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  1. Andrew to return in week 6?

    Check out @RapSheet’s Tweet:
  2. 2017 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 3

    Dude is on top of stuff.
  3. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    I thought Luck would come back some time between weeks 3 and 6. Starting to doubt that now.
  4. Chuck Pagano Press Conference

    No, Luck passed a physical which allowed the Colts to take him off PUP. The issue has always been Luck's progress in throwing and his personal comfort which is mental.
  5. Breaking: Jacoby Brissett named Starter

    He knows who is starting. He's just not publicly tipping his hand.
  6. Andrew at practice... watching

    Supposed to be Tolzein and Brissett splitting them with decision on Sunday's starter to be determined. Ian Rappaport said Colts are leaning toward Brissett.
  7. Nobody. They don't practice Monday or Tuesday
  8. Reggie Wayne Statue Coming

    Reggie before Marvin?
  9. So.....why not Kaepernick again???

    Kap also fumbled 9 times last year as well.
  10. Quan Bray over JoJo Natson?

    How can you tell? Bray didn't get much of a chance to return anything with kickoffs going out of the end zone.
  11. Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    I believe he'll be back somewhere in weeks 4-8, with an outside chance of even later.
  12. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    Krishawn Hogan just said on Twitter he is coming home