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  1. Yeah I almost broke my tv
  2. Yeah that fake punt will forever pi$$ me off
  3. Man frankie williams looked decent when he was on the field I was hoping he would get a chance
  4. Watch some film of josh mcnary and tell me what good you see out of him
  5. Yeah he's the better linebacker between the two
  6. I want to see green make it I think he can help the defense out he just needs to learn it's only his 2nd year I believe he will improve
  7. Plus we have the last two picks in the 4th round I like that
  8. We didn't have a sixth round pick anyway gave that to the pats
  9. I like this pick
  10. What I'm saying is vontae won't have a problem lining up on sides of the field plus a rookie won't have no say so on what he does
  11. Yeah I agree
  12. Ok parry will get his chance hopefully he will improve
  13. Not always he's not like sherman vontae follows where the #1 wr goes left or right plus they're not gonna let a rookie come in and change things anyway
  14. Vontae plays both sides this won't be an issue
  15. I just looked at his highlights dude is a straight power rusher and we need that for our defense

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