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  1. Not always true if they want to send somebody to jail it's gonna happen no matter how much money the person has
  2. It depends on what their state law is some places are more strict on the law than others he hasn't completely avoided jail time yet
  3. Nice top 5 but for me I would change out the seattle game for that detroit game in 2012 now that was a thriller
  4. Yeah he had a few flashes last season but I'm expecting wilson to be our #2 cornerback....maybe have melvin play the slot? He can tackle that's for sure
  5. Yeah I almost broke my tv
  6. Yeah that fake punt will forever pi$$ me off
  7. Man frankie williams looked decent when he was on the field I was hoping he would get a chance
  8. Watch some film of josh mcnary and tell me what good you see out of him
  9. Yeah he's the better linebacker between the two
  10. I want to see green make it I think he can help the defense out he just needs to learn it's only his 2nd year I believe he will improve
  11. Plus we have the last two picks in the 4th round I like that
  12. We didn't have a sixth round pick anyway gave that to the pats
  13. I like this pick
  14. What I'm saying is vontae won't have a problem lining up on sides of the field plus a rookie won't have no say so on what he does
  15. Yeah I agree

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