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  1. No true edge rusher. We need one.
  2. Let me tell you why it matters. If you really like the guy, but no other team would take him until pick x, then you are missing out on another pick or 2.
  3. One out the left field. Jordan Willis. Perhaps early in the first, but is the prototype. Has length, explosive, speed and agility. Hasn't shown bend on tape but can beat tackles in a hurry. High level of production.
  4. If true, want no part. Even as a UDFA. Most heinous crime. Then again, if true he will be going to jail.
  5. I would be happy with him in the second. I, along with all the media talking heads, are not qualified to make the judgement. If the FO decides to take him then I have faith he can be a success in Indy.
  6. At 15 I would be happy with one of; Myles Garrett Jonathan Allen Leonard Fournette Reuben Foster Marshon Lattimore Jamal Adams Malik Hooker Solomon Thomas OJ Howard Gareon Conley Forrest Lamp Derek Barnett Hasaan Reddick Takkarist McKinley I have them ranked in order of who I think are the best players (including upside, im my opinion). I would prefer an edge, linebacker or corner with that pick though. Of that group, my draft crushes are Allen, Fournette and Foster. Not a fan of trading back in the 1st unless there really is no one worthwhile to pick. I'd rather trade back in the 2nd and 3rd to accumulate more picks.
  7. Seen that. All I can say is..ha.
  8. If we passed on Jonathan Allen, the best player in the draft for next season, I would be sad.
  9. I like King but not at 15. Dat 1 handed interception doh...
  10. Something to note. If we keep all 7 picks, we only have room for 8 UDFAs.
  11. From what I have read, it shouldn't be a problem for a decade. The man has a nasty streak, has great technique, powerful hands and off the field seems like a great guy. No way he drops to 15 but if he did he is a day 1 starter. He can play 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 tech.
  12. I think Allen is the better player in 2017. But you can't teach 270, 35 inch arms and a 40 inch vert.
  13. If teams aren't willing to trade up then that drives the price down hopefully. But who would we target?
  14. Let me explain something about having a credible threat at running back. Even without having him in to block one can slow down the pass rush. Playing the run and rushing the passer are played in entirely different ways. Stopping the runs requires players to control their gaps and in general play a bit slower. When you are being carved up on runs for 5 to 6 yards it gets incredibly difficult to tell your front 7 to pin their ears back and go after the passer. That much alone can give the quarterback a cleaner pocket to make throws. In the 2014 season, the most underrated facet of our offense waa Bradshaw blocking in the backfield. He was unbelievable at it. If you watch the tape you see him constantly cleaning up the messes left by the o-line. While I don't think Fournette is that guy yet, he absolutely has the physical traits to become good in pass pro. I have no worries about Fournette behind our line. Stylistically, I feel he is the type of runner we need. He has good vision, he doesn't dance behind the line of scrimmage and he hits the hole with explosion. When there is no space he can push the pile because he is an absolute beast. Having a closer like Fournette means we could hopefully hold the ball longer in late game situations. Our defense gets more time to rest. How many games did our defense seem to gas late in the game? That is not even acounting for the psychological factor oftge other team seeing consistent 5 yard gains whilst their defense is being brutalized. Edit: I should clarify; I don't want Fournette over any other prospect. There are half a dozen defensive prospects I would rather have, but in terms of running backs at 15 it is him alone.

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