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  1. Yep I agree I still don't think he's past Jordan and I'm a huge LeBron fan
  2. I just knew the Twitter crap would all start after that loss it's ridiculous one game isn't gonna take away all his career accomplishments he's still in the goat convo behind Jordan
  3. Idk PG sure didn't want to play SG I also don't even think Hayward is attracted to here sure it's home but I doubt it when we are a small market and he prolly knows PG is debating leaving
  4. No one here is saying he is the goat and idk anyone on ESPN saying that either they say he is second to Jordan and that's perfectly acceptable
  5. We have no idea if Hayward wants to play SG I doubt he does and PG sure don't want to so they won't fit together
  6. I knew this would happen the team has a bad game and now LeBron is worthless
  7. Since we prolly will keep him this year I'd be happy to try and sign Paul Milsap
  8. I honestly think he is gone we won't trade him cause no team will deal with us knowing he wants to be in LA so bad basically we get one more year of PG then he will leave for nothing it's really gonna hurt our team
  9. Was a neat show
  10. My hometown was on there one time lol
  11. Exactly no one will trade for him anyway he will just walk after next season
  12. I'm about 90% sure PG will be leaving us for absolutely ZERO. teams know it's a 1 year rental and the Celtics and Lakers know they will be able to sign him after next season
  13. Yeah he's the worst of the shield lol
  14. I used to love the wwe I still do but sure don't watch it like I used to. I just got sick of seeing the same people win over and over and all the really talented workers would get buried it's terrible

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