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  1. He reminds me of Garçon. Similar build and attitude in his game.
  2. This signing has absolutely zero impact on whether or not Ballard & Company draft a TE.
  3. Because he's still a largely unproven talent with a nasty injury history. Plus, contracts go both ways; Spence may have preferred to bet on himself with a one year deal in order to prove he is worth a larger contract next offseason.
  4. He was a fantastic LB at UM. He's extremely fast, sideline to sideline type, and possesses great instincts. His lack of strength and size has made his transition to the NFL a little difficult but he's still very good in space and can cover. I love this signing; the price tag is unbeatable.
  5. Nice. Unless we bring in another safety, or Green shows much improvement, Butler should be starting next to Geathers, IMO.
  6. Lmao. If I were you I certainly wouldn't be calling other people dumb, bro. Stick to Madden.
  7. Jesus, every single year you go into free agency expecting the Colts to sign all of the pro bowlers, and you expect that to be a huge difference maker. How often do the teams that "win" the offseason go on to win the regular season? Hell, we "won" the offseason just a few years ago, following making the AFC championship the season before, and proceeded to go 8-8 and miss the playoffs. This is the real world, not Madden.
  8. That's not a joke, that's accurate. That year we played the Bengals in the regular season and the playoffs. Both games were complete domination throughout.
  9. No. The FIRST timeout in the 2nd half was taken at 2:45 with clock running after a 2nd down run by the Jags.
  10. No. The timeout was taken at 2:45 with clock running after a 2nd down run by the Jags. The timeout was used exactly as it should have been.
  11. The timeout was used perfectly. It was NOT called when the clock was stopped. Another 40 seconds would have run off had the TO not been made. We had 2 timeouts, plus the 2 minute warning, and about 2:30 left to drive the field to either win or tie the game. The timeout usage was FINE. That's often an issue with this coaching staff but not this week. The 4 & 1 play call was atrocious but that doesn't take away the fact that Luck's decision making was bad once the ball was snapped. Edit: The timeout was taken at 2:45 with clock running after a 2nd down run. Not taking a timeout there would have been *ic. On 3rd down they threw an incomplete pass which saved us from using another TO.
  12. "Stone hands" could have still caught the ball but more of the blame goes to a bad throw, pass and decision, and a good defensive play.
  13. The timeout was used after a 2nd down run on the Jags drive before our 4th down disaster. It did not disappear and it was a necessary TO to keep them from running the clock. And, time was not an issue. If we got the 1st down on that 4th down play, as we should have, then we had more than enough time.
  14. It was very close but both the broadcast and the booth didn't seem to give a %.
  15. That's exactly right. Who the # is worried about Josh "Breeze" Ferguson ("Breeze" because that's all it takes to tackle him). Truly baffling call. And while we're at it. How come the booth didn't review the spot? That was worth a look. Stupid booth.

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