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  1. rockywoj

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    It means smart correct (I typed it on an iPhone) is not so smart after all. Corrected for as intended ... With ACL injuries, etc. every year in training camp, no way am I doing any on field activity without a signed contract. To do so would be insane!
  2. rockywoj

    Colts OTA’s 5/23/18

    With ACL injuries, etc. every year in training camp, no way am I doing any on field activity without a signed contract. To do so would be insane!
  3. From ... Indianapolis Colts Projected compensatory pick: Round 4. Key free-agent losses: WR Donte Moncrief(Jaguars), RB Frank Gore (Dolphins). Key free-agent additions: WR Ryan Grant(Redskins), DE Denico Autry (Raiders), OG Matt Slauson (Chargers). The skinny: There won't be any free-agent addition that cancels out their top loss, Moncrief, which means the Colts will likely receive a fourth-round pick unless Moncrief has a monster year and somehow pushes it to a third-rounder. Gore's not projected to net them a pick here, although it's possible he'll bring them a seventh-rounder based on his playing time.
  4. rockywoj

    CB Bashaud Breeland likely to sign with Colts

    3 yrs, $21M w/$11m of that guaranteed. Regardless of that salary prediction, bottom line from my perspective, if he’d be a quality starter that is appreciably better than the talent already in the room, then I’d like to see him signed ... and being that his pay isn’t out of my pocket, I don’t care about the contract details, as long as said contract does not hamstring the team’s salary cap situation for the following two offseason’s after this year’s.
  5. rockywoj

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    I wonder, with Vaccaro having gone in the 15th spot and Rhodes going 25th, one spot after the Colts pick, if we went back to 2013 and Vaccaro was still available, would most have wanted him AT THE TIME over Rhodes? I mean, we can all look back with the benefit of hindsight now, but back then at the time, would Vaccaro have come with higher acclaim? Anyway, he sure would have come with higher acclaim than Werner, so to sign Vaccaro now, that kind of in a way undoes the Bjorn Werner mistake.
  6. rockywoj

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    I recall hoping that Kenny Vaccaro would fall to the Colts with the 24th pick in the 2013 draft, yeah, that draft where the Colts selected Bjorn Werner. Vaccaro went at 15th over-all to New Orleans. To get him now, that would be like a 2013 draft re-do of the first round, how I had wanted it to be. (Of course, the majority would likely want Xavier Rhodes if there could be a redo, but hey, we can have the redo with Vaccaro, so let's go with that!) Ergo, I hope the Colts sign him.
  7. rockywoj

    Nyhiem Hines our Dion Lewis

    And yet, Jerry Rice ran the 40 in what, 4.59 according to Bill Walsh? Speed is important but there is a HUGE difference between track 40 time and functional football speed. I agree with the notion that a .14 track time in the 40 is functionally irrelevant as it relates to playing football. Three step quickness and elusiveness are WAY more important. As for that track speed, the speed is clearly there for Hines, despite being a blink of the eye slower than the fastest timed track time speed. The degree of splitting hairs IS often times laughable. Point is, the dude Hines is FAST and if that speed translates to the football field, and if he is utilized effectively, then what a weapon he might be!
  8. rockywoj

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    If they both come back elite, award goes to Luck. Wentz was elite for a good part of this past season, so it would be a nice return from injury, but just a continuation of what he did last year. Luck had injury plagued 2015 & 2016 seasons and missed all of last year. The “comeback” part of it doesn’t even compare in any way, if they both come back elite. Luck wins it, hands down!
  9. rockywoj

    Daily dose of optimism for Andrew Luck's return

    That's my prediction, that he wins NFL Comeback Player of the Year for 2018.
  10. Those are some loooooonggggg arms.
  11. I recall in that draft's 2nd round, I was wanting the Colts to take either CB Janoris Jenkings, despite his off field concerns, and if not him, then OT Cordy Glenn in an attempt to get some premium talent for the OL. I never liked the selection of Fleener and I never liked the way he played. Questionable hands with way too many drops, poorly run routes (need 8 yards for a 1st down, run the route 6 or 7 yards <roll eyes>), and after making the catch, more times than not he instantly went to the ground. Yeah, he had a few moments, but I always felt uneasy with him, genuinely surprised when he DID make a play, rather than expect, like how it was with Dallas Clark back in the day. I liked the selection of Dwayne Allen in that many had him rated as the top TE in the draft class and in getting good value with him falling to the third round. I didn't like taking him, though, being that the 2nd rounder was already expended on a TE. Ergo, bad "team building" selection, positionally. If Fleener hadn't been the 2nd round selection, then I would have really liked the selection of Allen in the 3rd round. Anyway, I thought it was a big mistake passing on Janoris Jenkins, as I perceived him being a mid first round talent ... at a position of need.
  12. lol Thanks! I was slightly off, though, in that one of the second rounders actually acquired is for next year and all of the picks actually acquired were done so via one trade, instead of the two trades I projected. I was very pleased when Ballard made the trade, though, putting the Colts into the 6 slot and essentially getting the three 2nd round picks that I felt would be what I deemed as outstanding value to move from the 3 spot to the 6 spot. Only difference in actuality from my projection is that instead of the # 33 spot, that 2nd rounder is instead next year, but if NYJ nearly bottom dwells again, that pick might just also be a high 2nd rounder! And yes, then having reality cap off with the pick of Nelson, whom I wanted even if the Colts were in the # 3 spot, well, just icing on the cake. I am indeed proud of my projected “dream” scenario being pretty darn close to the reality that transpired. Re: Stock tip, buy nvidea (NVDA) if it falls back into a valley on a 5% to 10% retraction. I also like Nutrion (NTR) for their dividend return and appreciation upside. I feel the same way about Store Capital (STOR). Sorry, can’t help you on Powerball numbers. That I’m reserving for myself. ;)
  13. Ummmmm, good coaching at this level, teaching the nuances of what makes a HOF receiver, is almost EVERYTHING at this level. Good coaching can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence.
  14. rockywoj

    Guards drafted

    In the interview of Ballard yesterday on Sirius XM, he identified Mewhort as battling for the RG job, with Matt Slausen and Braden Smith, saying they are hoping Mewhort can come back from his injuries and be the player he once was.
  15. Reggie coaching! --->