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  1. He can't play D worth a crap
  2. I didn't even know this thread was here last night lol but I see old Mark is still here arguing that a rebuild is a bad idea and would rather just stay mediocre lol
  3. Yeah I would have took the 2 firsts and Randle packaged the picks to move up in the first
  4. If they would just flipping see that we need a rebuild I would be fine and id give KP a chance but damn what we are doing is stupid We just need a whole new direction I get the feeling KP will be like bird
  5. Actually every damn team wants him we are just too stupid to trade him lol we think some magic deal is gonna appear that is perfect value
  6. I want the pacers FO fired too lol
  7. Yep so sick of garbage picks lol
  8. He will follow the plumblee and Psyco T path right into the trash can
  9. Maybe we get the nets pick next year and Brown
  10. If we skip that trade fire KP
  11. That would be a great deal
  12. I'm hoping we may get the suns number 4 pick in a deal with the spurs Spurs get PG Suns get LA and we get #4 and maybe a player

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