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  1. Very true. I'm not someone who should be another person's judge or jury. My only point is that his public actions have made him seem capable of what he's been accused of, and that he should be mindful of that. If the NFL is investigating you for domestic assault, it's probably a bad idea to be pulling a woman's top down in public.
  2. I had to do a little research first... List of worst NFL teams ever! The 1990 Patriots had a point differential of -265, meaning they lost by an average of almost 17 points per game. The 1991 Colts scored a measly 143 points in 16 games... less than 9 points per game. It's a tough call, LMAO!!
  3. I remember one match-up when they were neck-and-neck for the first round pick rights, the media called it "The Toilet Bowl" or something like that.
  4. My problem is that having seen the video from him pulling down a woman's top at a parade, it's not hard to believe the accusations that have been made against him. Good men don't do stuff like that. I can't say I know for sure but the signs definitely point to Elliott not being a very good person.
  5. I (cruelly, admittedly) saw "Trent Richardson raring to go" as the thread title and in my head immediately added "for his next evening shift at the car wash."
  6. I remember when the Patriots and the Colts were both in the AFC East, and both stunk... things come around and they go around. Eventually they'll both stink again. And then they'll be good again. Just a matter of time.
  7. I think it was fun early on in 2007, but then as the pressure built on the team, I could almost feel it as a fan. They squeaked by the Eagles (QB'd by AJ Feeley, no less), nearly lost to the Ravens, etc-etc... I'm not saying I wouldn't want to see a run like that again, but it definitely took a toll on me, lol...
  8. I don't think you'll see a lot of their starters in the secondary... at least not for very long. They sat something like 45 players for their first preseason game, because they had joint practices with Jacksonville and Belichick looks at those reps as being as valuable as playing in these games. Since they're doing that again with Houston all week, I'm not sure if Gilmore and/or Butler will play. But if they do, I'd expect no more than a series or two. Watson may not get into the game until after they're out anyway.
  9. So then, using the same logic... The Patriots gifted the Colts their only Super Bowl win with Manning, since they blew a huge halftime lead in the 2006 AFCCG. Correct?
  10. I know right? LOL...
  11. This was definitely more true before the Seattle and Atlanta Super Bowls... those helped to take away the sting a little from '07 and '11. Once it a while I sort of rue the fact that they were so close in 2007 to achieving perfection. As that season wore on, the pressure kept building, and in the end I can't really say it was a "fun" experience as a fan. By the time the SB rolled around, the team had just spent so much emotionally and otherwise that they couldn't seem to dig deep just one more time. The loss in 2011 wasn't as difficult except in the sense that they missed out on a chance to make up for what had happened four years prior. But that team in 2011 was not as strong, especially on defense. I think they actually had a historically bad secondary that season.
  12. I got to do that for about five years, it was terrific. Tough way to make a living (you certainly aren't going to get rich) but so very rewarding. Not just for my own pursuits... guiding can be very satisfying. It's great to introduce people to something new and to see them test and push themselves. On the other hand, not all clients were a walk in the park, lol... It doesn't get any easier huh? Haha... we're good though, I hear 50 is the new 30.
  13. If they had gotten beaten that soundly, and found themselves at 4-3 in Super Bowls instead of 5-2, then yes of course it would have impacted both Brady and Belichick's legacies. How could it not? These things are based on results more than anything else. I think they still would have been in the all-time-greats conversations, but most feel like this last championship distanced both of them from the pack. All seven of the TB/BB Super Bowls have been incredibly close. Hard to fathom but the six-point win over Atlanta is their largest margin of victory in any of them. It's been said (many times) before, but they're a handful of plays away from being 0-7, and a handful of plays away from being 7-0. Brady's 2016 season on the whole was very solid, but if he played like garbage for all four quarters of the Super Bowl, I'm sure the Garoppolo thing would be a much hotter topic this offseason.
  14. LOL, thanks man... It's really been eye-opening. For years (decades really) I thought I was doing all the right stuff, but in reality I was over-working certain parts of the body and under-working others. I started this program almost a year ago. This is the best I've felt physically since my 20s, and before various injuries/surgeries.
  15. I'm with CD on this one. I recently turned 45, and although I'm obviously not a professional athlete, I still do quite a bit of mountaineering. At one point it's how I made my living, so it's a fairly serious thing for me. I recently started doing some different things from a training perspective. I met someone who runs a program geared toward the modern athlete, with equal focus on building strength, stability, and flexibility. I've noticed a HUGE difference with my own battered 45-year-old body, lol... Anyway, point being, some schools of thought are geared more toward lengthening and building strength, which is sort of the stuff that Brady is into that he swears by.

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