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  1. Exactly! People from all over the state love Jim Irsay because he cares about Indiana and many of these people can relate to him. He's got to be the most humble billionaire ever, no fake public facades with Jim Irsay. Screw the haters.
  2. Tennessee is irrelevant to the situation. Mrs. Eberflus' social media activities sealed it for me.
  3. You're rehashing an old topic.
  4. As far as Spygate, yes it was cheating when BB videotaped the Rams walkthrough before the Super Bowl because that particular practice was supposed to be private. The Pats push it to the limit searching for loopholes more so than actually cheating.
  5. No different than stealing signs in baseball.
  6. Could be Cleveland at 4, Denver at 5 or Jets at 6 if QB is the target. Or it could be 4, 5, 6, Tampa at 7 or San Fran at 9 if Barkley is the target.
  7. McDaniels Co-Ordinators Lined Up

    McD will teach Peetz and with some Luck he will be successful.
  8. It's not high too high a price at all if another team wants to move up too.
  9. A talking head at ESPN speculated Eberflus didn't want to step on Marinelli's toes, which says a lot about our new DC.
  10. Sick of Gregg Doyel

    Indeed his credibility took a hit. This guy is a paid troll no doubt, a troll whose columns will be showing up on front of the sports page for years to come. I cancelled my subscription partially due to his anal nonsense.
  11. McDaniels Contract?

    I wonder if that figure includes his ownership stake?
  12. McDaniels Contract?

    With coaches like Belichick, Tomlin, Reid, Payton, Carroll and Harbaugh all in the 7-8 m range I think chad72's projection is fairly close. Gruden's deal is an extreme outlier.
  13. Rank The Colts IN AFC South

    Houston could be vastly improved next season but it all depends on Watt and Watson. Jacksonville's savage defense isn't close to maximizing its potential. Having to play them twice will take its toll. Tennessee is just a very solid football team dependable on both sides of the ball. I'd really need to see what free agency and the draft bears to predict how the Colts will perform against the AFCSouth. As of right now it looks like it will be one hell of a challenge to come out on top.
  14. Thankfully Ballard will make the call whether we should trade back. Based off his brief history I have no idea what he will do but am confident he will maximize this opportunity.