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  1. Colts Vs. Browns Game Day Thread

    The Browns are not that bad.....
  2. Robert Mathis Hired by Colts

    We needed some good news today, great!
  3. Colts send Good to IR, sign Spence

    I give up...
  4. Rick Venturi On JMV 9-11-2017

    Ballard traded for Brissett for a reason. Chuck and co. might have been telling him that Tolzien could do it, but I think (hope?) Ballard had another gut feeling about that. I don't think Brissett was a replacement for Morris, it was a replacement for Tolzien all along. He is history. If he is not, Chuck is history.
  5. Who likes a challenge? Defend Pagano

    5% is probably too high. I think Irsay is getting himself ready for a change sooner rather than later.
  6. Colts Waive RB Matt Jones

    Colts trying hard to find a half-decent player;
  7. The Mystery is Unfolding

    LOL, if Ballard was the boss for those reporters, they would all be cut after yesterday! Sheesh, the very question is on all people's mind.
  8. Week One Colts vs. Rams Prediction Thread

    Rams 20, Colts 6
  9. Chris Ballard Press Conference

    ... but everything will eventually be OK.
  10. Swoope Placed On IR

    Good point.
  11. Zach Banner-Offensive Line Needs

    Arg! Banner not added to the practice squad. All 10 places are added now.
  12. Swoope Placed On IR

    Didn't they know this yesterday or Saturday? Why cut and then add Williams again?
  13. Zach Banner-Offensive Line Needs

    Yeah, we should know soon today whether we get him to the practice squad. Hopefully we do.
  14. Colts Roster Moves (Countdown to 53)

    You get this feeling that something is not quite right...