will need the big guy to stay healthy for the rest of the season and playoffs if they have any shot. Without having to account for him, teams will do what Miami did (lock down on the WRs and make the Patriots try to beat you with their RBs). Brady's first INT, you have to just credit the player... I forget the DB's name but he closed on the ball beautifully. Cooks had two steps on him when the pass was thrown. The second pick was more of a boneheaded throw into tight coverage. This is the type of game I think of whenever someone says that Brady's success is all coaching and that he's easily replaceable. He wasn't sharp, and they lost pretty badly. Regardless of any other factors (coaching, preparation, etc) you still need your players to execute.
  10. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    I love these threads because as a 45-year-old Patriots fan, I remember when they were 100% irrelevant. Hate on, fellas. Hate on.
  11. American Football Conference

    I think you're right. In the past, they've matched Butler up against Brown with a little help over the top. There's no shutting that guy down but Butler's done a fairly decent job of containing him. I don't think the plan will change much there. Big question for me is what the Steelers are going to do on D. They tried to play their various zone schemes in January and Brady picked them apart. The Patriots are also running the ball very well lately, and I can see this being a game where Brady only throws about 30 passes. Watch, now it's gonna be a shootout, lol...
  12. Does Eli make it into the HoF?

    I think he eventually gets in. Namath got in based on one game - Eli did it twice, and the first time the Giants were huge underdogs. That was (hate to admit it) an historic game. Every QB’s legacy is different, and his is worthy IMO.
  13. Gronkowski

    Totally disgraceful moment for Gronk. Gave the guy a concussion, not cool at all. Don’t get the wrong idea because almost all Pats fans agree with the rest of the NFL this time, lol... I don’t think we’ll ever see anything like this out of him again. I know his coach was pretty annoyed and disgusted with it too (search for the post game handshake video). I hope they don’t need him in week 17 because the Bills will definitely be targeting him.
  14. Eli Manning benched

    Of course they’re making stuff up, that’s what they do. And no, it has nothing to do with Peyton really, except that I would think Eli would get a positive endorsement from him based on his experience playing for them. It’s more about the Broncos and their window and the need for a QB. Regardless, it’s just speculation on my part and was meant to be lighthearted...
  15. Eli Manning benched

    Virtually every single news outlet is listing the Broncos as a possible destination for him. I don't know what's up with your misguided animosity or what the bold part above is supposed to mean, but whatever happened that apparently hurt you, it wasn't my fault.