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  1. The team is almost brand new and one the youngest in the league. Its not at all unreasonable to think we may have a losing record
  2. yea sorry to say Pat but no CFL team is dumb enough to hire Grigson nor do we want him, only the Browns are capable of that feat after what he did in Indy
  3. Everyone seems to sleep on the Colts every season. I do believe Ballard will take us in the right direction but i dont think we will be good enough this year to make any waves. It will take a year or two for Ballard to pull this team out of the hole Grigson put it in.
  4. yep, Luck and our offense was actually really good last year, it just didnt seem like it because our defense was so terrible, probably the worst since Mannings rookie season, thanks Grigs!
  5. Pagano says the same thing about all players, just how he repeats his little catch phrases over and over, mean nothing to me until i see him in action.
  6. thats just assinine
  7. Ill believe it when i see it, i still think its another one of Grigs first round flops, i think it our WR corps looks like Hilton, Moncrief, Aiken, Dorsett, and i will go with Edwin Jackson as breakout player of the year.
  8. just when it looks like the browns got their head on
  9. yea definetly the defensive pass interference should be 15 or 20 yards not a spot foul, it is just unfair to corners especially how touchy the refs are nowadays about contact.
  10. if Davis gets injured this year or his play declines which IMO is highly likely to happen, we dont resign him, then that would make CB and pass rush top priority.
  11. Its a toss up between the Falcons collapse and the Seahawks play, but the Falcons collapse was a series of bad decisions, if your looking for worst coaching decision in a specific play its the Seahawks by a mile. Throwing over the middle on the 1 yard line with a timeout in the pocket in the superbowl is absolutely crazy, not to mention you have the biggest bruiser of a RB in the NFL at the time. Just absolutely beyond stupid thing.
  12. not a chance, Zeke came in to the NFL with the best Oline in the league in front of him. Jags have a mediocre at best Oline and a QB that no defense in the league is going to respect. He will face a lot of stacked boxes all season long unless Bortles gets it together which is unlikely.
  13. yeah its not looking good for Pagano, i think unless we win at least one playoff game we will have a coaching change, pretty much the whole structure of the front office has changed thus far, ushering in a new era 9.5 times out of 10 means a new head coach as well. Good luck Pags, hopefully we do well enough for you to keep your job!
  14. lol, training camp has not even started yet, as cliche as it may be seriously dont count your chickens before they hatch.

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