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  1. I sure hope this doesn't hold true for this years draft.
  2. @NFLfan, What are your thoughts on this?
  3. Absolutely. The bummer trifecta.
  4. I was thinking this as well.
  5. Figures........4 years 43.5mil. 19mil guaranteed.
  6. I see what you did there...........
  7. I echo these sentiments.
  8. This wouldn't upset me either......
  9. Thank you. That is the information I have been looking for. This concerns me a bit. This procedure is a simple one with a quick & usually complete recovery. I've had this procedure myself however, years later because of degeneration I had to eventually undergo a 3 level fusion which is a completely different animal altogether. His spine has been compromised simply by under going this procedure. He's a rather large man which puts added pressure on any compromised area of the back. I'm not saying he will ever have any further issues with his back. I just hope the Colts do their due diligence & have him carefully examined with an MRI or perhaps a discogram to insure the integrity of that particular disc.
  10. Don't worry.....He will....
  11. I took this to mean he felt he was under utilized as a receiver & asked to block most of the time.
  12. This is what I've been trying to find out as well. Has he actually had a procedure done to his back? Is this a new, fresh issue or has he had recurring back problems? Anybody have any details?
  13. Allen's full quote read, “I want to win and I understand that the more skills I can provide the offense, then hopefully the more mismatches that can be created for myself and other players. That’s what I’m about. I’m excited to be utilized as a football player again and not be confined to any box, but just to be a football player, a tight end.” Yeah, you mean like the mismatch of you against Clowney? Can't wait till Brady starts stamping his feet when stone hands drops a few TD passes.
  14. Thank you. I don't hate the idea of a one year "prove it" at all.
  15. I could get behind this. If I could only have two of the three, give me Poe & Claiborne. If we can do that I'd say grab an edge rusher, a safety & a guard in the first three rounds.

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