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  1. At the same time take this all with a grain of salt. Ill believe it when one of our colts writers says something or rapsheet.
  2. I was praying for Collins too in that draft in Round 1
  3. The units are still coming together, there was alot of turnover this offseason. Everyone knows when Luck is out there the ball moves down the field so let's remember that the preseason doesnt tell the full story. I dont think Pagano has lost the locker room. I think him and CB are on the same page. I just think that Pagano is taking a far more serious approach and holding people more accountable which is something I think we all want. This team even as is should beat the Rams in week 1 P.S Everyones worried about the way Dallas ran the ball against our new defence but lets remember this: Most of us could run for 2000 yards behind there line.
  4. Exactly. The organization owes nothing to Tolzien. Plain and simple he's bad. Morris has outplayed him. If they are serious about putting the best guy out there its: Stephen Morris.
  5. Bottomline I play the best player possible at each position regardless of money, contract or stature. Morris needs to start If Luck is out. I have so much respect for Gore and he is a hall of famer. But after seeing Mack he should be getting just as many touches as Gore. Whoever catches the football plays. Whoever protects Luck plays. Whoever covers plays. Who ever Tackles plays. Whoever gets the sacks plays.
  6. Good to see Morris moving up!
  7. He must be inching closer to returning if he's throwing the ball like that!
  8. Link to JMV?
  9. But with 3 weeks to go until the regular season there's no way that they dont know whether he will be available or not! If he's not playing in week 1 then just rule him out now so at least we know.
  10. 10-6
  11. Could be anytime! Im hoping its this week. Even if he is taken off next week he would still have a week to practice before the RAM game. I only think he misses the Ram game is if he is taken off the PUP list 4-6 days before the game. I have to think if he's off beforehand he will practice and be ready for week 1. Luck will have some rust to knock off but he's a vet QB so it shouldn't take long to get into the swing of things. We know he's throwing so he will practice immediately once taken off PUP. I'm sure they will keep him on a pitch count but I still feel like he plays in Week 1. But I think Morris could beat the Rams if needed, Tolzien absolutely cant.
  12. I agree with stop signing practice squad level guys when you have 22M in cap space right now. Sign someone with legitimate experience.
  13. Kelly will only be out 3-5 games since were still 3 weeks away from the season. Hopefully heals quick.
  14. How much would Mangold cost?
  15. Sign Zuttah and then when Kelly returns move Zuttah to G.

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