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  1. That's why they should use quick routes like slants more often so luck doesn't have to hold on to the ball long. Some of those routes take too much time to develop.
  2. ^^^^That right there is the qb fault but also a reminder the offense line gets him hit so much he'll get nervous eventually. It's like he throws to the hot route everytime the protection breaks down which isn't good. To me from what I seen dorsett isn't being used right he should stay in the slot whenever he hits the field.
  3. No don't trade down
  4. I'm try to go to the indy at baltimore game in dec
  5. Yeah we can't allow that to happen again
  6. We play the broncos in December
  7. Ok cool....if conley is still available by the 15th pick we have to take him
  8. Naw these aren't the type of charges he can get a slap on the wrist for he may do some time maybe like a month or 2 but I think he will get cut anyway
  9. I'm sorry for your loss bro
  10. Good let Tj green learn the right way he was way too raw to be starting for his rookie year
  11. Not necessarily true....marshawn lynch might be coming out of retirement to play for the raiders why??? Because that's where he WANTS to be it isn't always because of money....kevin durant could've made more money with OKC instead took less money to play with a team he wants to play with
  12. A team doesn't have to reach out to anybody for a player to get paid they know where the money at if they want to get paid
  13. No you just don't get it....who is going to visit a team and they don't want to sign there? Makes zero sense.....he could've went to cleveland if he wanted more money they have a bigger cap space than us but obviously that's not what he wants because he didn't even go visit them
  14. Who's to say he didn't get offered a better deal elsewhere? We just don't know what exactly happened

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