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  1. every year is completely different, strength of schedule means absolutely nothing IMO, just another so called "stat" that the so called "experts" can ramble on about when they run out of stuff to talk about
  2. If Solomon Thomas drops to 15 i will strip down and run around naked down town with a party hat on.
  3. there is a good chance Conley wont be there at 15 never mind 23, and way too many high risk players in this draft for my taste.
  4. next years 4th or this years 5th, thats the only way as posted above ^, he has baggage.
  5. I recommend this youtube channel Collin Telesz, he does all sorts of Colts videos, ive seen others of his posted on here, this one was just published today enjoy!
  6. This is exciting im so pumped for the draft
  7. Conely at 24 might be a reach otherwise i like it
  8. Gore can take a back seat for sure, round one running back should start day 1, i doubt we take a RB though. We have Gore and Turbin, with Ferguson to change it up, i think thats good enough in Ballards mind, i think he focuses on the defense 90-100% with this years draft, there is too much depth and we have too many needs, unless Fournette drops to us, then i dont think you can pass, or trade down to the next team who wants him for a boat load of picks.
  9. Your poll should be who is Grigs best gem besides TY
  10. I would die if we take McCaffrey first round, most overrated player in the draft, it would be like Grigson taking Dorsett, we seriously need help at every single position on defense and some on Oline, please not McCaffrey
  11. John Ross!....oh yah Grigs got fired. Jokes aside definetly BPA on defense, the only offensive player i would want is Cook or Fournette, McCaffrey way overrated in my mind.
  12. I thought it is usually always released a week or so before the draft.
  13. Davis was traded for a second round pick, so ya he was a pick. everybody you just listed not named Luck, Hilton or Kelly could quite possibly be off the team in a year or two, so you get a grip lol
  14. All of Grigs draft picks, their days are all potentially numbered. Unless we win this year Dorsett Moncrief and Davis could all be gone
  15. agreed we have the worst roster in the division, the only reason i put us ahead of the Jags is exactly that, Luck will win us games no matter what.

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