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  1. Hankins Released

    We're looking for smaller D-Linemen, right? If Maurice Hurst falls because of his heart thing, he would be a steal at the top of Rd 2. Same with Taven Bryant, maybe?
  2. I trust Ballard, I really do...

    Word is Melvin was asking WAY more from the Colts to stay.
  3. How many times has Ballard said that he'svery focused on how sogmomgs will affect the locker room? Suh would be a complete and total reversal of what he's been preaching. Miami let him go in order to facilitate a culture change. This does NOT seem like something Ballard would go for (and honestly I would agree with him here)
  4. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I think so. Big part of the new defense is supposed to be getting pass rush/pressure from front 4. I don't know much(read: anything) about this guy, but I understand targeting d-line.
  5. This thread has turned to garbage
  6. Lol, we go from his 40 time where Twitter blows up saying he could end up a #2 overall, to his 3 cone time where now people here are saying he's no good now. Busy day in crazytown.
  7. Bad news for Maurice Hurst

    Hopefully this turns out to be minimal. This kid is good.
  8. Thanks for thinking of me here. I'm going to have to pass on this one I think. Got a newborn at home and the wife and I are on alternate work schedules while trying to sleep any chance the little guy gives us, haha. I don't want to be the guy that ends up wasting hours of time and misses his pick. I'll be following along though, to be sure!
  9. If we take Chubb in round 1 and I see either Landry or Key available with our 2nd, I'm thinking REALLY hard about doubling up and hoping our DE/EDGE position is set for the future.
  10. I love Taven Bryan. If he falls to the 2nd I would have no problem picking him up there. Or if we did the Buffalo trade for their 2 ones, I could see targeting him. The issue I've seen brought up with him is that he is basically all projection. He hasn't produced like Watt even though people are comping him as such. He is a guy who seemingly would need MORE development than Chubb.
  11. Please create a new topic so that we can discuss this further!
  12. So here’s something crazy(rumor)

    Weren't all reports this weekend that Frazier was Irsay's guy?
  13. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]