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  1. Cubs shutout, offense doesn’t show up, again! Base hits is all we need....BASE HITS!!! What the heck. Oh well.... GoCubsGo!!!!!
  2. Cubs getting SHELLACKED by the Indians, 10-0..........Barf.
  3. Good points, I hadn’t heard him say he wanted to test the market and not sign long term.
  4. I agree, need to keep Almora, and La Stella is almost a guaranteed hit. Happ has his moments as well but is not the CF that Almora is, so he might be expendable? Tough decision.
  5. I could see them possibly using Almora, Happ, or La Stella as bargaining chips to get the deal done.
  6. Cubs lose, Wilson really showing his “stuff” for the Cubs......can we give him his triple A assignment already?
  7. Cubs play a double header today against the Reds, gonna be a long day of baseball!!!!! GoCubsGo!!!!
  8. GOZER

    Josina Anderson Tweet

  9. Wow! Had to leave game in 4th to coach sons little league game, unfortunately we did not have the same result