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  1. The Ghost

    It's all in the playcalling....too many long routes not enough slants or comeback routes to gain an easy 10 yards when the defense plays off coverage
  2. This playcalling has to go ASAP

    Seriously is chuck foolish at times? Because I see nothing about him being a good coach. Gruden called every dumb mistake he made.....why is sheard in coverage? Why isn't there max protection when the titans are blitzing so much? Just stupid and he didn't have wilson actived for the game and the secondary looked worse than ever
  3. Colts Inactives

    So you have hairston active but not wilson????? I hope chuck gets fired tomorrow
  4. Colts Inactives

    This is why chuck will be fired....wilson is not playing????? wth smh
  5. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    Mariota couldn't even do a full sprint friday one division isn't going to hurt the season
  6. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    That's why mariota is back sooner than later plus a win in thr division would help them alot
  7. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    No I mean season wise they want to win now and sneak in the playoffs
  8. Kuharsky: Mariota Will Play vs Colts

    They want to win now lol that's why mariota is playing monday
  9. Our history of cornerbacks.....

    He just didn't fit our scheme....what happened to toler? How about jacoby lacey? Vaughn? Not everyone is that good
  10. How far will Gore move up the ranks?

    He'll be #5 when the season is over
  11. farley

    230? I had enough of having small linebackers on the team we need them to be atleast 240
  12. Coughlin Jaguars 2.0

    They was good last season when he left
  13. ILB's are bad

    I don't even remembering seeing tj green on the field the last 2 games
  14. ILB's are bad

    What? Morrison can't cover period that was his knock during the draft he's good at stuffing the run but not good at pass coverage and edwin jackson is pretty good compared to morrison but bostic I don't know about him