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  1. Keep the pick or trade down?

    Harold Landry has been up there with Key in recent mocks that I've seen. Not sure about ILB... the kid from Texas that was supposed to be awesome has disappointed from what I've read. I've heard Cam Smith of USC a few times but haven't seen him very high in mocks
  2. Sums it up pretty well. I believe the biggest complaint with Manusky was that he was too vanilla and didn't know how to scheme pressure without blitzing. I remember those two complaints very clearly.
  3. Brian Cushing Suspended for PED Use

    That's relevant to the topic. Thanks!
  4. Sign Kaep now

    It's too late at this point. We should have signed him during the off season but as of right now there's no point to it. We need to move forward with Brissett with Scott as his backup until Luck comes back. Just need to weather the storm.
  5. Was chatting with a buddy and as soon as he said this same thing, Woods went down. I said I was excited with Mack going forward, then he fumbled for a safety. It's been a rough day.
  6. Who will score the Colts 1st touchdown?

    My dream scenario lol Opening drive.
  7. Because Moncrief was injured. This year, the year he was traded, he was behind Hilton, Moncrief, Rogers, and possibly Aiken. That's not a starter.
  8. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Not sure what TY McGill did to get cut. I've seen he's been undisciplined but he can get into the backfield somewhat consistently.
  9. Except he wasn't starting for us. And he won't start for NE. So... How is he a starting WR?
  10. Y'all are ridiculous. Even if he does breakout in NE, it doesn't make it a bad trade. Just like the Jerry Hughes trade wasn't a bad trade when it was made. For whatever reason, these players weren't working here despite their abundance of potential. We tried and it didn't work. We have a bad backup QB situation here which now, after an entire preseason of whining about why we didn't address it, has been addressed. People already turning on Ballard for trading our #4 or #5 receiver... SMH.
  11. Huge props to JJ Watt

    Watt is the man. I hate that he gets to tee off on our QB twice a year, but he's never been anything but class that I've seen.
  12. Are we too young?

    Roster is moving in the right direction. If we keep focusing on the trenches and D in the draft, maybe hit on another WR or TE for offense, and keep signing good players to good contracts, we'll be up to snuff in no time. If new coaches come in that time.... well, *shrug* But no, I don't think we're too young. It's got me excited for potential again and I know I'll be looking at everyone's improvements throughout the season.
  13. Marlon Mack

    That may be, but he has acquired some linemen. Can't fault the guy for a player getting injured.
  14. Marlon Mack

    Early indicators show that next year's O-line class should be much better than this past year too. At least from the little I've read.