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  1. Should the Colts management be interested?
  2. Brissett is terrible

    We need to give the guy a break...he just went 20/30, 300+ yds and 2 TDs along with a "W". He is going to be solid (maybe already is) after he spends a few more games in this system.
  3. Ballard deal with Chiefs?

    The problem is that KC has a lot of crappy low picks and only a couple of good ones...27, 59, 91, 104, 132, 170,180, 216, 218, 245. The Colts already have 15, 46, 80, 121, 137, 144, 158. To move down from 15 to 27 would cost KC their 27 and 59 and more Ballard should just use the picks on players and pick wisely...if anything move UP using one 4th rounder. And I hope we don't get talked into taking picks in next year's draft.
  4. Arthur Jones Released (Merged)

  5. Best Running Back in Colts history...

    Lenny Moore, Edgerrin James.
  6. Hoping Josh Ferguson Shines

    He is not very good at anything...he probably gets the pink slip...and with so many RBs in the draft he is VERY easily replaced.
  7. Chuck Pagano complaints (merge)

    Pagano is just a DBs coach and Grigson is just a Head Scout. They are both over their head trying to do the HC and GM jobs...they have just never grown into the jobs.