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  1. I do. And for what it's worth, he would come MUCH cheaper than taking on Osweiler's contract, plus at this point, I think it would be POSITIVE PR for the Colts to sign Kap. It's widely reported he's been black balled, and this would show the Colts as being brave. Also, Kap is just not good enough to cause a QB controversy when Luck returns, so then Kap can then quietly fade into the background role of pure backup. I really dislike Osweiler and would HATE the move to get him. I also have no hesitation in saying I think Kapernick would be a HUGE upgrade over Tolzien. That being said, I suspect this Osweiler roomer is all just unfounded hearsay.
  2. Bond, Deyshawn Bond.
  3. Despite Luck's numbers last year, I thought the offense was far too predictable and largely ineffective, especially early in games, when you want to establish the tone of the game. One thing that REALLY drove me crazy was the constant telegraphing of running plays. Jack Doyle motions into the FB stance = telegraphed run. I'd actually like to see a stat on the percent of runs out of that formation to see if it is as predictable as I perceive. I DO recall once late in the year, the Colts motioned into that alignment with Doyle at FB, but then they actually threw a pass! I couldn't believe my eyes! lol I really, REALLY hope the offense can step up their game as compared to last year ... and that starts with Chud's offensive game planning and play calling. Honestly, though, I remain dubious as to how good of an OC Chud can be. I just oh so miss the Manning years when the Colts O was almost unstoppable.
  4. Aside from the part year when he replaced Pep Hamilton, I have been disappointed in the offensive play calling under the direction of Chud. I hope he turns it around this year, but thus far, I disagree with the notion that Chud is one of the best OCs in the NFL. Not even close to being such. i hope to eat my words, though, based on what is to come in 2017.
  5. 2003 ... 3-1
  6. From 1999 to 2010, we had 19 pre-season wins. I am not counting 2011, when Manning was out for the entire year, not playing at all. Just checked, in 1998 Colts won 2 pre-season games. So the official count during the Manning era would appear to be 21 wins. Over 13 years, that is an average of 1.615 per year.
  7. lol, of course you were. In turn, I was being literal. ;) All tongue in cheek. As for # of Super Bowl wins, I agree. We should have at least two more, in 2005 and in 2009.
  8. Okay, it's a bet. Pre-Season Wins 2016 ... 2 2015 ... 1 2014 ... 0 2013 ... 2 2012 ... 2 2011 ... 1 2010 ... 0 2009 ... 1 2008 ... 1 2007 ... 1 Total pre-season wins previous 10 years = 11. I win! Pay up! Note, the eight years previous to the above, 1999 - 2006, the Colts had 16 preseason wins. (Source =
  9. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Powerful upper body. Initial contact contains pop. Creates strong leverage points as base blocker. Explodes into down blocks and snaps hips under his hands to seal the deal. Capable in zone and in combo blocks, taking solid angles to second-level targets. Good snap to set quickness in pass protection. Able to handle a strong bull rush. Athletic with good foot quickness in his pass slide from gap edge to the other. Reactive quickness enables his recoveries. Good torque in his punch. Uses plus body control to mirror and engage pass rushers. Uses quick hands to catch and control twisters. Solid games against Houston's Ed Oliver and Purdue's Jake Replogle. WEAKNESSES Undersized with short arms. Doesn't generate much drive off the snap. Leg drive gears down after contact. Can do better job of working feet into position after initial contact on both first and second levels. Slightly below average sustaining blocks. Can be beaten to the punch by length. Needs improved arm extension in his pass protection to keep rushers out of his frame. Will short his first block if he thinks a blitz is coming behind it. Needs to do better job of diagnosing blitz packages coming off the edge. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 7-PFA NFL COMPARISON Patrick Lewis BOTTOM LINE Four-year starter with a combination of core strength and foot quickness that lends itself to success on the interior. Smaller than desired with below average length and that could hurt his draft stock, but he's a plus in pass protection and decent in run blocking and could become an eventual starter with time.
  10. I haven't reviewed the game day thread (or this one - sorry), but what was with that horrible challenge of the Cowboys reception? Upon first replay, it was OBVIOUSLY a good, legal catch. Seriously, who is making the challenge decisions? Looks bad on the whole coaching staff. I expect better "coaching" decisions, now 6 years in. i want to be hopeful that things will finally click for Pagano and his staff, but I find myself really losing patience with the ongoing in-game coach stupidity.
  11. Mack truly did impress and was one of the few bright spots in the game.
  12. I too was advocating Kelly in the 1st, then Whitehair in the 2nd. After the trade back, my fingers were crossed that Whitehair would still be there. If memory serves, he went just a pick or two or three before us. Man, I SO wanted to solve the interior OL by selecting both C Kelly & OG Whitehair. Looking retrospectively, it's even sadder, imho, that Grigson didn't do this. And just think, still could have gotten Clark as the RT prospect, and Haeg as OG depth to boot. Oh yeah, and the year before I was HEAVILY hoping and praying they'd go S Landon Collins, but instead,Grigson did the unthinkable taking WR Dorset. Just dumb, dumb, dumb ... and now Grigson is rightfully gone. So frustrating when we mere fans can get it more right than the paid inside professionals.
  13. All 238 Lbs of him?
  14. Congrats, King Colt. I and my 40 years (or is it 41? ... a little murky on the exact timing - I was either 3 or 4) hope to be able to someday also celebrate my 60th year of Colts fandom. Kudos to you, sir!
  15. Caroline Cann is actually quite fantastic as a video broadcaster. I think she's smooth as silk in her on camera personality. I don't know about her written prowess, though, which is where I REALLY enjoyed Kevin Bowen. Cann might be a rising star, but Bowen will be missed.

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