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  1. Was going to say the same thing; it's hard to understand him.
  2. Our divisional "party" is over

    Houston did have the game won; the Colts were ahead the entire game.
  3. Rotoworld Ranks NFL GMs

    I was about to say the same thing... He acts like they went 1-15.
  4. Major announcement at 5 PM

    I think it's pretty major. Can't wait to see Manning in Indianapolis.
  5. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    Yeah, I would like to know details too, such as how the confrontation started; I just can't imagine the pizza guy getting worked up over a parking spot that is not his when he is just trying to deliver a pizza... But I can imagine Dqwell overreacting to someone in his parking spot... And you're right maybe the pizza guy is like this crazy super, powerful, formidable fighter, who disrespected Dqwell; I don't know. Either way I don't think there is an excuse; just my opinion.
  6. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    Alpha males don't fight the pizza man over a parking space... That's the complete antithesis of alpha...
  7. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    No man, he didn't assault "someone" he assaulted a pizza "guy" which means it's all good. Men should be able to assault another man with impunity; it's the good old masculine way; America's going soft... Besides, do you know how emotionally attached someone can get to a parking space??? Serious business, guys! He should be let off the hook and the pizza guy should apologize to Dqwell for being a pansy...
  8. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    Woman or man? What does it matter? They're fighting over a parking spot which is a small area with imaginary demarcations on on top of cement which lies on top of Earths crust... Dqwell's life is not at risk In any way.... I'm sure the pizza man was only parked there temporarily anyways... He could have just waited... And The pizza man might as well be considered a girl because the only difference between the two genders is physical strength; Dqwell is a professional athlete and the pizza man... Is well a pizza man... They usually dont epitomize physical athleticism or strength... I bet he wouldn't punch a guy his own size over that parking space; Dqwell is, in essence, a bully. I can't believe there are people who are defending his actions...
  9. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    Physical violence should never be tolerated, especially over a freaking parking space... A parking space... Dqwell Jackson isn't handicapped.
  10. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    Just simply dumb; there is no excuse.... What possess someone to physically assault someone over a parking space? And what possessed the Colts to pay big money to an aging linebacker with no coverage skills?
  11. D'Qwell Jackson found guilty of simple assault..

    I don't like Dqwell Jackson as a person for assaulting a freaking pizza guy, and I don't like him as a player for possessing a hefty price tag as a mediocre player with no coverage skills... Why, oh why did they let Freeman go!? That's the only mistake by the Colts, so far, during the offseason.
  12. Patriots hosting Eric Weddle

    Wish the Colts were hosting him.
  13. Freeman Not Happy About Fleener's Comments

    Yeah, it's sad that he isn't on the team anymore, and you're right, his comments show that he did have passion for the team.
  14. Who's going to QB Denver now?

  15. Pagano New World Record?

    Spot on.

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