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  1. Did you have to google his name to find the right spelling? Don't worry, I'd probably do the same. lol Remind me again at the end of the draft.
  2. Hankins Released

    I will agree that Al Woods played better. But it was nice to have Hankins also. He was 5th in tackles on the team, not too shabby but probably not worth $10M per year in Ballards eyes anymore. I'll also have to agree that we are in phase 2 of complete rebuild mode. Whether that's trying to find new players or see how much money we can save by not signing anyone, I'm not sure which yet.
  3. Hankins Released

    Holy smokes. He played so well for us last season. He doesn’t fit our now 4-3 scheme?
  4. Serious Question Regarding Ballard.

    It’s obvious that Ballard wants to build his team through the draft. He signed some decent free agents last season. It’s not over yet, I’m sure we see another couple guys that could be sneaky signings. That’s what Ballard looks for. I think it may be inevitable that we trade back out of #3 to collect as many draft picks as possible. That has to be the only way. I don’t think Ballard is going to be “all in” on Chubb or any 1 player at #3. I think he’s going to be looking for the highest value for trading out of #3 and see what picks are there.
  5. Quincy Wilson #1?

    I love the confidence. But we've had that confidence before with a few players. Most didn't work out. I hope the best for Quincy because I really do like him.
  6. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders

    Signs for even lower than I expected. I was thinking the Colts would get a new deal to him between $7M-8M. Big head scratcher here...
  7. It's free agency. Have to overpay a little bit to land your guys to build the team. Did you see Sammy Watkins deal? Chiefs completely overpaid for him. lol
  8. Might as well re-sign Melvin because he knows the system already. I would do it relatively soon.
  9. Hitchens to Chiefs

    Yet it was a lock that he was coming to the Colts. Take all articles with a grain of salt. Money talks.
  10. Norwell was really the only top FA that I would have liked the Colts to sign. That hurts a bit...
  11. That's what I was thinking. Damn NewColtsFan is drunk already! lol
  12. This thread started off pretty awesome. Now it's back to the original question. lol
  13. Peyton is no longer 'Papa John'

    East of Chicago Pizza?