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  1. I'll take it!
  2. You are just a breath of fresh air. Go to bed or eat a Snickers, Mr Cranky.
  3. Good player, but a complete maroon. Not worth it, especially taking into consideration the salary he will command.
  4. Can you share the Colts big board with us? You obviously have a copy of it somewhere to know where they ranked him. I'd like to know what it looks like before the 2nd and 3rd rounds tonight. Thanks!
  5. If Hooker is top 5 on your board, you don't take Humphrey who is #16 on your board just because he fills a position of need. That's too far apart.
  6. Can someone please get this guy an ice cream or something?
  7. Thanks. I can now envision myself in this jersey, haha. White or Blue?
  8. There's still so many good options to choose from, that no matter what happens until #46 we will be sitting pretty. Can't wait!
  9. @ButchFragrance - Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I definitely prefer NFL Network. Kiper can suck it.
  11. What about Derek Rivers?
  12. flum·moxed ˈfləməkst/ adjective bewildered or perplexed. "he became flummoxed and speechless"
  13. The favorites I've noticed lately seem to be Charles Harris, Takk McKinley, or Haasan Reddick. Before potential issues were revealed, both Reuben Foster and Gareon Conley were up there too.
  14. Houston gave up their 2018 2nd rounder in that deal. They still have their 2nd this year. (I thought the same thing earlier in the draft process.)
  15. This has been rolling around in my head for the last week or so. I think this could be a possibility.

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