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  1. Thank God, I hate that show. Adds drama to locker rooms that already have issues
  2. all in favor of banning posters who keep posting new threads un-sourced rumors/opinions about whether or not Pagano is gonna be here next year, say Aye
  3. Someone please explain to me why Hooker is rated so highly? I just dont get it, seems like another TJ Green type pick in the sense that he's only started 1 year and is raw, 1 year wonder, described as raw and now he has injury issues.
  4. only played 1 year at DB, surgery and described as very raw,i'd say we keep passing on him. I'm gonna go Reddick or Humphrey, with more lean toward Humphrey. He's got the raw talent and instincts and if Pagano is truly the CB whisper he's made out to be, could very well turn him into something great.
  5. Hmm essentially puts Pagano into a lame duck coach
  6. We figured out the other day that one is counting our roll over from last year and the other isn't. I just looked, ones showing about 27 mil and the other is showing 35 million but niether take into account the required amount to sign draft pics(6 mill roughly)
  7. Him being a veteran, he can't be placed on the practice squad anyway
  8. You're hung up on the public, they don't matter. I'm talking about that video being showed in court. Based on that video, a self defense claim would have been argued. Probably successfully since he took one swing and walked away. That said, I think he's learned his lesson and I can't seem to find any other incidents
  9. No. You've missed the point entirely. The point is she made physical contact with him first. The shove and then the smack, as light as they were, is still grounds that a defense attorney can and would use to get him off on a set defense deal. She committed battery, like it or not. I've seen offenders get off for much much less.
  10. Yeah I agree, question is who
  11. im not saying we should. he's the only one left with any type of cap benefit worth cutting IMO. Do we need too, NO. But it was a mere observation based solely on cap hit should we need too for whatever reason.
  12. i dont think we do either. and only reason we would is if we found his replacement. but right now, we're good. with 35 mil, we literally have enough room to sign anyone left that we want and can get to agree to terms with.

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