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  1. Im pretty sure everyone knows that Grigson is responsible for finding Doyle, but it doesn't erase the fact that he is responsible for knowing Allen's worth and right now he hasn't really been playing as good as his contract suggests.
  2. Yeah, seeing how well Doyle is playing, I also questioned the value of Allen; he seems pretty expendable. It almost makes you wish had kept Greener over him. To the people whom don't like the thread subject, why post in it and not contribute to the conversation?
  3. I wanted the Colts to win in 201. I didn't want them to cut Manning for Luck, but I definitely want them to lose now. It just isn't any fun watching this team.
  4. It is fair to compare them; Peyton was cut for Luck, whom was projected as the best prospect since John Elway.
  5. I don't think this is him just being diplomatic; he really does hold on to the ball too long. Peyton, he is not in that regard.
  6. I was honestly hoping we lost too. I want the Colts to get an early draft position and boot Grigano.
  7. What's more annoying than players standing is coming to a football forum and seeing a bunch people go on political rants.
  8. Maybe you should pay attention to the words... Not the person speaking them...
  9. All you see is an image of a guy kneeling; it's not like at the beginning of each game, Kaepernick or X player is able to get on the mic and make a long speeches opining about police brutality... Also what he is doing is successful; he wants to shed awareness and get people talking, which is definitely occurring, whether you agree with his stance or not. Personally, I have not watched the games as much, because as a Colts fans, I usually watch all the Colts games, but the Colts have just flat out played bad, and bad football is not entertaining. During the games this year, I'm falling asleep or getting sidetracked; where in the past I am tuned in, immersed, and watching attentively. I think most of the teams in the NFL this year are kind of playing bad too; everyone sucks lol.
  10. He said that he found good talent in Stanford, thus he might make a good GM.
  11. No.... It's not. I would like to know.
  12. Hah! Yeah, right. The Pats just won 3 of 4 games with back ups, Tom is a vet, he will be prepared.
  13. Why do people post in threads they aren't interested in?
  14. Why would any Colts fan want to be Ravens-like? The Colts would always smash the Ravens.

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