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  1. Davis was traded for a second round pick, so ya he was a pick. everybody you just listed not named Luck, Hilton or Kelly could quite possibly be off the team in a year or two, so you get a grip lol
  2. All of Grigs draft picks, their days are all potentially numbered. Unless we win this year Dorsett Moncrief and Davis could all be gone
  3. agreed we have the worst roster in the division, the only reason i put us ahead of the Jags is exactly that, Luck will win us games no matter what.
  4. 4: Jaguars- If the Browns and Chargers didnt exist possibly the saddest franchise in NFl lore, they also seem to win as many free agency periods as they do games, but with the addition of Coughlin and bringing in some new coaches, a lot of new talent to go with the high defensive picks they have had over the last few years. On paper the D is downright scary, yet they manage to still lose games. I wont believe it till i see it , but they have made a lot of moves the last 2 seasons. IMO still the weakest team in the division, but with the potential to be scary. 3: Colts- Yes i believe we are the third most talented team in the division. Optimism is in the air with the much anticipated firing of Grigs, CB brings a new hope of good things to come. We have Luck who is easily the best QB in the division and IMO top 5 in the league, but the rest of the roster outside of a few select players is substantially below the league standard, especially on defense. Luck gives us the potential to beat anyone, but that D has, can and will lose games for us until it gets fixed. Heres to CB bringing us back to the top. 2: Titans- This offense along with the Falcons was far and away the most potent in the league during certain times last season, i didnt do the research but if i remember correctly they scored over 40 3 games in a row and avg over 30 for the season. Mariota is no joke especially with that running game, imagine if they had a couple name brand receivers. Defense has been solid enough, this team scares me the most because of their potential to be so explosive. 1: Texans- Pretty much most people dub them a superbowl contender hands down if they could find a full time QB who can put up more than 14 points a game. Enough sayd there D is sick and i dont like them so im not going to write about them, cant wait to reclaim the divison.
  5. this^, that game was absolutely one of the craziest i have ever seen in 35 years of watching NFL. For not only a Colts fan but one dedicated enough to be on the forum to have just seen this game is crazy. Just started following the Colts? or maybe just started following NFL? lol! In regards the question i think they give Luck a bit of a shorter leash because if you just let him run the show out there he tends to try to extend plays to much and get injured, interceptions etc etc, but on the flip when it works he look like a magician like in the KC game
  6. why
  7. i think we are still in it for Poe, i just think this means Parry is likely to be cut, after he goes to court. Which sucks, he was so promising his rookie year when Anderson was healthy, but kind of fell off when Anderson got injured, such is football though, someone should start a poll geussing how many of Grigs draft picks will be left by next season. Ill geuss 7, Luck, TY, Moncrief, Mewhort, Kelly, Geathers, Anderson.
  8. fire CB, fire Irsay blow up the arena aaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Kerr is puzzling he is a very good rotational D lineman, especially with Parrys situation up in the air, maybe CB is confident he will get Poe in FA!
  10. maybe this is evidence that he will draft Cook if he is available.
  11. I would love Cook i think he is going to be a stellar back in the NFL, but as i posted in another topic, our offense is good enough to keep up to anyone in the league, but our defense resembles a high school team trying to make it in the NFL, going by this logic i dont think CB has any choice but to focus hard on D this draft.
  12. our offense is good enough to keep up with anybody, but i think me and buddies could score a TD on our D
  13. Bjoern Werner or TR
  14. probably began when the colts pats rivalry started and they had our number for the first little while. Then it would be solidified during spygate. Its hard to deny that Brady is one of the best quarterbacks ever and Belicheck is one of the best coaches, but their "dynasty" will always be tarnished IMO. The reason i hate them is because they win so much, they cheated, they have horrible fans, and it seems like the NFL for whatever reason tries to bury and hide the fact that they cheated. My hatred is for those reasons not because they kicked the crap out of us most of the time during the Manning vs Brady days.
  15. nahh, GreenBay is clearly the better team, but if the boys from the Giants want to party on their day off and "party hard" then they need to back it up and "play hard", which they didnt , Beckham had multiple drops that could have kept the Giants in the game, he is the most overrated receiver in the league.

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