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  1. Was about to say the same thing lol
  2. Chargers should win handily.
  3. The Patriots are heads and shoulders above the rest of the league.
  4. We don't need to keep running the ball.
  5. Wow they got 14 defensive points.
  6. Nice move by Gore.
  7. Lol I guess they think they are ahead; they're moving so slow...
  8. That was a catch....
  9. There is a stark difference between the two games Luck has played with Chud and 2014 Luck?
  10. Why are people so high on Chud?
  11. Exactly! I could never root for the Steelers; they would most likely crush us!
  12. Surprised anyone started a thread revolving Skips opinion.
  13. I hope they do that against Luck. I remember these type of teams were the teams that the old Colts used to kill; winning would be automatic.
  14. Colts should win. Their defense is good. But they aren't facing elite passers every week and I don't consider Cam Newton an elite passer. Not sure how some are so worried considering the history between these two teams. Lol we even won last year; last year was horrible.

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