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  1. TJ green

    i don't think so. i think this is just all kinds of wrong. green is terrible. against the pass. terrible. against the run. terrible. there are probably 30 dudes just sitting and waiting to get a tryout that are better than him tomorrow. no practice needed.
  2. Pat McAfee

    he was annoying and his fans are annoying
  3. Pat McAfee

    glad he is gone
  4. Manusky vs Monachino

    manusky was unjustly fired so that pagano could keep his job. pagano threw him under the bus as well as other assistants because he has no integrity
  5. brissetts ranking

    pff is trash and so is any espn ranking
  6. Will You Be Renewing Your Tickets?

    nice guy? no he isn't. he is a man of zero integrity that throws his friends under the bus to save his job.
  7. TJ green

    hahaha this guy
  8. Vontae Davis Out Sunday

    why on earth would he get a demotion. he is by far our best cb
  9. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    it isn't denial. it is common sense. feel free to wake up whenever you like
  10. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    they don't use the service of player grades. teams do not use them to evaluate players. period and that is awesome that you speculate why kelly bought in based on the owner saying why. no bias there whatsoever. you posted an article about the owner pimping his own company and think that proves something. it doesn't.
  11. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    where did that say they use player grades that is factual? i missed that part. probably because it wasn't there. so a rich dude saw a profitable company and bought into it. that means something other than rich dudes like to make money? the article was a puff piece made pretty much by the owner of the company.
  12. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    so i was right. just as i thought. pff ratings are trash and are meaningless and guess what, the owner of cigarette companies speak highly of their product as well. terrible article
  13. Cornerback - Who Plays?

    nope. this is incorrect. well part of it. we always have played a lot of zone. and davis did not travel much with wr's. the most man we ever played was when we faced the broncos for some reason. i think that had to do more with needing to get pressure on manning and disrupting his offense. toler played off constantly. whether in zone of just playing off man, he wasn't pressing all the time like you think he was. neither was davis. although davis did do it more.
  14. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    nope. no team uses their play by play grading system either. doesn't happen and never will at best teams only use information like percentages in nickel or snap counts or things that are easily measured. nobody in their right mind would look at a pff grade and think it has any relevance to reality.
  15. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    davis will get paid next year vet minimum? hahahha