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  1. Staysniak always says on his shows how bad a person Faulk was. Peyton played some of his best because of Edge being such a threat.
  2. Didn't Mathis only weigh 235 when drafted?
  3. When we traded DA, we needed a blocking TE and a Tackle. Gotta get a blocker, somewhere!
  4. I don't know how well Jordan Todman blocks, but the kid can run! Give him Ferguson's spot.
  5. My mistake, and I apologize for misleading. Blanda was 3 yrs older, and still active. I wonder which of those two had better stories to tell: Blanda with Stabler- or Parilli with Namath????
  6. They missed Babe Parilli. Played til 40 (never a Colt). Wasn't on the list. He was the oldest at that time.
  7. I always felt sorry for Marty Domres. Big chance for a kid from Columbia University to make the NFL, and his competition was Johnny Unitas and then Bert Jones!
  8. I saw Unitas's last TD as a Colt in Memorial Stadium in 72. If I remember right, it was a simple screen to Glenn Doughty, who broke about 3 sure tackles, going 80 yards for the TD. Believe it was against the Bills? Edit: looked it up- it was Eddie Hinton, 63 yards.
  9. Cappelletti? http://heisman.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=39
  10. Only if TRich is the featured back.....
  11. Intersting thread and thoughts. But also- remember, fans here complain that the Colts went 8-8 IN THE AFC SOUTH! Let's just guess what our record would be if we played Pittsburgh, Baltimore,and Cincinnati twice every year (like Cleveland does) instead of Jax, Tennessee, and Houston? IMO, our roster isn't nearly physical enough for those matchups, no matter who is coaching.
  12. Hey, at number 22- instead of trading for Trent Richardson, we could have kept it and drafted Johnny Football like Cleveland did! Bad as things are, remember: they could have always been worse...

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