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  1. Bill Polian on Dan Dakich

    caldwell was terrible and so was chris polian. taking Luck was the right move.
  2. Best offensive and defensive colt of the year

    AC hands down for offense. he is really the only answer if people can try and think for a minute. but oh wait, people wanted him cut 8 weeks ago. colts fans. Woods or Hankins for defense. either or would be fine.
  3. Ross Travis

    ross has 2 catches. all things aren't equal.
  4. Ross Travis

    oh ok. i didn't know you were the sensitive police. carry on then captain.
  5. Ross Travis

    not love for him just insane to say this dude is better because he is "taller" but then again you are a colts fan. being tall is all that matters to you guys.
  6. Ross Travis

    how on earth do you say he is better than swoope? can you at least warn us before the post that you are just going to make some stuff up for no reason.
  7. Ross Travis

    why not? him getting hurt doesnt change the facts.
  8. Ross Travis

    sure but there is no reason for excitement. not yet anyway
  9. Ross Travis

    ladies and gentlemen your typical colts fan
  10. Indy dome team stereotype

    no you haven't there have been no complaints about lucas oil having piped in noise. that place is quiet as a mouse
  11. Wait... Who?

    nope it doesn't give you that idea at all.
  12. Wait... Who?

    smart dude
  13. Indy dome team stereotype

    absolutely the colts are soft. but that has more to do with the coach and lack of leadership. colts fans are soft as well. complaining about the roof being open when it is 50 degrees outside was embarrassing
  14. Stampede Blues article

    you mean how i use reason and logic instead of emotion? the dots really aren't that hard to connect, son
  15. Stampede Blues article

    right. right. most people have connected the dots on the snake in the grass in the locker room. he can't coach and did everything he could to hide that fact. pointed the finger everywhere else. everyone is gone and look what we have. this is all on him. he was always the worst of everyone and just sold the coach, gm, owner and players down the river so dudes like you could just smile and clap for the worst coach in colts history and maybe the leagues history.