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  1. Mack will see a lot of PT in preseason. He needs to get acclimated to the pro game/Colts offense and the Colts need to get a sense of what they have in him.
  2. He's the next Christian McCaffrey.
  3. Here's the rest of the panels immediate reaction after Stephen A. says "No, he does not": . . . And I stopped the video at that point. I had seen enough.
  4. \
  5. No matter how good the helmet is there's nothing anyone can do to stop the brain from moving in the skull. Concussions will always be an issue until tackling and contact is banned.
  6. I think it'd be smart to work Green at pretty much every position defensively this offseason and TC. Specifically, Safety, CB, and nickle LB. I don't think it would be smart to just pencil him in as a Safety. He's obviously an insane athlete; work with him to try to find his best fit.
  7. I want Butt!
  8. It's not a dumb move. The board dictated the trade. They'll more than likely still get the guy they would have taken at 121.
  9. They traded back because the guys who they had graded for that spot were all gone. That or they have a bunch of similarly graded players; therefore, they can afford to drop back and still get an equally graded player.
  10. It's a shame you weren't in the war room to talk them out of such a dumb move!
  11. I'm sorry but your response about Geathers was way overdramatic. Anyway, I am not one of the people saying he was a bad pick. I love the pick. I just don't need to downplay our current and previous group of safeties in order to defend it.
  12. Mike Adams may have started as a stop gap but he played excellent ball for us despite being on a cruddy defense. Bethea was still young and very good after Sanders left. Wow, how dramatic, Meryl. Geathers' performance was great last year. Sure he has been banged up a bit too much but if you're going to use Bob Sanders as your example then you really can't complain about Geathers' injuries; they pale in comparison to Sanders' injuries. Plus, as much as we'd all love to, we can't claim Hooker to be good yet.
  13. Except Green couldn't cover for % in college, whereas, Hooker was the best coverage safety/playmaker (by far) according to pretty much everyone. So, really, they're nothing alike.
  14. You don't think Clayton Geathers is a "good" safety. You don't think Mike Adams was a "good" safety? You don't think Antoine Bethea was a "good" safety?
  15. Did you forget about Geathers? In no world does Green see the field over Geathers.

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