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  1. If he makes the trip sure Gore is our starting running back. Mack is a rookie. He will learn the ropes this year. No way does Gore get released this season. If we did and Mack suffered any injury resulting in missing some games, were kinda screwed.
  2. Wilson was embarrassed by Golladay on a couple occasions. He was there in coverage but couldn't fight for the ball. One resulting in a TD catch. I wouldn't say anything Quincy Wilson did was fantastic but he was there in coverage at least. Need to see more of him though.
  3. There was news that the 49ers wanted him to play Guard but he played terrible. So that option of playing along the line might not work out for us. Might be strictly depth for the center spot only.
  4. Hard pass.
  5. Rubber bands and gum baby!
  6. My guess is Cutler or Fitzpatrick.
  7. Simon, Natson, E. Jackson, McGill, Spence was there too. Jeff Locke made losing Pat McAfee a seamless transition so far.
  8. Whew, that O-Line is absolutely atrocious. Good thing it's just depth/backup players.
  9. That is definitely part of the equation:thmup:...I just can't wait for the season to start and to see how this team responds. Remember the Rams QB Kellen Clemens? Neither does anyone else, but he lead a Rams team that beat the Colts. If we can't get to the QB, we're going to have a rough time.
  10. It will be a problem if we can't get to the QB. We were beat by them once before, 38-8. Still have nightmares about that game. Tavon Austin caught 2 TDs and returned a punt 98 yards for a TD. I know that was a couple seasons ago, but I know it still won't be easy for us.
  11. Is this about the incident where he grabbed a girl's breast and later pulled down her shirt at the St. Patty's festival? Or is this about a domestic violence situation with his girlfriend? Or is it both?
  12. George, nobody cares about the music. lol Glad to see Hairston doing some work, though. Sounds like he might win the slot spot?
  13. So we won't see Mack this Sunday, I assume?
  14. Thank you for your work! Please keep us posted where you land next so we can look out for you again!
  15. Sounds like the defense still needs work, that was to be expected. The offense being somewhat lousy has to be on poor QB play?

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