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  1. Clem-Dog

    John Elway Announcement

    The premise of your scenario is quite similar to the time Polian traded up for Ugoh except he gave up a late 2nd and 1st the following draft in order to obtain an early 2nd. I'd do something similar with one of our early 2nds.
  2. I read somewhere the average lifespan of an NFL RB is 2.7 years. Edit: 2.7 seasons
  3. @Track Guy is on the clock with the Lions pick.
  4. With the 81st pick the Cowboys select: Duke Dawson CB Florida
  5. The second round should be ripe with a bunch very good OL prospects (Hernandez, Price, Wynn, C. Williams, B. Smith, Oneill +/-). It wouldn't surprise me if Ballard selects two of them.
  6. @Track Guy is on the clock with the Lions 51st pick.
  7. With the 50th pick the Cowboys select: WR Courtland Sutton SMU
  8. With Doyle and Ebron in the fold, and Swoope waiting in the wings, we can afford to wait another season or two before giving such a valuable asset for a 3rd-string TE.
  9. Even if Chubb is gone then one of Allen, Mayfield, Barkley or Nelson will be there at 6, and certain teams will bid on them until the selection is due. Our draft position is still very good, just need to let it play out.
  10. The Colts gained a sizeable premium moving down from 3 to 6, however this trade is almost equal value as the 6th is worth 1600 compared to 1592 for the Cards' picks. Considering there are seven so-called franchise talents in this draft (4qbs & Chubb/ Barkley/ Nelson) then there needs to be a premium attached to #6. I'd require Arizona's 2019 1st in addition to 15, 47 & 97. Regardless, I like your picks minus Goedert in the 2nd.
  11. It wouldn't be prudent to waste a 2nd round pick on a 3rd string QB, especially with Brissett as the backup.
  12. I'll handle the Cowboys this time if theyre still available.
  13. I fear he could be the next Coryatt. Hard to know for sure.
  14. I think this might be too many picks. Ultimately retaining them in 2023 could be tricky.
  15. Clem-Dog

    Peyton (this is cool)

    Based on production thru 8 seasons: Antonio Brown/ Marvin Harrison : Rec - 733/ 759 Yds - 9,910/ 10,072 Avg - 13.5/ 13.3 Yds/g- 86.2/ 81.35 TDs - 59/ 83 (This is what separates Marv) 20+ - 146/ 131 (Adv Antonio) 40+ - 33/ 30 My comparison is valid with exception to calling Antonio a "very poor man's Marvin," but I will revise my statement to reflect that Antonio is a lesser Marvin. All things being equal Marvin's ability to find the end zone elevates him above AB.