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  1. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    I agree with you about his running "nature",or tendencies which I don't particularly like. I think I can already answer your question about if he is soft though. I have seen him, when it's goal to go at the 3 or 4 yard line, really violently attack the middle with zero hesitation. I've seen him knock linemen backwards and move the pile. I've seen it many times. So, for that reason, I know he isn't soft at all. But in other areas of the field I see exactly what you are describing. Just as an aside, I have also seen him channel Cam Newton Superman and vault high over the pile to score a few touchdowns. So, in general, he's a great gpal to go back.
  2. I agree completely. Scouts early reports are that this draft is pretty deep in RB talent anyway.
  3. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    Yeah, and Dallas had Peyton throwing to him while Doyle had Brissett. Peyton really developed precise timing with all his receivers and Dallas through repetition after rep after rep. Almost to a fault. Because of that Peyton normally hit Dallas perfectly in stride for YAC sometimes into a seam. Doyle and Brissett never had that opportunity or bonding. Doyle was often leaping or diving for the ball with not much opportunity for YAK. I'm not saying Jack is as good a receiver as Dallas but I think he's closer than many would think..
  4. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    I'm not keen on Fitzpatrick for the Colts at 3. While he is a great talent so is Chubb. With the help of a much better pass rush or secondary will look better. We already have Hooker, Geathers and Farley as safeties and scouts aren't sure Fitzpatrick is best suited for CB. BTW, I know you put Chubb at 1 and Fitzpatrick at 2. I'm just posting my thoughts is all. I am an advocate of BPA but, if close, then similar talent at a position of need and inside the first three rounds,and ove all, avoid possible busts by all means possible (meaning high ceiling, low floor types). Mingo was a Browns bust. TRich was a Browns bust and we had 18 games worth of NFL film on that and we allowed him to become our bust too. Tebow was a Broncos bust. Johnny Football was the bust the Browns got with the 1st round pickup they got from us. First round busts are killers. Dorsett and Werner for us. I don't believe Fitzpatrick will be a bust, but just not a great fit. Nelson is a great fit and will not be a bust, but positional value is a concern of course.
  5. Nah, not mocking you at all. Just sayin' the more steps it takes to get to an endpoint the less likely it will happen. That's all. Actually, I enjoyed reading your post.
  6. Wow. That is a very complex scenario! Mathematically if each step has a 33% chance of happening you have .33^5 = .0039 or .39% probability.
  7. Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    I grew up in central Pennsylvania, Penn State territory. I still follow PSU closely. I'm a big fan of Barkleys, but I still say we should draft Chubb. Why? Reason #1: Even as great a skill set as Barkley clearly has he still needs a run blocking OL. In games I watched where PSU's OL wasn't getting the job done, Barkley was not a wunderkind. Against Carries Yds Yds/carry Indiana 20 56 2.8 OSU 21 44 2.1 Rutgers 14 35 2.5 Reason #2: Barkley has one trait similar to what some dislike about Marlon Mack. Barkley shows a tendency to go for the home run. Rather than take the two or three yards where he is supposed to run between tackles he will fairly often retreat, sometimes reversing field, and end up losing several yards. Can this be coached out of Barkley? I don't know. I also don't know what the PSU coaches wanted him to do. Reason #3: I want the Colts to build their future OL based on pass blocking skill much more so than smash mouth road graders. Ideally you look for both but let's face it not every really good pass blocker is a clear them out type run blocker. In my world we would have a very, very good pass blocking OL that may be average in opening holes for RBs. Yeah, I know there be folks saying "I want both. We should have both. Why can't we have both? Why can't we have a Joe Thomas and a Tyron Smith and an Alex Mack and a David DeCastro and a Zack Martin as our OL?" No, there is a salary cap. You usually only have 7 draft picks each year. We have a weak roster with many other holes to fill. The other 31 teams have scouting departments too, etc. etc. This may not be ideal for Barkley. You might see games like he had against Indiana, the Buckeyes and Rutgers. Reason #4: As many have said, you can get good, but not as great as Barkley in later rounds. Kamara, Hunt, David Johnson, etc. Reason #5: I think we could do quite well offensively with a running back that has the ability to "get skinny" when the line can clear out only narrow gaps. A back that can very reliably get you four yards. Similar to Gore but with a bit more burst than Gore currently has. I saw that type attribute in Sony Michel but not Nick Chubb in the national championship game for example. Reason #6: I look at the Pats offense as an example, they have done well with LeGarrette Blount, Jonas Gray and Dion Lewis. There are no Adrian Petersons or Barry Sanders in that group. Heck, we had Lewis for six days and then we cut him. Reason #7: The Colts pass defense would greatly, greatly benefit from a dynamic edge rusher. It would really help our secondary if they didn't have to cover for 4 or 5 seconds or more. Reason #8: It is highly unlikely that you will find a Chubb type anywhere else. Teams don't let really good edge rushers go in free agency. You likely need a top 10-15 draft pick to get really good one. They are very, very hard to come by. Moreso than RBs. Therefore, even though I am a PSU fan and I love Barkley, my vote was for Chubb.
  8. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    The fact that they rate Dwayne Allen above Doyle tells you all you need to know about the credibility of Athlon Sports' pundits. Eifert is injured 80% of the time and never plays, so I'd take Doyle over him too. Clearly, availability wasn't taken into consideration by Athlon.
  9. Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    One reason Doyle had 80 catches is because Brissett used him as his check down safety valve when TY or others didn't get open. In 2012 for example, Reggie was that guy. If Kamar Aiken would have worked out better maybe Doyle's targets numbers wouldn't have been so high. Clearly though, Doyle is a #1 TE. If you don't believe me ask a former Colt...Pat McAfee.
  10. Mack at 100%

