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  1. It sounds like if and IF he has a setback then he will require surgery again which I hope it's not the case
  2. Why did Haeg replace Good?

    He's better at guard than tackle anyway keep good at guard
  3. It's more of the o line not making a hole than mack because mack had some nice runs in some tight holes but he is better for the outside runs
  4. Broncos at Colts

    No hairston tomorrow....yeah this secondary is all to pieces
  5. Early Christmas Gift from NCF to you!

    Yeah...some of these grades aren't right
  6. Looks like the Colts will face........

    Expect the bills to run it more.....if chuck was smart he would've study that game where peterman threw 5 picks and see how their o line got blasted that game
  7. Indy - Buffalo Game

    I think this will be one those surprise wins that the colts will get 21-14 colts
  8. John Simon (OLB) to IR

    Injury bug does not stop
  9. Pierre Desir to IR

    Might as well put melvin on IR too no need to risk it if a bone broke in his hand
  10. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Difference is toler and robinson got beat all game which wilson did not but yeah it was his fault he got beat on that one play but I will take that over getting burned all game because the other team will keep picking on you and after that one play wilson didn't slack up
  11. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    Ok but when the season started he was ready and got 3 ints early so it's no telling what would've been if he kept playing he putting up a good rookie resume
  12. Under the Radar: Twitter Promise

    We will see
  13. How many of our recent free agents will be back?

    John simon has a 3 year deal he's coming back regardless
  14. Quincy Wilson..... inactive again

    He's on IR because someone chopped him down at his knee....what does that have to do witg his skills of ability?
  15. Who wanted Gruden as a HC again???

    Try again