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  1. Ballard and RB's.....

    Unfortunately, Adams came in at 213 today! That's pretty lean for 6' 2".
  2. I won't be upset if we draft Barkley...however, I think doubling up on Chubbs is the best strategy. Chubb for the offense...Chubb for the defense.
  3. McDaniels rejects Colts.

    This seems insulting to snakes.
  4. Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    I don't know what the current projections are, but is Nick Chubb a possibility at 2? Before his injury he was talked about next to Fournette. By most accounts he is mostly back to form. We cold draft a Chubb in round one and two.
  5. What happened to KC??

    I've watched a few of their games. It seems like they've forgotten how to run the ball. They only ran Hunt 4 times in the first half. According to Dungy and Harrison, they've reverted Smith back to a game manager AND have gotten away from the run. They just do a lot of short passes and gadget plays.
  6. 10-team, small roster dynasty (15 spots), standard scoring QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, WR/TE, WR/TE/RB, K, DEF QB - Mariota WR - A. Brown, M. Evans, OBJ, K. Allen, D. Parker, C. Davis RB - J. Ajayi, L. Fournette, K. Hunt, T. Rawls, E. Lacy TE - G. Olsen K - M. Crosby DEF - Hou It's a weird league. Small rosters irritate me, but we can never get enough votes to expand. This is my 5th year in the league. I inherited a terrible team. Through some good drafting and fortuitous trades I've managed to hoard most of the WR talent.
  7. I came here to say something similar. I generally prefer watching a big play offense, but a big play defense full of sacks, fumbles and INTs is similarly exciting. The grinding, dominant style defenses can make games seem incredibly long.
  8. Al Woods

    I might be misremembering, but wasn't Hankins upset that he was used out of position on the Giants?
  9. Robert Mathis & Dwight Freeney

    This stat really messes with my OCD. We also lost Superbowl XLIV in large part because Freeney was injured.
  10. Colts Major Additions/Losses per PFF

    Obviously a little punter prejudice in there.
  11. Yuka the cheerleader

    Cheerleaders don't do it for a living. They do it for fun. Cheerleader pay is very low. I had a professor at Purdue a few years ago that was a Colts' cheerleader. Obviously being a Ph.D. level professor and researcher doesn't typically require a side job. She enjoyed it.
  12. You know what's funny, after listening to Myles Garret talk (the 1st pick in this draft), I bet he would have been thrilled to have an orangutan announce him...or maybe someone dressed as a dinosaur. I think the gripe against Mayock is that he didn't take the opportunity to voice his mind against a Walking Dead commercial, an advertisement for Vegas, an advertisement for a golf course, or a ex-player turning the entire announcement into an opportunity to troll another team, but rather voiced it against an organization dedicated to conservation and learning. If I understand correctly, the zoo was asked to do this. He should have bashed the overall idea of spectacle...not the orangutan/zoo. He might have a point that the focus needs to be more on the players, but he made his point in an unprofessional way.
  13. At this point, I'd just pick Lamp with the 1 and be done with it. Foster has screwed up and now, deserved or not, Conley has to drop. Unless it comes out that she lied it's too big of a risk. Aside from the PR nightmare, if he is convicted then we've lost a pick.
  14. Win AFC South with at least 10 wins AND beat at least one of the elite teams AND at least stay competitive in the games we lose. It's all good to win the AFC South, but I'd like to see that the Colts aren't just a big fish in a small pond.