    Watching almost all of the Colts games this year I never got the impression he was a poor pass catcher. Not a Dion Lewis, but not poor either. I read a couple of college scouting reports on Mack. None said receiving was a weakness. One said he improved each year in that department while at USF. A USF blogger posted videos of every touch made by Mack while with the Colts for four games. Not a single bobble when thrown to in those games. Besides, even Doyle will have a bad drop here and there and we should know by now he's not a bad receiver. I'm not ready to pass judgment on Mack from such a small sample size.
  11. RUMOR: Possible Important Luck Health Update....

    I certainly hope it's not loss of blood supply to the shoulder. Although some of the symptoms seem to fit what we've heard from Luck and the Colts publicly. The possible outcomes, if that would be the case, range from reasonably workable to downright scary. I expect Luck has seen the absolute best doctors and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would try to dupe the public. (Irsay, I don't know. Luck, I trust) I also seriously question whether JM would have taken the job if he felt Luck was in serious jeopardy. http://www.houstonmethodist.org/orthopedics/where-does-it-hurt/shoulder/osteonecrosis-humeral-head/
  12. Yeah, one of the main gripes fans have about Moncrief is no production. If you use that standard it will take 3 x 256 = 768 years for Smelter to catch up in production...lol
  13. Interesting Trend with our WR's

    How much of last year's regression was due to Tolzien and Brissett? We'll never know. One of Moncrief's virtues is his very good ability to go vertical and take the ball at it's peak. Luck threw those to him. One of those "he's open when he's not open" things. Last years QBs may not have had the confidence to make those throws. I'm not saying that was the total cause of Moncrief's problem. Nagging injuries were a factor as well. I read that Belichick really values availability, perhaps JM does too?
  14. I had looked that up too. I'm not at all familiar with the 49ers receiver depth chart but he had a non-football injury to miss the 2015 season. Was waived and signed to the practice squad in 2016. Activated later in 2016 when he made his one catch. Then nothing from him in 2017 seemingly not due to an injury. Swoope has much better credentials than that and from a career BB player. (I realize Swoope is a TE and not a WR, but Smelter only had a 4.6 40 at the combine. Swoope wasn't at the combine, but from looking at his playing it looks like he might have about 4.6 too.) I'm not expecting much, but I'd like to be surprised. I think Ballard would like to kick the tires.