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  1. At 5 there will be a tin of better players without concerns
  2. Fired was a bad hire to begin with. But he will be back we will keep Larry and Nate and continue to do the same useless crap that gets us nowhere.
  3. Foster at 5 is a terrible pick
  4. I will take either idc they both are huge needs
  5. Jesus Christ Mark it's about not being left with nothing it's not about just trading PG why is that so damn hard for you to grasp
  6. Me too but the chances get smaller and smaller the trade rumors didn't help and now this terrible performance and if we get swept it will not help one bit
  7. yeah not what I mean at all I knew you would list all the average players he brings in in hope to compete with a'll the big 3 teams in the league
  8. Why do you think money is all that matters if i was a superstar I'd be much more worried about winning championships then money when I'm already loaded with cash
  9. When has larry ever added a good piece to help Paul??? He wont do it he has had how long?
  10. Yeah he wants to waste his prime getting swept and blowing 26 point leads on the pacers
  11. I honestly feel bad for PG that's why I won't be mad if he leaves dude deserves way better
  12. It should we should trade him before he leaves us high and dry I'm a pavers fan way before I'm a PG fan but I honestly don't blame Paul if he wants to leave not one bit
  13. Honestly I'm over the Larry Bird era
  14. Yeah cause I'm sure he wants to finish his career on a team headed no where you ever ready what you type Mark?
  15. PG will be gone after that last game and getting swept will not help just go full rebuild and start with Myles Turner and build around him

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