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  1. That may be, but he has acquired some linemen. Can't fault the guy for a player getting injured.
  2. Early indicators show that next year's O-line class should be much better than this past year too. At least from the little I've read.
  3. Like drafting a tackle and picking up a backup center in FA? Regarding Gore: exactly. You know what you're going to get from him and it's more than Josh freaking Ferguson. We're not cap-strapped so there's really no reason to cut him from a performance or financial standpoint, in my eyes. I'm all for letting Mack take over if he continues to show this kind of ability and production... but having Gore available for the final year of his contract is not a detriment.
  4. To protect the franchise when he returns. If they were going to cut him, they would have done it earlier... and I would have ultimately been ok with that. New GM and all, I get it. But to do it this far in when he hasn't shown to be any worse than what's expected, that's just a waste of reps and continuity when we're not even deep at the position. That's how I see it at least.
  5. At this point, yes. At the end of last year or before the offseason, not as much. He hasn't done anything to warrant being cut. A 4th round draft pick that just took his first snaps and had a decent game against backups shouldn't have any bearing on his place on the roster.
  6. Was Reggie Wayne cut by the Colts in preseason after a full off season operating under the assumption that he was the clear #1? I forget.
  7. I don't disagree with any of that. Bit there's zero reason to believe Gore will be cut because a rookie RB had a decent game against backups in a game that Gore barely played in because he's so very very entrenched as the starter.
  8. To learn from? For depth? Because Pagano ain't gonna cut a former Hurricane and future hall of famer? Take your pick. You're being silly.
  9. Isn't John Brown on the Cards already better than Dorsett?
  10. 95 yards, no 3rd downs, 7 plays, in 3:34 against our starters. Ouch.
  11. Yeah, there would need to be a premium on the pick if it was going to another team in the division. We know Houston liked him in 2015 (before they got Fuller) but if they want him make them pony up their 3rd (they already don't have a 1st or 2nd rounder next year) haha.
  12. I'm hoping that was a serious point of interest this week. It gets so frustrating seeing this same issue come up every year.
  13. Hooker, Wilson, and Mack for me. Hoping the DBs can be built around, and just hoping for some kind of positive vibe from the RB (especially after the Ferguson hype and letdown last year).
  14. Pope and Natson
  15. Tevin Mitchel looks like hot garbage. It's like he refuses to tackle.

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