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  1. Tj green isn't ready of course and melvin and mitchel is trash so might as well try someone else
  2. Finally morris gets some recognition
  3. Still not calling enough slant routes in certain situations
  4. Exactly they saying relax now but won't be singing the same tune if the season don't start off right
  5. Mevlin, mitchel and whoever #45 is all need to be cut immediately
  6. Mack is nice on the cuts I hope he gets #2 spot turbin is cool but he's more of bruiser not a slasher and wilson has a bright future with us if he keeps it up
  7. This basically sums it up
  8. You won't see it because you like tolzien but truth is he's not a good backup qb
  9. Tolzien is just not good he overthrows alot of passes and he panics too easy just give morris a try and see what he can do
  10. Morris...they need to give him the chance atleast let him run with the 2nd strings
  11. Don't know what they see in walker he's not that good
  12. But really if we shut their running game down it will be much easier to defend the pass and hopefully they will have a different gameplan than keeping one safety up top
  13. Brown has been shut down revis and I think norman too
  14. Or else the secondary will get beat as usual wilson wasn't drafted in the 2nd round for no reason melvin is wack too
  15. Wilson better be starting when the season starts...don't want no freaking tevin mitchel starting smh

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