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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/cubs/ct-spt-cubs-spring-training-schedule-20171120-story,amp.html CAN'T. FLIPPIN. WAIT.
  2. Yes Sir, pretty stoked about that win, and to still be in Bowl contention! No it won't be a high profile bowl, but I'll take it anyway! Last Bowl the Boilers were in was back in 2012 I believe. Time to put the smackdown on them Hoosiers!!!! Hoping to go to the game since I don't work that day and it's a home game.
  3. Who am I?

    What he said ^ Here's another interesting little tidbit on him...... CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Former Ohio State University football star and Cleveland-area native Anthony Gonzalez has filed official paperwork to run for Ohio's 16th congressional seat in 2018. Good for him! Pretty cool!
  4. Broncos @ Colts

    There's some pretty good info pertaining to your questions here..... Also....the Blue Crew Tailgate(corner of Missouri/Mcarty) is always an awesome time!!!
  5. Colts Activate Clayton Geathers from PUP

    BOOM! here comes the BOOM! Well......maybe more like a BAM for now until he gets back up to speed!!!
  6. Work day is just not the same when I can't switch the radio over to AM and listen to the Cubs game with Hughes/Coomer.
  7. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    I feel the same way, really can't talk myself into changing mine either. I do miss his insight right now.
  8. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    Awesome post NCF, you are one classy Dude, Gavin would have loved it! I know that A Luck is what brought you to this forum, but I sure hope you stick around after his time in Indy has ended(hopefully not for a long, looooooong time!!!!!) I bet Gavin's somewhere up there debating our Coaching/Team situation right now!
  9. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    Amen Sister.
  10. Thinking of Gavin this Bye Week.....

    I bet he gets the best seats in the house!!!
  11. Visited a child with Cancer...not sure why link didn't work
  12. Actions like these are why he won the award! Would love to be a famous Athlete, I would spend a majority of my free time doing the exact same thing!!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/Cubs/status/930124664231333888/video/1
  13. a touching moment

    Geez how heart wrenching......Would be really hard for me to play after experiencing what they did! So sad.
  14. Congrats again to Rizzo! Man of the year! https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.suntimes.com/sports/cubs-anthony-rizzo-wins-marvin-miller-man-of-the-year-award/amp/