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  1. Started off good, then Kansas turned the buzzsaw on, lol, what a joke. Oh well, they made it one step further then last year......
  2. Getting out of reach for Boilers turnovers are killing them, 13 so far. Need to swing momentum or its over. Swanigan playing like trash.
  3. Not a bad start, lots of 3's!!! HAAS NEEDS TO USE HIS SIZE TO HIS ADVANTAGE, HULK SMAAAAAAAASH!!!!!
  4. Tough draw for sure...but Purdue had hung with some pretty good teams...lost to Villanova (yeah I know they're out of tournament lol) by 3 to start season, and Purdue has gotten better. If Purdue brings their A game and stays out of foul trouble, they might be able to win this game.
  6. I plan on going to a few Cubs games this season. I've been to quite a few, always a GREAT time!!!!! Wouldn't mind driving down to Cincinnati some time and catching a Cubs/Reds game, that would be fun!
  7. Betty White.
  8. Hello, it's me, Andrew Luck. I am fine, don't worry. I will be good to go at the start of the season, thanks for your concern.
  10. Its definitely shocking to see an actor play a role that is completely the opposite of what you would expect... makes me wonder if either the actor is afraid of being typecast or if they're just desperate for money or want to keep their career going? You always hear of people becoming typecast and then never being able to get serious roles in movies or any roles at all.
  11. Excellent review SW1! You have a way with words my friend! You ever looked into writing reviews for a living? The way you described the movie, the gratuitous violence sounds a lot like the movie Logan. The violence, gore, and language was excessive, more then any other Xmen movie, and started within the first minute of the movie. That being said, I LOVED IT! It made it seem more "realistic" if that makes sense....I know, how can a movie about a man who has adamantium claws and a bad temper be realistic? It just added a certain "edge" to it, Idk. I liked it so much I watched it again! Anyway, back to Outlaws and Angels.....Really sounds like a movie I'd like to watch, minus the little Joe scene, barf! Idk, I really like movies where the plot involves payback by someone who was wronged, vigilante justice, or street justice! I think it's really cool that some of Clint Eastwoods kids are following in his footsteps. I didn't realize he had seven children! WOW!!! Thanks for the review, I might have to watch it.
  12. Feel bad for the young man, he was looking like a first round pic for sure before the injury. Hope he recovers and gets back on track.
  13. They're going to have to slow Kansas down and Swanigan and Haas are going to have to use their size to outwork them, it's going to be tough!
  14. Boilers, but only because I'm being a hometown Homer, Kansas will be tough.
  15. Im hoping you're WRONG!!!!!

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