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  1. Far from it. An injury to Arthur Jones, Laron Landry, Dwayne Allen, or Trent Cole would be disappointing... An injury to Jordy Nelson or LeVeon Bell would be devastating.
  2. A cancer in every way.
  3. Goalline formation - Goode and Banner at TE, Grover Stewart at FB. The 3 folks should be able to push 11 defenders out of the stadium.
  4. Only injure players who intentionally play dirty. e.g. If he or any other player does something like that when we play then, then they need to be struck by lightning 100%.
  5. Is there a single player on the team that other players and teams fear? Not just respect, but fear. e.g. someone like Richie Incognito, Ndamukong Suh, or Sheldon Richardson? Not talking about criminal thugs like Aaron Hernandez, but football is a physical sport, and with it needs certain temperaments that don't exist in sports like Tennis, Soccer, or Bowling. For once, I'd love to see one of our O-Lineman injure another player intentionally, so they think twice about being rough on Luck. The only players we have that are remotely like that are Clayton Geathers and Antonio Morrison at this point, and Erik Walden previously.
  6. 2 photos of actor Adam Nelson, in different roles. Yes, these 2 photos are of the same guy.
  7. Donal Logue and Todd Lowe. I am still convinced they are the same person!
  8. I'd have even a better lineup. QB: Manning WR: Harrison, Wayne, Thomas, Sanders TE: Thomas, Clark, Pollard OL: Glenn, Orlando Franklin, Saturday, Diem, Clady DT: Knighton, Jackson DE: Freeney, Mathis, Wolfe OLB: Miller, Ware ILB: Brackett, Marshall, Trevethan CB: Harris, Talib S: Sanders, Ward That team would give lots of Pro Bowl teams trouble.
  9. Freeney, Mathis, and Miller all in their prime? LOL game over for any QB. Even AFC vs NFC pro-bowl teams would have trouble with that.
  10. Encouraged by the weight loss to Goode, Banner, and Stewart. Surprised by the gain to Morrison and Walker...though both are only 22 and 21 respectively and have yet to enter their primes so it could just be them filling out.
  11. I can see him being cut in preseason, then we sign him back on veterans minimum.
  12. One word - inflation. $10 million is nothing in this league in 1-2 years. Remember the $5 shake in Pulp Fiction?
  13. In all honesty, bottom 5 TE in the league, paid like top 5. I'd trust Erik Swoope to make a game winning catch before Allen.
  14. I've been wondering myself is Sickels has a chance of beating out Mingo for the backup OLB spot. Obviously Mingo has much better measurables for the NFL, but has had lack of production while Sickels has yet to play and may be worth a test drive.
  15. At this point, I'd say Hunt and Woods are likely to be cut. They have 2 big things going against them: 1. Oldest DL players on the team. That is ruling out Langford for now though. 2. Neither have played in starter-type roles. Woods has been a career backup ala RJF, Hunt has been a career special teamser. McGill is younger and has more potential. Parry has also started before, also is younger and has more potential.

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