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  1. Come on man. You're over the top on this. The Colts have cash. It took away a pressing draft need. It is not a perfect signing. It also is not a bad signing.
  2. At least he's better than Wells. Edit: Mike Wells...and I guess brad too.
  3. Voted for Foster, but would give seriously consideration to Peppers.
  4. It's going to be a real Fahn to cut down the roster to 53 with all the OL talent.
  5. I think the Colts can bring Butler back pretty cheap. He was solid at S last year; I'm fine moving him more into that roll and letting Adams walk.
  6. Cutting Castonzo makes zero sense; his level of play relative to his salary does not suggest at all that he should be cut...serviceable LTs do not just grow on trees and the Colts would have a gaping whole by cutting him. Now, the Colts could draft a LT with their 1st round pic, and move Castonzo to RT.
  7. No. Dorsett or Green won't be cut, and they don't deserve to be. It is actually funny that you think they should be cut.
  8. Dem some crack eyes. I mean could NE not photoshop that for his sake?
  9. Well I'm glad the forum figured out LOS needs new turf! Closes door, has a fantastic weekend.
  10. Too many truths and rumors! I think Irsay is talking with Gruden. Not convinced about Peyton but doesn't sound outlandish. There's too much smoke to not be some sort of fire. Plus, regardless of what he has publicly stated, you know an 8-8 year with a healthy Luck killed Irsay.
  11. Wilson blogged for some time under Wells. When Wells left, Wilson took over.
  12. Florio pretty much hates everyone. He even trashes the Vikings who are his team.
  13. It is because they're a bunch of New England turds!
  14. Wells was in charge of the blog before Wilson. Florio over at PFT put out a story this AM based on Kravitz's article. I think it was also on ESPN bottom line last night. Granted everything is based on just rumors but picking up national steam. I do do think the rumors are true, but Irsay may not be able to make it happen.

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