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  1. No he's not he was fat, out of shape on horrible team with no reason care..lwt him come here and contend compete with davis for #1 spot, let that alpha male kick in, hell push Davis and Davis will push him 2 yrs 8 mill with possibility of 12 mill with incentives. .Let the couple rookies we draft in deepest cb draft ever learnbfrom them and lick em both to curb in 2 to 3 years. ..If we come away with reddick, watt, desmond king, kevin king, mixon or hunt and kittle lombardi trophy will reside on indy next year
  2. No reason for it. We r 5 deep all very talented..How about Revis?
  3. No more injury prone players..that led to grigsons demise..I really feel grigson had an eye for talent, we have talent, cupboard is far from bare, but so many guys he signed or drafted seem to me made of glass, if they stayed healthy he wouldn't b fired...To name a few Donald Thomas, Hugh Thornton, Ahmad Bradshaw, Gosder Cherilous, Toler, Art Jones, Khalid, BOYETT, Geathers all injury prone and im sure im missin some..
  4. Jabaal Sheard

    Ole Belichik ain't no *
  5. Man Reddick will give u 12 sacks at olb yr 1....Watt in 2nd, and you got 2 elite pro bowl potential edge guys..And they can play together, both are athletic enough to play ilb or olb..
  6. I disagree, great run stopper and he lays tje WOOD ala James Harrison style..He was a rookie man, it takes time, ill tell you one thing when he hits guys it hurts them...All he needs is a guy like reddick to cover the te and morrison can be the run stuff guy..Ive seen plenty of FLASHES from Morrison, every team needs those nasty hardworking nothing given has to be earned guys...
  7. Jabaal Sheard

    Might be diferent if he jad hopes to contend..Did very well with Pats in right culture..I think him and Vontae would push each other and great guys for our rookie cb's to learn from...
  8. Jabaal Sheard

    He aint that old..i wouldnt mind REVIS on a cheap 1 yr prove it deal either, if he gets in shape he has a few good years left in him, he was uninterested and out of shape for Jets last yr, he knew they had no hope...
  9. In the box safety to blitz in running situations with Morrison and Spence..Man we are gonna be young fast and nasty on both sides..I was worried before Ballard but i c his genius already...He is am nfl version of theo epstein..And all these guys we r signing right now will be off the books by time draft talent is ready to sign next contract...I love how he is adding young depth to combine with draft...Id we can get walden on a 1 yr deal for like 3 mill to help the young guys and be a situational player and vet leader id be all for that move as well..Need a few bets to keep the pups in check..
  10. Jabaal Sheard

    Or Davis for Sherman straight up and extend Sherman 3 yrs..Salaries match
  11. Jabaal Sheard

    If Vontae is healthy he will still be a top guy worthy of a 3yr extension or offer him to Pats for Malcom Butler and a 5th rd pick nxt year..
  12. Runs a 4.6 40 and can cover tight ends like Gronk in certain situations...Not to mention blitzing him as in box safety or ilb..He could easily get 12+ sacks and a few ints for more icing on the cake...
  13. Jabaal Sheard

    I'd like to grab at least 1 Cb in fa, and draft a couple more in 4th or 5th rd...1St 3 rds should be olb and ilb and rb...Very deep draft for corners, maybe best ever, can get a couple good ones in the 4th..I want some big fast cbs like Kevin King and Cordrea Tankersly who are physical and can play press coverage...
  14. Reddick and we have a nasty run stopper in morrison who i think is vastly underrated ans will keep improving, a pure blood bulldog...