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  1. He can get stronger with age. Nobody expects this Pacers team to do anything special this year anyway. This team is built for the future. I'd rather have him at the rim leading the league in blocks than getting destroyed by guys like Paul Millsap and Blake Griffin trying to defend them outside the paint.
  2. The Thunder were definitely more aggressive at going to the rim but I don't think it should have been that big of a discrepancy in foul shooting. And the rebounding did kill us and I don't know what we can do to fix it. Myles has to help on Westbrook when he drives and that leaves Adams to get an easy rebound. The only way to stop this is for the guards to stay in front of Westbrook which is nearly impossible.
  3. Most of the mistakes we had tonight were just things that naturally happen sometimes in the NBA, but one area I was very disappointed in tonight was our bench play. I really thought Cory, Sabonis, and Lance would give us an advantage over the Thunder's bench.
  4. He played great defense at the center position tonight. He is the best shot blocker in the NBA. You do not move him to try and guard stretch 4s. He had to constantly help the guards contain Westbrook driving to the rim. That is why Westbrook was 3-17, and that is why Steven Adams had so many offensive rebounds.
  5. They are probably a top 5 team in the West now. Still a lot of season left.
  6. A dominant rebounding team that is good defensively will not go our way unless they have an awful shooting night. I know everyone wanted this win today but don't act like the Thunder are not the superior team. Westbrook is better than anybody we have. Steven Adams is better than both of our bigs. PG is still a top 20 player. Don't act like we lost to the Bulls or Hawks here.
  7. I didn't know they were allowed to do that...
  8. Crap I thought Young saw Collison in the corner before he got the charge
  9. Yeah this is a bad matchup between their defense on the pick and roll and the attention Russell Westbrook brings which allows Steven Adams to dominate. Let's see if McMillan can find some other offensive sets that get us back in the game.
  10. Wow we've only taken 2 free throws the entire game?? I've never seen that before.
  11. This is a bad matchup for us because the Thunder guard the pick and roll exceptionally well and that is the majority of our offensive. Turnover after turnover is coming off these screens.
  12. Looks like the Colts will face........

    It's going to be a very low scoring game. That's all that I know.
  13. I was just about to post that Victor has to hit these free throws and he misses the first. What the heck is going on with Victor and these free throws recently???
  14. Yeah he is a better defender than Collison and Stephenson.