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  1. Is Andrew Luck really 240? I doubt it.
  2. Yes for me.
  3. Traded him for nothing? Do you know how good Brook Lopez is? If he stays healthy, Lopez alone is enough for the Lakers to win that trade.
  4. Wow Paul George is more of a punk than I realized. Pritchard is openly saying that last Friday PG had his agent tell the team he wanted to be traded even though he had been talking with the organization about which players to sign this offseason to create a winning team. That is ridiculous.
  5. First of all, what did tanking do to the 76ers? What are you talking about? They have a potential three headed monster in Fultz, Simmons, and Embiid and they have almost sold out all their home games. Secondly as many have said, it is not tanking when you trade a player you know doesn't want to stay with the team. It is trying to get value back. You are just stubborn like the front office and now our future is screwed. Just bringing in Aldridge does not make us a playoff team. Just bringing in Kevin Love does not make us a playoff team. Getting the Celtics number one pick, Jae Crowder, and Smart/Bradley at the trade deadline would have been much better than where we are at now.
  6. We almost missed the playoffs with him and there was no way we were going to win the championship anyway. You were too worried about the fact that trading PG improved other teams in the conference rather than looking out for the Pacer's future. We will now get fleeced on a deal for PG if one is made at all. Everyone has passed and the best we may able to do is getting a washed up Lamarcus Aldridge who will continue this team's identity of mid range shooting instead of getting to the rim or shooting 3's. Plus he comes up small in big moments. Great deal for us...
  7. Just because you say this does not make it true. The fact is you're content with barely making the playoffs every year and getting destroyed by teams like the Cavs rather than building talent and being a true contender in 3-4 years when players like LeBron are past their prime. Like we argued about for months, we should have traded Paul George before the trade deadline and got a haul then.
  8. He recently followed the Pacers on Twitter. That is all I heard.
  9. 10- Frank Ntlinkina, PG 18- OG Anunoby, SF 27- Harry Giles, C 28- DJ Wilson, PF It's hard to really tell where these players will fall in the draft and which teams are interested but these players intrigue me. Who we draft also depends on other offers we could receive for PG.
  10. If Phil Jackson trades Porzingis for Kevin Love, a late first, and a player past their prime making too much money, he is the dumbest person ever.
  11. Sure why not.
  12. Does this mean we aren't re-signing Teague? I don't mind. I figured they'd move him to point but I thought he'd be the backup.
  13. The Knicks aren't that stupid.
  14. Anyone who didn't think this was coming... I don't know what to tell you.
  15. I need to see how we play in preseason and how healthy we are going into week one. If we have injury problems as bad as last year prior to week 1, I will be as pessimistic as I was last year.

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