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  1. Cam Thomas sucks, plays as if he's on roller skates. I remember when he was beat out at NT by a backup 4-3 DT in San Diego, much like how Tony Ugoh was beat by a backup LG Charlie Johnson.
  2. More like a 30 second soccer game.
  3. IMO it's arguable that Justin Smith (Soloman Thomas) is better than Julius Peppers (Myles Garrett).
  4. Least intimidating player in NFL history.
  5. He's pressuring himself, with all the statements he has made about building the team. e.g. constantly talking about building the trenches, etc, etc. Actually a great thing, not a bad thing...but you can tell he has the "I'm not here to get situated, I'm here to work and win" streak in him.
  6. 3 DBs - no way we do that in this draft. Ballard is under pressure to perform, and in a draft this deep, he's gonna get a star edge rusher and MLB, while this mock does neither.
  7. Plenty good on the DL. Anderson, Ridgeway, Langford, McGill, Parry, Woods. Only notable player lost was Kerr, and he was vastly overrated by this forum.
  8. How do you compare OJ Howard and Soloman Thomas?
  9. Way too much secondary, not gonna lie, worst mock yet.
  10. BPA is a joke, because you can't compare players in different positions. Me, I think RB and Safety are 2 of the most overrated positions.
  11. Some unnamed people are an uppity posters who can't stand anyone who disagrees with them.
  12. Thomas IMO has the potential to be better than Garrett.
  13. Got it now. Aiken, Moncrief, Dorsett. Had no clue Moncrief was that young...only 20 when drafted.
  14. Imwas going to guess Allen Doyle Swoope but that isn't it.
  15. Bowser WAYYY overrated by this forum. I predict round 4-5 for hom. Much rather prefer Derek Rivers or Jordan Willis.

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