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  1. So were all late with our mock drafts ;)
  2. When our O-Line is ranked 25th, its not a good sign. We might have a very young group of players, but we still had the 25th ranked O-line. Luck needs to be protected, so if the BPA is an O-line player when we draft at #15, if we dont trade away our pick, then get him. We cant keep banging up Luck and send him to the hospital every single off season, if we keep doing that, we never win a SuperBowl with him as our QB. I do believe that our O-line will become better this year, and my hope is that its ranked among the 15 best O-lines, when we hit off season in 2018. If not, then its O-line players we draft all day long next draft.
  3. No team score a Rushing TD against us, and we win 19 games
  4. We have the beste D-line in football. No team in the NFL has a better d-line than the colts.... if you think they do, then you cheer for another team ;) Go colts
  5. or we could do this Round 1: Trade up to pick #3 with Chicago for Dorsette, Gore and our #1 pick, plus a 4th rounder. Then trade down to get pick #9 from Cinci and their 2round pick and draft Marshon Lattimore CB Then we once again trade up and back in the 1 round to pick#12 from Cleveland for our 1st pick next year and our 5th rounder to pick Dalvin Cook - RB This leaves us with #80 (3rd round) where we draft BPA and the same goes for our last pick in the 4th round, where we draft Elijah Qualls, DT I know, only 4 picks to us this year, but we need to shake things up oh i forgot the 2rd pick from cincy any ideas to whom we should draft in the second round at spot #9?
  6. Just a remark about how every single poll seemed to favor Hillary, and that when it all went down, Trump won. Hence, poll's cant be trusted - therefore Trump days. Crappy comparison, and probably just my bad danish humor dropping in.
  7. Well, of course it's way to early to make a poll like this. But I was curious to see, if people really like the signings so far, and what he seems to bring to the table. By the numbers of the poll, it seems like people really likes him and the signings so far. But in these Trump days, where all the election polls seemed to favor Hillary, what can you then really use a poll like this for ;) Anyway, I like his attitude and no nonesense attitude more than the signings, so for once, it seems mr. Irsay have chosen wisely regarding a GM.
  8. Chris Ballard Poll How do you think he's done so far as a GM ?
  9. if this i true... he wont become a colts Ballard wont give him such a deal, as he needs to prove himself to earn that kind of money. if they do sign him, Ballards talk at his presser about earning that kind of money, would hit the ground faster than the length of Osweilers succesfull career at the texans.
  10. The Mock draft to rule this forum ;) Comes from The Danish Colts fan - aka Thorsten Kudahl ;) I know I will not hit 100% of my first choices, but im satisfied with 90% ;) So to kick start this contest, I'll now tell you how the colts will draft. Round 1 - #15 A, B, C A) Forrest Lamp - OG - Luck need protection, and if Lamp is there, he might be the BPA on our Board B) Jabrill Peppers - LB - CB wants competition, and Peppers would be a great pick. C) Taco Charlton - DE - We need a DE, and Charlton could be the guy for us. Round 2 - #46 A, B A) Marcus Williams - S - We have been weak at since Bob Sanders left us, Williams could be the next BOB B) Alvin Kamara - RB - Gore is old and Kamara can block and catch in the open, great for Luck Round 3 - #80 A, B A) Jalen Tabor - CB - If on the board here at #80, its a no brainer. B) Tarell Basham - DE - We need a DE and Basham would be a great fit. Round 4 - #122 A, B A) Jake Butt - TE - Butt and Doyle as our TE Duo... oh yeah B) Brad Kaaya - QB - Kaaya as Lucks backup, would be nice. Round 4 - #137 A, B A) Nazair Jones - DE/ DT B) Isaac Asiata - G Round 4 - #144 A, B A) Carl Lawson - DE/ OLB B) Elija Hood - RB Round 5 - #158 A, B A) Will Holden - OT B) Rasul Douglas - CB Free Agents: 3 choices Andreas Knappe - OT - Denmark, due to his age, he wont be drafted, and the colts need a guy like him. Gabe Marks - WR - Competition and wr for the practice squad Treston Decoud - S - Competition for the practice squad Laugh or just laugh, its now open for debate ;)
  11. If hes learning the game, then lets use him where he can do something good. Hes not the best D-line man, so lets use him protecting Luck instead.
  12. They should use him on the O-Line, so he can protect Andrew Luck
  13. Does anyone think Ballard have seen the movie moneyball ? By the looks of all the signings so far, it have been players who have not yet proven that they are full time starters in the league.
  14. Oh yeah Love this signing Hunt grew up in the small town Karksi-Nuia and took up athletics because "there wasn’t much to do". After trying decathlon he decided to concentrate on the throwing events – discus, shot and hammer throw. Hunt started training with Aleksander Tammert, an Olympic bronze medalist in discus throw from the 2004 Summer Olympics. Hunt competed in hammer throw at the 2003 World Youth Championships and discus at the 2004 World Junior Championships, placing eighth and sixth respectively. In 2005, he won his first title at the European Junior Championships in Kaunas, throwing 62.19 metres with the 1.75 kg discus. In 2006, at the World Junior Championships in Beijing Hunt established a new world junior record of 66.35 metres in his first throw on the qualifying round. At the final competition Hunt improved his own world junior record to 66.68 m in the fourth round and then 67.32 m in the sixth and final round. His gold medal was the first World Junior gold medal for Estonia.[citation needed] Three days later he won the gold medal in the shot put by 20.53 metres in the final, beating the closest competitor by 39 centimetres. Hunt became the first athlete to win the gold medal both in shot and discus at the World Junior Championships, outperforming Rutger Smith of the Netherlands who won a gold and a bronze in 2000. His winning distance of 20.53 m was a national junior record with the 6 kg shot. His personal best hammer throw result is 64.89 made on 28 March 2008 in Arlington, Texas.[2][3] His personal best shot put result is 17.98 made on 22 March 2008 in Waco
  15. You americans really dont know so much about your own sport ;) Here are a loooong list of NFL players, from Europe, and kickers do make an impact on the sport. Matter of fact, is that they decide most games in the NFL, when looking at one special position. Are they football players, well they are actually more football players than the rest of the players in the league ;) Morten Andersen - DENMARK - HOF 2017 ( Most points by any player in the NFL all time ;) ) Sebastian Vollmer - New England Patriots - OT Sebastian Janikowski - Oakland Raiders - Kicker and Osi, but he was already mentioned ;) The vikings are coming, by the way, Indianapolis Colts will sign Andreas Knappe OT this year, and he's from Denmark ;)

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