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  1. Myles Turner? After how he has played this year? That's all you got? Alright bro.
  2. I think the receivers we are bringing in are definitely insurance. But not just for Moncrief, also, and maybe more importantly, for Phillip Dorsett. At least when Moncrief is healthy he shows some ability. Dorsett has shown nothing and maybe we do re-sign Moncrief if he produces this year and we cut Dorsett. We shouldn't have expected an extention this offseason because I'm sure Donte wants to play this year out and try to make more money... and that would just turn into a comp pick for us anyway. Win win.
  3. We don't have the trade power to get Jimmy Butler. This is what I talk about when I say that a fan's love for the team makes them get excited for things that will never happen and then they are disappointed. We couldn't even get a average wing player to help PG out this trade deadline and you expect us to get Jimmy Butler over everything the Lakers and Celtics could trade the Bulls? And you're going to take the media's word for Butler being on the trading block but then say George is staying because he didn't get traded? You can't have it both ways because you want the best for Indiana. It doesn't work like that. We have to be reasonable.
  4. I don't disagree that the offer should be made I'll tell you that much. Would be a big win for Indiana. However PG wants to play for LA and we don't know if that is the case for Hayward in Indiana. We'll see.
  5. The bench will be the main reason why we probably won't beat one of the teams in the first round.
  6. But his team is already top 4 in the more difficult western conference so I don't get the fact that he'd take a lot less money to come here instead of adding a big time shooting guard to his team that would make them able to compete with the Warriors. Paul George's contract doesn't expire until after the 2017-2018 season and we're already hearing he wants to play for the Lakers. I haven't heard one word from Hayward that he wants to play in Indiana.
  7. I don't really know about that. I think he's in the perfect situation for himself. I also just can't imagine a free agent in his prime coming here. Indiana sports don't get marquee free agents and fans fall for it every year and get dissapointed. Happening with the Colts now.
  8. Not everyone wants to go home. I know its the trend now but I can't see Hayward turning down that much money to come play with a worse team. Maybe if it was a situation like Howard or Wade where they got more by going home and went to a better situation he'd come, but that's not the case.
  9. LA is more than just going home. It's a huge market. And I think if Paul leaves he's going to the Celtics. Gordon Hayward wouldn't win championships if he came here either. I would be recruiting people to join the Jazz if I were him. They have solid pieces. I think he'd be stupid to leave unless he was going somewhere better than where he is now.
  10. I'm pretty sure he's under contract next season... unless its a player option. And why would he give up the amount of money he could get when he's already on a great team?
  11. I'd be able to get behind anything besides QB, WR, or TE if there is a reasonable explanation and we fill other holes in the draft.
  12. PG clutch when it counts. Needed this win badly. Hayward is a beast though and it got really scary late. The back and forth continues. Can we play at home every game...
  13. Teague's offense and Young's defense are the biggest keys to maintaining this lead so far.
  14. We can't have too many injury prone corners on the roster or we'll end up in a position like last year. Also Robinson seemed like the type to not push through minor injuries. Melvin would be absolutely fine as the 4th corner. He came in and played fairly well without much of an offseason to work with. His game against the Packers was the second best cornerback performance of the season for this team.
  15. No. The draft is the answer.

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