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  1. I bet Milloy did have a bunch of bad things to say about Belichick, especially after he had the gall and audacity to give up his hotel room for Milloy. The nerve of that guy! http://www.espn.com/blog/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4785182/the-day-bill-belichick-gave-his-hotel-room-to-safety-lawyer-milloy Lol But, seriously, what negative things did Milloy say? I'm curious.
  2. Do you really believe that a part of the reason that they are so successful is because they cheat, or were you speaking tongue-in-cheeck?
  3. Lol I know I'm excited Grigson was fired.
  4. If they do, the Colts might be missing the playoffs for the third consecutive year. Texans, just say no. Just say no to Romo.
  5. I know the Patriots are not well liked on here, but what they have done is nothing short of amazing. This is Bill's and Brady's 7th Super Bowl appearance! That is absolutely astounding. They deserve major props. So, congratulations to the Patriots and their fans; I hope you guys get molliwopped by the Falcons!
  6. Yeah, I can't even imagine what it would be like if Walden went down. Scary!! Lol
  7. I don't think many are down on Luck for not beating the Patriots; Its not about Luck. I think more people are down on the coaching and drafting when it come to beating the Pats.We need a defense and especially a pass rush. I always hear people criticize Grigson for not building an O line, but I feel the lack of development of a pass rush is a more warranted criticism.
  8. Wow, that run by Blount was amazing!
  9. Atlanta is the real deal!!!
  10. Mr. High-and-Mighty, although I have been going to this site since 2004, I don't post much on here, and when I do it's usually just in the game day threads; hence why I don't have many likes. The post you responded to got a lot more likes than your response to me, anyways. There is nothing special about WHAT you write. Temper your ego, my man. You are part of the ignorance that you have a problem with. And I'm hurling insults because you are hurling insults at our fanbase and the posters here. This is one of the best football forums I have been to.
  11. Sanctimonious.... You have only been a fan since the Luck era. You come walk in telling a bunch of long time Colts fan that they suck. With every post you talk as if you're omniscient. Who do you think you are? If most of the fans who post on here are so beneath the great and mighty NewColtsFan, why do you post here? To gain a false sense of superiority? I agree with you; there are a lot of good, smart and knowledgeable posters on here, but, FWIW, I don't consider you among them. Most of your posts contain a condescending tone where you state your opinions as fact, and talk to people like they're *s. You also like to tell everyone that you worked in the media. Also, why do you put so many spaces between sentences? To make yourself stand out and feel special?
  12. Exactly what I'm wondering.
  13. Peyton may still be a possibilty.
  14. But you have reason to believe that the next GM could possibly have an excellent draft, which would significantly upgrade the team.
  15. Not to mention that the new GM could be great at drafting talent and could draft some instant starters that could push is over the edge. I want Pagano fired, but there aren't really any other candidates and im ecstatic that Grigson got fired.

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