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  1. I'll defend the poster. I never expect much in preseason game 1, and knew it was all new kids. But, much as I love Chuck, I've watched a couple years now of general confusion. Too many flags, too many blown assignments, even for camp fodder. Maybe it's not Chuck, it's the assistants, but it's like the players know there's no penalty for not knowing what to do. A Belichek or Parcells coached team just wouldn't allow it. And I'll be surprised if a Ballard run team tolerates it for very long.... With Luck and the OL back, it should be fine, but right now it just appears to be drifting, as I heard it on the radio. Hope I'm wrong, but that's how it sounded....
  2. The internet can be good, or evil. Social media can focus more mob hate and discontent than the One Hundred Years War.
  3. Sorry, but almost everyone saw it coming, IMO. Roesnbloom threatened to move them to Tampa (his home) every year. He was the first to make the season ticket holders buy preseason tickets, saying he'd move them clear back in 67. He wanted a new stadium so badly, he traded the Colts to Irsay in 72 for the Rams. Then Irsay would give drunken interviews after games saying he and the city agreed on a new stadium, only to deny it the next day when he had sobered. The newspaper clippings I got in the 80s were so convincing they were moving, I was looking to buy a satellite receiver in 83, so I could watch the Colts from Phoenix- where the editorials all said Irsay was moving them.
  4. 58 game on a 9" black and white huge console tv for me. I was 4. 58 game was on because it was Championship, and the only game I really remember being on until I saw them regularly from 62 or so on. First time I saw a game in color was the Rams and 49ers, in 71. It was amazing. I could barely believe it! First color tv I owned was in 74. I was born in Baltimore in 54, just a few blocks from the new Orioles (my team for life!) Grew up in Delta, Pa. My Wife(born in Indy) informed me we had moved to Indy in 1980, (i guess I actually had a choice???) and I kept up with the Colts via my Mom sending me cutouts from the Baltimore Sun Sports, the Baltimore News American Sports, the York Daily Record Sports, and the York Gazette Sports. She spent a fortune in postage!!!!
  5. God closes some doors, and opens new ones. I was upset when I was laid off in 2008, only to land at the best job I'd ever had. I'm sure youll be fine, eventually. Hang in there!
  6. Jimmy irsay is a SAINT, next to his Dad. If you think Jimmy drove off fans, you should have tried following the Baltimore Colts from 72-84!!! The Colts haven't signed another qb, so I expect Luck to play soon... But it Is reminiscent of Marvins injury....
  7. I thought we already had Dorsett to be fast? Can he get open, and/or catch???
  8. Well....... I WAS, but I'm 63 yrs old now...
  9. I'm a truck driver. Direct tv, NFL Sunday Ticket. I can watch any team, and I choose my Colts. (But my son, bigger than Zach Banner, is a Titan fan. Interesting family times...)
  10. Me too. But I grew up with them in Baltimore. Watched them since 58, on a 9" black and white RCA tv in a Huge console. I moved here in 1980, and expected them to move to Phoenix, so I've already lived with them moving...
  11. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/henry-krieger-coble?id=2555363
  12. When I watched Peyton in a helmet, he looked like a mirror image of Unitas except bigger. Except for Unitas's backing up dropback, to me they moved the same, walked bowlegged the same, threw the same motion, and even had similar noses. The only other qbs that struck me as similar, were Marino reminding me of Namath's release.
  13. The game I remember best, WAY past their primes, was Unitas vs Namath in prob 72? Jets won, something like 51-49 or so. Namath had to be around 400 yards, Unitas had to be over 300. Before passing was really the In Thing. Last one to have the ball wins. Both look crippled- Neither qb could barely walk. Both were washed up, but What a Game!!!!
  14. Secretly, I love Peyton more. But I grew up near Baltimore, watching Johnny U win, as he was beaten senseless on every play in a different era of No Protection. I have no choice, really. Forgive me, please!!!!
  15. I looked up some of the Colts best clipboard holders. Jim Sorgi- rated an 89 qb rating backing up Peyton and then Eli. 6 TDs 1 interception. Gary Cuozo- rated 62 qb rating backing Unitas. Famous for broken nose so HB Tom Matte had to qb the 65 championship game with plays taped to his wrist. Refs blew the fieldgoal call, leading to higher goalposts, and a Packer win. Later Cuozo was traded for the draft pick thst became Bubba Smith. Marty Domres. Backed up and replaced Unitas, backed up Bert Jones. 53 qb rating. Curtis Painter- we all know. 57 rating. Also backed Eli and Flacco. Announcers: Baltimore's Chuck Thompson did Colts and Orioles with class. Lamey lasted longer, and is crazier. "He dropped the frickin foitball!"

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