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  1. I think Charlotte, Miami and Detroit are all better than us. I have us at 32 wins max.
  2. Unless Morris or Walker dominates against the 2nd or 3rd string I want Tolzien starting for us if Luck is out in the regular season. His play against the Steelers last year justifies it. It shows that with the entire playbook available and when it is adapted specifically for Tolzien, he can do things no one expected from him. I was definitely surprised with how he performed in that game. Tolzien is also the only quarterback who has experience going against 1st string guys. People act like Morris is the second coming but he wasn't perfect in that preseason game regardless of leading the team to a touchdown. He has some horrible throws and at least one near interception. Matt Hasselbeck looked horrible in preseason for us and then went out and actually won games and Tolzien looked similar last year. So with all that being said, unless the coaching staff has the faith to start Morris or Walker and they show the capability to stand out with starters in preseason, I don't want either of those guys starting week 1.
  3. I know every team deals with injuries but I wish we could get through one year where the offensive line could stay healthy and build continuity.
  4. Haven't seen many names weirder than Gimel President... Also this is just for the AFC South and not the entire league... good nonetheless though.
  5. Well looks like we know who is winning the punting competition.
  6. He just needs to learn to get his eyes on the ball.
  7. Offensive line is holding up pretty well. I just don't know what Tolzien is doing.
  8. Almost every starting quarterback played at least a series in the first preseason game this year. It's not surprising at all. If Luck was healthy, he would have played a series or two as well.
  9. No. Starters play a series or two of the first preseason game.
  10. Don't mess with Vontae.
  11. Sucks that we won't see Mack Sunday but it's not the end of the world.
  12. Yes it sucks but it happens to every team. I'm reading through all the injuries that happened today in other team's first preseason games and I am starting to get worried about Sunday's game.

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