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  1. I've been hearing that next year's RB class might rival this year's class.
  2. I really hope they get Perine.
  3. More accolades at ... "6. If the Niners' defense isn't the league's most improved this year, that honor might go to the Colts. On the heels of a productive free agency period that brought a revamped front seven, new general manager Chris Ballard lucked into rangy Ohio State safety Malik Hooker at No. 15 overall. Coach Chuck Pagano has long needed a centerfielder to anchor the back end of his defense. Now he has a future star who will remind him of close friend Ed Reed:" Brian Billick - Malik Hooker may be closest thing to Ed Reed in ball hawking skills that I've seen on college tape...but thats getting a little previous.
  4. From article declaring the winners and losers of round one, under the winners category ... "The Colts' defensive overhaul: New Indianapolis GM Chris Ballard has a vision, and he's executing it beautifully. Thursday's selection of Ohio State safety Malik Hooker was a fantastic value at No. 15 overall and immediately improves a woeful secondary. Since the start of March, Ballard has added defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, linebackers Jabaal Sheard, John Simon and Sean Spenceand defensive end Margus Hunt. No team has done a better job improving its toughness and defensive depth this offseason."
  5. As much as I'd love for the Colts to get him, I wouldn't trade up for him, though. I would prefer to hold onto the high draft choices and just let the chips fall where they may.
  6. The Bears pick was the biggest shocker to me. What a HORRIBLE trade, imho. The run for offensive player in general was also a shocker to me. Every time another WR or QB was taken, though, I was like "Yes!", for it meant that the Colts would have more and more options for a defensive game changing stud! Until watching Mayock's mock the other night, I had never entertained the possibility the Hooker could possibly fall as far as he did. I think the Colts got themselves a play making game changer of a steal! Now if only Lamp can slide to the Colts in the 2nd round!
  7. Is it possible that Forrest Lamp might be passed over 13 more times?!
  8. ... And the Colts just got one of the top two safeties in this great safety class. Win!
  9. Basically, yes. I would be willing to wait on Sidney Jones. As for Conley, I am basing it on faith that the allegations are false and won't go anywhere. Of course, if I were actually doing the picking, I'd have a lot more information available to me than we have available here, but if I believe the allegations to be false, I'd be willing to take the chance. Yes, risky, but such high reward possibility.
  10. I would be very happy with any one of .... Reuben Foster Haason Reddick Malick Hooker Derek Barnett Forrest Lamp Takkarist McKinley
  11. Any one of .... Reuben Foster Haason Reddick Malick Hooker Derek Barnett Forrest Lamp Takkarist McKinley
  12. If we went Lamp in the 1st, then CB Gareon Conley in the 2nd and CB Sidney Jones in the 3rd, then defense and RB in the 4th round, and wind things up with defense in the 5th round, I would not complain. Doing so would / should hugely improve the OL, bring outstanding CB depth with two possible top starter quality CBs, add an additional weapon / possible future starter at RB, and still add 3 more guys to the defense, this draft could / would imho, totally rock!
  13. If he is off draft boards, I wouldn't hesitate to get back into the 7th round to draft him. Few 7th rounders ever amount to anything anyway, so I'd not be afraid to take a flier on him. If he's proven innocent, you get a steal of a talent. If he's proven guilty, you shrug your shoulders secure in the knowledge that you invested very little, and you release his rights. No harm, no foul, very little risk. As for La'el Collins, at the time I was calling for the Colts to call his bluff about refusing to sign & sitting out a year, by taking him in the last round. Again, I figured if you lost out, oh well, no big investment lost.

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