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  1. That is a truck load of thumbs up. Love it.
  2. Awesome dad right there. This gave me all the feels. Thanks for posting.
  3. Mini Miguel Cabrera
  4. Garcia just crushed one for the Sox. The streak is in jeopardy.
  5. Not sure that moniker fits anymore.
  6. Reds definitely. The other is my Yankees so far. I figured with all the youngsters there would be some growing pains at least early on. They have been a pleasant surprise so far.
  7. Impressive highlight video. (aren't they all?) If he can consistently play with this intensity for the shoe we will have found a gem. I look forward to watching this big fellow.
  8. So sorry to hear of your loss. Please take the advice of some wise posters who say that if you need to reach out to someone do so. Your fiance would want you to keep her memory alive by sharing your loving memories of her with others. Nothing I can do or say will take your pain away & you will need to grieve in your own way, in your own time. Only by doing so will you keep her in your heart forever. I pray for you & her family. May you all somehow find peace.
  9. Sorry for that loss. Things will even themselves out. Everything will be alright.......
  10. Did the Mets hit any HRs tonight? I know they have been banging them out so far.
  11. Yanks win their 6th in a row 3-2. CC pitched well getting into the 8th inning when the bullpen really needed a rest. Clippard gives up a HR to Piscotty in the 9th. (he's given up 2 hits & they're both HRs.) Tomorrow the Yanks go for the sweep.
  12. Don't remember the exact count but it was around 112 pitches in the 7th inning. He had 55 after the 3rd.
  13. He left with 8 walks but he also had 11 strike outs.
  14. Yes. The Yanks go for 6 today. They've scored a run without putting a ball in play. Through two innings the Cards pitcher has walked 6 & struck out 6. Yanks lead 1-0. The run scored on a wild pitch.
  15. Beautiful story NFLfan. It's hearing about things we experience such as this that gives us joy in knowing we are alive. I read the links & watched the videos you posted in the previous post. Simply breathtaking. I was not even aware of Rod Carew's condition before. I hope you & your family & all the members here have a wonderful Easter. I'm hoping to watch my Yankees take game #2 from the Cards today.

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