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  1. I know he got ticked off at the start because everyone was criticizing Myles Garrett. That was the most passionate I had seen Mel get in a long time.
  2. I'm interested in building the defense before finding a running back myself. I would consider Cook if he fell to us but I'm definitely not trading up for him and I'm not taking Mixon in the second. We need to draft the best corner available in the second and then we can think about the options in other rounds.
  3. Best player left on the board.
  4. Who cares man. Allen had injury issues too and Foster is falling out of the first round with off the field issues.
  5. Guys you're listening to the same guy who was high on D'Joun Smith and put his reputation on Johnny Manziel. Just because Jon Gruden doesn't like him doesn't mean he will be a bust. Tackling can be improved and He has Ed Reed ability. Great pick.
  6. I want to change Takkarist Mckinley to Reuben Foster.
  7. I wouldn't be disappointed but I'd feel better about it if we traded back first. However, this article on Brian Schwenke has me feeling like we'll be OK on the offensive line without drafting one high.
  8. Round 1 - #15 A. Jarrad Davis ILB B. Takkarist Mckinely OLB C. Kevin King CB Round 2 - #46 A. Tyus Bowser OLB B. Marcus Maye S Round 3 - #80 A. Shaquil Griffin CB B. Marlon Mack RB Round 4 - #122 A. Brian Hill RB B. Rasual Douglas CB Round 4 - #137 A. Lorenzo Jerome S B. Dorian Johnson G Round 4 - #144 A. Eric Wilson ILB B. Corn Elder CB Round 5 - #158 A. Jeremy Sprinkle TE B. Samson Ebukam OLB Free Agents: Taylor McNamara TE, Rashaad Coward DT, Brad Seaton OT
  9. Why would the Nets trade us Brook Lopez and take on Al and Monta's salaries. Makes no sense to me. And I'd rather acquire young talent and draft picks with a PG trade than "take one more shot" with Paul George and not get anywhere because Larry doesn't want to open his checkbook. And I honestly don't think Paul George makes an all-NBA team. If he does it is a different story but I think Butler and Giannis make it over him.
  10. I don't believe this for one second. It is the complete opposite of everything we heard from Ballard and Irsay this offseason.
  11. People said the same last year basically. And then the season started and they wanted to fire everyone when we were losing. Anything can happen in the NFL.
  12. CJ Miles is probably gone. Teams will pay a lot for his outside shooting and he will decline his player option. I don't think he is worth bringing back over a certain amount because of his lack of defense.
  13. Al doesn't have a $24 million cap hit, that is the dead cap we have to account for if we cut him. Bird made a big mistake signing him and Ellis as well. I don't see how we get rid of those salaries... nobody wants Ellis or Jefferson. I think we'll only have like 23 million in cap space next year unless someone is stupid enough to trade with us. That's why I think we have to consider trading Paul George. I don't think we'll be able to find the talent to put around him to win a championship this summer. We saw Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant on the same team and they couldn't even get it done and Durant left without giving OKC any compensation. I don't want the same to happen to us.
  14. I don't care if he turns out to be the best receiver in NFL history. We better not draft him or any other wide receiver at 15. I don't think we should draft a receiver at all in this draft. If Aiken, Dorsett, and/or Moncrief are gone next year, take a receiver or two in the 2018 draft.

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