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  1. Hope so. I would trade Dorsett for a draft pick.
  2. hahahahahahaha
  3. So here's the list of ALL the picks we have for 2017.... 1st round - 15th overall pick 2nd round - 46th overall pick 3rd round - 80th overall pick 4th round - 122nd overall pick 4th round - 137th overall pick 4th round - 144th overall pick (compensatory pick) 5th round - 158th overall pick No 6th or 7th
  4. No. We only get a 4th. Colts - 4th NE - Allen + 6th
  5. Outside of Allen's production issues last year, Allen is a very likeable guy. Performance just didn't live up to the salary.
  6. @AdamSchefter 25s25 seconds ago Patriots traded a fourth-round pick to Colts for TE Dwayne Allen and a sixth-round pick, per league sources.
  7. Yes! Fact is Allen was outplayed by Doyle last year, even when they were both on the field at the same time. We'll be fine at TE with Doyle and Swoope.
  8. I'd trade with Cleveland for their #1... Colts give up... 2017 - Round 1 pick + Round 4 pick 2018 - Round 1 pick Colts get CLE #1 for 2017 so we can get Myles Garrett He's a franchise player.
  9. What kind of knee injury??
  10. So... we just waived our team's leading tackler? He's not all-pro, but come on.
  11. If we can have Cromartie and Butler at CB along with Adams and Geathers at Safety, we'll be good to go.
  12. I don't know if these are shocking or not, but here are some... Luck will complete > 60% of passes, and will demonstrate his new sliding prowess rather than tucking the ball like a running back Mathis will get a sack reminding us what we were missing last year Donte Moncrief will be the only receiver with more than 100 yards We will struggle to score touchdowns in the red zone, settling for field goals Colts will have less than 50 yards rushing Colts win, touchdown or less

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