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  1. MAYBE for a 7th rounder.
  2. Im convinced that Aiken will beat out Dorsett for WR3. If Dorsett could be moved for Defense or a 2018 pick I would do that.
  3. 2 totally different safetys. Bob hit as hard as he could on every play and unfortunately had a short and injured career. Malik will be more of the general in the secondary running all over the place and taking the ball away. He will make some big tackles too but wont be throwing them the way Bob did. Hookers gonna make alot of plays!
  4. I would want either Perine, Hill or Mack.
  5. Brian Hill, Samaje Perine, Marlon Mack, Wayne Gallman, Jamal Williams, Donnel Pumphrey, Jeremy McNichols etc
  6. Im torn on whether round 2 should be CB or EDGE
  7. Kamara or Foreman is a better bet to be there.
  8. 1025 Yards in 2015. Tailed off last year due to Browns instability at QB. While he is 31. Maybe grab him on a short term deal?
  9. I say Kamara in he 2nd and Jourdan lewis in the 3rd and then go grab 2 EDGE guys in Round 4
  10. Happy Draft Day #COLTSNATION! Final predictions for Pick #15......... I say Charles Harris. Favorite of Ballard, fills a big need and will be there at #15.
  11. Give me Charles Harris and ill be happy with Round 1
  12. Conleys been accused of Rape

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