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  1. Any news on him?
  2. That would be an ok deal for us.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty darn certain that Ballard is not the type of GM to do this in his first year with a dumpster fire defense that needs the full works attention.
  4. LOL, well that is a no-brainer, we would all do that! The question is more whether people would pick him in round 1 or 2. I was initially against picking him in round two, but here is the deal: A lot of decent CB are going to be released when rosters are cut to 53 players because of the deep CB draft class, so we could pick one of those up to play while Jones recover. You always have that second round FA fire sale during the summer. We will know how well it went with Adams.
  5. No, I don't think we could afford that. And there will be many teams that could afford to take that risk before us, so the discussion is pretty theoretical as far as I'm concerned. I also doesn't see this as something Ballard would do in his first year. He needs all hands on deck, day one.
  6. You know what they say in Germany: Einmal ist keinmal!
  7. Yeah, I have trouble seeing a clear vision on this. We know that Ballard wants a quality NT from the talks with Poe and Woods looks more like a backup so what is the deal? It is probably not money if that lousy offer from Giants is all he have. Maybe we don't consider he a true NT? I would sign him and cut Jones in a heartbeat even if he is looked as "just" a DT but not a true NT. Just do it all ready!
  8. Good point, I'm a bit guilty of that myself. Bad habit! Nasty habit!
  9. I think that you are on to something here: Ballard might want a big NT in order to take some run stopping responsibility off the ILB's, so we can go with guys that are better a coverage and maybe even pass rushing up the middle. It is difficult to get ILB that do it all well, so a big butt NT could provide flexibility to which ILB we choose (at least 3rd and long passing downs).
  10. Sounds like a nice pickup then, thanks. Is his run stopping abilities terrible or at least serviceable in your opinion?
  11. Great read, thanks Jared!

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