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  1. If OP was here 4 years ago when CBA was new and rookies didnt sign until late July...
  2. No.
  3. If we sign him this offseason is a slam dunk.
  4. Hopefully he doesn't emerge as a perennial injury concern!
  5. Pretty sure you are right on Aiken. Wideouts can only wear 10-19 and 80-89, I think.
  6. Continuing to add more highly respected executives.
  7. Christ. I'm only in my early 20's, but I long for the days when people had thicker skin.
  8. Why would MIN trade away one of the best young pass rushers in the league?
  9. I would love a legit star at RB.
  10. That's the point. If our right tackle doesn't look good in pass protection, how would he look facing teams top rushers on the blind side?
  11. No thanks. If you think Castonzo looked inconsistent then watch anyone at right tackle in pass pro last season.
  12. Vote of confidence in Swoope. I hope he becomes a legit move tight end in the mould of Jimmy Graham.
  13. Ultra high potential. Would love to see him succeed.
  14. Sheard is 93. Basham will be 58.
  15. I do wonder if he will slim down to play olb. I imagine he could be potentially even more explosive at 260, than 270. If he was in that 245-255 range of Willis, Rivers and Bowser then I am sure he would match their measurables. I don't want him ahedding that much weight though. He is such a high effort guy, and looks as powerful as any rusher in the class. I am intrigued about the length.

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