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  1. Felt like every play he was on the field was disappointing.
  2. Would be a perfect draft for me if all players were available at those spots.
  3. McAfee killed it at the combine in both drills and timed events, I would assume that's why.
  4. Teams sometimes extend their own players for 6 years. That makes the contract 7 years if it is signed in the final year. Don't think UFAs ever are signed for that length.
  5. Yeh I would like that, for sure. 2 ACl tears though.
  6. I wouldn't mind another threat in the passing game. I would totally love/hate getting OJ Howard.
  7. If we take a DB in the first, they better have plus coverage skills.
  8. Terrible fit for our scheme.
  9. I don't know what the incentives are, if they are NLTBE or what, though. I just think you misinterperated me, I was in work and didn't really put much thought into my initil post. I think he has priced himself out the market so far.
  10. Hightowers deal is 8.8 million per. I think Brown will want 7-8 million per. I understand it is more complicated than just the per year numbers. I don't think Brown is the same level of player as Hightower. But he is a good player nonetheless, who is still available relatively late. I think that's a sign he wants more than teams value him at.
  11. Perhaps a better coverage backer? Still hefty money.
  12. He is definitely going to want that Hightower money. 3 year contract might not be too bad, though. We will see.
  13. Brown leaves OAK without deal

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