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  1. I suspect Gurley will be the one going off if the Rams offense miraculously goes off. JGoff might be worse than Tolzien at this point.
  2. I hope he and Luck were cool.
  3. Charlamagne tha God made SAS look like a silly hypocrite a few weeks ago. It was amazing how he muzzled this fool without the muzzle.
  4. I wonder if Ballard received any draft consultation from any of these guys before the draft.
  5. Some players can simply absorb hits while others cannot endure the trauma. Frank Gore suffered his first and only concussion at age 30. He played the following week without incident. Gore often leads with his helmet so it seems quite amazing but in reality he is built for it, many are not.
  6. She has a nice story.
  7. The Colts' Marketing department is getting sneaky.
  8. Unfortunately we plateaued after a record 9 game turnaround because subsequent drafts failed to register any substantial difference makers until last season when it was painfully obvious we needed to draft offensive lineman across the board. The last couple of disappointing seasons were just a culmination of decisions made during our plateau. I do expect a rebound this season as Luck's line will have more chemistry and the D will be at a minimum competent. 10-11 wins is not out of the question if we can protect the lead.
  9. I'm hoping for a future 3rd and a 5th
  10. I'm dead in the 3rd with Mixon and Jones off the board. We'll see how it goes.
  11. I've never done a backflip but I would attempt one if either King or Wilson fell to us @ 46.
  12. They sorely needed a defensive infusion and it looks like they got it. Good on them.
  13. Malik has the 3rd highest grade for a defensive prospect on behind Garrett and Thomas. Sure the hip injury and lack of experience are concerning but his ceiling is so high that it's worth the risk.
  14. Yeah it would be nice if Allen fell to us. My first pick is Reuben then possibly Allen, Charles Harris, King or Lamp.

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