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  1. Adam Vinatiari will never beat Morten Andersens records. It´s the same with Payton Moanings record for must yards. Tim Brady will never reach his numbers. Nor will Odiel Backham Jr. reach the numbers of Mirvin Harrisun. Sarkasm could be used, but Morten Andersen, read ANDERSEN not SON, is a HOF'er so get his name right should be the least people who claim to call themselves football fans could do.
  2. Please tell me who Morten Anderson is?
  3. When t-f do you americans get it right?
  4. Good news, but whats the price? havn't seen any numbers of the deals
  5. The Pimps ;) The Hookers Blue Oyster gang feat. One Hooker It´s a Bird? It´s a Plane, No its a Hooker
  6. Well, we all praised Grigson in the beginning for what he did. His first draft was spot on, for the most part. After that, he pretty much sucked big time. Ballard is under an enormous amount of pressure. 1. We need to win a superbowl with andrew luck as our QB 2. People want the team to win now and se progress in a division, which is becoming pretty darn good with young QB´s and stud players in both Houston, Jagsonville and in Tennessee. Grigson is not the only one to blame, Pagano and Irsay also have some responsibility for this, but Ballard has to win with andrew luck.
  7. Might be time for a new Ballard Poll ;)
  8. Yep
  9. People talk about Grigson as the man to blame. Okay, he signed some of the players who have been cut. But those guys he signed, Pagano must have had a saying in signing those players. It´s Paganos job to coach this team, Grigson could´t coach them, so as much as people blame Grigson for those players to not perform, its more Paganos fault. By cutting so many players and signing many new ones, CB sends a message to the whole coaching staff as well. No one is safe, not Hilton nor Luck... As Ballard said over and over again at his introduction, It´s not about one GUY, it´s about the team. It´s always about the team.
  10. He had a surgery in 2009 and missed the Sun Bowl. so this is his second surgery.
  11. CB is cleaning up big time. More than 30 player transactions and now he starts cleaning up in the personel department. Really like what he´s doing. And theres more to come Really like where things are headed
  12. Andrew Luck just had his second surgery and no one knows how bad it really is. Im afraid he wont be ready for game one, or at least he will need some games to really be back and in form. Our defence wont be ready and will not click from day one, so this year will be a transition / development year for the whole defence, and for new players to learn how they all roll. I dont think we win AFC South this up coming season, but that the future is ours. Things need time, and next time we will end up in the playoffs, it will be with a coach not named Pagano.
  13. Somewhere between 1 and 10.000 INT´s, think thats pretty realistic ;) But thats just a wild guess
  14. Hooker, Mack and Basham = A+ and A & A They can instantly contribute and make a difference from day 1 and some very good picks. Wilson = B+ I like the pick, but there were other players I liked better than him at #46. But we need a stud corner, and I hope he can become one for us. "Bruce" (Zach) Banner = C He's big, but I'm not sold on this pick. Grover Stewart = C Again a pick that I dont really know what to expect from. He has great upside, but I'm not entirely sold on this pick. Nate Hairston and Walker Jr. = C- Players for competition
  15. Hope Mingo make the roster and shows us why we went for him, and why he was a high draft pick back in the day

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