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  1. I don't think there's any doubt that the OL talent has been upgraded pretty significantly. Couple that with the new offense that will likely use a short, quick release passing attack and the new blocking schemes, and we should see a BIG improvement in pass protection and in keeping Luck upright.
  2. Barry Sears

    The NYGs

    Why do they have to draft a QB for the future? It's New York and when Eli is done, they can just sign a veteran free agent QB who can step right in and take over. Makes more sense than waiting for a drafted QB to develop. They had a chance at drafting an incredible RB and they did it. If he pans out, then they'll look smart. Yes, it's a gamble, but take advantage of having Eli now and surround him with weapons on offense.
  3. Barry Sears

    Colts Sign UDFAs
  4. Barry Sears

    [Roster moves] Colts waive seven players

    Interesting news on Matt Jones
  5. Barry Sears

    Thoughts on Ballard's vision

    All I know is Chris Ballard addressed our great needs along both lines and has created competition with the LB corps, running backs and wide receivers. I like that he looks at character in players, as well as their athleticism. We only see highlight reels and games, but to sit down and talk to someone, ask questions and get a sense of where their heads and hearts are when it comes to life and football is something we'll never be able to do. The players he drafted were team leaders, team captains, and some had overcome adversity during their college careers, too. If you draft a prima donna, you'll end up with a great athlete, but you'll also likely get a head case to go along with it. We see these type of guys fall hard and fast when times get tough. So, we'll know how this draft class does in a year or two, but we'll also see some glimpses of what they can be this season and I'm excited!!! Now we have to wait to see them play. We made it this far since the end of the season...saw a new coach hired, then his replacement hired after the first guy backed out...saw us sign a few free agents and now the draft. Won't be long until training camp, then the pre-season and then Colts football 2018!
  6. Wonder what kind of entrance he makes at camp as a coach? He certainly was creative when he did that as a player. How about Gary Brackett as a LB coach?
  7. Barry Sears

    Quenton Nelson Press Conference

    Still's almost 4:10 now.
  8. This was very interesting, especially the martial arts training and how that has helped his football skills. I'll be there's a lot of parents of young linemen who will be signing their kid up now. Great pick at #6 and he's going to be our rock on the OL for many years.
  9. I predict we'll be happy with who we pick at #6, or if we get #12 and #22 in a trade, we'll be happy with those picks. There's not going to be any Dorsett or TRich type surprises with Ballard in charge. I have full faith in Ballard and his process. He strikes me as being almost over-prepared and has an answer for whatever scenario presents itself this evening. I know he'll be getting phone calls when we are on the clock, and I'm sure he will stick to his plan and do what's best for the Horseshoe.
  10. Barry Sears

    Edmunds and McGlinchey

    I'd take this!
  11. If we pick at #6 and he's available, I say Bradley Chubb. If he's not available and we stay at #6, then the Colts will pick Roquan Smith. If we trade down, then it will be smith or Edmunds, depending on which is available. How's that for being precise? LOL
  12. Barry Sears

    It's Draft Day!! (f/k/a Draft Day Eve)

    I don't think it's possible to control anything and stop anyone from posting something before it's on TV. So, I'll just watch TV and stay off the internet. I can then experience it without any spoilers. I'll be able to read feedback and opinions later. Question - Do you prefer the ESPN or NFL Network coverage?
  13. To me, more exciting than Christmas Eve, especially this year. We've all read the numerous scenarios that may play out tomorrow and the remainder of the draft, but one thing is certain...this is going to be exciting! So many things can happen and there are several players out there that can really help our team. After the dust settles, there will be second-guessing, complaining, praise, joy, happiness and anticipation to see how our new Colts perform. I know the past year or two has been tough for us Colts fans who have long been accustomed to success, playoff berths and division titles. But, with the hopeful return of Andrew Luck, a new coaching staff, several newly drafted players and free agents who should make an immediate impact, I can't help but be excited. Think of Houston Astros fans who enjoyed their success with the Killer B's a few years ago, then saw a downturn, a complete tear-down and overhaul of their team. They suffered through 3 straight years of 100+ losses! BUT, the re-build was on and they are now World Champions. I'm hoping for the same outcome in Indianapolis. We have lots of draft picks the next two years, and may add more during the draft. I'm excited for a new that strikes fear into opponents...I'm excited for a new offense lead by Luck that is dynamic, and also strikes fear into the opponents. I want teams to look on their schedule, see the horseshoe, and know that they will be up against a powerhouse again. Let's enjoy the next few days and GO COLTS!!!!!!!!
  14. I don't think we could go wrong with either of these guys. Seems more of a choice between better overall player now versus a better player a year or two from now. I believe either one will help us in a position where we need lots of help. Smith is a great player and I would love to have him. Edmunds would be one of those guys who wows you. It's tough choice and I'm glad Ballard is the one who will make the decision. I'm sue he will be, and is now getting, lots of input from Eberflus.