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  1. Why do coaches always do stupid things against the Patriots? That is the question!
  2. LOL! Anyway, isn't is pretty much a formality that drafted players just sign. I know there was some noise about Joey Bosa last year, but beyond that?
  3. Skip a hooker, right?
  4. Cool! If Clayton Geathers is out, we need those ILB's to step it up, so that might have contributed to considering him.
  5. Good point. Since this draft was heavy with talented CB's, the plan might be to wait and see whether a decent quality vat CB will be cut from another team during the summer or when the final roster cuts are made. There are almost bound to happen some moves, and if you're not high on someone in FA now you might as well wait. At least that is how I read it.
  6. Hey, they released C/G-Austin Blythe!
  7. Blackmon? Now that is a cool name. Not know why, but it is.
  8. I'm not sure that Irsay shares that belief. I think he would prefer to go big game hunting.
  9. We need higher standards.
  10. Hey, I'm down with that, krunk! On a related side note, it will be interesting to follow how well Ballard's prospects develops compared to the Grigson era. Very few Grigson prospects on defense panned out well, hopefully Ballard will be better at getting guys that have a higher probability rate of success. The position coaches on defense have their work cut out with all the new guys. They are not going to see much of their families this offseason, that is for sure.
  11. There will probably be some growing pains, but that goes with a lot of the other new players on defense. This is not the year for a deep SB run anyway, so the timing for that learning year is pretty good actually.
  12. Very interesting! Executive summary; We need a new OC!
  13. Excellent!
  14. Our OL whisper wanted him and wanted to work with him. That is all I need to know.

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