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  1. Its not like the Colts spent all their money and don't have any.. ijs
  2. I bet if Barkley is available when the Colts pick, And we do pick Barkley (kinda wishful thinking), I believe every team will look back and say how did we allow that to happen? Luck, TY, Barkley on the same roster.
  3. What if Denver calls?

    Says the guy who uses emojis to speak. But I'm too young. Whats the emoji shortcut key for holding your head again? Back to NFL convo smh
  4. What if Denver calls?

    I supported my statement with facts, why are you against Nelson and for Chubb.
  5. What if Denver calls?

    And I take it that you are the gm of the..........Cleveland Browns got it. There is nothing wrong with drafting the best olinemen in the draft. Considering that you havent seen Andrew Luck throw a football in nearly 2 years. I guess you forgot about that, and that Jack Mewhort is a free agent. ohhhhhhhhh.
  6. Jack Mewhort

    (JR voice) Its the Ohio State, Rattle Snake. Jack Mewhort !
  7. Hilton's stats among Marv's and Reggie's

    I signed in, just to like this post. This was in my opinion, the most difficult catch I've ever seen. The OBJ catch was special, But all things considered (against PATS, tipped ball, twist your body, secure the catch, tap 2 feet in for a TD catch) this Marvin catch was just amazing, and reminds me of what every little kid tries to do while playing backyard football. BTW I truly believe that the hardest record that will probably never be broken, is his 143 catches in one season 02'. Second closest is AB/JJones with 136 in 15'. 1) The WR has to know how to catch 2) Your QB has to at least be decent
  8. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    My question is this, Who are the next best OG/Rush OLB/RB that could be had at the top of the 3rd? IF we cant get or if the talent drop off is too much, then we have to make our first decision based on this understanding. And focus FA with this in mind. Nab key positions that you absolutely cannot fill during FA, and add new weapons during the draft.
  9. Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    wait a min. arent you the same poster that was against drafting Barkley? change of hearts?
  10. You know whats going to happen? The same thing that happened 2009 Draft (GB pk 26 - Clay Matthews, Colts pk 27 Donald Brown) . Because everyone wants to believe that Nelson will be there at 11, lets say Colts go with your idea and trade to get the 11th pick, Once the 10th pick comes around, Quenton Nelson will be picked up and the entire board will be PMSing. So I guess 31 other teams dont believe or know who Q.Nelson is, Only the Colts... I remember the 2009 Draft like it was yesterday. The Colts needed pass rush and was banking on getting Clay at the time, here comes GB selecting the player you coveted 1 pick ahead. It happens all the time. IF you see a player you really like, Dont bet on that he'll be there later on. 31 other teams have scouts too.
  11. I would'nt go that far to say that OT is more responsible for protecting QBs than OG. If the rush comes from the middle, through the OG and C, your QB is baked chicken...Done.
  12. So the real question and worse case scenario that affects Colts nation is this. If both Barkley and Chubb are gone by pick 3, Do the Colts draft OG Nelson at 3........?
  13. Trade your wife. Not the franchise QB.
  14. Dan Campbell to get Interview

    I'm born and raised in Miami, Take my advice and just pass. FYI I believe he was a TE's coach before being elevated to interim head coach.