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  1. I can see him being cut in preseason, then we sign him back on veterans minimum.
  2. One word - inflation. $10 million is nothing in this league in 1-2 years. Remember the $5 shake in Pulp Fiction?
  3. In all honesty, bottom 5 TE in the league, paid like top 5. I'd trust Erik Swoope to make a game winning catch before Allen.
  4. I've been wondering myself is Sickels has a chance of beating out Mingo for the backup OLB spot. Obviously Mingo has much better measurables for the NFL, but has had lack of production while Sickels has yet to play and may be worth a test drive.
  5. At this point, I'd say Hunt and Woods are likely to be cut. They have 2 big things going against them: 1. Oldest DL players on the team. That is ruling out Langford for now though. 2. Neither have played in starter-type roles. Woods has been a career backup ala RJF, Hunt has been a career special teamser. McGill is younger and has more potential. Parry has also started before, also is younger and has more potential.
  6. Was this him behind the wheel?
  7. DANIELLE Hunter?
  8. I'll be surprised if they allow him in the building anymore.
  9. 4 words, 4 syllables - "give it a rest."
  10. Except Jordan Howard got 1300 yards rushing, 300 receiving in a rookie year. Probably will be their new Matt Forte for the next 10 years. IMO we would have guaranteed won the Jacksonville (London) game last year with him, especially on the 4th and 1. Also would have helped us run out the clock in Houston.
  11. What if Grigson took Jordan Howard in the 4th round last year instead of Antonio Morrison? Would that have made our team better or worse? Safe to say, we'd have won the Jacksonville game in London. Probably had a 9-7 record at least, very possibly 10-6. At the same time, we'd be picking around 20 this year instead of 15, so we wouldn't have Malik Hooker. It's the offseason already.
  12. Sometimes when I type on my phone in the bathroom, I go through things so fast, it becomes hard to follow. The point I mean to impart is this; sentencing isn't what it used to be. Used to be "oh boy, I'm afraid to go to jail." Now it is "if I get a record, can't get a good job anyways, so it's better to be in jail." The worst part of any sentencing are the collateral consequences, not jail time. Long story short, as a result amongst many other factors (overcrowding, tax dollars not enough for salaries, yadda yadda yadda), sentencing is much less in pure time served than it was before. As examples, I've seen murderers get 10-20 years in prison. Drug traffickers get 10 years but out in 10 months as "good behavior" automatically gets accrued. As the saying sometimes goes, "Misdemeanor retail theft on the 3rd conviction is a felony"...that's the book world. In the real world, the average thief does not get caught until 20+ attempts, and receives pretrial diversion multiple times because DAs don't want to waste time prosecuting what they consider to be petty stuff. If David Parry was Joe Schmo? Probably gets 0 jail time, perhaps 10 days of time to be served on and off during weekends. And that's assuming the sentence is not "suspended" by the Judge.
  13. Tired of us not getting 4th and short via running plays, e.g. vs Jacksonville especially last year in London. Just once, I'd love to see a lineup of Good and Banner during goal line formation. With Grover Stewart as fullback. Those 3 guys should figuratively push back 11 guys out of the stadium.
  14. Re-read what I wrote. It was a reference point. If people who commit first degree murder sometimes get 10-20 years, then it should not be a surprise if someone gets 0 time for DUI and golf cart theft (or any other crime for that matter). Which is what they should get, 0 time. Mark Wahlberg got 45 days for aggravated battery and attempted murder back in the 1980s, BEFORE he was famous. (the Internet is your friend) Anyone who thinks that an ordinary Joe Schmo would get 90 days in jail is not up to date with today's legal system. He'd be lucky to get 90 minutes.
  15. Not a chance, I've had a habit of checking court dockets for crimes I have knowledge of, I've seen plenty of 1st degree murders get 10-20 years. Prison is less damaging than a felony conviction.

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