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  1. Yep.
  2. Lenny Moore, Edgerrin James.
  3. He is not very good at anything...he probably gets the pink slip...and with so many RBs in the draft he is VERY easily replaced.
  4. Absolutely right...this draft is deep at a few positions. Just use the picks.
  5. So, basically we gave up Allen to move up 1-1/2 rounds in the draft...mid 6th to end of 4th.....hmmmmmm.
  6. NFL network has the Colts at 55M this afternoon at 4PM.
  7. Yeah, Chuck is such an average-ish mediocre coach...the Colts can easily do better.
  8. Too bad that Pagano is staying...he is just an average coach, not good enough to get us to the SB.
  9. Ballard should be given the power to pick his own coach...he can't be worse than Chuck...Chuck is neither good nor terrible, just mediocre and does things that make you go HUH?
  10. Grigson is a head scout who is good at getting bottom of roster fill-ins but lousy at managing the top end (picks or trades).
  11. Irsay seems OK with 8-8 seasons and no playoffs....just as long as the seats are filled.
  12. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. The Colts won't even come close. Doubtful they make the playoffs.
  13. With Grigson and Pagano back again, nothing matters. Grigson will screw up our high picks and Pagano will continue his semi-conscious coaching style and we can watch the Colts come close and miss the playoffs again. I really gotta reconsider paying for NFL Sunday Ticket to watch these 2 clowns run the team for another year(s). 'No changes' means no different results....sad.
  14. The only thing the Colts are "close to contending for" is the AFC South and not much more.
  15. Andrew is a top QB in this league but he is not as good as Peyton and never will be...not even close. Peyton processed information much quicker and got rid of the ball much quicker...and made the plays. I doubt Andrew will ever be able to do this. He plays the game almost the same as Big Ben. That is who he is and always will be. Andrew does not seem able to make the quick reads and quick releases like Peyton.

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