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  1. Better get a broom for these cobwebs..........lol!
  2. Well, it was bound to happen..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/Bolt/Chicago-Cubs-demote-Kyle-Schwarber-to-Triple-A-53283498/Amp
  3. Schwarber slump continues....Happs looking good though!
  4. Been around boxing, both in and out of the ring, for most of my life, so I know a good amount about the sport. The term "puncher's chance" is reserved for fighters who are severely outmatched by their opponent, but still have enough power to KO them at any given moment. Mcgregor has the power and speed to land a devastating knock out blow if Mayweather makes a mistake or just doesn't respect his power(ala Aldo). Yes Aldo is nowhere near on Mayweathers level, but is a professional fighter and had a gameplan that was ended in the opening seconds of their fight. Mayweathers been rocked more then once, so it's not impossible. As I said before, I dislike them both and wish they'd both lose somehow, but to say Mcgregor doesn't have a punchers chance is silly, IMO.
  5. Cubs up 1-0 top of the third after a Rizzo lead off homer in the first!!!!! A lot of talk about the Padres seeking retaliation tonight against Rizzo after yesterday's collision. What a bunch of crap! Guaranteed to be a benchs clearing brawl if that happens.
  6. The only chance Connor has is a punchers chance, thats if Floyd messes up!
  7. Someone tried blowing ours up back in 2008........... http://www.wthr.com/article/courthouse-bombing-remains-unsolved
  8. Contreras HR!!!!! Tied 2-2 EDIT: 3-2 Cubbies!!!! Baez gets a huge lead on first, Almora pokes one to left, double, Baez comes home!!!
  9. aaaaaand Rondon about blows it!!! Bases loaded Almora snags one on the track, wheeeeew!!!!! Still 2-1 Padres. Rizzo may may have hurt the Padres Catcher earlier with an attempted score at home, trucked him over!
  10. Going against former Cub and local (Lafayette) kid Clayton Richard.........my allegiance is still with the Cubbies!!!!!
  11. 2-1 Padres in the 5th. LETS GO CUBBIES!!!!!!
  12. He's not only a sports commentator, but a comedian as well(more then likely why he got the commentators gig), and any self respecting sports show/media show knows that he's going to be himself, a goofy fun loving guy known for doing and saying of the wall things, just like anyone knows that when they clicked the title of this thread it was going to be about him bashing grigson. If would he said is true, which I'm not sure why he would lie about that, then I would probably have a hard time letting it go myself. JMO.

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