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  1. jimmy g

    Andrew Luck is Dr. Dre

    I have no idea. Who is Dr Dre?
  2. I'll go out on a limb and compare Dixon and Solt to Nelson and Smith. Dixon and Solt were beginning to be touted as young mauler NFL stars. Both had careers cut short by knee injuries. Hinton (he, Mark Hermann, and the pick that brought Solt and from the Elway trade)was barely behind Glenn as the best INDY tackle. (Jim Parker is Baltimore's- HOF and Retired #) Ray Donaldson was at least as good as ( I think better than)Jeff Saturday. I'll go out on another limb and bet on Kevin Call's reliability vs Austin Howard's any day. Of course they had Eric Dickerson lining up behind them. As the above Baltimore line that had Johnny Unitas and Lenny Moore behind them. Let's hope the current bunch avoids injuries, and grows together to become Elite!!!
  3. jimmy g

    Anyone realize this?

    We also have no idea of what Ballard offered. He might have actually offered the Moon, but Norwell might have simply liked Jax better. I like how it worked out. Colts have had enough bad breaks. Time to even things out and start fresh.
  4. 59 thru 64 was about as good as any ever in the NFL (for their relative era). Vogel, Parker, Symanski, Sandusky, Preas. 86-89 was Really good in Indy Hinton, Utt/Dixon,Donaldson, Solt, and Call.
  5. Haeg played better at LT backing up AC than Haeg played starting at RT. LT is Joe's natural position, and RG is Smith's natural position.
  6. Thanks. I knew he used to wear Jim Parker's retired #77.
  7. jimmy g

    Elite OLine

    Maybe Luck should just throw left handed, while we're at it? LT and RT are different animals. That's why Haeg has struggled. He's a backup LT, learning to play RT.
  8. jimmy g

    Le'Raven Clark

    Last year many wanted to move Anthony to RT and sign a LT. Made it sound like switching to the Right would be easy. It's not. Actually, in the small window of Joe playing Left Tackle for Anthony in the few plays AC was hurt, Joe played much better than he did on the Right. Joe, Anthony, and Laraven were LT in college, weren't they? Clark was a human turnstile last year, no matter where he lined up. I suspect he'll be cut in camp if not improved. Joe (my favorite Colt)played decently enough to fill in, but probably not start. It's probably Good's job, unless we finally sign Austn Howard, or another true, experienced RT that gets cut...
  9. jimmy g

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in nfl.com power rankings

    Where's the Fire Ballard thread????
  10. jimmy g

    Projected 47 Roster - Post Draft

    Jack is one of my favorite players. But he couldn't handle RT before he got hurt. No way he can now, with worn out knees.
  11. jimmy g

    right tackle

    I used to spend time in Fargo ND, so I'm rooting for ex NDSU Bison Joe Haeg. But, until next fall, the possibility exists our RT to be isn't on our roster yet...
  12. jimmy g

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    The Seahawks moved to Baltimore and became the Colts in 1953. I was born in Baltimore in 1954. So I once was a YOUNG Colts fan. NOW, I'm and OLD Colts fan! (And, I moved to Indy in 1980. The Colts followed in 84. Probably, just for me!!!!!) At least that's my story...
  13. jimmy g

    Mel Kiper expects the Colts to "win" the Draft.

    Grigson's DEAD?????
  14. jimmy g

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    When I buy alcohol, the clerk hits the cash register button marked "why is this guy still alive!?!"
  15. That's why character has to matter.