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  1. TJ Green released? (Speculation)

    Cut Hankins and keep Green! Thats exactly what i would have done....
  2. Instant Karma

    Ill wait to pass judgement. Releasing Hankins today is a real head scratcher for me though. I think Ballard has a plan, by the looks of it he is looking forward a few years, not trying to win now.
  3. yea i am not sure what direction they are taking anymore. Before Hankins release i thought we had a set defensive line, but i also thought Melvin would be resigned and corner wouldn't be a need either. I geuss it truly is a full rebuild, we need talent at almost every position on the team.
  4. Mike Silver Calls out Ballard

    who is Mike Silver and who gives him the right to call out anybody, is he qualified to be an NFL general manager? Dont think so, i am pretty sure if Ballard reads this he will laugh harder than i am.
  5. Browns to take QB at 1.

    They can't possibly be thinking of starting Tyrod and passing on a quarterback at 1 or 4, although it is the Browns so i would not be surprised.
  6. I feel like most people are going to say "no he is aging and coming off a bad injury", then wherever he lands Sherman will ball out. I would say yes if the price is right
  7. Trent vs Barkley

    It seems all the Barkley haters have some kind of hope that he will turn out be a bust. I am geussing the comparison to Richardson is eluding to that somehow.
  8. If Luck doesn't play the whole season next year we will likely be looking at quarterbacks.
  9. "The T.J. Green Project"

    I think the "TJ Green Project" should be over
  10. I think all the references to Polian saying T-Rich was a stud is a bit unfair. Most people thought T-Rich was going to be good, its a clear reminder that nobody knows exactly how these players are going to turn out. That being said i don't think it's a secret that there is no comparison at all between T-Rich and Barkley. Fournette, Elliot and Gurley were all can't miss top tier running backs, but Barkley could be the best of the group, possibly the best since AP. I personally think if he drops to 3 we get lucky and would be stupid to pass on the pick, but i think the most likely scenario is either the Giants take him, or someone trades in to the top 2 for him. Leaving the Colts in a trade back situation to grab extra picks and hopefully Chubb or Nelson with a later pick.
  11. Giants will take him and we will receive multiple offers from a team looking for a QB i think.
  12. I dont have a source just seen it while watching NFL Live. I always respect the opinion of former general managers like Casserly and Polian. Just seen on NFL live Polian say'd that Barkley is game changer, he could make any offense in the league better. He say's as a GM you can't pass on players like him, he doesn't think he gets past the Giants but if he does the Colts absolutely should be drafting him because the whole league knows that TY is our only playmaker!
  13. I don't think there is any chance at all the Saints let him hit FA. With Brees and that draft class last year they have a chance to win another SB before he retires. No chance not even a little