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  1. Legend of Luck

    Charlie Casserly Report: Luck to be full go for Training Camp

    Right, I totally understand. I have found myself falling into that from time to time. But again, that was a setback he suffered when he began heavy throwing, which, according to Ballard, would have already happened at the stage Luck was at before the draft. So Ballard has definitely given us at least a slight bit of reason to be optimistic in this case.
  2. Legend of Luck

    Charlie Casserly Report: Luck to be full go for Training Camp

    The only bit that gives me hope is that A. He's been working on throwing weighted balls for months. So while he's not executing an NFL pass, he is more or less throwing. Just not the way we want. B. Chris Ballard said that all of the throwing and rehab he's done to this point would have shown them if the setback that occurred in October would have happened again, and it hasn't. So he technically has surpassed the progress he made last year, since he is beyond that issue now.
  3. Legend of Luck

    Charlie Casserly Report: Luck to be full go for Training Camp

    Great post. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Here's my opinion. I think Andrew and staff were hopeful that they could unleash him for OTA's, but, the closer they got, Luck was still at a certain point in his rehab, and you KNOW they're not gonna skip steps. So, he's progressing and getting better, but it just went a bit slower than they'd hoped. They probably got to OTA's and said, "Why risk it? Why put any added stress on Andrew or his shoulder? He doesn't NEED to throw in OTA's. Why don't we just take it slow and give him as much time as we can to heal even further, and then feel extra confident come training camp?" I know we all want to see him, but I think he's fine. They're just being overly cautious at this point. They haven't made any moves or done anything at all from a managerial standpoint that would show any concern or disbelief that Andrew will be ready.
  4. Legend of Luck

    Your Surpise Starter(s) for 2018

    Wide Receiver is actually kinda tricky. I really like the guys we have. Behind TY, I wouldn't be shocked to see any of the next 4 start (Chester, Fountain, Cain, Grant). Add Hines getting slot reps too and I love our WR core as an under the radar group of playmakers. At RB, I think Hines will get a lot of reps, but I do think Mack is the starter assuming he's full-go. Curious to see if Wilkins pushes for more reps, though. On defense, I wouldn't be surprised if Walker, Basham, and Skai Moore are all day 1 starters.
  5. Legend of Luck

    Linebacker Jenga

    Lol Is this a serious comment? Nah, you're just trying to get people fired up. 70% of the roster has been turned over in the last 2 years. Almost 100% of the defense. You can only do so much. You can't fix every hole right away. Also... you have NO clue if the answer isn't on the roster already. We haven't even played a game yet. Slow your hate train down.
  6. Legend of Luck

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    Luckily it's not the REAL o line. It's rookies only. So that means outside of Nelson and Smith, the other 3 spots are of virtually unknown talent. Who knows, Nelson and Smith may not have even been in on that play either.
  7. Legend of Luck

    Colts HC Frank Reich LIVE

    Interesting, I was unaware of that. Thanks for the info.
  8. Legend of Luck

    Colts Rookie Minicamp 5/12/2018

    As much as I love the premise of this, I almost love the phrase "for the most part" even more. Still gonna keep that Luck to TY deep connection thriving.
  9. Legend of Luck

    Colts HC Frank Reich LIVE

    Lol... as a Colts fan, this feels like a dream. I can't remember the last time I looked at the O-line and saw, legitimately, 11-15 potential starters. Burwell, Clark, Fabiano, and Glowinski are the only 4 who are unknown quantities. Heck, even though it wouldn't be the best thing for Vujnovich to start, he at least played an entire season last year. It's a new world, Colts nation!
  10. Legend of Luck

    Way too early 53 man roster

    Oh boy, thanks for the laugh. I needed it.
  11. Legend of Luck

    Way too early 53 man roster

    The second I see Andrew and TY listed as "solid" and not "elite," I can't take a single pixel of it seriously.
  12. Legend of Luck

    Le'Raven Clark

    After everything that transpired this season, I'm still incredibly confused about what happened to Clark this year. He played so well in limited time in 2016, so much so that Irsay felt comfortable saying "the line has been fixed." Then he doesn't even make it out of training camp as our starter. And then, when he finally got his chance in season, he was awful. Does anyone know what happened? He showed so much promise. I just haven't read anything definitive about his struggles/why he regressed.
  13. Legend of Luck

    The big Nelson gamble

    Guys.. please... come on. Luck already said a few weeks ago that they had every reason to expect him back last year, but he pushed his rehab too hard to try to get back sooner and it ended up causing a setback. The staff didn't lie to us. There's no conspiracy theory. Andrew wanted to come back and play and he did too much. It's as simple as that.
  14. Legend of Luck

    The big Nelson gamble

    Ballard, Reich and Irsay have said Luck will be ready by training camp, and that they're specifically taking it slow now because there's no need to push it during OTA's. All of them, including Luck himself, have said that this rehab process will make him stronger than before, and they all expect him to be even better than before the injury. If there was ANY DOUBT AT ALL in that building, there would have been necessary steps taken this off-season. But there hasn't been a single one. NOT. ONE. If you want to sit around and mope and worry and cause a fuss over some hypothetical situation where he doesn't return, or returns but isn't himself, that's your prerogative. I'm not gonna waste my time, or anyone else's time for that matter, talking about him as if he's some kind of unknown entity. The staff has made it abundantly clear. Andrew is fine. Move. On.
  15. Legend of Luck

    The big Nelson gamble

    My point was, all these people in here scared to death Andrew isn't coming back, thinking we're gonna draft top 5 next year, or whatever, are either incredibly sad, pessimistic people, or are downright misinformed. We didn't draft a QB for obvious reasons. Andrew will be ready. Move on. Change the subject.