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  1. Geathers hit on Freeman

    I also edited original post and linked a video 
  2. Geathers hit on Freeman

    I thought even with out showing signs they take people out
  3. Geathers hit on Freeman

    They took Freeman out for concussion protocol but why did they not take out Geathers? Dose someone know what they take out and what they don't.  link to hit
  4. The new HC and Chuck

  5. The new HC and Chuck

    With all these articles about a new head coach candidate, chuck saying he dose not think he will be here next year do you think he is even trying cause honestly why would he at this point if he has no job?  
  6. If you were Andrew Luck...

    No joke i had the same dream....freaky
  7. Hasselbeck's backup?

    Or we could just run run run run run run run run run run kick
  8. Hasselbeck's backup?

    If he goes down "knock on wood" who would be his back up. No way this new guy knows the system yet. I know Pat used to play like 3rd or 4th string for us. I don't know why we didn't sign Bryan Bennett even though he was terrible he knows the system.
  9. Cut Players As Colts Trim Down To 53 (Cut Thread)

    Is there a link to a tracker for all the cuts? only has Kelcy Quarles as the only cut.

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