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  1. Apparently you've never heard of Lenny Moore???? On the NFL 50th Anniversary All Pro Team. All Pro runner, All Pro receiver, All Pro Blocker. Threw the block that let Alan Ameche score in the 58 OT Title Game. Scored TDs in 18 consecutives games. Best Back to ever don a Colt uniform. THATs why it has to be retired!
  2. The Internet/social media has produced more snobbish/rude hate mobs than ever in our history. Welcome to 2017, where it's more in vogue to be rude, than correct. The only choices are to read them, ignore them, or leave, unfortunately. This board is far nicer than most opinion boards, due to nice people and good moderators.
  3. Isn't that all any of us are? Just a guy on the internet?????
  4. http://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/IND
  5. The first two are Public Servants, paid by the Taxpayers. The third is Privately hired, where the Market decides. Can't be compared.
  6. I wish him luck, I like All Big Kids! (Especially funny ones) But if it's guard we need, Ballard grabbed UDFA 4 year Rutgers starting guard Chris Muller. 6'6"/315, 2nd strongest (34 reps at 225) in the Combine. Started 49 games in the Big Ten. Ironman....
  7. 2nd strongest at the combine. 34 reps at 225 lbs. Might be nice to have a real guard playing guard, instead of converting tackles. 6'6", 315.
  8. Curry was starting center. 6'2"/ 235 Their guards were 6'3"/ 235 and 240. Vogel was their biggest tackle. 6'5"/ 248
  9. http://nfltraderumors.co/colts-sign-k-devon-bell-futures-deal/ This was Jan 6. Is he still a possible Colt? How does a Futures Contract work?
  10. What happened to the guy Colts signed to a futures contract when Boomstick retired? Think his name is Bell? His tryout looked great!
  11. When I was in high school, the Colts won Super Bowl V. They didn't have anyone over 6'3", and no one even close to 280 lbs playing offense. What a wonderful world we're in. Better nutrition, better weight training, better speed, and environments period. Of course, that just makes bigger collisions...
  12. I don't need a reason to like him, I just do. My youngest is 6'9"/ somewhere around 350. Blew his knees out in high school. So I love every Big Kid there ever will be!!!!!
  13. If I was to bet..... I'd bet he's to back up Clark on the right for 1-2 Years, then hope Clark replaces A.C. on the left?????
  14. I'm guessing it was NOT Trent Richardson???????
  15. Staysniak always says on his shows how bad a person Faulk was. Peyton played some of his best because of Edge being such a threat.

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