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  1. I used to hate NE during the Manning era, but now I have nothing but respect; they're awesome. They are the cream of the crop every year. I hate the Steelers I hate Denever. Can't believe they won last year and I hate how peytons last game was with them. The Texans are a joke. Other than the Colts, I usually root for the Seahawks.
  2. The game is over.
  3. Well, maybe the Patriots should have put a beat down on the Jets like this last week. Let us enjoy our high; it's been a looooooooong time.
  4. I hope we can drop 50 on them. I also hope we do the same to the Texans.
  5. Wow, Allen looks impressive. What if he played like this from now on.
  6. Grow, great start and playcalling.
  7. Colts should destroy the Texans.
  8. Why do you watch them if the match ups are just so bad and sleep is so important to you?
  9. So annoying that he was on the Broncos and actually won a SB with them. Yuck.
  10. More football the better imo.
  11. Allen is redeeming himself.tonight.
  12. The drops by receivers are killing us.
  13. I feel like Tolzien gets rid of the ball faster than Luck.
  14. That would be awesome if Tolzien was good enough to steal the job from Andrew Luck.

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