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  1. All 8 signed. Very nice.
  2. hahaha. Whatever those guys are doing I want to be doing it too. Hilarious.
  3. Doesn't sound good for Geathers. Reporters denied 3 straight weeks to talk to him. Ouch...
  4. Well to be technical, he went to Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne and left at the start of his senior year for Marion High School.
  5. James Blackmon JR from Fort Wayne plays for IU Basketball. Maybe that sounds familiar to ya?
  6. Nagano says Banner is so large he's like an eclipse.
  7. Do we have a link about the latest on Clayton's health?
  8. Best of luck.
  9. Varga is a nice guy. Talked to him for a bit outside of training camp. He just seemed like another normal guy who just so happens to wear an Indianapolis Colts jersey. This topic was brought up last year and was discussed but it just sucks to see a player get an injury that dramatically affects the brain. Best of wishes to him wherever he is currently.
  10. Nice stuff. Funny to see Jeff Locke say he knows theres no way he can put on a #18 Jersey in Indianapolis.
  11. I think that's always the idea but it never seems to stick.
  12. Gore will still get the bulk of the carries I'm sure. At least early in the season anyway. I know we drafted a running back, but I don't see him out there especially with Turbin and Gore in the line up. Maybe after next season.
  13. Yeah, you could run into other teams at that one. I think it's the closest hotel to the stadium and they constantly have police escorts down there. Makes it super easy. I'm only an hour and a half from Indy so we just drive back after the game. We did stay at the JW Marriot a few years ago.
  14. JW Marriot is super nice. One of the best hotels that I've stayed in. Parking is a lot of money though. They charged me like $37/day to park your car there. Ouch.

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