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  1. Awesome read! Mathis is a class act and an asset to not only the Colts Organization but to the city of Indianapolis. He is a perfect example of someone who came from the inner city and worked hard to become someone......someone who many of the kids in Indy should look up to and see that there is hope and opportunity......Would love to see him run for some type of State or Government position, and utilize that same motor that drove him on the field to help turn things around in the city of Indianapolis. That is....of course, after he's done with his tenure as a Colts coach(hopefully a paid coach at some point.)
  2. 9 runs in one inning? Really? That's unacceptable!!!! Our Bullpen is definitely our Achilles heel. Oh well, the run was fun while it lasted....Go Cubs!
  3. I know we're all just strangers on the internet, but if you ever need to talk to someone, hit me up via PM. I have had my bouts with depression.....but always find ways to get through it, my children definitely help.....sometimes music,or the gym.
  4. Sorry to hear that brother....so young. I know all too well the devastation that suicide causes to a family, I've had to respond to so many it's sickening, something you never forget.
  5. What the $&@# is going on? I don't get it man....why can't these guys get help, or why can't they be helped? We are losing too many talented musicians to suicide and overdoses!!!!! 6 kids? Sad. Wether you're an old school or new school or all around fan of Lincoln Park, you have to admit he was a talented guy.......Had another band as well, Dead by Sunrise, and also fronted Stone Temple Pilots for a while. This just sucks man.
  6. I tried to not get my hopes up at the beginning of the season, I know it's hard to win a championship back to back, but hoped that they at least would resemble last years world champs! They're finally coming around, and I dig it!!!! All I want is for them to be competitive and at least make the playoffs, and whatever happens after that is a bonus!!!! GO CUBS!!!!
  7. CUBS SWEEP!!!!! 6 game win streak, and right now only 1.5 games back!!!!!! Back to Wrigley on Friday to take on them pesky Cardinals!!!
  8. He is pitching a lot better today, keeping them scoreless almost through 5.......hope we don't jinx him, lol! Aaaaand as I say that he BLASTS a HR to the right!!!!! Keep it up Montgomery!!!!
  9. Bryant possibly hurt, UGH!!!!!
  10. Here we go....Montgomery pitching so not going to get too excited.....
  11. I struggled to stay awake for the whole game, had a loooooong day!!!!!! Great job Cubbies!!!!!!!! Only 2.5 back now!!!!!!
  12. Umps a fool, he went, that should have been the game!!!!

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