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  1. Ongoing Colts 2018 draft talk........

    It depends on who will be the next head coach for this team. Either its going to be a defensive coach or a more offensive minded coach. If defence we take chubb if off its saquan barkley the RB i just hope we take a player who becomes a great colt and not another bust.
  2. Most disappointing colts in the last 20 yr?

    Ryan Grigson should be nr one
  3. I heard a rumor saying that Season 2 of American Vandal would be about the disappearance of Andrew Luck.
  4. Andreas Knappe - OT - Denmark

    I was about time CB signed Andreas Knappe to the PS. Hope they will give him a chance in one of the last games, just so he can show his skillset in the NFL. Hes big, he looks like Thor the thunder god and then hes a Danish Viking Damm it´s a good day
  5. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    It's a bachelor's degree in architectural design and not concrete ;)
  6. Andrew Luck is not injured.

    Before answering to this post, please think about one thing, and would you then answer Yes or NO to these questions. "Would you risk your health and being tied to a wheel chair the rest of your life, and never again being capable of doing the YMCA chant, if you had to do what Andrew Luck has been through week after week, for several years?" ( Don't think about the money ) Of course Andrew Luck is injured, and it's a very serious injurie. BUT, and I know it's a crazy argument im bringing here, but try to hear me out a second. We all know Andrew Luck has been banged up week after week, his entire career in Indy. Not only due to a bad O-line, but also because he have made some bad decisions which have cost him a hit or two or three pr. game. But we also know that Andrew Luck is a very smart and clever man, with a degree in concrete or something like that, which you dont get if your stupid. So even though I know he's banged up and his rehab/ recovery is dragging out, I cant stop thinking about one thing. Is he actually that banged up that he can't play? Or is he being smart/ intelligent to take this season for what it is, and have decided to wait for a new coaching staff, which will bring him an O-line who can protect him and not risking his health and future as a QB. And therefore NOT as banged up as the reports indicate, but he's just acting like it and "faking it"? If he's playing "hide and seek" (pretending to be injured) I 100% understand him, and though the colts end up throwing away this season, this could be a very good thing for both Andrew and the Colts. After this season, we all know Chuck Pagano will be gone, unless some miracle happen and we win the super bowl or gets in to the playoff. So a new coach, hopefully a bunch of talented O-line players and a new start, is what Luck is really waiting for. Again I know he's not faking it, because he´s a winner, he wants to play every game and he's tougher than most QB's in this league, but he's not stupid. Nice guys finish last... Luck is no more the nice guy... he's just realized it's okay to do whatever it takes to win, and faking it like some women do from time to time, is okay if you're not satisfied with the situation at hand. Hope Andrew is getting better and well soon, so we can watch him reclaim his throne in the AFC South next season and the NFL. Go Colts TK from Denmark
  7. Luck visiting specialists

    Sorry to ask the question, but if Luck is so banged up, had a surgery and still he´s not ready to play or practice, and he´s paid $140 million for it, could we then see Irsay do the unthinkable and trade him to give Ballard full controll over this team, and rebuild the * out of this team from scratch? I would love to see Luck play very soon, but If this chatter is true, and his injurie is more serious than we could imagine, wouldn't it be wise to say... good damm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and start all over?
  8. Tony Donohue: Luck will not play this year

    Shutting Andrew Luck down - well smart move, but is he on the move then? Why not say start all over? Trade Luck and get 3 first round picks for him and save the money and rebuild from scratch? Would hate that to happen, but as of now, Luck wont win in Indy and we wont win with him.
  9. Jim Harbaugh

    My top 5 for next Colts HC 5. The defensive one Kris Richard - Defensive coordinator Seattle Seahawks 4. The looooooooong shot Peyton Manning ;) You know who that is ;) 3. The Dream Coach Bruce Arians 2. Darth Vader aka The Patriots Coach Bill Belichick 1. The one whos gonna coach the colts Me Undefeated in NFL Madden and won 11 Super Bowls in a row Coach of the year 6 times Best defence Best offence Best special team Have the best QB, Kicker, most sacks, most points, fewest points allowed, largest win, 8 TD in 4 straight games, 11 kickoff returns for TD, 7 punt return for TD in a season and I won the superbowl while talking with my mom on the phone. Furthermore I know a guy who have been to Lego Land ;)
  10. Ballard turning things around

    Okay, 0 and 2... not a perfect start to the season or what we hoped for. The beating against LA Rams was chocking, even without Andrew Luck The game against Arizona was much better and only inches away from a win. When that is said, I think Chris Ballard have done a pretty good job trying to turn things around. The draft was good and the players from this years draft are already making plays, and shown us why he choose them. I don't believe the rumors about Luck, but I do believe that if Grigson was still here, he would leave us. But its a whole new reality with Ballard as GM, and next year when Chuck is gone, I do believe we once again will be contenders for at least a playoff spot. This year however, I dont think we will win that many games, but I hope Im wrong, but without Luck and a whole new defence in development, I think we will end up once again with a pretty high draftpick come april. people will then say, are we wasting Lucks talent, well, Grigson was wasting and ruining this franchise, but we have to believe in Ballard and what he's doing. At least Im more optimistic now, than a year ago. Things will change for the better,m but we need patience and have to trust in Ballard.
  11. I would hate if the colts traded Luck away... but to be honest... not even Tom Brady could win with our current team or coach. If I were in Andrew Lucks shoes, I would demand Chris Ballard to fire Pagano ASAP or be traded... I would chose to play where I wouldn't get hurt for every snap I would take.
  12. Andreas Knappe tryout coming up ;)

    someone with knowledge about the workout in here? would be nice to know how he did and if he landed a spot on the PS or so.
  13. Already tired of Pagano

    Do you know, what word Chuck Pagano used the most during his post game presser? If you know, you know ;) If you dont know, well... I'll give you some help. It's not... thats was all on me, thats was bad coaching, you know. Neither is it... we dominated them all day long, you know. It could have been, I didn't do a good job of preparing the team before the game, you know. Chucks new favorite word is... well I hope you know it by now ;) (in 6 minuted, he used the phrase you know... nearly 60 times... the only problem is, he don't know s h i t about football, you know.)
  14. Andreas Knappe tryout coming up ;)

    Andreas Knappe - OL From : Silkeborg - Denmark Knappe have been invited to a private tryout at Indianapolis Colts, well we could need some help all over the roster, so the news about a danish viking or the danish Thor, will be the help this team needs ;) A danish colts player... chris ballard, please sign this great man and let the reign of the Danish Thor begin in Indianapolis ;)
  15. Already tired of Pagano

    Chuck Pagano is a defensive minded coach... well... dont think so, cause the defence sucks