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  1. Really? Sure didn't seem that way. True true. But what good is getting a stop only to be back out there 45 seconds later?
  2. Yes they did suck. But that was magnified by being on the field for 3/4s of the game
  3. Because of their success, opposing coaches try to get cute and try to outsmart Hoodie..... but what happens is using they overthink themselves and hoodie knows this, so he's prepared for those types of plays. Very rarely does hoodie make a dumb decision
  4. Patriots covering something up again..... no surprise then again, look at the source...... a supermodel not a doctor
  5. If the dang offensive would actually come to play in the 1st three quarters, our d would be so dang wore out all the time. I'm not sure what the cause is. Not how to fix it but that's honestly 60 percent of our problem. There were several games we lost last year that the offense did nothing but three and outs for 45 minutes
  6. My understanding was some kind of neck surgery
  7. Geathers a poor mans version of Bob Sanders and all that entails
  8. Honestly, I see us picking some up late summer after the cuts start happening. Granted the chances of one being the next super star corner are slim to none, but my guess is we get some serviceable corners late
  9. I've been thinking the same thing, could be 2018/2019 but I think the Brady is about to hang them up.
  10. what I'm wondering is if that doctor or doctors are part of the Colt's injury bug problem.
  11. So glad you're back!
  12. Did we get some new ones?
  13. honestly, they need something similar to a HANS device, to keep the head from whipping around during impacts. Wouldnt fully help, but it'd have to reduce them.
  14. after reading that.... it sounds like we have some very c.r.a.p.p.y doctors!
  15. Wasnt he injured too?

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