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  1. Yeah I'd love him in the 2nd too but I think he will jump no and screw up my plan lol
  2. I was thinking it was jshipp And yeah I was getting the feeling that he was too good to go to us in the second especially with all these damn injuries to the CBs
  3. Do some really think we have a shot at Conley in the 2nd if it were to happen I would cry tears of joy
  4. I knew joe would be at the top he is a freaking stud I won't be surprised one bit if he jumped to the end of the first like kiper says he could
  5. We will prolly get a MLS team in the future the Eleven are extremely popular and they have put in a bI'd for the MLS they also have a purposed stadium that looks fantastic
  6. That would be awesome I'd love to have a team I'm not huge into hockey but I would be more interested if we had our own team I cheer for the sharks since we don't have a team tho
  7. I wish indy could get an NHL team I went to my first fuel game Sunday and it was great but they aren't near as good as the NHL pros
  8. You mean Robinson and Howard could fall to us in the second? Cause there is no dobut in my mind they will both be available at 15.
  9. Mixon is prolly going in the 2nd dude is the number 2 back in the draft and Jones still won't go that late either he's too good
  10. Yall really don't understand how much we are gonna be relying on the draft he's also not gonna spend every cent this offseason
  11. We are not going after Hankins so we will roll with woods and a rookie cb I am sure is 100% coming from the draft ilb as well after the Spence deal Grubb maybe if one gets cut later on S I don't see happening in FA only garbage is available
  12. Cool he was decent in Oakland
  13. That will prolly wrap up FA for us unless some good options get cut by other teams later on
  14. Btw vontae was like 24 or 25 when we got him these 2 are both 27 or 28
  15. HE HAS A 1ST ROUND TENDER! I'm like the 1000000th person to tell you that. They are not trading him for a second plus neither are gonna be that good in our scheme.

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