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  1. Mack 2 carries

    Irsay made a great decision in bringing in Ballard, but has doomed this team by not cleaning house while he had the chance.
  2. Imagine...

    yea i for sure thought we were going to draft Rhodes i was psyched he had dropped to us, when i heard Bjoern Werner i was like "who the heck is that" lol. Also the Dorsett over Landon Collins was a mind boggler and i cant decide if its more mind boggling than the Trich trade. Man im glad we got rid of Grigson lol.
  3. Ballard turning things around

    love the optimism, good to hear, i still cant understand why we made a GM change without a coaching change though, seems like it will hold us back until a complete change is made
  4. Who Wins the AFC South?

    texans and titans both 10-6, tie breaker goes to texans because we beat titans twice and texans once
  5. Forrest Lamp tears ACL

    hardcore maulage
  6. Bortles throws 5 Picks in 1st Major Practice....

    but wait arent the Jags suppose to win the division this year? wait wasnt that the last 3 years according to all the "experts". lol, teh Jags will be on the bottom again this year guaranteed, offseason champs is the best they will be.
  7. 2017 Season Bold Predictions

    we wont be among one of the most injured teams in the league this year
  8. Malik Hooker placed on PUP

    What is wrong with our conditioning, we are among the most injured team on a yearly basis, What is the answer to this ?? As someone already stated even langford who was an ironman, never missed a game, then came to indy and has had injury issues ever since
  9. Malik Hooker discussion

    This, the draft is always a risk no matter who or where you pick, got to take a chance sometimes. I am happy with taking a chance on the guy.
  10. Come on PFF... this is crap.

    The team is almost brand new and one the youngest in the league. Its not at all unreasonable to think we may have a losing record
  11. Patty Mac takes more shots at grigson

    yea sorry to say Pat but no CFL team is dumb enough to hire Grigson nor do we want him, only the Browns are capable of that feat after what he did in Indy
  12. Don't Sleep On The Colts (Article)

    Everyone seems to sleep on the Colts every season. I do believe Ballard will take us in the right direction but i dont think we will be good enough this year to make any waves. It will take a year or two for Ballard to pull this team out of the hole Grigson put it in.
  13. yep, Luck and our offense was actually really good last year, it just didnt seem like it because our defense was so terrible, probably the worst since Mannings rookie season, thanks Grigs!
  14. Pagano says the same thing about all players, just how he repeats his little catch phrases over and over, mean nothing to me until i see him in action.