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  1. Bottom line is they aren't overpaid man..That is new going rate..Salary cap goes up, salaries increase, so really you have same restrictions. Nature of the beast..
  2. If spending $$ in free agency translates to winning..Carr was hurt but otherwise Raiders will be contenders this yr..Jax is most talented team in league..Wish we had Coughlin instead of Ballards cheap butt..
  3. Ask Jacksonville and Raiders
  4. So are you happy with the moves we are making?
  5. Nothing...getting worse..signing 5th tier dlineman to 8 million a year deals..
  6. Yep...we won't even pay our own guys..
  7. If I'm Andrew Luck and I'm healthy im threatening retirement and demanding a trade..
  8. We are already getting a reputation of being cheap and not trying to win..
  9. I hope he is a genius to be honest..We can only wait and see..
  10. If that is the case he is incompetent..
  11. I agree, and hate it as well..Once a thread is merged I no longer follow..Its mods doing unnecessary things to feel important..
  12. Coming from the guy who was ok with bringing Pagano back last season when I tried to tell you..You are a company man walk the line regardless. Smh
  13. Rashaan Melvin To Raiders [Merge]

    Yeah...No point in signing arguably our best defensive player who is still only 28 years old...