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  1. Odell Beckham Jr.

    Love it.
  2. Post Trade/Hankins Mock

    Hate it, huge reaches at every pick.
  3. Probably unrealistic, but here's my version of the simulation, lol.
  4. tvturner's Mock #5

    Not a fan of Darius Butler at #12.
  5. Hankins Released

    LOL no. Rest was probably a signing bonus.
  6. Speaking of things...I keep confusing Leighton Vanderesche with Kyle Vandenbosch, LOL.
  7. Hankins?

    Possible undisclosed injury? I remember when the forums was very disappointed when Jerell Freeman was unsigned...and since then, 2 PED suspensions.
  8. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    And also McGlinchey in the second round. Put them at RG and RT. Both are very familiar with each other, should solidify the right side of the line. Would love this line going forward: George Costanza Pouncey Kelly Nelson McGlinchey
  9. This year's FA class is horrible. D. Lawrence and Ansah locked up before FA. Norwell went to Jacksonville. Rest of them are average to below average starters and backups getting pro-bowl money; e.g. Pugh, Jenson, Ryan Grant, McKinnon, etc.
  10. OK, looks like we're drafting Nelson ...

    Agreed, well said. No such thing as positional value, save for QBs (top of totem pole), Kickers, and Punters. Think the Steelers want to trade LeVeon Bell for Bjoern Werner right now? Or the Cardinals wanting to trade David Johnson for Randy Gregory?
  11. Not every FA year is going to be a big spending year. Not to mention, a lot of players won't even want to play for us. Suh = won't sign with us for $30 million a year.
  12. Pugh to Cards

    Wow, 5 years, 45 million. That's a ton for a guard, especially one with chronic injury problems and only played half the games the past 2 seasons. Think anyone would dream of giving Mewhort this much? When Pugh is not even as good? I would have thought 5-7 million was borderline stretching it.
  13. I'd be happy with the following additions in FA. DE - Denico Autry (already happened) OG - Justin Pugh OG/OT - DJ Fluker TE - Zac Ebron WR - Ryan Grant CB - Phillip Gaines
  14. Colts Oline

    Mother fluker!
  15. Here's what I'd probably grade it at. Obviously, the OL and LBs are the biggest weakness. Click to enlarge.