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  1. All three (Dickerson, Faulk, James) were great but I think Edge was the best Colt (Indy Era) because he was a primary cog in Peyton's legendary offense. Not to mention he was well on his way to a third straight rushing title until he got hurt. Regardless, he rebounded from his injury and forged a hof career. Check out the trade Jim Irsay made as GM to land Dickerson. Per Sports Illustrated: "Three teams were in on the Dickerson deal, which involved a damnably confusing realignment of talent, the repercussions of which are sure to affect the league for years and years, or at least until Mark Gastineau's next sack. The mastermind behind the blockbuster was Jim Irsay, the 28-year-old general manager of the Colts, who also happens to be the son of owner Robert Irsay. Follow this: Indianapolis traded the rights to rookie linebacker Cornelius Bennett, a No. 1 draft choice out of Alabama whom it had not been able to sign, to Buffalo for running back Greg Bell and the Bills' first-round draft picks in 1988 and '89 and their second-round pick in '89. The Colts then sent all they'd received from Buffalo, along with their own first-round draft pick in '88, their second-round choices in '88 and '89 and running back Owen Gill, to the Los Angeles Rams, who in turn packed Dickerson off to Indianapolis." It's also worth mentioning that he gave Seattle two first-round picks for Freddie Young a year later. That's three straight 1sts and two straight 2nds between 88-90 for five years of Dickerson and a bust at linebacker. lol
  2. I'd take Foster at 15. Same with Reddick. Regardless of who anyone prefers between the two it might not matter as both could be gone, or at a the very least one will be gone.
  3. Buchannon is who I envisioned as well.
  4. Where did you see/hear this?
  5. This is the type of question that needs to be asked in year 2-3 of his tenure as GM. However I like his mid-level acquisitions a lot better than the previous regime's by acquiring players entering their primes instead of departing them. That right there tells me he is in the process of changing the organization's philosophy as it pertains to the overall longevity and effectiveness of its personnel. I predict he will knock it out of the park during the draft.
  6. Maybe Poe's asking price has turned a lot of GMs off, especially if he is angling for top DL salary. Sure he isn't worth 12-15 per but he is easily worth 8-10 per depending on the guarantees. It seems the market has cooled on him so hopefully he will revisit the Colts offer, even if it's only for a season.
  7. Ballard has already replenished our OLB corps by signing players who are entering their prime years and presumably ready to take on larger roles. Now if he could just build this elusive monster by re-signing Butler, signing Poe, drafting Foster, trading a 6th for Mychal and drafting a CB in 2 (Tabor, Jones) then we'd be set. Without question Ballard has already opened up a lot of opportunities outside of collecting broken down Eagles and Ravens. I like him.
  8. Good value for a decent pass rusher at 4.5 per.
  9. I could get behind a backloaded deal or a 1 year deal for Poe. The fact he's willing to sign a 1 year deal tells me he still believes he can play at a high level, which is a good sign.
  10. Agreed, I would rather trade down than up. I can't believe the league awarded 11 comp picks in the 3rd, that's too many, hopefully they scale it back moving forward.
  11. Arizona (7-8-1) Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame Kevin King, CB, Washington Conor McDermott, OT, UCLA I think I addressed some of the Cardinals biggest needs while drafting bpa. Taco can be a game changer with the type of versatility to either stand up or put his hand in the dirt. With uncertainty surrounding the impending free agency status of Campbell and Jones, Taco would provide major insurance as it seems highly unlikely the Cards will be able to retain both. I like the value Kizer offered in the middle of 2. Arians would be very wise to place an understudy beneath Palmer sooner rather than later and to get one of this caliber would be ideal. Kevin King and Conor McDermott fill needs on both sides of the ball. Very balanced. In subsequent rounds I would target WR, ILB, OL & DL bpa.
  12. I am pretty sure @BProland85 is on the clock.

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