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  1. 2017-2018 NCAA Basketball

    I'm over sports every time my team is one of the best all year long they blow it really hope the same thing don't happen to the pacers
  2. Hankins Released

    But that makes zero sense when he played better in a 4-3
  3. Hankins Released

    Don't get this dude came here from a 4-3 was better in that system then a 3-4
  4. Not what most are saying many think he's a pure safety. Everyone thinks he's Ramsey but that's prolly not the case
  5. Like others have said I see him a a safety and that's it that's why I'm not high on him if we needed a FS I'd be all over him tho he's not a bad player at all
  6. Everyone says Fitz will be the same type of safety as Hooker we will need a SS type not 2 FS
  7. I really want Chubb but I'm almost 100% sure he will be gone if he's not I will go crazy I'd get the linemen at the top of the second too like Hernandez
  8. I don't see the giants taking a QB I hope they do tho if they do then I think we will get chubb
  9. If Chubb and Nelson are gone I hope we trade back again with buf and target Edmonds
  10. Yeah keep that optimissim the chance of the giants not taking a QB is still pretty big
  11. Everyone keeps throwing Chubb out there lol it's almost guaranteed he will be gone lol
  12. How do you figure we are guaranteed one of them??