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  1. Larry Horseman

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I live out west and thinking I'll go to the Raiders game.
  2. No way I would pay him $14 million per year. He had 112 receptions last year and 987 yards receiving. That is not a playmaking WR. Jack Doyle has a $5.6 million cap hit in 2018 and can give the Colts those numbers with Luck at QB...that's not a knock on Doyle; it is a knock on Landry.
  3. Larry Horseman

    Update: Colts and Vinatieri agree on 1 year deal

    If you do sign him, then check off the position and bring in a camp leg. This situation is not like the punter situation last year, which is a great example of signing a vet, bringing in competition, and going with the best player. If there is any doubt in your mind that Vinny is the guy, you just don't sign him to a one year deal. Simple as that. Vinny isn't coming back to a 4-12 team to be in an off season/preseason kicking competition.
  4. Larry Horseman

    Update: Colts and Vinatieri agree on 1 year deal

    Okay. We can agree to disagree. If I were running the Colts and wanted a kicker competition, last thing I would do is sign back Vinny. You don't bring a 20+ year vet who is arguably the GOAT at his position and less than a season away from breaking an all time record to burn up his leg in a preseason kicking competition with a UDFA.
  5. Larry Horseman

    Update: Colts and Vinatieri agree on 1 year deal

    If we sign back Vinny there is no honest competition during training camp; it is Vinny's job barring injury. I'd love to bring him back for at least one more year...
  6. Larry Horseman

    Florio still maintains agenda....

    He has talked about being a vikings fan multiple times on his show. I’d like to know the genisis of his Colts hatred.
  7. Larry Horseman

    Florio still maintains agenda....

    He is actually a Vikings fan, but he does indeed hate Irsay for some reason.
  8. Larry Horseman

    Cincinnati Halloween ideas - Colts-related

    But this bag, cut eye and mouth holes, and wear it over your head.
  9. Here's the rumor mill (JMV, Kravitz, etc.) if I am remembering correctly. Irsay pursued Manning and Gruden last off season. PM would be brought in as team president, which basically means he steps into Irsay's role. Hierarchy would be team pres, GM, HC. PM didn't come through because they could not agree on partial ownership as part of this role. JMV was saying a few weeks ago that Irsay is going to make another run at PM this off season. Who knows if there is anything to any of this...Manning, Ballard, a new HC, and healthy Luck would sure give some hope to a situation where the further along we get the more I'm starting to feel like bad management will be the biggest factor in Luck never reaching his potential. I have always been an Irsay supporter but I must say I am starting to wonder if it is time for him to take a hands off approach.
  10. Larry Horseman

    Anyone going to the Seattle game?

    @CanuckColtsFanI live in down in Portland and was planning on going, but with no Luck, tickets being super expensive, and it being a SNF game, I opted to watch it on my couch. Seahawks fans are rowdy but not dangerous. Wear your jersey and prepare to hear lots of smack talk. It is a great stadium to see a game. If you like to party, there are ample bars very close to the stadium that are crazy on game day. Enjoy, and cheers to the Colts making me wish I forked up the cash to go!
  11. Larry Horseman

    Luck's recovery timeline since 2015

    Anyone listening to JMV? I saw on Twitter he said he has "some Luck content you may consider good news."
  12. Larry Horseman

    TJ Green at CB

    Thanks for the logical take on the situation.
  13. Larry Horseman

    Season opener vs Rams

    I can't go that far but Dio Sabbath is great. Also completely underrated.
  14. Larry Horseman

    T.Y. Hilton putting up HOF pace numbers

    The main knock on TY to this point in his career is TD's. Unless that changes, he won't even sniff the Hall. For comparison, AJ Green, in only 8 more games (one more season) with worse QB play, has 481 receptions; 7,135 yards; 83 yards/game; and 49 TDs. In today's NFL, that is a HOF pace. That all said, I love me some TY and he's a great player in his own right.