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  1. Colts trying to fly in OL Pugh

    Could this mean were not getting Jensen? I think it's an attempt to get both of them. We have the money!
  2. is not always the best at who's actually available in each round but I did this one for fun! 1:3 Bradley Chubb EDGE NC St. 2:4 Will Hernandez G UTEP 3:3 Rashaad Penny RB San Diego St. 4:4 Quenton Meeks CB Stanford 5:3 Tegray Scales LB Indiana 6:4 Byron Pringle WR Kansas St. 7:3 JoJo Wicker DE Arizona St.
  3. Why would anyone want Luck behind this line?

    Your not paying him 140M to sit, if hes healthy he plays. Also, the division is wide open, once he returns we can go on a run.
  4. AFC South

    We cant and wont look past the 49ers. But i absolutely think that we have have to win this game and I also think that we will win this game. Peyton Manning is in the house. We will win this game for us and for him.
  5. AFC South

    The whole division could be 2-3 after 5 weeks. 49ers @ Colts Jacksonville @ Steelers Chiefs @ Texans Titans @ Dolphins So for everyone saying we should shut Luck down your out of your mind. Hell be back in a couple of week and the division will be wide open and we still have 6 division games to play. Season is far from over. Go Colts Go!!!
  6. Andrew at practice... watching

    Ryan Kelly should be back this week which will solve some of the issues on the line. Teams are keying on the interior of our line cause they know its weak. Ryan Kelly has never given up a sack so the line will be better once he's back. Unlike Redmond, Kelly knows to give the ball to the QB
  7. Andrew at practice... watching

    I saw that too. I fully expect him to return to practice this week and do individual work and then next week go through a reg week of practice and then hopefully play vs Titans on MNF
  8. Lucas Oil Stadium

    I'm from Canada and I'm a die hard Indianapolis Colts fan. I've been to Lucas Oil 4 times. Love the stadium and absolutely love the city. From the second you arrive you can just feel the energy and love for the colts all over the city and the State. I'm coming back to Indy for the Oct 22 game vs the Jags. Hope this helps! GO COLTS GO!!!
  9. Andrew to return in week 6?

    Per RapSheet
  10. Matt Jones elevated to 53 Man Roster

    Let's see what he's got. should get a few carries.
  11. Practice, Injuries, Stats, & More

    Brissett had another full week with the 1's this week. Timing with WR's should be better.
  12. What is Ballard thinking at this point?

    " Before I can fully evaluate this offense I will need to see how it looks with Andrew" " O-Line is still a top need" "Pass rush still requires attention" " Need to be able to tackle better" "Need another Free Agency and draft"
  13. AFC South- This Week

    Brissett will get better each week as he continues to learn the playbook. We have our backup of the future locked down now. The trade for Brissett is looking pretty good right now. CB is miles better then Grigs.