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  1. Color Rush unis

    Gotcha! I think I dig the font better on the color rush uniforms. Not significantly different but it's a change that I like.
  2. Color Rush unis

    Was the jersey any different? It looked the exact same to me?
  3. Chris Ballard has this image printed and taped to his desk somewhere, I'm sure. lol O-Line heavy draft/free agency coming right up!
  4. Ross Travis

    Ross Travis was a surprise. I was thinking, "Who is that?". Pretty bad while half of the team is on IR. lol. I thought he was very fast and made some nice catches. I'd like to see more of him for sure.
  5. Color Rush unis

    I liked them. Changed it up a bit which was nice. Same with last week playing in the snow. I really enjoyed watching it for some reason.
  6. Aaron Rodgers medically cleared to return

    Does anyone else think it's insane that he's back already? The man snapped his collarbone and had a bunch of screws inserted to hold it together. I doubt it's even part way healed. I hope their O-Line keeps him clean.
  7. Any of y'all go to the game yesterday?

    I couldn't help but feel bad for everyone enduring that. Props to you. I bet it was fun, though.
  8. Really? I was just curious, not saying we should do it. I see a lot of mocks saying McGlinchey will go before Nelson. McGlinchey possibly being the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft if the Browns decide to move on from Joe Thomas, actually. I would be happy with drafting O-Line again either way. Is Nelson that much better?
  9. Mike McGlinchey to the Colts. I could get behind that. Everyone is complaining about Castonzo the past 2 seasons, lets get an upgrade. Depending on where we pick, which I think is top 4, we should grab him. The Browns may pick another QB or they could replace Joe Thomas with McGlinchey. That would be a bummer for us but I hope we can grab him in my opinion.
  10. Probably 1st round picks for the next 5-6 years.
  11. What about Mike McGlinchey? Rotoworld wrote something about him being the #1 overall pick going to the Browns. Could he possibly be a #1 talent? If he slides, could be one for the Colts to pop on.
  12. Neck beard to top of head transplant.
  13. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    John Simon for sure.
  14. Colts should have drafted T.J. Watt 1st round!

    This is only a discussion because Malik Hooker is out for the season. He was looking very good before injury.