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  1. What about Ryan Leaf as a quarterbacks coach?
  2. rock8591

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    That I’m not getting signed anytime soon.
  3. rock8591

    Biggest rookie defensive impact?

    Yep. Lewis - Brandon Graham. Turay - I can see him being like Yannick Ngakoue, except he has better measurables (taller, longer arms, and faster). Sometimes it is the fight in the dog rather than the dog in the fight... If you were to tell me a year ago that a 6'2'' 246 lbs DE, with a 4.75 40-yard dash was going to have 12.5 sacks this year, it would have been crazy.
  4. rock8591

    Linebacker Jenga

    Simon will be back at LB before the season is over, much like Rob Morris. Morrison I can see him being cut after the pre-season; He's only 23, on a cheap rookie contract of $600,000 a year, and led the team in tackles...but it seems to be the consensus that he's already peaked. 6'1'' 250 lbs is too small for full-time at DE. Even Freeney was 266 lbs, but also WAY faster and quicker. Being smaller AND slower does not help one's cause in any sport.
  5. That's a lot of concussions for someone who has missed 5 games in the past 5 years combined.
  6. It's all technicalities and office politics who passes or fails a physical.
  7. rock8591

    Colts sign DE Roches, Waive OLB Josh Perry

    Yeah, Charles Barkley.
  8. Coby Fleener. Another red zone target.
  9. Hahahaha... Almost as bad as Vince Young saying "Honor Landry."
  10. rock8591

    Darius Leonard & Skai Moore

    Not sure where the 218 is coming from.
  11. First 10 picks in 2013 were horrific, the vast majority of them should have been UDFAs.
  12. rock8591

    Way too early 53 man roster

    Here's maybe an updated chart. Vujnovich gets cut, Bond stays. LBs get shuffled.
  13. rock8591

    Guards drafted

    So many dumb fools in this thread.
  14. rock8591

    Roethlisberger not happy with Rudolph pick

    Ben Roethlisberger = butt hole for as long as he has lived.