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  1. 5 rule changes to consider

    PI is no longer a spot foul but a 15 yard penalty
  2. Who do you want to see in/win the Super Bowl?

    Anybody but the Pats and Steelers, with Went going down the Eagles are all but out, the only teams i can see beating Ne and Pit are the Falcons, Saints or Seahawks
  3. Pagano's Monday Presser.....

    Chucks a great person and an outstanding secondary coach! Being an NFL head coach is not an easy task, he gave it his best and with Luck on his shoulder we were rather successful, but since Luck's absence it is very clear that he is in over his head.
  4. Broncos at Colts

    if there is a team that has fallen further and has become a bigger dissapointment than the Colts this season i would have to say its the Broncos. If we are going to win another game this season i would hope we could at least beat the quarterbackless Broncs. The only thing that scares me our oline does not look good standing up to their pass rush and Brisett likes to hold the ball....but you know if we lose no big deal higher draft pick. 20-17 Colts!
  5. Quincy Wilson played well

    I wouldnt take one game in a blizzard against the Bills backup quarterbacks as any kind of gauge for Q. Wilson
  6. i know it sounds horrible but at this point i dont get upset when we lose, i know it just makes our draft position better. Next season a new head coach, a healthy Luck, and a high draft pick and hopefully we are a much much better team.
  7. Name One Professional Athlete Where The...........

    Yea i have to agree with a post above, Brady and Montana have the rings but they also had some of the best overall teams and coaches in NFL history to go along with them. Manning had below average coaching and defenses his whole career until Denver, and he still managed to get double digit wins every season and eventually a SB. Without Belicheck and the teams he builds around Brady he is nothing.
  8. 30 Yard Penalty Coming?

    Its the worst penalty in sports, your basically giving the receiver all the advantage and opportunity in the situation with all the rules against the defender, than if the defender breaks any of those rules in the slightest way to prevent the receiver from, key word ATTEMPTING to catch the ball, its automatically considered a catch at that spot on the field. So geared towards the offense and i understand the NFL wanting more scores and offensive highlights for created excitement blah blah blah but its really not fair. There is a pretty good reason most NFL players will tell you CB is the hardest position to play at a high level.
  9. 30 Yard Penalty Coming?

    nfl really needs to evaluate the spot foul for PI, not look for more reason to penalize teams even more
  10. Kelly Ruled Out

    why is it every time we seem to actually draft a good player he spends half the time on the injured list
  11. Wait... Who?

    pff literally means nothing to me
  12. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    i would like to see the colts IR lists for the last 5 years compared to the NFL average, we have been among the most devastated by injuries for some time now, whats alarming is it is not an anomaly, it is every season.
  13. 4 for -25

    Agreed, i posted today that i think he should be fired mid season like whats happening in NY, he is a great secondary coach but that IMO is his ceiling, he is in way over his head as a head coach, if he did not have Luck carrying this team in the past he wouldnt have the 2 winning seasons he has, without Luck his true colors as a HC show 3-9 bottom of the league.
  14. Gronkowski

    1 game? LOL! The NFL is slippin