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  1. When ever I hear Ron Darling I close my eyes & I can swear it's Gene Simmons talking.
  2. Thank you. Good luck to your Mets as well. I have no idea how that got centered like that. Good night everyone.
  3. Yankees drop game 1 of the series against the Rays 5-4. Need to pick it up again starting tomorrow.
  4. That's something Warren couldn't do tonight.
  5. Rays take the lead back. Longoria is a Yankee killer.
  6. Sorry 06. It's a long season. Holiday just tied it at 4 with a 2run HR.
  7. Yanks give up 3 runs in the 7th. now trail 4-2.
  8. Yanks up 2-1 vs the Rays top of 5th. Severino is laboring but working through it. He has thrown too many pitches. Has had a full count on 4 batters so far. Baby sitting our grandson so he's watching with me.
  9. Yes but perhaps lose the series 1-3. A little life left in them however. It's 9-4 in the 6th. It's what I like about this team this season. They don't quit & are never really out of it till the last out.
  10. Injuries have really ravaged the Mets. They are struggling mightily.
  11. Yeah. This game is looking bleak. 8-0 now in the 3rd. The Astros pitcher had 7 consecutive strike outs till a ground out just a minute ago.
  12. Game 2 not starting off very well for the Yankees. 6-0 top of the first. Tanaka getting hammered. Three HRs. Bregman with a Grand Slam.
  13. Yanks win game 1 11-6. Now comes the retiring of #2 & on to game 2 of today's double header.
  14. Wow. Very sorry to hear this.
  15. Headly with a bases loaded triple. Yanks lead 9-6 10-6. Carter with a double. Yanks got to the Astros Devinsky. Bringing in Sipp now.

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