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  1. No but if he can play CB, they could then carry another Safety and cut one of the CBs that are under performing......
  2. Um Addai was an RB. So I'm not following the DBs with their first two picks thing.
  3. Instant ban for mentioning that name on this forum
  4. so basically, they cant decide who to cut at safety so they are seeing if Green can play CB.
  5. i know right?
  6. Hmmm speaking to his work ethic?
  7. Hmmm maybe we have a bunch of sick call rangers
  8. Interesting
  9. this all just proves how good Ryan Kelly is
  10. ouch thats a painful recovery one too
  11. This is why you dont take a kicker in the first 5 rounds..............
  12. hmm. I like this idea for some reason.
  13. Lets address this suck for luck bull crap. In the 2012 off season, Irsay fired, Caldwell, Chris And Bill Polian, the almost the entire coaching staff, over half the roster, including Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Bracket, Addai, Dallas Clark, Bullit, Garcon, Diem and many many others. You're telling me that Jim Irsay, sometime in the 2011 season, gave the order for the team to entirely tank the season in order to draft Andrew Luck and then he fired all those that would have been directly responsible for making sure that order happened and somehow, not a single one of them would spill the beans?! There is no way in hell he could have paid off that many people, most of whom are multi-millionaires, to keep their mouths shut and to tank the entire season. Its nuts and anyone who believes that notion needs to take their tin foil hat off.
  14. hmm interesting

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