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  1. This nugget Jim Irsay shared yesterday: Clay Matthews was all but a Colt in 2009. Instead, it was Donald Brown.

  2. @MikeWellsNFL See you're in Toronto. Is Granger healthy?

  3. Sifting through the audio from the league meetings: Jim Irsay mentioned (ideally) adding a center and a guard/tackle swing guy in the draft.

  4. @ColtsLuck1292 Usually begins right around this week/time period

  5. RT @ColtsEdwardsC: .@TYHilton13's 4,413 receiving yards in 1st 4 seasons are most by any WR selected third round or later in NFL Draft #Col…

  6. @Kgoony I’m of the belief that finding an impact defender (CB/pass rush) is the right move there.

  7. The offensive line was the popular topic on Wednesday at the #Combine. A look at some possible fits for the Colts:

  8. Henry Anderson Updates ACL Rehab

    Check back with after the Combine for an update on Jones. I'm with you in that Jones and Anderson are definite keys to that defensive line group really becoming the strength of the Colts defense.
  9. @jdcrouch2 No problem at all. Can’t wait to see what all they do over there.

  10. Last Saturday, Tony Dungy answered Peyton Manning’s call. This weekend, Dungy answered the Hall of Fame’s call

  11. With Greg Toler a free agent and D’Joun Smith still a bit of an unknown, who starts opposite Vontae Davis in 2016?

  12. Our next free agent watch focuses on the Colts likely having to make the decision---Coby Fleener or Dwayne Allen:

  13. RT @JimIrsay: Roster Update -

  14. @OleNateBBub Sounds like where USC plays for now

  15. @JackStory16 Well thank you, Jack. Anytime the real Matt Damon graces with his presence, it’s a good day.

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