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  1. I hear ya, but- Got a better plan? Gonna count on Vuj and Clark??? CB is trying FA. Maybe he'll get one or some, but so far, can't get one to agree.
  2. We have Haeg, Good, Clark, Vuj, and Bond? Person and Mewhort could possibly be courted. They were hurt and are recovering. Maybe Cooper from Dallas could be courted, or someone yet to be cut. We need blockers (multiples). Andrew can't throw it if Defenders get to him before the ball does.
  3. Don't we need BOTH a power guard AND a,Right Tackle?
  4. I'll ask a dumb question (I'm no draft geek!) If Nelson is there, but there's a good chance to trade that pick into McGlinchey AND Hernandez- which is better?
  5. Ryan Jensen Visiting Colts Today

    Is there news that he and the Colts are interested in each other?
  6. Colts FA - no news is good news

    Florida sunshine, a potential championship team, and no state income tax is hard to beat. Especially when the Jags overpaid.
  7. Jack Mewhort

  8. Jack Mewhort

    He needed constant help at tackle. He was slower than Haeg is now, so he couldn't stop the Rush, if I remember right. (And Joe needs help) He played his best, alongside Castanso. Not sure if that's a reflection on Jack, or Anthony. With bad knees, he'll be slower yet.
  9. Jack Mewhort

    He appears classy. I’ll always root for a lineman trying, who has bad knees. My youngest son played Highschool Ball at 6’8”/ 330 lbs. Knees were so bad (part injuries, part inherited) that he never played further. Today, ten years later, at 6’9’/ 350, I hear his knees grinding and popping as he carries his sons across the room. I just root for Jack to still be able to walk when he’s older.....
  10. Originally committed to Vanderbilt, went to Princeton. Gotta have brains. Plus our 'other' QB from Stanford. Might have the smartest QBs in the League...
  11. Really doesn't seem to matter. If the Browns (Jets too) used every pick they have for QBs, they probably all be flops.
  12. "The T.J. Green Project"

    The only thing I have against the TJ Green Project is- we could've taken Offensive Linemen that could play with that pick...
  13. Peter King on JMV

    If the offense is improved- the defense is automatically improved, because they won't be on the field as much.
  14. Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

    Are you sure it's Andrew? I didn't see a Flip phone.
  15. Ray Ventrone New ST's Coach

    Cave men were throwing rocks at dinosaurs when I was growing up....