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  1. ThorstenDenmark

    The Current State of The Colts Roster (March)

    As of right now, the colts have the worst roster in the entire league. We dont know the status of Andrew Luck, and without him, we have a depleted roster with more holes than a suisse cheese. If Andrew Luck is back, and he can regain his strength and play like in year one and two of his NFL career, where he made everyone around him better than they really were, then we suddenly have a way different team/ roster. Without Luck, T.Y Hilton is our only player with star power. But after the draft and after the first game with Luck under center, we know how bad or good this roster is.
  2. ThorstenDenmark


    Indeed there is, it's just not gonna happen with Dave Gettleman and the Giants this year. And why? He never trades back in the draft and theres a reason why he neves does that. If you take a look at his draft history, he just dont trade back, he rather trades up. The Giants wont trade back, as they are in a perfect spot right now, and IF they would trade back, a stupid team would give them 4-5 1st round picks and 2-3 2nd round picks, just to get near to what they want for the #2. And as Cleveland is pcking #1, that wont happen, so the Giants and Dave Gettleman WONT TRADE BACK.
  3. ThorstenDenmark

    Barkley the Giants wont trade back.
  4. ThorstenDenmark


    Giants wont trade back, their new GM have never traded back in any of the 5 drafts he's been involved in as a GM for the Panthers. So he wont do it in his first draft as a Giants GM. Regarding the Giants draft, I see to options. option 1. They draft the best QB after the Browns have taken who they want. Option two, they believe in Eli Manning and in his abilities to play two or three more years, and take either Chubb or Barkley, either way, they wont trade back as Gettleman needs to hit this one out of the park and land a special player for the Giants.
  5. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    I like the signing of slauson. He can teach Nelson and help him in year one. introduce him to the NFL and teach him about being a pro. all this is IF we draft nelson, if not... its an okay signing short term.
  6. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    du havde sku da heller ikke seriøst regnet med at ballard smed bomben for at signe en spiller i denne off season. Han gør som han hele tiden har sagt, bygger holdet langsomt og sikkert op igennem draften og henter så de spillere der kan bruges som lappeløsninger i free agency for billige penge. sexy er ikke vejen frem i nfl, og det med at bruge hele banken på 5 spillere vinder man intet på.
  7. ThorstenDenmark

    Jets open to trading up in the draft

    The jets must have read my post in here ;) and then some more hehe
  8. ThorstenDenmark

    Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    gofoundme im in, but only if its for a player with no connection to patriots, browns, jets, texans, browns and patriots ;)
  9. ThorstenDenmark

    Long rebuild ahead

    We trade luck to the browns, release TY, Lucas Oil stadium is rebuild to a cinema and we re-hire grigson... the colts are doomed... RELAX - we are one the right path
  10. ThorstenDenmark

    Colts FA - no news is good news

    Okay, no "big" signings yet, why? Answer: Would you rather play on a team going to the playoffs or just go for/ after the money? Yes we have a ton of money available for signing big name players, but Luck and the team first need to prove they are not an 4-12 team. Lucks is returning this season, which instantly makes our team better, and thereby indirectly more attractive for big time players, willing to take less money to play for the colts. As of right now, only money hungering big free agent players want to sign for the colts. And Ballard dont want them on our team. He want players like sheard, simon, bostic, Hunt etc. Players who believe they can win with us, regardless of how much money they are paid. Players who love the game and wants to play for a TEAM, not themselves. So are we signing big time free agents, yes we are, but only those players who are all in and wants to play for the colts and whos willing to take less money. I would have loves Norwell, Robinson and Hitchens, but then we would have ZERO money to spend on the rest. In Ballard I trust so dont go into panic mode yet guys.
  11. What if the Browns make a Kevin Costner and aquire who they want and get extra picks and we are snubbed big time then what ;)
  12. Did you vote for Donald Trump? If yes....why?
  13. ThorstenDenmark

    Lots of former Colts want Barkley to be drafted

    we might need to trade up if we want him...:(
  14. ThorstenDenmark

    Predict the Colts first FA Signing

    Brian Cushing ILB - Released by Texans Give him a one year deal
  15. ThorstenDenmark

    Anyone worried about inexperience?

    Im worried for the first season, as they may need some time to adjust to their new coaching jobs, and WILL make some critical mistakes, but in the long run, im very confident in their succes.