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  1. bravo4460

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    Hello, younger fan (23) here. Most of the younger friends and I believe Luck will be fine if he can stay healthy. Biggest debate between young and old I think is uniforms that the Colts are so stubborn about. Older fans seem to like the uniforms just the way they are. Younger seem to be fans of all blue color rush or wanting change to our current uniforms.
  2. bravo4460


    Not sure on seating. Somewhere behind the Colts bench is probably best spot to sit if you want to sit close to or by other Colts fans. As for ticket availability. I'm sure it will be pretty easy to snag tickets to that game unless the Jets draft the QB of their dreams and Andrew Luck is actually healthy. As of right now I'm sure once single game tickets go on sale there will be plenty of ticket options.
  3. bravo4460

    NFL removes Color Rush

    Color Rush or not, I was a fan of the all blue uniforms as it seems the majority were. I understand the history of the Colts uniform but jeesh was it nice to see a change. I'm not asking for completely new uniforms (some of the new uniforms look horrible, and I don't trust the Colts enough to make good looking ones) but just the all blue look was really nice and a good change.
  4. bravo4460

    Already an UPDATE on the Luck is Throwing update....

    They get asked 30 questions about Luck every time they have an interview and they try and tell the media what they know. There is going to be some confusion. It has to be pretty annoying for them.
  5. bravo4460

    ESPN ranking for Colts

    Like others said, rankings mean nothing. However, the ranking probably are not wrong. Colts seem to be near the bottom of the league in talent right now.
  6. bravo4460

    Rams sign suh

    Yes!! It would have been bad news if he chose the Titans.
  7. bravo4460

    Peyton (this is cool)

    Ahh... the Colts used to be so good. Nice to look at all of those winning scores.
  8. bravo4460

    Suh visiting Titans

    MOST of the AFC South is stacking up on some talent. I see Suh getting singed by Tenn.
  9. bravo4460

    Hankins Released

    Great! Now he can go sign with the Titans, Texans, or Jags just like everyone else.
  10. bravo4460

    Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    It's really hard to understand Ballard's plan. I'm not really mad about how free agency has went so far but I am surprised and just a tad upset. The Colts were in some really close games last year with "horrible coaching" I thought they could have had a playoff chance (not SB) with the right upgrades and Andrew Luck back. Im sure Chris Ballard has a plan but it does seem that the team has taken a step back and even lost some decent talent. It's obvious Ballard sees the Colts as a complete rebuild. Which the fans should understand. It's also hard to watch the rest of the AFC South continue to improve and spend money on productive FA. Now on Andrew Luck. It would be awesome to watch him behind an offensive line and have available weapons on offense. He has had to carry so much pressure on him to win games practically by himself it is frustrating to see. If Andrew is healthy he should have plenty of years left on him and hopefully Ballard is bringing this Colts team in the right direction.
  11. Blah. If he signs here and makes anything near what Moncrief is making I would have much rather just have kept Moncrief. Obviously don't know much about Grant by his stats aren't good, he just had a serious injury, and failed a physical with a team willing to pay him. I'm not so sure.
  12. bravo4460

    Two WR's that make sense

    Have to get Andrew Luck weapons somehow.., poor guy