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  1. I haven't seen \m/COLTS\m/ for a while...............
  2. Cubs off tonight, so all my attention will be on draft. Friday- I'll double dip!
  3. On to the Red Sox.
  4. Rizzo knocks one out! 6-5 Pirates Top 8th.
  5. 5-3 getting there
  6. Gotta hold onto the ball Contreras geesh!!! Lester is having a rough outing, settle down kid! 5-1 now Pirates
  7. 3-1 Pirates Bottom 2nd. Lets go Cubbies!!!!
  8. Sounds like Cubs having a great game, abusing Starling Martes replacement ......too bad I can't watch it because DirecTV sucks !!!!! It's supposed to be on ESPN and they have it blacked out and I don't get WNDY here. If I didn't have limited options where I live I would dump them like a bad habit.......terrible !!!!!!
  9. With pick 241, Giants pick: Levon Meyers OT Northern Illinois Next is Raiders auto draft then @OffensivelyPC
  10. I like his confidence, he knows it's time to put his head down and do work! Good luck to him!
  11. I think some changed names........
  12. No doubt, personality wise. Although Bams not on Tony's level, he was an awesome skater as well.
  13. Oh yes, watched him play many times at Ross Ade Stadium.....there have been several great athletes that have come through Purdue University. I better add another name to my list that you just reminded me of...... NCAA Football- Drew Brees

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