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  1. Mack!!! TJ Green Morris Locke to an extent
  2. I just read today that Marshawn Lynch had been stuffed twice in a row on short yardage plays earlier in the game. Maybe Carroll didn't want to practice Einstein's definition of insanity.
  3. A good reason that it didn't go off as designed is that Griff Whalen was never in on the practice for it. He was thrown in a the last second without good knowledge as to how the play was supposed to go. That is more poor coaching than poor execution.
  4. The fake punt was an ill-conceived play run with Griff Whalen who hadn't even practiced it. It had no chance. At least the others had a chance.
  5. It is risky to count on high draft pick corners to start and perform early on. The Bengals have been burnt twice recently with Dre Kirkpatrick (17th pick in the 1st round) and Darqueze Dennard (24th pick in the first). It took Kirkpatrick 4 years to win a starting job. Dennard only started 4 games in his first three seasons. That isn't to say expect the same for Wilson, but it is to say you really can't count on it working out right out of the shoot.
  6. I agree. I don't know where we will get our pass rush from. I have concerns about all of our OLBs including Basham there. Basham may not be effective until he develops more variety in his pass rush. Our ILBs don't impress me at all.
  7. Thanks for sharing OP. A nice summary.
  8. I agree with you on Howard Wilson. I would have given up a 5th round pick not to have dropped back in the 4th. Probably would have lost out on Hairston. Banner too.
  9. Indiana governor $111k/yr Indiana US Senator $193k/yr Indiana long snapper $900k/yr Hardly seems fair
  10. We also got Jeter, but no relation to Derek that I know of ;-)
  11. Ed Reed led the league in interceptions in three separate years. His highest league leading total was 9 (twice) and 8 the other time. Trivia question: What legendary QB led the league in defensive interceptions one year with 11?
  12. I hope that the ILB group is upgraded after other teams' roster cuts. It looks quite weak to me.
  13. Yeah, another easy arm tackle. Did he ever break a tackle? Put PFF on that statistic..lol
  14. He handled PK, punting and kickoff duties the last two years. Good punting average but no data on other important aspects of punting. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/rigoberto-sanchez-1.html
  15. With Crossan and Mack both looking for a roster spot, I believe Ferguson's chances of staying have dwindled considerably. Ferguson was a big disappointment last year. I'm not sure how he earned a roster spot.

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