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  1. Me too. But I don't know that I would want to pay Taylor upwards of the $17M or whatever it is that he's owed. The Bills are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place there... over-pay to keep Taylor? Or take your chances on the FA market or the draft?
  2. I actually think Cutler will end up in Buffalo. His old OC from Denver is there now. He would be destroyed in NY. Destroyed. (By the media, I mean.) The Jets would be beyond dumb to sign this guy. So... maybe they do it.
  3. I was pretty sure they would actually fight back, but didn't start thinking it could really happen until they got to 28-12. At that point, two scores, enough time left... just needed to be nearly perfect. I remember, as the comeback was unfolding, being thankful that they wouldn't get punked at least, lol... And at some point I thought to myself that it would be an amazing chapter if they could somehow pull it off.
  4. I didn't see a lot of NYG games in full this past season but I get the notion that Cruz is not the player he was before the patella injury. Maybe he's got something left in the tank.
  5. True, but... they could always tag and trade him at the end of next season. It's a high price but it's what they did with Cassel. (KC had no intention of keeping him on the tag, it was just so that his rights could be retained for the trade.) I don't think they'll settle for whatever the highest offer is; I think they know what they want, and won't take less. Despite Brady's longevity, they still put a really high value on Jimmy, and since they drafted him in the second and developed him, I would think they want to see a return on their investment. If he walks in FA there's a chance they would get a third-round comp pick for him. (I think that formula is based on what the departing player signs for a contract, and Jimmy G will get a good deal somewhere.) They also REALLY like Jacoby Brissett. If it is a second round pick as the centerpiece, they'll ask for more (package of the second plus multiple lower-round picks) and some team will pony up. Thinking about it, BB may ever prefer it that way. (Good to see you by the way Jvan, hope you and yours are doing great!)
  6. You can't point to past trades (Cassel) and/or free agent signings (Osweiler) as an indication of what teams will do in the future at the QB position. Just think about what teams give up regularly, every year it seems, to move up in drafts to pick their preferred signal-caller. If you go to a casino, there will be more tales of woe coming from the roulette table than tales of joy, yet still you see people putting down their bets. In the NFL, it's a lot like that with QBs. You do your homework and your best to project, but ultimately, you may only be 75% sure about a guy and be in a position where you're going to have to take a risk. The market changes yearly. The draft changes yearly. There are a lot of variables and rebuilding teams are under pressure to make it all happen quickly. Several teams are looking for help at the most important position on the team. The Patriots won't give up Jimmy G for a second-rounder. Maybe multiple picks, but I think it's going to take a decent first to get him.
  7. I really should have taken my time and planned it out. Dang it.
  8. Well it's always been a Boston/NY thing, lol... It really started when Parcells left after the 1996 season, and then stole Curtis Martin, and then Belichick defecting back to NE. Then Mangini, then Rex Ryan had a couple of big years (but a bigger mouth, God love the fat man) so that sort of stoked the rivalry a little. Definitely a divisional thing more than a typical rival.
  9. Depends on: 1) Roster moves. Butler is restricted so he'll be easier, but Hightower could be tough to sign. They may franchise him. They have other key FAs, so not everyone will be kept. Belichick doesn't mind taking a step back with younger, cheaper players because he knows he can work with them and get the most out of marginal talent. If they start over to an extent, with new guys in key spots, they could take a step back, especially on D. 2) Other free agents and the draft. And trades of course. Will teams offer a 1st rounder for Jimmy G? At the moment it sounds like it, but it's February. Getting an impact player in trade or a high draft pick can change a team's outlook quickly. 3) Home field. Never been more convinced that it's THE most important aspect of the regular season. Teams do win on the road but it's much, much harder. I know it's obvious but I just don't think you can overstate it. Should be an interesting offseason. Will Romo end up in the AFC?
  10. Pretty sure that after the Jets-Pats game cited in the Wells Report (texts between Jastremski and the other guy) they checked and found the game balls pumped up (by refs) to 16 psi. Which is beyond the allowed range. So I agree with your theory and always have. And yes, the cover up was far worse than the crime. I think the whole thing spiraled out of control. Your theory makes sense because Refs handle the football before and after every play. Significant deflation would be begging to get caught. But I can see a fired up Brady saying, "If they add air, take it out!" A violation, yes. Worthy of the steep penalties? No way. Also, as you pointed out, Brady seems to be just fine throwing a properly inflated ball.
  11. Everyone's got one friend like Gronk, right? But he's the gronkiest Gronk that's gronked. He's like Kelso on steroids.
  12. It was very close. Obviously would have been more thoroughly reviewed if it wasn't the end of OT in the SB. I wonder if the booth ref(s) or NY just radioed confirmation. I did get the impression of a delay but a short one. I'm just glad they didn't throw another freaking fade route. Is there a worse play in football in a clutch situation?
  13. I'm all talk, pretty sure I would give it a go if G wanted a night out on the town lol...
  14. Wallace! Yes I am upright my friend. Someone left the door unlocked and here I am. You guys gotta watch that. Is the missus still on the Dark Side? If so, give her a high five from a genuine obnoxious New Englander. I honestly don't know what kind of evil mind tricks Belichick deploys. Usually, teams play it TOO close in those situations though. Unusual that both the Seahawks and Falcons went the other way. Just hit me... Seahawks... Falcons... Eagles... Panthers... Rams. And then the Giants. We can only beat animal-mascoted teams.
  15. SW, buddy... I dont live vicariously through Tom Brady. I live vicariously through Gronk. More parties, less kale, and Gisele isn't my type! (No offense to 6'3" women who sorta look like dudes.) Seriously though... Your friends were just pointing out that part of that post doesn't match up with the awesome guy you are. I'm sure you don't really believe (literally) that and were probably exercising some hyperbole! Hakuna matata and stuff.

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