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  1. Do The Colts Need Another TE?

    Minimal contract, 2 years 5 million IMO.
  2. Contract projection for Jack Mewhort

    Should have taken Gabe Jackson in the draft.
  3. Quincy Wilson played well

    Pagano clearly has favorites, just like how he was infatuated with Ricardo Matthews over Lawrence Guy. Personally, I don't think Wilson has any attitude or behavior problems, just not one of Pagano's favorites.
  4. Ta madre carro Lamborghini.
  5. Every offensive line position is a premium position.
  6. Basham Deserves Some Praise

    Basham I see as being a 45 tackle, 6 sacks a year guy, edge setter, kinda like Pernell McPhee.
  7. QB > K, P, LS What is to say that a good guard is worth less than a good tackle or center?
  8. Still better safe than sorry. With the rising NFL cap, 12-13 million for a slightly above-average NFL tackle is nothing. At worst, he'll command $10 million, overpaying by 2-3 million in FA is nothing. Remember the $5 shake from Pulp Fiction?
  9. My opinion of FA sign Nate Solder to play LT (3 years, 39 million) sign Justin Pugh to play LG (4 years, 42 million) move Castonzo to RT draft Quentin Nelson to play RG bring back Mewhort for 1 year, 6 million This would be a very good OL: Solder / Clark Pugh / Mewhort Kelly / Bond Nelson / Haeg Castonzo / Good We got the cap space, would rather regret being in cap hell than waste Luck. He'll be 29 when the next season starts.
  10. Pagano has to go?

    Ho ho ho, this dick has got to go!
  11. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Frankly, it's because Pagano has favorites. e.g. Ricardo Matthews over Lawrence Guy, Samson Satele at Center over AQ Shipley and Mike McGlynn at C. Wilson played 1 game this season, had 2 pass breakups. Essentially 32 pass breakup over the course of a season.
  12. Quenton Nelson

    So many what ifs... 2015 - Malcom Brown or Landon Collins (round 1), Danielle Hunter (rd 2), Kwon Alexander (rd4), Trenton Brown (rd 5-7), Lael Collins (rd 5-7) 2016 - Yannick Ngakoue, Kevin Byard, or Sean Davis instead of TJ Green, Blake Martinez instead of Antonio Morrison, Jordan Howard instead of Haason Ridgeway. Pick up Michael Pierce in FA. 2017 - Kareem Hunt instead of Tarell Basham, George Kittle or Desmond King instead of Zach Banner.
  13. Le Raven Clark a Healthy Scratch

    Pagano favors players who play well in practice too often. And he has his favorites. e.g. Ricardo Mathews. Some players simply don't shine in practice but are decent in games. Clark is one, I've never seen him actually play bad during games, unlike Vujnovich and Kalis.
  14. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    Much like Bo Outlaw?
  15. Chris Ballard and trades

    Dwayne Allen = bottom 3 TE in the league, paid like a top 3. Great rookie season, very poor remaining seasons.