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  1. I tend NOT to pay too much attention to the preseason, after seeing during the Manning era that year after year the Colts would be lucky to be 1-3 during the preseason, then go on to dominate the regular season with what, 7 or 8 straight seasons of 12-4 or better. Colts always seem to suck in preseason.
  2. I am going to slightly improve that outlook ... Floor = 9-7 (Anything less than this and I will be surprised and disappointed.) Ceiling = 12-4 (I agree with you) My prediction = Playoffs w/Wildcard Round Victory, but then losing in the divisional round. All of the above is predicated upon "all things being equal". Throw debilitating injuries into the mix and all bets are off.
  3. So much for that. :|
  4. I vote that this be the only serious injury suffered by a Colt, this year!
  5. Ummm, isn't making plays near the goal line the absolute best place to make plays?!
  6. Such a player would need to shatter ALL records of performance for the given position, while being a part of a team that sets the standard for wins, in particular, in the playoffs and winning SuperBowls, and doing so over a reasonably long enough career (probably ten years would be the minimum). At the same time, said player would need to win multiple MVP awards and Outstanding Player awards, as well as being widely considered a good guy and gracious winner. As an example, let's talk runningback. He would need to average 6+ yards per carry for his career, shatter all individual season and in-game total rushing yards and rushing TD standards, be able to get the tough yards as well as being the greatest breakaway back of all-time, be a very good pass blocking RB when in passing downs, as well as ALSO setting the standard for receptions by a runningback. So in this example, over a ten year career, he'd have to rush for 20,000 yards, 200 rushing TDs, while chipping in with a position best 850 career receptions for 8,000 receiving yards and an additional 50 receiving TDs. As well, he would have never missed a game, would win 7 League MVP awards and 6 SB MVP awards on a team with a perfect 6-0 SB record. If the above were all accomplished, he could, without argument be called the GOAT until such time that somebody else came along to obliterate those accomplishments.
  7. Bah, I say. If I'm the owner I want to reward my long term great players, money be damned. Besides, if I am owner, money is my concern, not yours, so quit quibbling on an insignificant million or two. ;)
  8. If there is no drop off in his performance and if he still has the drive to continue, why would it NOT be worth bringing him back? As long as he keeps performing at an elite level, you absolutely bring Vinman back!
  9. I love hearing optimism in the offseason and preseason. 'Tis the time of hopes and dreams. Always gets me excited for what may be, during the regular season!
  10. Apparently he was the # 8 overall pick n 2014, but he has now been suspended for 4 games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. But I wonder, is he just another guy with incredible physical talent that flames out upon hitting the NFL? Or could he, with all this immense talent and now the 4-game suspension wake-up call, actually still be a worthy reclamation project with little down side and huge upside? His draft profile from 2014 ... "DRAFT PROJECTION Round 1 (top 15) BOTTOM LINE The most talented cover corner in this year's draft class, Gilbert has size, speed and flexibility to blanket receivers at the next level. Also brings impact ability as a kick returner. Is capable of stepping into the starting lineup from Day 1 and playing at a high level if he adheres to a professional approach to the craft. Could stand to improve in run support." .............................. Given the physical talent at play, if I were a power to be within the Colts organization, I'd not be shy to make a few inquiries to investigate whether giving him a last shot at redemption (at CB, a position of need) might be a worthwhile, inexpensive risk to take. Thoughts?
  11. I would guess there is an offset clause.
  12. Respectfully, I disagree. It's not like NE had a trash defence. You punt that ball and put it on your defense to stop the Colts from driving the length of the field. It was a boneheaded coaching decision. Belichick got way too cute / ballsy for his own good. It's exactly like Dungy said at the time. You punt that ball, every time.
  13. Edit to delete duplicate post.
  14. Belichick's decision to go for it rather than punt was an utter FAIL! And at the same time, a great tribute to his respect for Manning. He said afterward the motivation was he didn't want to give the ball back into Manning's hand, couldn't trust the defence to stop him.. Such an amazing tribute to Peyton Manning's greatness ..l just love that Manning TOTALLY got into the head of one of the all-time greatest coaches, causing said coach to have a total brain fart out of fear. Love it!
  15. I have five words for you ... Lincoln Kennedy is his Father!

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