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  1. Pugh to Cards

    However I really just wanted Andrew Norwell. I can understand Ballard not paying these crazy amounts for guys like Pugh and Jensen. They aren't even pro bowlers and they get 9-10 million.
  2. Pugh to Cards

    Ballard failed on this offensive line. That's all I have wanted every offseason since Andrew Luck was drafted. Can we please have at least an average offensive line for once? Unless they really like a mid-round option, moving back and drafting Nelson should be at the top of the list.
  3. I guess we are trying to pick up some comp picks.
  4. Yeah we will have to live with it. Just a little worried about it. We may give up a few spots but we'll make the playoffs so they should definitely keep those two out. I'd be fine playing anybody but Cleveland first round.
  5. You know that Miles 3 pointers are not fluky. You've seen that more than enough when he was with us. This Raptor team is good. They are a second half team and they are very well coached. Plus their bench is so much better than years past. The question will always be if Lowry and DeRozan show up during the playoffs until they prove people wrong, but they will be a tough matchup for any team in the East.
  6. I like Al in a small role where he can get his buckets and sit down, but he is still slow and a liability on the defensive end. Teams can just go at him on every offensive possession. And I'm just worried about rebounding if Booker plays center. Whoever starts has to battle with Gortat for boards Saturday and the other gets Mahimi off the bench. It's going to be difficult.
  7. Well we know Sabonis will miss the Wizards game and I'm guessing Myles will miss it as well. We have a tough schedule so the injuries may cost us a lot... thank goodness we signed Trevor Booker though. I don't see a possible way that we miss the playoffs with everybody whiffing on their Pistons projections, but we could fall a lot without those two guys.
  8. Well I know Sabonis is out and Myles hasn't played much but the Raptors kill us on the boards every time we play them.
  9. Apparently Myles Turner hurt his ankle again but they wouldn't show the replay. I know this is a big game but we will make the playoffs regardless. Myles should have just stayed out if he wasn't feeling well. No reason to risk further damage like what just happened...
  10. They are both playing very well this year as is their bench as a whole. Hopefully we can still pull this one out.
  11. CJ Miles is doing what he does best. Starters have to finish strong here.
  12. This Wizards-Celtics game is really good. I don't think we can catch the Celtics so I am rooting for them so they can knock the Wizards back another half game in the standings. Wizards up 1 in double OT right now. Edit: Well the Wizards pulled it out. Everybody looks gassed. The Wizards just played last night.