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  1. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Toler and Robinson weren't rookies who's only played in three games their rookie season.
  2. Chuck's Presser Today

    ....The Poor guy has finally lost it.....
  3. What happened to KC??

    What always happens to KC...they'll start the season off strong. Then crumble down the stretch. Every time.
  4. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???

    I agree this team might not win a super bowl until Luck is well in his 30's. If that...
  5. TJ green

    He's GARBAGE no way around it. Maybe we can trade him to the Patriots.
  6. Colts 2018-19 Super Bowl Champs???
  7. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    Now here comes oh my.....
  8. Colts Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread

    TJ Green has to go. He's a bum.
  9. Our best defensive player?

    Simon, Woods, Hankins, Hooker, Melvin....funny thing is our defense this year has had better players on it compared to the past. Scores may not show it, however. But i'v seen improvement. Pretty much anyone not named Bostic or Morrison has shown flashes here and there.
  10. Hookers Website Up!

    Man, I so gotta get use to his last name.
  11. Get ready for articles And or rumors like this all off-season.
  12. The Mystery is over.... Andrew Luck Out for Season

    Kudos to whoever it was on here that said all along that he wasn't gonna play at all this year.
  13. Colts Working Out Multiple QB's Per Report

    Luck's not coming back this year.
  14. REPORT: Trade talks involving WR DONTE MONCRIEF

    Good....get him out of here...not Hilton.
  15. Twitter Action on TY

    Trading Hilton would be plain god....