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  1. Anyone remember Gruden saying this Monday Night?

    That's what I remember too....Gruden speaking of the recent success of our screens, not our frequency of running them.
  2. Draft pick 2018?

    If our roster weren't so thin, I could understand holding on to Brissett as a backup instead of trading. But if he commands sufficient value, which he is likely to given the sad state of QBs, I would be in favor of trading him. Our roster is weak in so many areas and Ballard isn't going to hit on every pick or FA (Banner, maybe Basham, Spence)
  3. Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    Cowherd's theory is slick to be sure, but I don't see Luck playing along as a tool of Ballard and Irsay.
  4. Geathers "a few weeks from practicing"

    Swoope is on the injured reserve list so I know he would be eligible as one of two "call backs" from IR. Geathers is on the Injured/PUP list. Do different rules for return apply to him?
  5. This is Marlon Macks world

    It's very difficult to judge Gore's performance because of the poor line play and predictable playcalling. One thing that is impossible to overlook in the "box score" however, is that he carried the ball 263 times last year and had exactly one carry for more than 20 yds. That one was for 22 yds. He's not going to give an opposing defensive coordinator fitful nights sleep game planning against him. Would it surprise you if an opposing DC told his defense to be sure not to bite on a play action? What's the worst that could happen after all if you play pass? Not much. I'm not saying it's primarily Gore, but our between the tackles run game sucks in general.
  6. This is Marlon Macks world

    I wasn't preaching theory here. I get it. There are very real theoretical reasons regarding the sideline being an extra defender, etc. However, I am preaching the current reality of the Colts. If you say it is "kinda hard to see how it is supposed to work with the Colts" it means that the theory doesn't hold up for the Colts because they don't have the interior line to make the theory work in the real world actual games this year. I am living in the cruel reality of "what is" and not "what it should be". What it should be is left to future years, future draft pick and future free agent signings. Right now with Gore, who has an uncanny ability to get skinny and get a few yards when nothing is there, running between the tackles has been relatively fruitless why not try something else? Yes, I'd love to have a Marshawn Lynch type back getting 4.5 yards per pop but that isn't going to happen with this year's Colts. Vuj, not back to snuff yet Mewhort and Haeg are our reality.
  7. This is Marlon Macks world

    I beg to differ. Through five games Gore has had 75 carries (15/game avg.) and is averaging 3.2 ypc. Gore absolutely will not and has not worn a single defense down with 15 carries. Maybe you are confusing the present with the past. He is limited to 15 carries because of his age and low ypc. I have seen a few 7-12 yard runs this season from him but not enough to concern a defensive coordinator. That is what you need to do...make the DC focus on stopping the run. Not going to happen with Gore. At 3.2 ypc you get a lot of three and outs.
  8. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    I agree...this won't be a SB year for us. However, I have a very hard time with the idea of tanking even though it may be best for the future of the team. I don't have season tickets but for those who forked out the considerable dough to sit in the stands and watch the team I have a great deal of empathy. Tanking would be a slap in the face to those fans who have invested so much time and money in this season. I would be a season ticket holder if not for my location and job travel responsibilities so I think of these things. In the back of my head I even wonder whether or not the, as it turns out, extremely optimistic team statements about Luck's return weren't related to marketing and ticket sales. We'll never know but I'm sure the temptation was there for Irsay and others.
  9. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    I misunderstood. The Princeton Tiger had me. I've had several Princeton alums who worked for me and so that is where my mind went to immediately. I do enjoy your posts though.
  10. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    Lehigh 42 Princeton 28. It's Mountain Hawk town until further notice.
  11. This is Marlon Macks world

    BTW, even though conventional wisdom back in the day was that if it's goal to go at the one yard line you run between the tackles, the Colts begged to differ when they had Curtis Dickey. I never saw it stopped. It was awesome. They gave it to Dickey and he ran to the pylon. I never saw it stopped for a TD even though opposing defenses knew that was the Colts' goal line play. Net, sometimes conventional wisdom is over played.
  12. This is Marlon Macks world

    Yep. TRich was a feature back with plenty of speed. He kept it between the tackles and look where that got him. I'm only half way serious of course, but if the offensive linemen can't create a hole between the tackles like they are supposed to be doing, do you take the yard and a half or do you take a chance bouncing it outside. In previous games Mack was hit before he got to the line of scrimmage numerous times and it wasn't because the handoff was mishandled or because he is slow. Our interior line just isn't getting the job done much of the time. Yes, Gore has an uncanny knack for getting skinny and getting 3 yards but that isn't going to win you games in today's NFL.
  13. This is Marlon Macks world

    When has that ever happened?
  14. Not a Pagano fan, BUT

    I agree with you. Short of making the playoffs (which isn't going to happen this year because it isn't that we are only one game behind it's because of the number of divisional teams ahead of us and our weakest schedule is behind us), I believe Irsay will fire Chuck. A history of poor game planning, slow starts to every season (0-2 four seasons in a row) and embarrassing in-game coaching (fake punt which will be a blooper hall of famer for decades, a hurry up instead of a challenge on a TD run this year, the backward pass on ST yesterday, etc. etc. etc.) will seal Chuck's fate with Irsay IMO.
  15. Not a Pagano fan, BUT

    I have some of your same sentiments about some of our assistant coaches (including Philbin) however in the NFL if you change head coaches most assistants go. If a HC takes on the responsibility for the W-L record, he needs to be able to control who he works with. As in any organization, there are interpersonal relationships that matter. Jim Irsay certainly has his flaws but he knows NFL football better than most NFL owners. Given that, I would hope important factors in replacing Pagano would be the defensive and offensive philosophies of prospective coaches. If Pagano is replaced after this season, I would hope the next HC would be a proponent of the 34 Ravens-like defense (our defensive personnel has recently been changed over to fit it) and an offense that is focused less on chunk plays than the Arians offense (for Luck's longevity sake). I know there are those on this board that think that Ballard will get his own man, but I believe Irsay will be the ultimate decision maker. After all, Irsay forced the unwieldy truce between Grigson and Pagono.