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  1. Me nor Jared are predicting failure he was simply arguing that it's better to have a top pickbthen be stuck in mediocrity if you are gonna miss the playoffs every year it's better to have better odds at top players in the draft it's that simple
  2. Might as well give up the pagano bunch is here to save the day lol Indiana sports fans love being mediocre for some reason and idk why
  3. Same with me stuck in mediocrity is where the pacers have been and that's not good at all it's better to have a shot at top players if you are gonna be out of the playoffs
  4. I'm not hoping for anything I'll be happy either way I'm just able to see the positives either way no matter what I'm not gonna be all * if we get a high pick and I won't be mad if we win in the playoffs
  5. Also the NFL was way more competitive back then it's no where near as difficult now so the most recent SB winners are who he should be compared to the Harbaughs the Paytons the McCarthys the Tomlins all shoelwed they were good before year 6
  6. Yeah I knew you would use the walked into a super bowl team excuse too lol
  7. Over half won in 5 years or less just like I was saying so thanks for probing my point even more
  8. The only way to get better is to try new people bringing back mediocre coaches just cause you are scared the new guy wont reach chucks mediocre 8-8 record isn't the smart way to run a franchise. If this was chucks 2nd or 3rd year sure give him time and see but he's had * 5 years
  9. It's not change for the sake of change anyway it's change cause chuck sucks balls against good head coaches
  10. Well I'd rather not waste more of Lucks career waiting on chuck to lean to be a great coach
  11. You are right and chuck is moving full speed towards that path
  12. Yep he has had plenty of time to show if he was a good coach or not yet still after 5 years still gets destroyed by great teams and embarrasses himself
  13. If you look most coaches make it to or win a Superbowl by at least year 5 thats why this wait and be patient with pagano crap is getting old
  14. That's what I thought lol hell id take Fisher over Lewis hasn't Jeff at least won a damn playoff game lol
  15. And that's supposed to be better the Jeff Fisher? Lol

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