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  1. Pagano is the #15 ranked best coach in the league. Hmm. I think he could be anywhere around 15-20 range in my opinon of course. John Fox and Jason Garrett that low are kinda off I think. John Fox has a headache of a team right now. Jason Garrett looks good due to Dallas's progress in the draft. They got lucky with Dak too. Let's see how he does in his 2nd year.
  2. I think we have no choice but to be run heavy. It's the only way to survive til playoffs and be more balanced. So many times we start run heavy and kinda do away with it. Last season was almost a breath of fresh air. We ran the ball consistently for the most part. We had a decent 2 punch running game with Gore and Turbin and had a RB hit over 1,000 yards rushing. That's something for us. I'm anxious for the Mack attack. Hopefully he picks up well early.
  3. Yeah I was just kidding. Our team has a bit yet to go but I'm very anxious to see how Luck progresses after his surgery and to see our new revamped defense on the field. Our defense will look so much different than previous years.
  4. I'll say we lose our opener and then go on to win 15 games straight. Enter playoffs with a 1st round bye and win the championship. PFF way off here.
  5. And there's always a few that us fans will get worked up about that is cut. Tough day for those that don't make it.
  6. I'm all for that as well. Sometimes people like to share the gossip or insider info that us fans can't see or hear about. Nothing said was too shocking anyway. I think all of us as fans have totally moved on and are excited to see Ballards guys perform on the field. I know I am.
  7. Well he kept his mouth closed as a Colt though. Now that he's not in the NFL, he wants everyone to know. Which I think, is okay. Not like other people didn't already know that about him anyway.
  8. Wow. That really tells you something about someone when that's the first thing they say to you.
  9. Who? Doubtful. I have a good feeling about our revamped defense. I think we take the division.
  10. It's from "NotSportsCenter". Sports news with fake twist not affiliated with ESPN. However, in this case. This is pretty accurate. lol
  11. I thought it was an NFL rule that you couldn't tackle in training camp? Didn't the seahawks get fined for this? Or am I thinking of something different?
  12. But but but... the Colts have the worst O-Line in the league which is why Andrew Luck is always hurt. /sarcasm. Basically what I see when reading comments pertaining about the Colts from other fans.
  13. I'd be cool with that.
  14. He looked good. Plus having 7 touchdowns, that's definitely a monster year for him. He could potentially be our bruiser back.
  15. I guess he's visiting the Titans. Eh, kinda hope he doesn't wind up there.

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