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  1. Cubbies getting waxed tonight,
  2. Coming to Indy

    Can't speak for Taigate Alley, but partied with the Blue Crew for a bit last game, had a BLAST!
  3. LETS DO IT!!!!! Or at least go down swinging!!!!
  4. Colts Vs. Cardinals Game Day Thread

    Absolute garbage call, wth way to help out the Cards refs
  5. Colts Drinking Games

    That would lead to some serious drunkedness!!!!!!
  6. On way to game today.....

    Fun game so far!!!! LETS GO COLTS!!!!!!
  7. On way to game today.....

    So far waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!!!
  8. On way to game today.....

    I LOVE OUR FANS!!! Lots of people here!!!!! $10 or not our fans ROCK!!!!!!
  9. On way to game today.....

  10. On way to game today.....

    lol yeah they do! I just handed over the $+tip and moved along lol
  11. On way to game today.....

    $7.75 Budweisers for me!!!! Might have had some other stuff earlier at the Blue Crew, lol!!!!
  12. Anyone else going? Going to Do a little tailgating then go in and hope for the best! Maybe this will be the start of the Brissett era? Hopi g for at least a competitive game, maybe more? I'll be the guy int the blue #12 jersey........lol..........JK, Sitting in section 449, row 3, seat 21/22! If you're nearby gimme a holla!!!!!