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  1. counseling....

    I still need counseling for all of the championships Peyton's Colts left on the table. This is nothing.
  2. Jim Harbaugh

    An offensive minded head coach of McDaniels' caliber would finally give Luck the stability he deserves. Could Ballard and McDaniels coexist?
  3. Brissett is definitely upping his value while revealing many good qualities in the process. I think he has the potential to garner a 1st round pick +, if he continues his current output.
  4. Hypothetical scenario for Luck situation

    Luck will return when he is completely healthy and has sufficiently conditioned his shoulder to do so, as he should. If he is rushed back at this point it would threaten the overall longevity of his career, which is far too risky at this point especially considering our roster needs time to build some cohesiveness. From this perspective his lengthy recovery time might actually be a blessing in disguise.
  5. Remember when people used to say this?

    I hear you but at the same time these very people never mention players like Troy Aikman, Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning as all time greats for a reason. They just can't pick and choose when and when not to apply Super Bowl victories as part of the equation.
  6. Remember when people used to say this?

    This is actually a better argument to use if you are trying to convince others that championships are not the most important criteria when determining greatness.
  7. Another Wasted Season

    Pun intended. lol
  8. Wr speed video shows Moncrief ran a 4.35 on his second attempt but for some reason his first attempt (4.40) counted as his official time.
  9. Wr speed

    Dorsett ran a 4.33 so I guess he is technically faster but luckily we have two superior speedsters. Heyward Bey ran a 4.3 so sometimes it's irrelevant.
  10. Wr speed

    40 times at the combine: TY 4.34 Crief: 4.35 We've got plenty of speed on the outside.
  11. Andy Reid > BB ???

    Heath had to be trolling BB, otherwise his advice is not suitable for viewers.
  12. Sign Kap to backup Luck?

    I suspect Gurley will be the one going off if the Rams offense miraculously goes off. JGoff might be worse than Tolzien at this point.
  13. Erik Walden Signs With Titans

    I hope he and Luck were cool.