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  1. You're absolutely right. I was unaware of current events. I see why some of the top rated guys skip these events. Risk v. Reward
  2. It's hard to tell. KC's GM likely heard more than just Ballard's opinion on pro and college players. Which players are in KC as a result of Ballard vs. someone else in the organization is anybody's guess.
  3. I have been a Minter proponent from day one. An ILB who can cover? That's just what we need. None of this two down one dimensional stuff for me.The Travis Kelces of the world kill us on first and second downs when our so called run stoppers are forced to cover the middle. Let's get beyond that obvious weakness with Minter.
  4. I would be most happy picking Myles Garrett, but he won't be there. I guess Sidney Jones. He will likely be there at 15. He doesn't appear have the potential fatal flaws that all of the edge rushers likely to be there have. He would be the safer pick IMHO.
  5. I'm with you on this. These star players are coddled from their teens through college. Everything is arranged to make things convenient and easy. Chartered buses to the airport to board the chartered plane. Listening to their favorite music wearing headphones to keep out the external noise. Sort of a cocoon. No fuss. No muss. I'm sure he hasn't experienced the inconveniences the average Joe like me does. Hectic trips to the airport hoping there are no accidents. I don't want to miss the flight! Where's that airport parking shuttle bus when you need one? Oh, that security line is a mile long. Wait we're one flight attendant short. There will be a delay until a replacement shows up. Is that all they have, a bag of peanuts for a 2 hour flight? Yikes, when will the Budget car rental shuttle show up? I'll be late for that meeting. Or, that'll be great I'll take the doctor's first appointment time for the day that way I don't have to worry about him running behind schedule. Oops, you mean you to tell me you gave four people the same 9 o'clock appointment to make sure the doctor's schedule doesn't experience a gap. I hope I'm not the fourth to be taken.
  6. Yeaah, John Boyett from that wonderful 2013 draft class (sarcasm). I don't believe he ever made an NFL roster.
  7. I like the kid. A concern of scouts has been that Alabama didn't use him as a 3 down defender but as a pass rush "specialist". My words not theirs.
  8. Harris' skill set is much better suited to a 4-3 defense than a 3-4. Freeney was the same way. 3-4 OLBs have more responsibilities than just rush the QB.
  9. I like the way the Gavin mock draft in another active thread has gone. Sidney Jones in the 1st. Carl Lawson 2nd. Dawuane Smoot 3rd.
  10. Gore has been amazing no doubt. I really like the way he runs. No breakaways but he gets all the tough yards. No arm tackle is going to bring him down.
  11. Trent averaged 3.6 ypc in his full season with the Browns and was averaging 3.4 ypc in his partial. The Colts certainly had a better team but not a better offensive line (Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, etc.) which is the main determinant of 'better' for running back success. If the Browns thought that TRich was the world beater that his #3 overall draft position indicated they never would have made the trade. I doubt that they thought the #1 they would get from the Colts pick would be a top 15. JMO
  12. CBS Sports believes there is a 75% probability that Ingram gets tagged. Poe 50% probable. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/estimating-the-odds-10-teams-use-franchise-tags-including-three-stone-cold-locks/
  13. I certainly liked the idea of another pass rusher pick. I felt that Jordan Willis would have been an equally good choice. Not better, but close.
  14. From my vantage point Trent wasn't able to "get skinny" through narrow holes in the pros. At Alabama he had gaping holes open so he rarely had to. I think 4 of the 5 Alabama OL were 1st round draft choices. Center Barrett Jones, who wasn't, was still an excellent lineman. I think Cleveland figured it out and that's why he was expendable. There was plenty of NFL film on Trent before the Colts traded for him. Why the Colts' scouts didn't figure it out from the NFL film puzzles me.
  15. Back in the day they had an out of uniform televised QB skills competition. Throwing through tires, throwing for distance, that sort of thing. Bert blew the doors off his competition. He had the arm strength in the distance competition and hellaciously good accuracy as well.

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