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  1. [Merge] Colts Sign Denico Autry

    I see him being more of a Michael Bennett type in our defense. Hopefully he performs well. I do like this signing the more I look in to it.
  2. Grigson's draft track record

    Al Woods, Hankins, Sheard definitely had better years. I honestly liked his free agent haul last year. Unlike any year I saw under Grigson.
  3. Joe Haeg

    Noticed he got the start at RT. How do you guys think he did? When Kelly returns I see Bond(seems like a good find) moving to LG but the RT is still up in the air. Hoping someone locks down RT with some consistent solid play.
  4. Marlon Mack

    You don't cut a future hall of famer who has been nothing but class his entire career who doesn't have a big cap hit. PERIOD. Not unless he wants to be.