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  1. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Nyuck nyuck nyuck.....
  2. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    That leaves 63 yr old Christie Brinkley for me!!!! My wife gave me permission, provided Christie comes to the House, and picks me up in person.....
  3. Jack Mewhort (Update: placed on IR)

    Different game now. Bigger, stronger, FASTER. Harder hitting. Better training, better diet, better medical staffs. Much as I watched and admired my 1950s Colts, they couldn't carry today's players equipment bags, physical specimens to physical specimens. The 1971 Super Bowl Champ Colts barely had a lineman over 260 lbs. Today's 330 pounders can run as fast as backs did then. To do that, gotta be close to 100% every game.
  4. Tolzien back to the Packers?

    Rogers isn't getting protection there. Their line may be worse than ours. Scott would look worse there than here, because he's a statue.
  5. Mewhort to IR, Colts sign G Isaiah Williams

    My youngest is 6'9"/ 350, and needs a knee replaced since a high school football injury. He's 28 now, grinds away every day, literally.
  6. Colts new uniform design ideas

    I'd go with blue pants with white jerseys, and white pants with blue jerseys. Keep the same helmet as always. Color rush should be illegal. Ugliest idea NFL ever had.
  7. Something I'll Never Understand.

    I WAS dropped on my head as a child. But I DON'T think that!
  8. Taking a knee?

    Surely, the Colts will realize that if they take a knee during the anthem, fans will boycott their games? If the players kneel, I would hope The entire NFL faces empty stadiums. I've been a Colts Fan more or less 60 years. I'm about to become a Canadian Football League fan, instead...
  9. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, what a merry Christmas we'd all have. Can't change history. Might've been a healthy Sanders, but a hurt Peyton. I'm just glad we had em...
  10. Beth Mowins

    Wow! Better look in the mirror....
  11. Props to the coaches

    No one except you has been looking to fight. I'm simply amazed by your 'college degree' (that you seem very proud of) 'logic', that others who wanted to fire Pagano (now in his sixth year) want to fire a coach a day. Which is something no one has said. And that 'logically' we can't fire Pagono because KC and San Diego weren't immediately successful after firing Marty Schottenheimer. Wow. That's Way out in Left Field! That's why I brought up the new math thingy. Math is based on logic. And math being taught to today's kids is convoluted, in my 1960s/70s high school educated truck driver's eyes. Posting that others are calling for a coach a day to be fired (basically, making up a lie about your opponent, and spreadung it repeatedly until most agree it was said) when they never inferred such is a political tactic used by the major political parties today. (I E, 'I can see Russia from my house'- which was said not by Palin , but by Saturday Night Live.) Maybe its how Social Media works? I dont know. I don't do facebook, twitter, or instagram, so I can't debate that. All I know is what you posted, and if that's Logic, .... well, Times have changed. Logic is provable and repeatable with predictable results. Nothing about tying the KC, BB, San Diego situation of the 1980s/90s/early 2000s to Chuck today is logical. Chuck is a man of outstanding character thst I would welcome as my friend. Thst doesn't make him a successful NFL Coach of today's Colts. I can only post my opinion, which has zero value, that he will be fired, and it will take a different coach to lead this team to success. I'm not interested in fighting either. I said one word- WOW. The rest was on you, my friend...
  12. Props to the coaches

    Wow.... Education sure has changed if you think I actually meant math.
  13. Props to the coaches

    I know im old; i started school in 1959, and Ike was President. I understand that things have changed in this world. I don't know how modern math adds 3 plus 2 by their relationship to 10. But your logic of 'we shouldn't fire Pags because BB started 5 and 5,' or 'because the Chiefs didn't win Super Bowls after they fired Marty Schottenheimer' has me just thinking one word: Wow.....
  14. Sexy Rexy Just Said

    Wiki is just people editing it. Mostly correct, but often wrong too, and since people read it on the internet, they accept it as gospel.