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  1. "Just because it doesn't count doesn't mean it doesn't matter."
  2. Quincy Wilson went out & our punter got blasted. Don't know what the injuries were or how extensive but that's all I remember from the game.
  3. He could turn out to be very good but......I think we're a little spoiled by the outstanding play of Patty Mac.
  4. If that was our onside kick that was terrible.
  5. No but I miss Mike Curtis.
  6. Thank God for Adam V.
  7. If that was Patty Mac he would have gotten up & flattened that dude.
  8. Nice play by Wilson
  9. I was about to say the same thing.
  10. The play of our Linebackers. Both inside & outside.
  11. Play guitar since I was 14. I would not only love to visit the city of my favorite football team but, I would also love to jam with a fellow Colt fan. Unfortunately the miles will prohibit this. I hope you enjoy your trip, the game & are able bang the skins to your hearts content.
  12. Tell that to the Allman Brothers & 80's Genesis.
  13. I grew up with them in Baltimore. I would continue being a Colts fan in any US city.
  14. He is so inconsistent. I really think something is wrong with him physically.
  15. Yanks lose today 5-2. Tanaka gives up 3 home runs & strikes out 10 in 4 innings. The losing streak extends to 5 games now. I hate west coast trips.

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