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  1. At this point, I'd just pick Lamp with the 1 and be done with it. Foster has screwed up and now, deserved or not, Conley has to drop. Unless it comes out that she lied it's too big of a risk. Aside from the PR nightmare, if he is convicted then we've lost a pick.
  2. Win AFC South with at least 10 wins AND beat at least one of the elite teams AND at least stay competitive in the games we lose. It's all good to win the AFC South, but I'd like to see that the Colts aren't just a big fish in a small pond.
  3. It's not dead yet. Rich Franklin and Jim Carrey
  4. Calling someone an * is unforgivable. I'd definitely throw down if someone called me an *. I could handle # or maybe @, even ", but never *.
  5. RIP. He was definitely one of the posters whose opinions I always valued and one of the names that I associate with this forum.
  6. I'm rooting for the Falcons, but I think the Pats will win. I'd like to see the Falcons get a ring. They're one of those teams that for some reason, despite having no connection, I like to see succeed.
  7. That would explain what I heard without watching.
  8. Yeah, that's what makes it so confusing. The onfield referee said "no fumble, but Pittsburgh recovery."
  9. I'm pretty sure he announced over the microphone, before the review, "Clear Pittsburgh recovery." That's why the announcers are so confused. And for clarity, I'm pretty sure I heard it too. I was on a separate tab so I wasn't watching, but I'm pretty positive I heard it.
  10. Didn't the referee say, "Pittsburgh recovery"?
  11. Ri-freaking-diculous.
  12. That's what we heard so many years with the Colts. Then somehow the mythical juggernaut offense gets shut down. Hopefully Julio can help with that. We never had a Julio.
  13. I'll question both parts of this assertion. 1) A lot of people disagree and would say Antonio Brown. 2) Even if it is Julio, it's not by a large margin. I have no real opinion. They're both awesome.
  14. After Fournette and Cook, I think Mixon is the next best option from a pure talent standpoint. That being said...I don't want anything to do with that baggage. Samuel and Mixon don't even compare. They're completely different backs.

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