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  1. Notes On The Colts Choking

    And we somehow did that with a bad team. I guess I view choking as having a good team who constantly loses under pressure of the moment. Just my thoughts though. If we had Andrew Luck back at QB and we kept losing after having huge leads, that would be a problem.
  2. Notes On The Colts Choking

    We're choking with an injured team all while using a back up QB? LOL Makes sense.
  3. Luck being shut down from practice this week.

    Ugh. Not good. Just roll with Brissett and maybe we can win another 4-5 games this season.
  4. Harbaugh and Gruden are 99.9% likely to not coach the Colts. Most likely is the obvious. Dave Toub.
  5. Offensive Line is Offensive

    Well, the line has looked a lot worse so this is a step in the right direction. One major key factor here is... injuries! I know it's a lame excuse but when your 1st and 2nd round O-Linemen are out for extended amounts of time, it causes a lot of issues. A lot of us here are very critical of the O-Line. The constant blitzing last night should be a reflection on Chud or maybe even Brissett to call the right play to beat the blitz. Only so much the O-Line can do.
  6. The Ghost

    This is what I've never understood. When teams knock out our best receiver, nobody really steps up.
  7. 85-22

    I think Pagano is beside himself when the players make a good play every now and then. The camera pans to Pagano and it's like he's trying to hold back from smiling, like he can't believe something good happened with him as a coach. lol
  8. Colts vs Titans predictions

    I predict that we win a squeaker. 27-24 Colts.
  9. Update on Luck

    I know he's not in a game scenario but Andrew looks flawless throwing the football. Not sure the distance but it looks like a good amount of distance. Are we thinking he will be back for the Bengals game?
  10. Friendly Reminder from TigerTown: We are still alive

    What is this "tiger town"?
  11. Yet Another Classic Colts Play Of The Week

    But if it worked, everyone would be excited about it. It doesn't matter, they tried, it didn't work, we move on.
  12. The best Peyton Manning stories you've never heard

    "Damnit Donald!"
  13. The best Peyton Manning stories you've never heard

    "Damnit Donald!"
  14. Colts Injury 10/5

    Dallas Clark.... hilarious.
  15. Cam Newton - Sexist

    I think it's one thing if you're hanging with your friends and talking like that but when you're on TV, you should probably watch what you say. Cam is being too comfortable. This one slipped. I saw that he apologized as well.