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  1. Same with Geathers...I can already see how his career is going to go, unfortunately.
  2. Difference between him and Swoope is, he actually have football experience. He Just haven't played in some years. So it might not take him as long to adjust as it did Swoope. Might take a while to learn the Playbook, however.
  3. It doesn't take much to tick a lot of you off on this forum does it??? Lol geez some of you guys need to RELAX.
  4. I'm just not a fan of the BPA strategy. So if the best player available was a qb, hypothetically, we take him??? I just don't like that strategy, personally. But I still trust Ballard. He seems like he knows what he's doing.
  5. PG a lot more critical of teammates then he ever has been before. He's finally getting fed up. Things really starting to get ugly. I might as well go ahead and order my custom made PG-13 Laker's jersey now.
  6. Yup , he called out Lance about his body language after the loss. And something about Myles Turner. Don't know what the about Turner was about specifically. Probably said he needs to step it up, which he definitely does.
  7. I wouldn't blame PG if he does decide to leave or ask for a trade. This team is going nowhere fast. Especially with this coaching.
  8. The Pacers switch on the P&R was god awful. How many times did they leave Teague on James in the paint??? And with no help at that? You gotta be kidding me.
  9. He plays waaay too timid and big time situations. He makes too many mistakes, and he gets bullied under the rim by bigger centers. Said it before, he's NOT the answer at center.
  10. Right....but this Miami team won't go away. No granted they beat then once so I doubt they'll beat them again. But right now, the Heat are rolling.
  11. Don't like pacers chances against ATL, either. Looking kind of iffy now.
  12. When I saw the Bulls lost to the Nets of all teams, I said things are definitely going the pacers way right now.
  13. Yeah but Bob was also JACKED. Thompson is no where near as big.
  14. I think I would try to convert him to corner. At 6'1, 205 pounds he's kind of too little to a safety in the NFL , IMO.

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